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Hey guys!! Got a little thing to talk about ^^

If you’ve been in the Markiplier community for a while, you may remember Mia/Mijana aka, @marki-darki. (her main blog right now is @internet-cancer)

She left the community for a while due to a lot of reasons that she won’t discuss, but recently she’s started watching Mark again and would like to come back to the amazing community that we have, so I’d love it if you guys could welcome her back with open arms.

If you’re feeling a lil salty over what happened with her months ago, I’d like to remind you that Mia DID apologise for the things she said which you can find [here] so I’d advise giving that a read if you’d like some things cleared up.

She is feeling a little anxious about coming back, so please guys if you could make her feel welcome again on her marki-darki account that would be amazing because she is such a hilarious and genuinely lovely human being who I am happy to consider my friend!

Fandom Starter Pack


You have joined an awesome fandom…but  you’re thinking…

What do I do now? I don’t know anyone here and I'm kinda shy…

Well, I have the answer to your prayers. I give you the Fandom Starter Pack.

 I have made a compiled list of great and super friendly blogs that I personally follow and recommend with all of my heart. They have little to no risk involved for you.


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I dont know. Decided to try and draw my face, hoping to find my style.
Still gotta try to do hair better and be better with my pens
<strike> at least this is better than the last </strike>
Thank you @pixelatedmilkshake @dogiplier @marki-darki @baronessofobvious @lum1natrix and anyone else for listening to my ranting and giving me advice.
Hopefully this looks good. I dont have any good markers or pencils to color this so heres just line art rn