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Open Diary Day 1

Day 1 of 365:

I wake up a say a prayer to The Most High, about things I worry about and then I ask him to take them away.

I know that you are lying and using me but I still have faith that you will change the tears fall because I know the monster you really are.Told me I needed self help. I can get to the point of being stressed the fuck out to the point where it almost reaches the point of depression. But I still seem to find my peaceful mind and I know that everything will be beyond wonderfully blessed coming soon.

And this is just the beginning close your eyes and dream like there is no ending . Because,you never want to end your dream like state of mind. Because it is often peace of mind. Happiness, of having your dreams come true is what we live for . I can speak for myself and say I know my dreams will come true with faith and God. But there is another side the sad side the doubt the fear the worry but I often encourage stay in your dream world with no exit doors because you are worth believing in.