10 Reasons Why I Think I Made My Worst Investments Ever

I’ve been thinking about my investment style and how it’s changed over the years.

My first few years were pretty rough. I dove right in. I put some money in a brokerage account and just started. I was buying and selling with really no real idea. It was pretty reckless. But everyone starts somewhere.

The other day I started my taxes. That had me looking back at some old trades. Some of them are just awful. But hilarious. I had to include two examples in this post (see them below). I hope by writing this all down I’ll avoid making these mistakes in the future:

1. The P/E ratio is the absolute worst metric ever. It needs to be burned off the front page of every finance website. It is a backward looking metric. The stock market is forward looking. WTF. Avoid this. If a company has a really low P/E ratio, it generally has one for a reason.

2. Stay away from any and all foreign exchange risk. If you buy stock in an ADR or a company based in a country outside the US, and that country’s currency takes a hit, your portfolio is going to feel it. Managing investments is hard enough, you should not have to also worry about currency fluctuations.

3. Picking bottoms and calling tops is Russian roulette. A stock that’s down 50% from its highs can still drop another 50% from there. A stock that’s up 100% over a year can still climb another 100% in the next year.

Here’s one trade where I tried to be the man and short NVIDIA after a massive run

And here’s another. Yes, I actually said this. I thought the tech trade was over

4. Know where you’re going to get out before you make the investment. This makes life much easier. Before you buy a stock, know why and when you’re going to cut it out of your life if it goes against you. Don’t get trapped. Don’t waste time.

5. You need to be a master at avoiding FOMO (fear of missing out). There’s nothing worse than watching a stock spike, and so you buy it. You don’t want to miss out. You just need to join in. F that. Don’t do it. Chasing a stock rarely ever works.

6. Never buy a stock because of buyout rumors or because you think it will get acquired. You want to own strong companies not rumors or theories.

7. Always know your shareholder yield. Does the company pay dividends or have a history of buying back stock? That’s money being returned to you. If there’s no shareholder yield (dividends or buybacks), you’re basically left with a bet on growth. Know the difference. It will change your timeframe and expectations for any single investment.

8. You can’t ignore the overall market. In bear markets, they say all correlations go to 1. It’s hard to find quality stocks in bear markets. Everyone makes money in bull markets so don’t let it get to your head.

9. Study the tax code. It will immediately change the way you invest or trade. Trading can be a lot of fun. But at tax time it sucks. It’s a lot of work and even more taxes. You can save up to 20% on capital gains taxes when you hold a stock for more than a year.

10. The Internet is your best friend in the world of financial markets. But you have to double check everything. There’s so much free research available. There are also so many smart people writing and sharing ideas each day. But you still need to double check it all. If you like a trading or investing idea from someone online, make sure you corroborate the data yourself.

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Me: Harry Potter is so fun and yeah there’s plot holes but the books were so incredibly significant in my childhood I don’t think anything could shake my love of them :)

Me after getting some bullshit as my patronus: okay first of all let’s discuss the problems with world building alone; if you’ll open your book I’m going to start with chapter 1 page 1 where a man we’re expected to see as a hero and leader willingly places a baby into an abusive household; we’ll move on to what exactly makes wands and certain creatures magical and where physics plays a role after a discussion of the utter failure of the school system to provide basic arithmetic and literacy skills; as well as the lack of secondary education or vocational schooling in a nonexistent job market and

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Wait??? There's 19000 post bout Wonder Woman not being marketed?? Wtf?? Wb spend more marketing on Wonder Woman than suicide squad. Fuck it, I don't ever wanna see these bitches complain later on when lots of Wonder Woman spots are coming out lot WHICH it's standard cuz the movie is coming very soon

I’m sure They’ll change gears and say WB is ‘’course correcting’’. Even if that were true (Which it isn’t and won’t be), I don’t get why people say it like it’s a bad thing. They saw They were making a mistakes and so They fixed it. Isn’t that what people are supposed to do? After all, we’ve seen what happens when companies don’t acknowledge Their mistakes in Marvel.

Yes, amazingly, the fact that this ad stars a pre-murder O.J. Simpson is the second-creepiest thing about it. And you can squint and try to read the text all you want – it makes no reference whatsoever to the fact that their spokesperson has three legs. There’s no cute slogan like “Boots so comfortable, you’ll wish you had another foot!” Nope. It’s like some guy in the art department just said, “Eh, I don’t like how you can’t really see the chair, let’s just add another leg to fill that space.”

We know what you’re thinking: “Cracked, this is obviously a subtle ‘big dick’ joke. 'Third leg?’ Get it?” But, no, it turns out this was a whole campaign they did with various celebrities, some of whom are women. But O.J. seems to be the most frequent star of the “Third Leg” campaign, which apparently lasted for years. 

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please please please someone stop the FEI’s marketing guys already

Here's my biggest thing at the moment...

While thinking over the execution of Beth’s “death”, and how her character was treated even before that, I honestly can’t help but wonder… Why would Gimple do that?
Beth Greene was his brain child, and he protected her from scrutiny and other peoples misunderstandings left and right. He deeply understood her character, and really worked to make her have this great symbolic, and very real, importance to Daryl near the end, who is one of the main favorites on the show. He worked on her character through the seasons on a very personal level, and so did Emily, and then- it just ends? And there’s not even a pop figure or action figure the fans can have, while a Tyreese one is made so quickly after his demise?
Something just doesn’t add up for me.
The way the marketing teams (and I know for a fact that TWD has at least one marketing team) are handling her death is too… Calm. During the frenzy of her death would be a good time to release Beth related items and make a lot of money, so why wait?
And now we have this whole “dating” thing with Norman and Emily that made even my mother, who is not team delusional, side eye TWD family…
This is becoming too suspicious for me to even handle.
No matter what is going to happen, this is some weird shit that I really want an explanation for, and soon.