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Images are more effective than words and videos are more effective than images! The best way to market is through video. All of us know that people can get attracted and engaged easily through video posts. However, making the most … Readmore +

The field of Magento development has advanced a lot and eCommerce merchants hire the best professionals to get an online store built. However, amongst all the important tasks, they forget to focus on videos. According to a research, people get more inclined towards buying products after watching a video. So, why not take an advantage of it and post videos?


most of this video is me playing pokemon go (btw bray and I are team instinct while ave is team mystic!!)
5 Steps For Including Live Streaming In Your Marketing Strategy
As a business, if you are not considering live streaming to be part of your marketing strategy then you are probably on the wrong track.

We all know well the importance of video marketing in our marketing
strategy. Video marketing enables audience to understand the real
purpose of business and its activities. In addition to this, video
marketing clearly conveys your message to your audience.