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radmarket_official: parka L size black. (front/back)
it’s super comfortable to wear!
#radmarket #blackmoral #thegazette
radmarket_official: parka L size white. (front/back)
it’s the first time we have a white parka, but I gotta say, personally I recommend it ! !
#radmarket #blackmoral #thegazette
Aoi: good morning. 
thanks to me the weather is nice. wuooh, the tension is insaaaane! 
Ruki: morning. it’s sunny, huh! 
I don’t have anything but the L size parkas at hand but here are some pictures of me wearing them. I do recommend🤓!

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This might sound so pretentious but I’ll be 10x times more proud when I’ll watch this special. Because I’ll know that it will be out there because of us. Because we could have easily gave up when Netflix told us so, when the cast told us so, when JMS told us so, when those white guys who are apparently marketing geniuses on twitter told us so. But we didn’t. We all had our bad days and we kept encouraging each other no matter what. It would have been so easy for us to give up after all the things that were told to us, but we didn’t. At all.

There are so many beautiful quotes in this show, “I am we”, “art is love made public”, “to courage”, “you’re either defined by the system or by the way you defy the system” and trust me, i think this fandom represented all of them. Each one. I know we used “we are the global cluster” a lot but we are, we really are. I saw so many people from all over the world, all ethnicities, gender, sexuality come together to tweet, sand mail, flip flops… and I know it doesn’t seem like it but in the Facebook group you could also see how people from all ages were here with us. It’s way more simple to have a “younger” (13-25) audience to tweet and spam and vote, but we were of all ages and we kept fighting. And I’ll never forget that, never. Because this is Sense8. This was the idea behind Sense8. And we are Sense8.