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All Too Well | Pt. 10 [Final]

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Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 9,575
Author’s Note: Yes, this is the last part of the series, and I still don’t want it to end. I don’t think I’m ever going to be ready to say goodbye to this series. It’s been such a joy getting to create these characters and their dynamics that have led up to this final part; getting so much love for something that you work really hard on outlining and thinking about relentlessly is such a joy of mine. The amount of support this story has gotten over the months has boggled my mind. Thank you to everyone who has read or commented or talked to me about the series; you all have helped make All Too Well by giving me the motivation to push the story beyond what I thought it was capable of. 


It’s strange what four months away from home could do to a person. In hindsight, four months is a relatively insignificant frame of time, especially when taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. Looking at your life, you know that four months is more of a whirling experience on the grand scale that is twenty-one years of living and breathing on the planet. But you have every confidence that the you who stepped onto the plane four months ago is a completely different you who is stepping off the plane four months later.

There is a freeing sensation, to look out the window from your seat, to see miles of city landscape and for once not be terrified of what lay past the horizon and the vast oceans. To see miles of beyond and actually know what kind of culture, what kind of people, and what kind of places filled the blanks of your mind.

But underneath everything, underneath your different mindset, your achieved goals, the knowledge that you were finally, finally on the path you’ve dreamt of since the beginning—Seoul is the same, and so are the people who roam across the surface. Seoul is still the same, providing a benchmark to measure your own growth with.

There is still the same food that floods your mind, the same night markets that America lacks, the same city lights that you dream about from your own smaller apartment across the oceans. There’s the same hustle, the same music that makes your lips curl up, because it’s a curious thing to not know how much one longs for home until that home has been taken away for four months.

But you’re back, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Destined {Poe Dameron x Reader} Soulmate!AU

Could you do a Poe x reader soulmate au where they can hear each other’s thoughts ? Maybe Poe likes to think really cheesy stuff just to make reader blush?

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this but I’m having mixed feelings about how it turned out so feedback is certainly welcomed on this! I also feel like I may have strayed from the original ask a little but I hope you like it!

Part Two

Soulmate. That’s what they called it. The voice in your head. You could hear him all the time. Since the age of thirteen he was always a constant presence in your mind. Poe Dameron, that’s what the voice called himself. At first he was so loud and overbearing. The constant chatter of someone else consciousness made it a little hard for the first couple weeks to function properly. After a while you learned to tune him out, turning his presence from a roar to a quiet whisper.

“Your lucky to have a soulmate.” your mother had told you. “Almost everyone does but could you imagine what it feels like for those who don’t? Knowing that there’s no one out there you’re destined to be with?”

Soon you realized he could hear you too. You found yourselves talking to one another regularly and over the years it developed into a close friendship. Poe became your best friend, One that’s with you wherever you go. He knew you better than possibly even yourself, but what could you expect from someone who practically lives in your head.

“You know, I was thinking.” Poe started

“You’re always thinking.” you said picking a fruit off the stand in front of you. The market was always busy at this time of day. People of all sorts of species flocked around you moving from one stand to the next. 

“Did you hear me?” he asked

You turned your attention from the crowd back to the voice in your head. “Sorry, say it again.”

“I was thinking that after all these years you’ve never asked me what I look like.”

It had crossed your mind before but you never bothered to ask. You figured that regardless of what he looked like that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s your soulmate, and with him always in your mind it became easy to forget that the voice was an actual being living an actual life. “You’ve never asked me.” you said throwing his accusation back at him.

You could hear the amusement in his tone “Maybe I want to be surprised.”

“oh you’ll be surprised. I’m actually part lizard.” you teased, glancing around the fruit stand once more before moving off to the vegetable booth.

Poe was silent for a moment but you could faintly hear his train of thought mulling over the possibility of you belonging to a lizard species. “Your Lying.” 

“How do you know that?” You thought, tucking vegetables into your basket. An old woman sat behind the booth counter watching you closely.

“I can feel it.”

You raised your brows. So Poe is a physic now. “Oh yeah, What else can you feel?” 

“If what I’m sensing is accurate,” he began “I would have to say you’re probably the most beautiful girl in the galaxy.”

Warmth spread through your cheeks turning them a shade of pink. You smiled absently down at the food in your hand “Poe Dameron. That is the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said to me.” you placed the vegetable in your basket and looked over at the old woman expecting her to charge you for the food. You were shocked to find her already looking at you with a wide smile. She gestured to your blushed face and tapped lightly at the side of her head. She understood what was going on. You smiled back at her “Hes quite the character.” You said handing the credits in her direction. 

“Your embarrassed, why?” Poe asked.

“Some old lady just caught me blushing like an idiot.”

“I made you blush? You must really like me!” he was teasing you.

You rolled your eyes, trying to navigate your way out of the market “Careful, I might change my mind.”

“No you couldn’t possibly. Were destined for each other.”

You paused. Were you really destined for each other? Your connection says yes but most people you know have met their soulmate by now.

“Whats wrong? I can hear you worrying.”

“its- its nothing.” you continued walking.

“Remember when I said I could feel you lying? I can feel that now.”

The street in this part of town was just as crowded as the market place. You were never one for crowds so you weaved in and out of people tying to get through as quickly as possible. “I just want to meet you. The real you.”

It was Poe’s turn to pause. “Soon.” He said. “Fate will bring us together.”

That was always his excuse “I’m tired of waiting for-” You collided with a man, stopping your train of thought. Your basket nearly slipped from your grip but you caught a good hold just in time. “I’m so sorry!” You apologized, making sure you hadn’t hurt him when you slammed into him. 

The smile he gave you was kind. “No problem ma’m. I should have been watching where I was going.” What a gentleman taking all the blame. 

You smiled back at him awkwardly “Well I’ll just get going.” you said excusing yourself, and you both continued in your respected ways.

“Sorry about that a girl just hit into me what were you saying?” Poe asked.

You laughed at the irony. “Funny because I just ran into a guy. I don’t think he’s from around here. He’s dressed a little to warm for our weather.”

“This girl looked so shaken when she hit me. She almost lost her basket when we crashed.”

You slowed your pace. “A basket?” you said looking down at your own.

“Yeah full of all kinds of food. She probably just came from this market down here.”

Killing Other People

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warnings: mentions of sexual activities

Author’s Note: I know it’s a little late for Valentine’s Day, but I had this idea and thought it was really cool

*     *     *     *     *

You’re single, and kind of homicidal, so when the clock strikes midnight and turns the day into one you despise most - Valentine’s - you decide that nothing will be better for you than a fresh kill. Plunging a knife into a waiter maybe, or seducing your mailman and chopping him into tiny little bloody pieces.

The options are still kinda fuzzy, when you hear a horn outside of your cheap motel door, but then it becomes obvious what you need to be doing. Hitchhiking, duh.

*     *     *     *     *

Jerome whistles as he drives. He doesn’t have anything going on for his Valentine’s Day, and he’s actually quite bummed about it. Since his mother’s murder, he has enjoyed the task of ‘losing his virginity’ to pretty and sensitive victims.

He’s trying to decide where to go to pick up a skirt fitting that criteria when he focuses on you. On the side of the road near a crappy motel, you hold your thumb out patiently.

With a wicked smile, Jerome smooths his hair and pulls up beside you, “Do you need a ride, Miss?” He asks in that alter boy voice of his that makes the ladies swoon. You smile widely and pick up your bag, “Thanks Sugar, I thought I’d be there all day.” You smirk grows as you go out of his sight and to the passenger seat, both of you thinking the same thing: bingo.

*     *     *     *     *

“So,” You say flirtatiously to the meek ginger at the steering wheel, “What’s a good looking guy like you doin’ pickin up strangers on Valentine’s Day instead of cuddled up with the preacher’s daughter?”

Jerome cheers on the inside, oh, how he loves the ones who like to tempt. You look at the growing blush on his smooth cheek and laugh, “Don’t tell me you’re still on the market?”

The boy nervously fidgets with his hair, “Guilty as charged, I guess. I never actually leave the market.” You can’t help but laugh at this, and your mind reels. The shy and sweet are always the best, it only ever takes a few compliments and an accidental brush against them to get them alone.

Your wide smile at his words makes Jerome excited, he’s never dealt with anyone so eager to pull him out of his shell. The confidence rolling off of you is absolutely tempting. “Well, it seems like this might be both of our lucky day, Sugar.”

The boy chuckles quietly, and though he says it softly, what he says next has you scanning the car, “It might be your lucky day. For all I know, you could be a murderer. You know what they say about picking up hitchhikers.”

Jerome says it as a joke, his grip on the steering wheel becoming one of stark white knuckles as he attempts to keep his laughter to himself. At least it’s funny until you snort softly, “Me? What about you? Murderers pick up hitchhikers all the time to kill them. I don’t know it’s not your lucky day, I don’t even know your name.”

The boy seems to have lost all traces of a smile, his eyes darting around in what you figure to be nervousness, “Jerome. My name is Jerome. And to be fair, I don’t know your name either, so you could still be a murderer.”

Your chuckle alarms Jerome, “I’m Y/N.” Just as you say your name, Jerome spots a screwdriver in the cup holder between the two of you. As much as he wants to have more fun with you, it probably won’t do much good if you try to yell for help or call the police when he ends up doing something a little too… him. “I uh, I have to stop for  gas, if that’s okay with you.”

As soon as Jerome mentions gas, you notice a screwdriver in the cup holder. If he is planning on doing anything dumb, like calling the police, then it’s up to you to stop him. You know, because apparently, he thinks you don’t notice that the gas tank is still practically full. As the car begins to come to a stop at a pump, you start to inch your hand toward thee screwdriver.

Your hum of approval isn’t actually necessary for Jerome to stop, he would have anyway, the longer you live, the more danger he’s in of being found out and then that would lead to having to play the whole cat-and-mouse with the police and who really wants that? He sure doesn’t, so as he slows to a park, his hand sidles to the screwdriver he spotted earlier.

Both of you are inching your hands forward slowly, trying to do it slowly and inconspicuously when your hands touch.

Immediately, you stop moving, “What do you think you’re doing?” You ask Jerome, your eyes wide open. Jerome stares at you, smiling widely - a smile that definitely doesn’t match the alter boy act he was putting on. “Why, I was going to kill you. What exactly do you need the screwdriver for, huh?”

Your smile grows wider too, because he was going to kill you! “I was actually gonna kill you too. Shove the screwdriver into your neck until you stopped gurgling.” You say in a dreamlike haze.

Jerome laughs and pulls his hand from the screwdriver, putting it towards you instead, “Well, I’m Jerome. To uh, to killing other people.” You put your hand in his, chuckling as you shake hands, “I guess this Valentine’s Day won’t be so bad after all.”

I’ll Save the Prince (Prince!Ten x Reader)

How goes it? Are all of you deceased from NCT’s comeback??? I know I sure as hell am!! Before I delve into all the smutty requests coming up, I thought I’d rewind for a moment and give you all some fluffy Ten, which a lovely anon requested! This is a Prince AU, with a HUGE twist. I got really involved with the story RIP

P.S. Ten really is an Actual Prince

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

The sun was blazing, far too bright for its own good, as it shone down brilliantly on the capital city. The market place was crowded with people on the lookout for deals, trying to make their meager amounts of money last. You felt the familiar weight of coins press against your thigh in your apron pocket, your hand cupping the cool metal protectively as you squeezed between stalls. In your family, money had recently become sparse, so every coin was precious and worth thousands more than it truly was. You had to be smart and calculate the best possible deals, using your sharp mind to its full potential. Market day had been your responsibility since your mother had passed away, your father following her fate not even a few hours later, unable to live a day without his beloved wife. That had been years ago though, and you were stronger know, had a stronger mind, and a tongue that would make a knight quiver in his armor. You were not one to be messed with.

You shopped swiftly, the sun over your head functioned as your clock, not wanting to waste a single second. You needed to get back to your brother as soon as possible, you were afraid to leave him alone for too long. On your way back home, you stopped by the apothecary, picking up the herbs used in your brother’s daily tea. As you entered your house, the pathetic jingle of coins in your pocket set a lump in your throat, knowing you were running low. You wouldn’t be able to afford your brother’s medicine now. You had to figure out a plan fast.

You called out warmly, “I’m home,” slipping out of your clogs as you walked up the steep stairs of your thin house.

You entered the house’s only room, a big one where your whole family used to sleep and cook. Now it was just you and your twin brother, who laid in his straw bed, sweat pouring down his feverish brow. You hurried over to him, dropping the basket you’d used for the market, “Oh, no.”

You bit your lip and took a cloth you kept by the bed and soaked it in a bowl of water, dabbing your brother’s forehead as he panted in his fever induced sleep. His eyes cracked open slightly, whimpering pathetically as he lifted a shaky hand to still yours, “It’s no use, ______.”

Tears were welling up inside of you, but they were filled with anger; anger at yourself that you couldn’t do anything to make him feel better. You swallowed them, putting on a brave face for your twin, “Hush, now. Stop being a pessimist and get some rest, I’ll make your tea.”

Through his glazed over eyes, you saw him give you a familiar hard stare that was common when he had been well. He didn’t say a word, letting you rest the cloth on his forehead and pick up your basket, watching you diligently make his bitter tasting tea.

When you had finished, you brought the steaming cup over to him, blowing on the hot liquid to make it a comfortable temperature. Satisfied after you dipped you tongue into the bitter liquid with a scrunched face, you offered the cup to him, “Drink up.”

Your brother didn’t even bother to crane his neck, simply refusing it, “What’s the point _______?” He wouldn’t even meet your gaze as he swallowed thickley, “At this pint I’d rather just die than drink that damned tea.”

You slammed the cup down onto the bedside table, fury in your eyes as you snapped, “Don’t say that! Don’t you dare ever say that!”

Your twin smiled wryly, “It’s okay, _____, you don’t have to try anymore. I’ll be okay.”

You felt something in you break as his words washed over you, your voice cracking, “I won’t be okay though.” You buried your head into the bed, feeling a weak hand stroke your hair as you sobbed, “I don’t want to be alone.”

Your brother didn’t say anything else, having already drifted back to his feverish dreaming, his hand sliding off head and landing softly on the bed. You sat up, furiously rubbing the tears from your eyes, realizing what you needed to do. No point in laying around crying, no one was going to save you from this. You had to save yourself.

You determinedly stood up, fists clenching as you walked over to the only wardrobe in the entire house. It was a dark imposing piece of wood, inside was the key to saving your brother.  

You ripped open the double doors, revealing a suit of armor that glittered in the sunlight that fell across it. You were temporarily blinded, shielding your eyes from the sudden assault of light. When they adjusted you reached in and took out the helm, examining the strange piece of metal, beautiful as it was. Engraved into shining silver was the royal crest, only present on the helmets of those who served in the royal guard, protectors of the royal family. Before he had become ill, your brother’s specific job was to guard the crown prince, heir to the entire kingdom, no light task for sure.

You set the helmet down gently, careful to not awaken your brother, who would be furious if he knew of your plan. You grabbed what could only be your twin’s most prized possession, a beautiful broad sword that had been made just for him by the royal blacksmith. You unsheathed the heavy weapon, gazing upon its cruel beauty as it seemed mocked you. You felt as though it was testing if you were actually going to go through with your plan. With a whisper, you spat a fiery challenge, “Watch me.”

Having decided, you walked down the stairs and out your house, hailing down a messenger with one of your prized coins. You spoke swiftly, the page not missing a beat, “Deliver this message to Sir Johnny, Captain of the Royal Guard: ‘My brother is finally better and he’s eager to return to the Guard. Please stop by the house to meet him tomorrow morn. _______.’ Got it? Now off with you!”

The page nodded as you pressed the coin into his palm, running at a break neck speed to the imposing castle. In the bright cloudless day, it was the only thing that could block out the sun, it’s towers and spires stabbing into the sky proudly. You clenched your fists again, feeling ready to accept your new challenge: impersonate your brother and take his place in the Royal Guard in order to save him!
You woke even before the stars had been chased away by the sun, creeping around your house to ready yourself for your first day as a member of the Royal Guard. You splashed your face with cool water in the washroom, debating whether it would be worth it to cut your hair or not. Regardless of the situation, you were still just a girl who could hardly stand the thought of cutting off her tresses. You decided just to tie it up, your brother’s hair had grown quite long anyway and he hadn’t been seen by his guard friends for about a month. Although you were twins, your height differed slightly and your face was rounder and more feminine, a rosy glow that couldn’t be hidden. As you stared back at your face in the small mirror, you thought it would be best to avoid showing your face at all times, glad that you had the helmet to shield yourself.

You quickly dressed into your brother’s clothes, taking a moment to tuck the covers of your twin’s blanket up to his chin, pressing a kiss to his forehead. Johnny couldn’t see him, or else your plan would be foiled. So your story was to pretend that you yourself had fallen ill and were extremely contagious, that would keep him away.

You finished getting ready, clumsily donning the armor by memory as you tried to remember how your brother did it. You had some difficulty with the chest plate, the size a bit too big for your smaller frame, but you had to make it work somehow. After minutes of struggling and worrying you would hear a knock on the door at any moment, you finished, placing the clostraphobic helmet on your head, but keeping the visor open to breath. Only your eyes could be seen poking through, your long lashes the only indicator of your true identity. Only a complete fool could tell the difference by accident.

It was at that exact moment you heard the excited knocking on your heavy wooden door, your heart beat picking up as you trudged down the stairs. Your hand shook as you grasped the handle and pulled, revealing the handsome face and lovely long hair of the Royal Guard’s Captain, and your brother’s best friend, Johnny.

“Oh, man! It’s been too long!,” he laughed, embracing you warmly as he clapped your shoulder. “It’s amazing you’re finally back on your feet, and so quickly. And here I thought I would never see you again, yeah?”

You gulped, this was your first test, lips already quivering as you replied with a poor imitation of your brother’s voice, “Well, all thanks goes to my sister…pal?” You wanted to slap yourself, ready to have your helmet ripped off and your true identity to be revealed by Johnny. What kind of punishment would you receive? Impersonating someone was a crime, right? Right?!

Johnny didn’t even bat a lash, before he grinned and joked, “Is that right? ______ always would have made a better soldier than you, ya know!” He peered over your significantly shorter head into your house, “Where’s she at anyway? Always a treat to be greeted by a beautiful girl on the way to work, am I right?”

Your jaw dropped, unable to believe that Johnny was this much of a dunce. You recovered from your monetary loss of sanity and pretended to be your typical overprotective older brother, “Hey now, Johnny. Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean you get first dibs or something…”

Your brother’s friend burst into a fit of laughter, hand coming to rest lazily on the hilt of his sword, “I know, I know. I was only teasing you. I know how protective you are of her, only the best for ______. That’s what you always say, remember?”

You felt warmth spread through your chest, a fondness for your sick brother that made your heart ache, “Y-yeah, that’s right. Well,” you made your way to close the door behind you, stepping out on the street, “Ready to go?”

“Sure am!,” the tall soldier exclaimed, clapping you on the shoulder once more before leading the way to what you could only assume was the castle. Your nervousness was beginning to disappear, replaced instead with a newfound confidence as you strolled through the streets. Before, people wouldn’t even spare you a glance, the occasional catcall was all you received. Now people would tip their caps to you, give nods of recognition, bow in respect as you walked by them. It was a strange feeling to be in your brother’s shoes, knowing you would never be treated this way without this suit of armor.

Already living in close proximity to the center of the capital where the castle laid, you only followed Johnny for a few short minutes before you stood before the large iron gates. Johnny shouted up to some garrison soldiers, who shouted back before cranking open the gates. Your eyes widened at the majesty before you, the impressive architecture and just sheer grandness of the whole castle. You’d never been inside the gates, that privilege only being reserved for merchants, the court, those of social standing, and soldiers.

Johnny glanced over at you with an eye smile, “We should go greet Ten, right? He and the others really missed you.” Johnny stopped suddenly, looking over at you with eyes full of sadness, “Actually, most of us thought we wouldn’t see you ever again…”

Your lips parted at his confession, mind wandering to your brother, still laying sick in his bed unbeknownst to them. You felt guilty, knowing they were happy to see the wrong person. Johnny perked up again, knocking his fist against your helmet affectionately, “But you’re here now! Come on, let’s not keep everyone waiting.”

You followed Johnny through twisting corridors, up grand staircases, and hallways filled with paintings probably worth more than your life. You finally arrived at a beautiful gold enamel door, the knobs a shining brass that made a clinking side as Johnny opened the door with his gauntlet-clad hand.

Not even a second passed before you were completely swamped, swept into hugs and smacked on the shoulder so many times you were sure you’d find a bruise there later. Johnny shooed them away, protecting your shaking form as he laughed, “Alright, alright. Let’s let His Highness have a chance to see his favorite soldier.”

An amused voice retorted, “Is that jealousy in your voice Johnny? Or am I imagining things again? Step aside and let me get a good look at him.”

Your gasped from within your helmet, the sound echoing loudly throughout the room. Only a few people gave you looks, but they looked more amused than anything. Before you stood likely the most handsome boy you had ever laid eyes upon. A gorgeous smile played on his perfectly soft looking lips, deep brown eyes twinkling happily. Gentle waves of black hair spilled over his forehead, his hand coming up to push it away from his eyes as he laughed, “What’s this? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

Your eyes were impossibly wide, completely forgetting all words as he leaned in and embraced you warmly, his mouth close to your ear, “It’s been too long, brother. You’ve been missed.”

Your heart stopped, feeling his breath fan across your lips as he spoke. You could barely find it in yourself to reply, “I-I’m glad to be back, Your Majesty.”

He pulled away, looking at you quizzically, “'Your Majesty’? You haven’t called me that since you first joined as a soldier. It’s just Ten, remember? No need for formalities.”

You were taken aback, “Yes, sir! I-I mean…Ten.” You let the one syllable name spring off your tongue, the sound of it leaving your lips satisfying.

“That’s better. Now,” he winced gingerly, “Please forgive me for this next bit. They really wanted to, and I couldn’t say no…”

You furrowed your brow, confused, “What do you-”


You squealed rather girlishly by accident, the stinking scent of what could only be ale poured all down your body as they roared in laughter. Your nose crinkled, hair already beginning to smell as the stickiness washed down your body, “Come on, really?”

They were giggling like village girls and bar maids, even Ten couldn’t contain his amusement as he covered his nose with a handkerchief. He offered the little piece of silk to you, biting his lip as he stifled his laughter, “Here, maybe this will help.”

You rolled your eyes at him sarcastically, but blushed, taking the small square of fabric and dabbed at your eyes, “Gee, thanks, Your Majesty.”

He smiled, but behind his smile, you saw some type of confusion. For a moment you were worried he was beginning to catch on, you needed to act more like your brother. You coughed loudly, “Hm! So, which of you shitheads should I beat up first?”

That seems to shut them up, their eyes wide in shock for a moment before they burst into another fit of giggles. Ten sensed your discomfort, the ale beginning to dry and make your skin itch, “Here, I’ll have someone draw you a bath.”

You felt panic rise in your throat, “O-oh! No, I’m fine! Promise!” You were in dangerous territory and your cover could be blown.

“No, you’re not,” Ten lifted a perfect brow, already sending an attendant to prepare your bath. “Let me take care of you for once, okay?”

You couldn’t argue with royalty, your shoulders sagging in defeat as you nodded silently. As you waited to be whisked away by servants, you watched the other boys interact, smiling to yourself as you watched them act so childishly. You thought how happy your brother had been only a month ago, amidst all his comrades
and friends. Your eyes lingered on Ten, who seemed to be doing the same thing as you, watching from afar with a smile playing on his lips. Sensing your gaze he looked over at you, his face suddenly changing again into one of confusion and scrutiny, as if he were looking into a pool of water. You looked away with a blush on your cheeks, hidden behind your helmet as a servant informed Ten that your bath was ready.

You were led down a hall decorated with ancient suits of armor to a large bathroom, probably the most luxurious looking room you’ve ever been in. You gaped at how ornate the bathtub was, steam curling from the surface of the water that was sprinkled with flower petals. You were left alone as the servant backed out, realizing your identity was still hidden as long as you were careful.

With a relieved sigh, you went to unbuckle your armor, resting the lightweight metal on the tiled bathroom floor gently so as to make no noise. You didn’t want any unexpected guests, for sure. You stripped quickly, glad to be able to see the womanly shape of your body in an exquisite full length mirror on the wall as you stepped into the steaming bath.

You let out a small moan of appreciation, sinking deep into the bath and letting the water swallow you whole. You scrubbed the sickly sweet smell of ale from your skin, still unable to understand why men did these sort of things.

There was a sudden knock on the door, Johnny’s voice coming in muffled through the door, “You good in there? Need any help?”

You sat up suddenly, smacking your head hard back against the tub, “Ow, shit! Y-yes, I’m fine!” You clapped a hand over your mouth, forgetting to make your voice deeper. You looked over at the door handle and realized that it wasn’t locked.

“What was that?,” Johnny questioned, turning the handle at the same time. “I’m coming in.”

“No!,” you cried out, still disoriented from smacking your head. “Don’t-”
“Oh, hey! There you are,” Johnny smiled, pretending to shield his eyes. “Didn’t know you were still in there. Your hair’s gotten so much longer! One month can really change a person, I was wondering why you were so short looking.”

If you weren’t afraid of your cover being blown, you would have smacked him in the face. Your hands were too busy discreetly cupping your breasts as you tried to remain calm, “Y-yeah. I’m really out of shape, it’s kind of embarrassing actually…” You were trying to imply that you didn’t want to be seen naked, but it went through one ear and out the other.

Johnny pouted, “Hey don’t say that. You had the best abs out of the entire Guard and I bet they’re still there, let’s see…”

“WAIT! NO!,” you shrieked girlishly as Johnny lifted you from under the armpits and out of the tub with ease, letting you dangle midair in his grasp.

To your surprise he remained rather composed, even when you were before him in all your naked glory, Johnny still managed to be calm, “Well then. You surely aren’t a man.” Your eyes widened as he placed you down gently, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around you to give you some semblance of modesty. He gulped, scratching the back of his head, “Hey there, ______.”

“Hey…,” you said, still scared to breathe as you tripped over your words, “I-I can explain-”

He didn’t seem to be listening as he passed a hand over his face and groaned, “Your brother is going to kill me.”

You grew agitated, snapping your fingers to get his attention, “Nevermind about that, Johnny,” you took a deep breath. “You absolutely can’t tell anyone that it’s me.”

“Why not?,” he whispered, flopping his hands dramatically, “You know this is probably some sort of crime? Like a felony? Like the ones that get you thrown in jail?”

“I’m not stupid,” you pouted, tightening the towel around you. “This is the only way I can save my brother, Johnny.”

“What? Is he not better?,” he furrowed his brow.

You nodded, clenching your fists, “That’s why I have to do this. We don’t have any money left, and he’ll die if I don’t get him some real help.”

Johnny grasped your shoulders, bending down to your level, “_______, why didn’t you say anything sooner?! I’m sure the Prince would have helped him long ago. Hell, even I would have!”
“Then help me right now, Johnny,” you whispered, “This is something I can’t do myself.”
The tall soldier’s lips parted in surprise, but he nodded in understanding, “Okay.” A sudden loud bang was heard, seeming to come from the room where you’d been. Johnny’s hand reached for the hilt of his sword, shock and confusion written on his face. His entire demeanor changed as he reached for the door, voice low, “Get dressed, soldier, and meet up with me. Looks like I’ll have one more person besides the prince to protect.”

With that he rushed out the door, heading towards where shouting could be heard in the distance. You dressed quickly, once again struggling to put your armor on correctly, hands shaking as you thought back to Johnny’s words. I don’t need to be protected, you thought with a frown. I can protect myself and I can protect the prince. Watch me.

Strapping on your sword, you traced Johnny’s footsteps, realizing that it was much quieter now, causing uneasiness to settle in your stomach. You reached the room that you had initially been in, only to find it in shambles, the entire side wall had been completely wiped out. You gasped, pressing a hand to your mouth as you saw the bodies sprawled around in the rubble. You felt like you were going to vomit, tears pricking at the back of your eyes as you stumbled back a few steps. Ten was nowhere in sight, the Crown Prince was gone. You wandered over to a few of the bodies, gulping as you checked to see if any of them were still alive. You had no such luck, turning to search for Johnny when he realized with relief that he was not among the fallen.

A hand grabbed your ankle, a scream released from your throat as you stumbled back in shock. One of the soldiers you had thought dead was clinging on to your leg for dear life, but he didn’t look like a soldier you had seen in the room earlier. His voice was raspy, raw in his throat as he gurgled, “We have him already, you fool. You’re too late!” He cackled, dragging himself up your leg as you began to scream in terror, not sure what to do in that moment.

Suddenly, you were embraced from behind, a strong arm brought a stained broadsword down on your assailant. You screamed in terror, feeling the man’s life blood splatter down your armor, the hand on your leg twitching and going limp. You couldn’t help the tears that spilled down your cheeks as you turned to find the familiar face of Johnny, not a single trace of mercy on his features.

“Shh, it’s alright, ______,” Johnny murmured, sheathing his sword and taking your head in his two hands so you had to look at him. “Listen to me,” he shook you lightly, “______, listen to me. If you want to help your brother, you’re going to have to help me.”

“I need you to help me save the prince.”

You hiccupped once more, lip trembling as you met his gaze, “Why me? I could hardly handle a half dead man attacking me! You think I could fight,” you gestured to the gaping hole where the wall used to be, “whatever did this?!

Johnny gave you a hard, serious look, uncharacteristic for the usually cheery boy, “Absolutely.” He scoffed, looking you up and down, “I mean, who is brave, or down right crazy, enough to steal their twin’s armor, impersonate him, sneak into the castle, and even trick the Crown Prince?”

You looked up at him, realizing that a trained soldier, renowned for his battle prowess, was praising you. He believed in you. Why shouldn’t you believe in yourself? You knew in this moment your brother would haven’t hesitated, agreeing to rescue the prince without a seconds hesitation. You thought of Ten’s beautiful smile, the way his voice had been so close to your ear…you had to save him too. You blushed, knowing that it was more than duty driving your actions. You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but when your eyes met Ten’s, something deep inside of you awoke. Something you didn’t realize you had within yourself. No one fell in love in a matter of an hour though…right?

You set your teeth, determination in your heart, “Okay, I’ll do it. But Johnny,” you murmured, “What did this?” You looked out of the hole again, seeing the vast kingdom spread before you.

“Dragon,” he replied, eyes hard as he followed your gaze. “And not just any old dragon, no…this was the same dragon that killed Ten’s grandfather, the old king.”

Your eyes widened, “How do we know Ten is still alive then?!” Panic and fear coursed through your veins as images of Ten’s body mirrored those in the room.

“We don’t,” Johnny stated, already beckoning you to follow after him. “But we can only hope that the dragon is a greedy beast. If he’s smart, he won’t kill the prince right away, instead hopefully he’ll use him as a hostage to get what he really desires: gold and jewels.”

Your mind went back to all the bedtime stories of greedy gold-obsessed dragons your mother had told you and your brother, and the brave knights who saved princesses captured by them. If you hadn’t been so worried, you would have laughed at the turn of events. Here comes a female wannabe knight to save her prince.

Johnny and you arrived at the stables, taking two horses that were already saddled and ready to ride. He turned towards you, “Have you ever rode a horse before?”

You shook your head, eyeing the large animal nervously. The tall knight came over and guided you into the saddle, “Well now’s your time to learn. Just do what I do, you’ll be fine.”

You nodded, watching as he swung his leg over the black stallion with ease, “Let’s go. Hyah!” He snapped the reigns, the horse snapping to attention and bolting out of the stable and into the castle courtyard. You panicked, hands shaking as you mirrored Johnny’s actions, “Hyah? Ah!”
Your grey mare was a feisty girl, kicking off at a break neck pace and catching up with Johnny’s horse in a matter of seconds. The long haired boy, glanced over at you in approval, a type of brotherly look you hadn’t seen since your twin had fallen ill. “The dragon lives in a deserted town not too far ahead, a short ride. When we get there, I need you to follow my every command. Do you understand?”

You nodded, focusing on the task at hand and urging your horse on as the two of you raced towards the prince.


You arrived at the abandoned village, a desolate place that smelled of burning wood and fire, no surprise there. Johnny cautioned you with a hand as you followed him from the spot where you had hidden your horses. “We have to be extremely quiet, dragon’s have senses far superior to ours. He’ll know we’re coming if we’re not careful.”

“Okay,” you whispered, placing a hand on the hilt of your sword to reassure yourself.

Johnny noticed and nodded in appreciation, “See? You already have the instincts of a soldier.” He halted you, taking you behind a brick wall that had managed to survive the town’s demise. “Draw your sword. Quietly though,” he winced, as you noisily pulled out the gleaming piece of metal.

“I pray to every god that it won’t come to it, but if you somehow have to use it, I want you to be able to defend yourself,” Johnny whispered, silently drawing his own sword. “It’s a broadsword, so it must be held strongly in two hands since it’s a heavier weapon.”

You mirrored his pose, widening your stance and lifting the sword to match the height of his, “Like this?”

He nodded, “Yes, good. Now,” he brought the sword in a swinging arc, a devastatingly powerful move. “Try that.”

With conviction, you almost expertly copied his move. Johnny’s eyebrows shot up, a hand pulling up his visor in surprise, “Good, ______.” You smiled, proud to have shocked him, a seasoned fighter and master swordsman.

He looked around, “That’s all we have time for now, we need to move on. If we end up surviving this, I’d be glad to teach you more later. Maybe even your brother could, if he hasn’t killed me before the dragon does.”

As you got closer to where a stream of smoke circled into the air, a foul sulfuric odor poured into your nostrils. You coughed and brought your visor down, seeing Johnny do the same as the smell reached his nose, “What is that?”

“That, ______, is dragon,” Johnny whispered, clearing his throat quietly as you crept even closer to what appeared to be the remnants of an old keep. You gazed at the crumbling stone, trying to picture what it might have looked like before the dragon had destroyed it.

You and Johnny snuck over to one of the walls, peeking into a hole to get a good look at what you would be dealing with. You stifled a gasp with your hand as your gaze landed on the great scaly beast curled up on top of a heaping pile of glittering gold and jewels. Johnny hushed you, placing a hand on your back to steady you as he craned his neck in search of Ten. You did the same, finding him trapped under one the dragon’s great big claws, bloodied and bruised. Your heart leapt as you pointed and whispered, “Johnny!…”

“I see him. Seems like he’s still alive,” he replied, turning toward you. “Here’s the plan. I’m going to sneak in there to see if I can just slip him out without the dragon waking up. I want you to stay here, okay? Worse comes to worse, I want you to run as fast as you can from here and hide. Do you understand? Ten and I may die, but I don’t want you to be killed as well.”

You went to protest, but Johnny snapped back, “I can’t take you away from your brother, _______. He still needs you.”

You shut your mouth, watching with your stomach turning in knots as Johnny took a deep breath and began to inch away. You stopped him with a whisper, “Johnny,” you lifted your visor and pressed a kiss to the cheek of his helmet, “Good luck.”

The tall knight nodded, squeezing your shoulder one last time before he slipped into the large hall that the dragon used as his home. You silently moved around too, unable to take your eyes off of Ten who lay weakly beneath the dragon. You felt so useless just standing there, wanting more than anything to just run in after Johnny. You decided it wouldn’t do no harm to follow him from afar, just in case, right?

You did just that, creeping after Johnny who was already crawling on all fours up the huge mound of gold towards the prince. He was so close too, just a few arm lengths away from the dragon, who snoozed away, peacefully unaware. Your breath caught in your throat when you heard a gentle clang, watching as Johnny accidentally bumped into a gold vase. It teetered precariously, setting your teeth on edge. Johnny lifted a hand to still it, his foot slipped though, and instead of stilling the vase, he pushed it, the heavy metal tumbling loudly down the pile of treasure.

It was like a chain reaction, the way things occurred. First, Johnny’s hand went to his sword’s hilt. Next, Ten awoke, wiggling under the weight of the dragon’s claw with a gasp. Finally, one single terrible green eye cracked open and an ugly pink tongue snaked between scaly lips.

“Well, well,” came a deep rumbling from the back of the dragon’s throat. “What have we here? A little metal man coming to save his weak and tiny prince? How absolutely touching.” The dragon emphasized his words by pressing Ten down into his pile of gold, making him cry out in pain.

“Stop!” Johnny shouted, standing up completely and drawing his sword. “Let him go, you ugly ass lizard!”

“Oh, no, I can’t do that,” the dragon purred, revealing his pointed teeth in what must have been a smile. “He’s too valuable and I haven’t even gotten my gold yet.” He stretched lazily while sitting up, tightening his grip around Ten as he seemed to inspect him, “After I’ve received what I want, then I’ll kill him. There’s too many of you humans scurrying around anyway.”

“For a lizard, you sure do talk a lot,” Johnny retorted, but you could sense the slight waver in his voice. “If you won’t give him to me, then you leave me no choice but to take him from you.”

“Oh my, what a feisty little metal man you are,” the dragon chuckled, an ugly rumbling sound. “You know what isn’t so good about that armor you wear?”

Johnny furrowed his brow, “What?”

“How easily it melts,” the dragon laughed, sending a stream of fire directly onto Johnny, causing you to scream out in terror. You watched the dragon knock him back with his tail, the tall soldier falling limp down the mound of gold.

Making any noise was a grave mistake, the dragon whipping his head toward you, “Oh dear, seems like we have another little metal man here as well. You humans are like little ants, always crawling everywhere and breeding like rabbits. Truly disgusting.”

Ten craned his neck to look at you, “No! Run away!” He struggled in the dragon’s grip, but the beast only squeezed him tighter. “Go!”

“No,” you finally mustered the courage to speak. “I’m not going anywhere.” You looked over at where Johnny lay, his body still and his armor blackened, tears pricking at your eyes. “I won’t, not until you give the prince back or I die trying.”

The dragon blinked, “Suit yourself, but the second option will be your only outcome, little human.”

“Bring it, you damn lizard,” you gritted your teeth, drawing your sword. From somewhere deep inside, you felt a strange sense of calm, call it adrenaline or you just being crazy, but the sword felt familiar in your grip.

The dragon roared, releasing a stream of red hot flame at you, which you barely dodged. You rolled to your right, heading towards the tail end of the dragon, who moved clumsily as you maneuvered around him nimbly. Johnny had been too tall to dodge, but you were much smaller, littler enough to sneak in and around the dragon’s legs without his claws catching you.

Ten was screaming in agony, the dragon crushing him in his claws as you rushed to free him. Reaching one of the dragon’s hind legs, you swung your sword wildly, remembering what Johnny had shown you earlier. The dragon bellowed in pain, but that surely wasn’t enough to stop him.

“_______!,” you heard a voice yell, turning in relief to see Johnny hobbling up the mound of gold. “Keep going, I’ll distract him!” The tall knight dragged his sword behind him, bringing it down one of the dragon’s front legs. He was injured, but definitely still able to throw punches.

You nodded, the sound of your panting echoing as you got the sudden maniacal idea to climb up the scaly beast. The oversized lizard wasn’t going to put Ten anywhere near your reach, so you would just have to go get him yourself. You grabbed onto one of the dragon’s spines, hauling yourself up onto his back as Johnny distracted him. You were light enough that the dragon barely noticed, but once you got closer he surely would.

You were around his shoulders when he suddenly thrashed violently, sensing your presence, “Argh! Get off of me you disgusting little creature!” You screamed, almost falling as you managed to clutch onto a spike for dear life, the sharp spine slipping past a crack in your armor and puncturing your soft skin. You saw Ten being whipped around, his eyes darting around wildly as he struggled to not have his neck broken from whiplash.

“Ten,” you screamed, wincing from your wound as you used the dragon’s scales to shimmy across his arm towards him. “Hold on! I’m almost there!” Johnny was doing all he could to distract the beast, which turned out to be enough as you reached the prince, “I’m here, it’s okay!” You clutched onto him, realizing you didn’t know how you were going to pull him from the dragon’s grasp.

“Johnny!,” you shouted, already seeing the taller knight crawling up the beasts leg onto his back. The older boy seemed to understand, drawing his sword high above him as he reached the back to the dragon’s head. The giant lizard was scrabbling with one clawed hand behind his back, trying to grab at Johnny who managed to evade his reach. You watched in amazement as Johnny stood and brought his broadsword down upon the dragon’s neck, cutting deeply. The beast roared in agony, his wings flapping weakly and crumpling underneath him as he began to fall.

It felt like a building was collapsing from underneath you, your hands clutching onto Ten as the dragon’s grip on him loosened. The two of you free fell, landing hard on the slippery pile of gold and sliding down a ways, watching with wide eyes as the dragon collapsed beneath Johnny’s sword. The older soldier didn’t even spare a second glance at the fallen beast, dropping his weapon and stumbling over to where you and Ten had fallen. “Ten! ______!”

“Johnny,” Ten murmured, eyes still the size of dinner plates, allowing the tall knight to collapse next to the two of you, pulling you both into his broad chest. He ripped his helmet off, hair clinging to his sweaty soot covered face, “Thank god you two are okay.” He squeezed you again, but you cried out softly in pain. “______? What’s wrong?!”

“’________’?,” Ten furrrowed, confusion written on his handsome features, “Who’s _______…?”

Unable to protest, Johnny pulled your helmet off, allowing your true face to show, hair falling down from where you tied it up as he laid you gently down. You’re head felt dizzy, lifting a hand to see it covered in red as Ten looked over at you in shock. The long haired knight worked diligently to remove your armor, hand pressing onto the wound you’d received from the dragon, “Can you hear me _______?”

You gasped at the sensation, seeing stars from the pain, “Y-yep! Can definitely feel that too!”

Ten moved over to get a good look at your dirty face, brushing your hair away from your eyes, “Johnny…who is she? I thought this was-”

“She’s his twin sister,” Johnny mumbled, starting to panic as he realized you were losing a lot of blood. He rushed to take off his armor, pulling his tunic over his head to press it into your wound after lifting up your overshirt.

You managed to look up at Ten, a shy smile on your face, “I’m sorry we had to meet like this. It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way-”

Ten hushed you, lifting your head into his lap, “We’ll have none of that. I’ll hear about all of this,” he gestured down your body, “later. For now, rest.” He looked angry with you, but also confused, like he wasn’t sure you were real.

“Your Highness, we need to get her back to the castle as fast as possible,” Johnny said, already lifting you easily into his arms. “She needs medical attention immediately.”

“Right,” Ten gulped, seeing the way your pretty eyes glazed over. The moment he saw them unblocked by a helmet, he realized that it really had been you the whole time. He knew something had been off, but he hadn’t been able to put his finger on it. Now he knew, and he still couldn’t understand why.

As Ten mounted his horse and watched Johnny cradle you against his chest, snapping his horse to attention, all he knew was that you were possibly the most beautiful and bravest girl he’d ever seen. Bloodied and sooty as you were, to him, you were still prettier than any of the princesses that he was forced to court.


You woke up in a cloud. Or at least, that’s what it felt like to you as you were stirred awake by a gentle hand. “Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.”

Your eyes cracked open, not wanting to leave the soft warm comfort of the bed, as you looked up grumpily at Johnny. You felt clean bandages wrapped around your waist, helping your injury recover. You groaned, flopping back down as he chuckled, “Get ready. Clothes are on the chair, come to the throne room when you’re ready. The prince wants to see you.”

You instantly perked up, which didn’t go unnoticed by the tall soldier as he winked at you, “Don’t keep him waiting.” You blushed, waiting for him to shut the door before you bolted over to the chair. You found a simple, yet beautiful dress made from the softest material you’d ever touched. It was a gorgeous maroon, like the color of a dried rose, beautiful and whimsical. It fit like a glove, slipping over your curves like it was meant for you. You stepped into a pair of shoes that were placed beside the chair, searching for a mirror to check your appearance. Finding one, you ran your fingers through your hair, pinching your cheeks to give them a rosy flush of color. It felt strange looking at yourself without seeing a suit of armor, your bare skin unfamiliar.

With that, you set off to find the throne room, winding through the hallways until you eventually were greeted by guards at a pair of large ornate double doors. They neatly pulled the heavy doors open, revealing a row of three thrones, lit by sunlight that filtered in through large windows. It was a beautiful and impressive room and you felt tiny compared to its grandeur.

One of the guards announced your presence and the crowd of people who had been gathered near the thrones turned towards you. There were some smiles, some furrowed brows, and some impressed smirks, and you couldn’t help but blush at the attention. In the midst of all of them stood Ten, dressed in a deep navy that complimented your maroon well, almost like they were a matching set. You turned a deeper shade of red as you approached him, curtsying clumsily as you stuttered, “Your Majesty.”

You hadn’t saw the way Ten’s eyes widened when you had walked in, a dusting of pink sprinkled across his smooth cheeks as he beheld you. A smile spread on his lips as he saw the way you bobbled when you curtsied, he wanted to have some fun with you, “______, you stole your brother’s royally sanctioned armor, impersonated him, and snuck into the royal guard.”

You looked up at him in surprise, eyes big, forgetting that you’d committed several crimes. You looked over at Johnny, who wouldn’t meet your gaze, preoccupying himself with something on the ground. “Your Highness, I can explain-”

“I’m not done,” Ten interjected, causing you to shut your mouth obediently. He took a step towards you, so close that you could have reached a hand out to touch him. To your surprise, he took your hand gently in his, lifting you up, “And, you helped save me from the very dragon that killed my grandfather.”

Your lips parted, gazing into his warm eyes as he smiled at you, perfect teeth flashing brilliantly, “Thank you, ______. You didn’t have to help me, but you did anyway. You’re the bravest girl this kingdom has ever seen and,” he looked up at you shyly between his lashes, “Possibly the most beautiful too.”

Your hand shook in his, which held onto yours securely, anchoring you to the ground, “T-thank you, Your Highness-”

“Ten,” he smirked, seeing how nervous you were by his words. “It’s just Ten, remember? Pleasure to finally meet your aquaintence properly.” He stooped down, kissing the back of your hand with lips that were softer than flower petals.

You gasped softly, trying to recover as you murmured, “_______. The pleasure is all mine.”

“Oh, I bet it is,” he winked, tugging you just a little closer and refusing to let go of your hand. He turned and beckoned a certain tall knight over, “Sir Johnny. Please join us.” The long haired knight smiled, coming to your other side and warmly taking your hand with a comforting squeeze.

Ten looked out upon the crowd, glancing proudly at you and Johnny, “My people, behold your champions! Dragon slayers by the names _______ and Johnny.”

You felt a happy warm flush wash over you as Ten and Johnny lifted your arms into the air, looking out upon the crowd and landing on a pair of eyes that mirrored your own. Time stopped, the only thing moving was your feet toward those eyes. You ran into his arms, causing him to stumble back a few feet as you whispered, “You’re here.”

“Hey there ______,” the familiar timbre of your brother’s voice chuckled, embracing you back as the crowd around you clapped.

You let the joyful tears slip down your face, “How?”

Your twin held you out at arms length, giving you a knowing look, “I think you know. Why don’t you go thank him?” He nodded to somewhere behind you, following his gaze, your eyes landed on the prince.

You don’t know what you were thinking, but perhaps you were finally letting out all the withheld emotions you’d been feeling. When you stumbled clumsily towards Ten, you somehow ended up in his arms, cupping his face as you pressed your lips sweetly to his. You broke away after a few seconds, eyes snapping open as you realized what you had done, “O-oh, Ten, I-I…”

Ten didn’t even hesitate, grinning once again about how such a courageous girl could be so shy, “Why don’t we try that again, hm?”

The dark haired prince cupped your face this time, seeming to shield you from the world as he pressed his lips to yours passionately. As the crowd cheered once again, your bodies moved flush together, knowing that he could feel your heart beating against his chest. You let out the smallest of moans, quiet enough so that only he could hear, his hand going to your waist in approval as he pulled away and gasped for air. He didn’t even take a breath, pressing kisses to your neck that tickled,'making you giggle softly, “Ten!”

“Say it again,” he whispered, looking up at you in wonder. “Please say my name.”

Ten,” you breathed against his lips, pressing one more chaste kiss there before pulling away and melting into his arms.

“Thank you for saving me, ______,” Ten murmured, stroking your hair.

“No,” you shook your head with a smile, “I think we saved each other.”

He laughed, grinning as Johnny and your brother came over to tug you two into a group hug. For the first time in a long while, you felt safe, secure, and more happy than you could even express with words.

Johnny looked down at you, raising his eyebrow with a smirk, “So, are you still willing to become my apprentice, Lady ______?”

You gaped at him, looking over at Ten who grinned, “I might have made you the first female knight on the Royal Guard.”

“You won’t be a lady for long though,” Ten continued, lacing his fingers with yours shyly. “I was thinking you could be more along the lines of my princess?”

You laughed, pecking his cheek, “I’d like that very much, only if you’re my prince though.”

10 rules for writing a good headline

1. Self-interest. What’s in it for the reader. 

2. Arouse curiosity. Make them STOP and ask, “How can that be?” or “What do they mean by that?” Then answer the question well. 

3. Does your ad SINGLE OUT your intended audience? 

4. Is it EASY to understand? 

5. Is it newsworthy? 

6. Is it believable? David Oglivy: “The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife.” 

7. Quick results. 

8. Be specific. 

9. Something of value. 

10. Make it well known. Brand names and testimonials make people feel comfortable.

source: Murray Raphel "Mind Your Own Business,”

Hands | Jungkook

Scenario: You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only five people around and I’m getting very suspicious
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 5,459


Korean night markets have always been one of your favorite traditions to attend whenever it’s around your city for a weekend and you have the luxury of having a free moment during said weekend to indulge in bright lights, cheap merchandise, and some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.

You vaguely remember being eleven, when you were first introduced to the view of a night market; how your family enjoyed them more than regular dinner cuisines and how the night was always plagued with the bustling noise of people and the sweet smell of food across a wide array of Asian cultures.

Ever since that first day, ever since your first steps down the street for your very first market, the idea of these have become a tradition to your family. As often as you all could, your family would attend and bask in the glory of the lights and the sights and the smells. It’s always been one of your favorite things to do.

Your excitement for the night markets as a whole could probably serve as the best explanation as to why you are just so ecstatic to attend this year’s festival with your friends from college. The group mainly consists of your roommate: Karly, amongst some others you shared classes with. However, you are all going to be joined by some of the guys from a university across the city, given that Karly’s boyfriend attends said school.

“Are you guys excited?” Karly inquires enthusiastically as the group makes their way out of the apartment, readily dressed for the event. “Jimin’s bringing along some friends, just so you know.” She turns to gives you all a suggestive eyebrow waggle. “Maybe you guys will think one of them is cute.”

“Nope,” Amber rejects, holding her hand up into the air. “I’m taken.”

Karly rolls her eyes good-naturedly. “I know that. But maybe someone else would be interested in that information…” She gives one particular friend a knowing side glance.

You make a face. “I am not that desperate to latch onto one of Jimin’s idiot friends!”

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The Pros and Cons of Publishing with a Small Press

The great publishing question… Traditional or self-published?

We all want to land a huge publisher so we can sit back on our laurels, but anyone who’s thrown their hat into the ring knows it’s a hard road to being accepted… and an even harder one negotiating a contract that gives you decent royalties, plus enough control over how your book is edited, what cover it’s given, and how it’s advertised.

On the flipside, being self-published is easy, but when it comes to hiring a cover artist, managing social media, holding marketing campaigns, trying to get into your audience’s ever-changing mind… You feel like giving up, and even if you don’t, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it out alive.

But who said it was an either-or?

There’s a third option for those putting the final touches on their manuscripts: A small press. Authors like Carolyn Mathews, author of Transforming Pandora, used a small press to benefit from the experience of a large publishing company and the control of going it alone. This middle ground means you don’t have to grovel or bash your head in.


  • You Have a Whole Team of Eyes

You’ve read self-published stuff before and you know what I’m about to say. Some of it is utter BBQ’d garbage, and unfortunately no one had the heart to tell them so. There are also some books with excellent potential, but who never really reached it. No author is safe from this mistake. Whether it’s bad typesetting or glaring plot holes, nothing is more valuable than an honest and objective eye to make sure your book really is as good as you think.

With a small press, you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. You have an entire team of eyes on your work to ensure every comma is in the right place, the chapter structure isn’t confusing, and that your character hasn’t suddenly switched personalities with someone else. This gives you peace of mind that the work you send out into the world really is the best it can be, with plenty of insights to back you up.

  • Fewer Start-Up Costs

With self-publishing, the costs are high. You have to hire a proofreader, an artist to create a cover, a typesetter, someone to critique your work, and someone to manage your social media (if you’d rather not do it yourself). That’s not including the price of printing and distributing, purchasing advertisement, etc., etc. You have to spend money to make money, and while the reader might only spend a few dollars for your book, you have to spend a notable amount to create something worth reading and then getting it in their hands.

With a small publisher, these expenses are theirs, and they also have the connections to ensure the money goes to the most profitable places. In some cases, your small press may negotiate for you to contribute to the cost of publication, but in any case, choosing the right publisher will ensure you get more for your money than self-publishing.  

  • There’s Less For You to Manage

Publishers exist because, like it or not, publishing is a full-time job. You may check your social media every day, but there’s more to it when you have to hold marketing campaigns, interact with followers, create newsletters, make guest-posts and content for your blog, and tailor your website to actually catch the attention of your audience.

A small press can handle this for you, putting people on the job with the experience and education to not only take this burden off your shoulders, but do it better and more regularly than you.

  • You Have More Control

As already stated, traditional publishers call all the shots. Do you like your current title? Too bad, it’s being changed. Hate that color scheme of this cover? Sorry, it’s what the genre likes. Think this section of your story is valuable? It can still be cut.

Small presses are more flexible when it comes to the decision-making process, giving you more freedom to keep titles, revise chapters, and put your foot down about keeping a certain character. Mathews’ book is a late coming-of-age novel about spirituality, hard choices, and lost loves, and she received some resistance on the spiritual element. However, with a small press, she was able to keep what she sees as one of the most valuable parts of the book. Even if they drive a hard bargain, smaller publishing companies will at least put more serious consideration into your suggestions.

  • Royalties Are More Evenly Divided

On average, a traditional publishing company will offer 5-15% royalties to authors, but some small presses will offer up to 50%.

The author of Transforming Pandora made a deal with her small press to “contribute towards the cost of production and [not] get any royalties for Transforming Pandora until 1,000 copies [were] sold.” However, “The contracts for the next two books, Squaring Circles and Pandora’s Gift are better. I get royalties from the start.”

You can negotiate with your small publishing company to make a deal that best works for you, with a lot more promising results than you’d find from the traditional route.


  • You Won’t Control Your Prices

Unfortunately, a publishing company is still a publishing company, and they only succeed if they’re able to make back the money they’ve invested in your work. This means most small presses don’t give authors control over the price their book is sold as.

Carolyn Mathews said, “I don’t have any control over the price of the paperbacks and ebooks, and can’t do any cut-price promotions – that’s all in the hands of the publishers.”

Mathews’ publisher has put her book on sale on Amazon for 99 cents until July 15th, but other ideas have had the breaks put on them. This is a gamble, since maybe you’re in the right – and maybe they are.

  • You Still Need Permissions

You wake up one morning with a brilliant idea of holding an author interview with your favorite podcast. It’ll drive sales; it’ll get your name out there! Hold the phone; don’t make contact with the podcast hosts yet. You still need to ask your small press for permission on things concerning your book, even after it’s been published. Running out there on your own will muddle their efforts and yours, and even if it’s a great idea, you still need to check in with the team before going forward.

  • You’ll Have Disagreements on What is “Necessary”

That podcast idea? Your small press might turn you down.

Like any cooperation, there’s going to be disagreements. While you’ll have more control over some elements of your book, your publisher may decide that a second round of proofreading isn’t what your book really needs. You need to be prepared to make compromises and accept some losses. Trust me, no author has ever been 100% happy with every element of the publishing process.

Lace (M)

Alright so my old blog got screwed over and plagiarized, so this is my new and *hopefully* permanent one.
This is slow, dominant and filthy Sope/Yoonseok smut, mostly inspired by Joseph’s work aka Yoongi fanart King, his work pretty much led to this, so thank you Jo ❤
Art Inspo:

//  Don’t hate me for the gif, you’ll need it. Trust me :)
Themes: S/D, Toys, Denial, Slight Bondage, Minuscule Fluff
Word count: 3.9K

Originally posted by bossybishqueenbaozi

“No, what did you say? You want me to wear that for the Hwagae Market broadcast? Are you out of your fucking mind?”
“No, the only person out of their fucking mind is going to be you, when my mouth is going to be on a boycott from you and that cock of yours, for a month.”, Yoongi threatens, as he lounges on the sofa.
“The fuck babe? That’s too harsh for a dare this stupid. It’s so feminine and besides…. it’s really small, it will barely cover anything…”
“Exactly and its going suffocate that hard cock for me just the way you like it. Besides, if it was upto me I’d make you put everything on display all the time. So don’t be a bitch and wear it, you know you’ve wanted to. Don’t think I didn’t notice you get hard at the sight of it at the store the other day.”
“Well, fuck. It just looked nice that’s all, can’t a man appreciate a pretty piece of clothing?”
“Oh I’m going to appreciate the ‘pretty piece of clothing’ real good, once it’s on that tight ass of yours. Hyung’s not going easy on you tonight. Now put it on, the fans are waiting for us to go live.”, Yoongi growls as he eyes Hoseok up and down, his gaze lingering at the younger man’s crotch a second too long and he licks his lips at the sight of it.
“Fucken hell Yoongi, look what you’ve done”, Hoseok gulps and looks down, at the newly formed tent in his orange tracks. “Fine, I’ll wear it, give me a few I’ll be back”, Hoseok begins to walk in to their restroom at the shared hotel room.
“Where exactly do you think you’re going? Get back here.”
“What, why? I’m going to change into them.”
“ I said get back here Hobi.”
“The fuck do you even want-“
“I want to watch you put them on”
“What? No. We don’t have time for that, we need to start the live, it’s getting late.”
“Then hurry up, the earlier you wear it, the earlier we’ll be able to start the broadcast. All I’m asking of you is to let me watch you put on those lace panties on that thick, mouth-watering hard-on.”
Yoongi watches Hoseok’s Adam’s apple bob as he gulps with excitement. “Babe you’re not being fai-” “You’ll put it on without anymore whining, because the more you delay this, the worse you’ll be punished.” Yoongi watches a quick smirk flash across Hoseok’s lips at the mention of punishment but it quickly gets replaced by a well-known, confused and innocent Hoseok pout.

Hoseok starts to drag down the waistband of his tracks at the slowest pace known to man, all the while staring Yoongi dead in the eye with his innocent pout. Yoongi grunts as Hoseok’s veiny, thick cock comes into view, but to his dismay, Hoseok pulls his tracks up and starts palming his cock through his tracks. “Stop teasing”, Yoongi lets out a long, drawn out sigh which quickly turns in to a grunt when Hoseok stops palming himself, pulling his tracks back on. He flicks his fingers and points to the black lace panties dangling on one of his fingers, of his other hand, next to his face. Yoongi’s eyes snap up from Hoseok’s cock to meet the lace thong, followed by Hoseok’s face, which was plastered with his signature look of mockery; a cocked eyebrow and tongue jutting through his cheek.
“Hyung? Everything okay? I thought you wanted to watch what I do with this pretty piece of clothing? But it looks like you’re more interested in what I do with my hand.”
Yoongi licks his lips, beginning to respond back but fails to conjure words when Hoseok pushes his hands down his tracks and starts pumping his cock.
“I haven’t even put it on yet baby, you sure you want me to put it on? Or would you just like to watch me cum in these tracks? Oh, but how are you going to explain our stained tracks to manager-hyung?”, Hoseok points at Yoongi’s rock hard cock that has already stained the tracks with precum. “Need help with that hyung?”

Yoongi nods but his voice finally comes back, “We should stop actually, manager hyu-“
“Do you think daddy gives a fuck about manager hyung?”
Yoongi’s expression changes to that of pure lust at the mention of Hoseok’s nick name, and he knows that they will no longer be going live for the fans anymore, because hot and angry Hoseok is undeniable.
“But wait, why are you mad, I didn’t even-“
“Oh really? You wanted to torture daddy with a thong while doing a live broadcast? You wanted to get off on getting me hard for you, while you’d be completely unbothered?  You thought you could control daddy and teach him a lesson for not letting you cum last time? Scratch that hyung, you really think your hungry little mouth can say no to this?”, Hoseok taunts as he pulls out his cock and pumps it in Yoongi’s face.
“You promised I’d get my time Hobi”, Yoongi warns as he breathes heavily.
“What did you call me?”
“I meant da-“
“Just strip Yoongi.”
Yoongi’s lips parted, his breathing laboured out of sheer arousal at the change of roles. The unexpected rush of dominance in Hoseok took him by surprise however, he doesn’t think twice before standing and dropping his tracks. Yoongi’s angry and aroused hard-on deepens Hoseok’s smirk, as he watches a defeated and needy prey. Yoongi begins to unzip his matching hoodie, only to be stopped by Hoseok, “No, leave that on. You look more desperate like this, just how I like you.”
Hoseok steps closer to Yoongi, and with his finger covered by the thong, he lightly drags it down from Yoongi’s throat to the zipper of his half-open jacket. Zipping the jacket up in a swift movement, Hoseok pulls on Yoongi’s chin with a firm hold, tilting his face upward to meet Hoseok’s eyes. “Wear it.”, Hoseok all but whispers as he drops the thong on Yoongi’s erection, stepping back and returning to his original stance with folded arms. Yoongi’s jaw drops and he gulps at Hoseok, completely dumbfounded by the new order, “Me?”, he croaks.
“Are you trying to make daddy repeat himself? You know what daddy uses when you do that right? Ha! What a good, fucking treat you are.”
“Oh no, no I’m sorry daddy, that’s not what I meant, I just..“
“You just what? You wanted to watch daddy submit to you in this thong? Is that what you wanted baby?”
“I…well, yes. But… but I’ll wear it, just don’t use that again daddy, please.”
“Oh? Now we’re telling daddy what to do huh? Wow, you really need some fucking discipline. Put that on, right this fucking instant. Or I’m going to leave the ring on you for days.”
“Daddy no, please, I’ll be really good, I’ll let you use me and I won’t even ask for help, just please. Not the ring.”, Yoongi begs. At that, Hoseok brings his hand to Yoongi’s throat and wraps it around his neck with a crushing force, cutting off all air to his lungs. “The only complaint that is going to leave that tight mouth of yours, is going to be my name. What’s my name?”, Hoseok demands, as he squeezes Yoongi’s neck tighter when Yoongi tries to respond. “What’s my name you little cocksucker?”, Hoseok scolds him, boiling with anger. Yoongi’s eyes tear up as he fights for air but manages to form a ‘D’ with his tongue. Hoseok releases his hold on the man’s throat, his fingers still caging Yoongi’s neck. “That’s right, say it.”
“Daddy”, Yoongi all but croaks.
“And what do we say when daddy chokes us?”
“Thank you daddy”, he whispers hoarsely.
“That’s a good boy. Now go fetch that cock ring for daddy.”, Hoseok demands, and Yoongi scampers to their suitcase to retrieve the toy and lube, and hands it over to him. “Now put that thong on.”, Hoseok commands and once Yoongi has the thong on, he pulls him forward, crashing his lips on Yoongi’s, pushing his tongue through the barrier of the man’s luscious, thick lips, kissing him roughly. Even though it starts off with him dominating the kiss, he allows Yoongi to control and deepen the kiss to a more meaningful one. Yoongi grasps his neck with such control that Hoseok’s demeanor immediately changes, and he melts into the older man, his arms dropping to his sides, allowing Yoongi to lead the kiss. Hoseok eventually snaps out of it, after having had enough of loss of control, he grabs a fistful of hair at the nape of Yoongi’s neck, granting himself access to his pale, unmarked neck and collar. Yoongi lets go of all his inhibitions when the angry Hoseok makes a comeback, he lets out low pitched, guttural groans as the younger man attacks his neck with open mouthed kisses that turn to hickeys; which would bloom into purple flowers within the following days. While assaulting his neck with his mouth, Hoseok begins to stroke Yoongi’s length, through the thin lace, which had gotten even harder during their heated kiss.

Hoseok yanks down the thong and squirts the lube onto Yoongi’s cock and pumps his shaft ever so slowly, a couple of times, before he begins to slide on the cock ring without warning. Yoongi gasps and protests, “Daddy I-”, his protests get caught in his throat when Hoseok swiftly slides down the ring to the base of his cock, where it gets stuck and constricts Yoongi’s thick girth. All blood fades out of Yoongi’s already pale face as the pain of the restricting bound on his length, settles in. To ease the impact and to distract Yoongi from his terror of the cock ring, Hoseok rubs his thumb against the tip of the man’s cock teasingly, which has him regaining his breath by sighing, but Hoseok speeds up the action, leaving Yoongi, a hissing, panting mess.

Yoongi does the mistake of slightly pulling on Hoseok’s hand, to slow down his ministrations to his slit because he was getting harder and the ring kept feeling tighter, to which Hoseok immediately responds and halts his abuse of the man’s neck with his mouth and yanks his hands away from his length. “You want daddy to stop baby? You think you’re allowed to tell daddy what to do?” He backs away slightly and assertively continues, “Okay then. You’re going to have to be reminded of a lot of lessons today. Get on your knees. Now.” Yoongi begins to apologize, but stops when he remembers Hoseok’s iron grip on his neck from earlier, and gets on his knees. Hoseok pulls down his orange tracks just enough for his cock to be exposed and smirks at Yoongi with his semi-hard cock in comparison to the older man’s rock-hard length. “You see that? Yeah, you’ve made daddy angry. Now get me ready for your ass. Suck.”, he orders with his cock in front of Yoongi’s lips.

At this, Yoongi smirks and opens his mouth for him, because for the first time after giving up control, he knows that he’ll be the one controlling Hoseok from here on out, by giving head at his leisure. Little did he know, Hoseok had other plans, and as if reading Yoongi’s mind, Hoseok adds another command, “And keep your hands to yourself. I’m going to fuck your throat.” At that, Hoseok jams his entire length into Yoongi’s open mouth, choking him right away. Yoongi’s crescent eyes widen and his eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Thought you were going to tease daddy huh?”, Hoseok begins to thrust into Yoongi’s mouth. “Well. Not. To. Day. Hyung.”, he punctuates with every thrust into Yoongi, as he drags his dick all the way out to his lips and back in to his throat, allowing the older man little breaths while his mouth gets fucked.

After a few more slow, full thrusts, “Are you ready baby? Can you take it like a man?” Hoseok questions, to degrade Yoongi but Yoongi smirks as much he could and winks at the younger man in response. Which triggers Hoseok instead and he grabs Yoongi’s head and mercilessly begins pounding Yoongi’s throat, which continuously constricts around Hoseok’s cock. Hoseok’s grunts and moans fill the room along with sounds of Yoongi choking on him. Even upon suffocating and having lost all control over air, Yoongi manages to sneak in a few sucks to Hoseok’s cock, which make him realize the utter love that Yoongi has for him. And even in all of his anger and demeanor, this hits a soft spot for Hoseok, “Fuck, you’re so good to daddy”, he says as he pulls out of Yoongi’s mouth only to place it on his lips, “Look at how hard your mouth mak-Ahhhh”, Hoseok grunts as Yoongi slips out his lewd tongue to lick the precum off his cock. “You look so hot in that thong, licking daddy like he’s a goddamn lollipop huh?”, Hoseok breathes and Yoongi responds to him with a nod and begins to suck on the slit of his cock like his life depended on it. “Fuck fuck fuck! You’re going to make cum like this”, Hoseok grunts out as he pulls on Yoongi’s soft hair, which was now tousled and tangled in his hands. He looks up at Hoseok and into his eyes, and as he sucks on his tip, Yoongi inserts the tip of his tongue into Hoseok’s slit, at which Hoseok snarls, “FUCK. Stop. I’m going to cum on your face, and I don’t want that. I want to cum in your ass with that thong on you.” Which makes Yoongi even harder and he’s pulled to his feet by Hoseok, only to be pushed onto the bed face first.

“Stay there and lie on your stomach, yes, just like that.”, Hoseok orders and Yoongi remains in his place, while Hoseok climbs the bed and sits on Yoongi’s back. Where he pulls out the drawstring from his tracks and begins to tie Yoongi’s hands to the posters of the bed, the older man allowing him to do as he pleases, even though, Hoseok was the one in control. Hoseok shifts to sit on Yoongi’s thighs, kneading his ass as he says, “But baby why do you think daddy was staring the thong, at the store in the first place? I wanted to watch you put it on that tight ass of yours, and just the thought of fucking you with it on, got me hard in public.” He squeezes Yoongi’s ass one more time before landing a harsh slap on it “Fuck Hose- I mean daddy, you’re such a fucking tease, you’re not helping me at all.” “That’s right baby, I’m going to fuck this gorgeous ass with it on and you’re to beg me to cum inside you.”, Hoseok all but whispers into Yoongi’s ear as he yanks the thong further up the older man’s lower back, to display more of his ass and constrict his hard-on even more, which leads to the tightening cock ring to rub against the lace, hurting Yoongi much more. Yoongi gasps in euphoric pain as the wedgie suffocates his cock and he grows harder.

With one hand, Hoseok keeps the thong stretched and wedged between Yoongi’s ass, and with the other he lands occasional slaps on his cheeks as he sucks on Yoongi’s neck and adds to the decoration of hickeys on the older man’s body. “I’ve had enough of watching my marks on your body fade out. Daddy’s gonna make sure these never fade”, Hoseok grunts as he begins to hump Yoongi’s ass, his cock sliding between the man’s cheeks. Yoongi groans occasionally, but when he does the sound goes straight to Hoseok’s dick and he gets harder, just watching himself slide between Yoongi’s ass, precum now covering Yoongi’s backside. “Baby please fuck me already, it’s too much for me.”, Yoongi inaudibly whispers to Hoseok as he feels like he is about to explode from the friction of the cock ring, wedgie and Hoseok’s wet humping. Hoseok knowing well enough that this was the closest he could get Yoongi to begging him, agreed to the man’s plea, “Oh? You want daddy to fuck you already? Fuck baby, you’re so eager.” Without a warning, Hoseok yanks the thong down and pushes into Yoongi’s entrance, surprising him and leaving him breathless. “There. We. Go. Feeling. Better. Hyung?”, Hoseok says with each small thrust, to allow Yoongi to adjust to his size, however the consideration doesn’t last long and Hoseok begins to fuck him with deep, long strokes, making sure to press down on him, to increase the friction against Yoongi’s cock. Yoongi’s lack of response causes Hoseok to pull on the man’s hair, arching his now bruised neck, “What’s wrong baby? Is it too good for you to breathe? Is my cock filling you up good? Because I’ve just entered you and I’m already close, your ass is that tight.”
“I – I need to cum. It’s, it’s too much, I feel l-l-like, like I’m going to explode”, Yoongi stutters, as he tries to maintain his breathing but ends up groaning instead. “Oh, is it too much for you? And what about your plans for denying daddy for a month? Remember that hyung? Should have thought this through my love”, Hoseok taunts as he drills into Yoongi’s ass, whilst holding the thong down with one hand, and gripping Yoongi’s waist with the other, the sounds of wet skin slapping and his grunts fill the hotel room much more than Yoongi’s subdued groans. Hoseok gets closer to his high as he rides Yoongi’s ass, “Fuck this is so fucking hot babe, the thong looks so good below your sexy ass. I’m so close, fuck”, Hoseok says as he watches himself disappear into Yoongi’s flushed ass, at which Yoongi lets out a loud whimper and pulls against his bound hands to meet Hoseok’s thrusts, to get some more friction against his cock in hopes of cumming with his partner. However, Hoseok presses him down, preventing him from moving, the friction against and constriction around his cock was just enough to drive Yoongi insane, yet not allowing him to reach his high. Hoseok continues to thrust into Yoongi at a merciless pace as the older man’s posture tenses even more, “I’m cumming baby, fuck.”, Hoseok’s thrusts becoming sporadic and faster as he reaches his high, and watches Yoongi squirm beneath him, begging for his own release, not by words no. Yoongi didn’t need words to beg for his release, by now his body was quivering out of pleasure and his ass continuously contracted around Hoseok’s cock. “Please f-f-fill me up d-daddy, I need to feel s-something”, Yoongi strains out in defeat, out of the utter need of some sort of release or relief, and the only way that seemed possible now was having Hoseok fill him up with his cum. With Yoongi now begging him, and Yoongi never begs, Hoseok came within seconds, as he did, he gave the man few spanks to his already blushed skin, “How the fucking hell does a bottom control when I cum, what the fuck? You’re so fucking hot Yoongi-ahhhh”.

Hoseok gradually pulls out from a shivering, over-driven and extremely hard Yoongi, as he does so, his cum spills out of Yoongi’s hole, down to his balls, which were now covered in cum. As Hoseok’s juices covered Yoongi’s genitals and drip unto the sheets, Hoseok flips the man over and begins palming his cock through the lace. Yoongi reacts to his touch immediately, by thrusting up to meet his hand in desperation, “Please just let me come daddy, I can’t hold it in anymore, please”. Hoseok smirks at his reaction and continues to palm him for a while, for which he gets rewarded by luscious, deep groans. His soft spot for the older man makes him cave in, and he pulls down the precum-stained thong to reveal Yoongi’s angry cock that springs up to hit his stomach. The tip was covered in precum, so much that it dripped down his length, almost covering it.

Just above the cock ring at the base of Yoongi’s shaft, Hoseok gives short licks and puts the ring on vibration mode, which has Yoongi thrashing around and arching his back, closer to the man’s face, “I want to cum, please. Please take it off Hobi please, I- I- Fuck!”. Hoseok wants to forgive the tortured man for not addressing him by his dominant name but he chooses to discipline him, “What did you call me, you little cumslut? You want to come so bad you disrespect daddy?” Hoseok growls as he holds Yoongi down with both his hands and begins furiously sucking on the tip of Yoongi’s shaft. “Im sorry daddy!! Im so fucking sorry fuck I’m, please daddy. Ah fuck I need to cum, it hurts so-ahh fucking much”, Yoongi whimpers like an animal in despair, drenched in sweat and quivering. To Yoongi’s surprise, Hoseok reaches up and unties his hands whilst sucking on his swollen, red tip dripping with precum. Hoseok begins sucking on Yoongi’s cock and fucking his own mouth with it, taking it all the way down his throat; Yoongi’s hands immediately land in Hoseok’s hair, as he pulls on it and archs his back. “Let me come daddy please! Fuck Im going insane, please I need to- ahhh fuck!”, Yoongi exclaims as Hoseok surprises the both once again, and unlocks the cock ring to take it off Yoongi. Hoseok intensifies his sucking and Yoongi cums in his mouth, “Holy fuck daddy! I’m c-c-umming!”, with Hoseok continuing his sucking at a slower pace to help the man ride out his orgasm. Yoongi’s release drips down his cock and Hoseok moves to lick it all up, whilst glaring at the flushed, panting Yoongi.

Hoseok moves towards Yoongi and gives the older man a peck on the lips followed by an eskimo kiss, once he’s regained his breath,“I’m sorry babe, you are so good to me.”
“Sure you’re sorry, you were clearly enjoying it”, Yoongi pouts and turns his head away from Hoseok, and the younger man giggles with admiration for the older.
“But yes, that was one of the best orgasms of my life, so you’re amazing to me. I love you, you fucker.”, Yoongi rasps out after turning back to Hoseok, and plays with his hair as they continue to stare into each other’s eyes. Hoseok laughs his sunshine laugh and kisses Yoongi’s forehead, “I love you too, daddy”, he winks.
“You better fucking stop or I’m bringing out the slippers and slapping that smirk off your face. Bitch.”, Yoongi growls.
“Kinky. I like. Let’s try it.” Hoseok whispers as he runs his nose along Yoongi’s knife-like jaw and earns a shiver from Yoongi but is also rewarded by a following smack on the head.
“I’m so fucking sore, don’t you dare. It felt so good but I can’t go for round two, because someone decided to fuck me like a Greek God.”, Yoongi rolls his eyes.
“Aw baby I’m sorry, I’ll take care of you. Come here, love.” Hoseok apologizes and pulls Yoongi into his chest.
“I liked the thong though. It was okay.”, Yoongi mumbles indifferently into Hoseok’s chest.
“Yeah? It was okay? You looked hot as fuck, and all those moans and ‘please daddy’s meant it was okay? Okay hyung, if you say so.”, Hoseok mocks him and gets rewarded with a pinch to his ass.
Yoongi whispers, “No but seriously, I liked it. Next time, I’m topping. With lace.”


If you would like a part two, do let me know! If I get enough requests I’ll work on it. Also if you have any requests for any of the members’ pairings or one-on-one’s, hmu because I lost all my previous work :)

Christmas Prompt #4 – Isaac Lahey

Requested by @lildoog

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Word count: 353
Warnings: Drunk reader.

1. “Is that a mistletoe?”
11. “You can’t put alcohol in hot chocolate!”

The pack had decide to enter the Christmas-fair in town and you felt yourself freezing while pacing around the market stalls. Isaac was on his way with some hot chocolate for you. 

He held the cup in front of you as he pour liquor from a tiny bottle into it. ”You can’t put alcohol in hot chocolate!” you exclaim as you grab the tiny bottle of liquor from Isaac’s hands. He smirks smugly while taking it back to screw on the cap. ”Pish, posh Y/N. It will only get you a little warmer than usual.” Isaac snorts and hands you the cup.

You look suspiciously down at the drink, not knowing if you wanted to drink Isaac’s witch-brew. You wrinkle your nose before taking a zip. Unfortunately, the drink ended up tasting chocolaty-delicious and soon you felt yourself getting warm, cosy and a tad tipsy.

Lydia had dragged you around all the different market stalls and your intoxicated mind thought it would be hilarious to buy a Christmas-decoration for Isaac. You smilingly run towards Isaac with a new-bought mistletoe dangling from your hand.

”Is that a mistletoe?” Isaac ask with raised eyebrows as you wave it in front of his face. ”Yes it iiiiis!” you squeal with joy and put it above your head while leaning in. ”Now you have to kiss me, pretty boy.” you whisper with a giggle. Isaac grabs the mistletoe from your hands and scoffs. ”Y/N, you’re indeed a lovely drunk, but I think it’s time we get home.”

”Noooo, you have to kiss me first. You know the rules!” you nag as you try to reach the mistletoe from him but he tease you by lifting it even higher. ”Come on!” your whine making Isaac surrender.

”Okay, fine. If I kiss you - Would you let me take you home?” he ask sweetly and you quirk your lips into a smile before crossing your arms over your chest. ”Well Isaaac, you naughty boooy. No gifts for youuu, I’ll tell santa you’ve been a baaad boy.” you say when Isaac grabs your arm and drags you towards the car.

Thank you for reading! ♥
Credit to gif owner.

“Man Caves” are fucking disgusting places for cowards to retreat when they realise their fuckwit ideas of masculinity don’t translate to, you know, the real world.  There’s a reason why all that parasitic alcohol and sport related paraphernalia isn’t standard issue in a home and that reason is it fucking sucks.  A discount lager branded beer mat on a wooden bench in a garage isn’t an identity or a form of self-expression; it’s not homage to some sort of working class collective consciousness.  It’s just big business marketing guilt tripping your deadshit mind via feelings of nostalgia associated with times when you thought you were happy (you weren’t, you were drunk).  Bundaberg Rum isn’t a badge of honour, it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage, it’s not real, it’s a product.  You know that bear they use in their ads? I know the idea is great but he isn’t real either, he’s not your mate, you and the bear, you never went on fishing trips together. Don’t buy into their shit, just fucking go inside and talk to your family you big dumb man cave cunt, stop sitting there pretending you’re having a good time, we all know you aren’t, you’re pathetic in there, stewing away on some disgusting couch on your phone leaving racist comments on news articles, hate-tweeting local celebrities until they kill themselves, insulting “faggots” while rubbing one out to some lesbian porn, reminiscing about the great years gone by (they weren’t great, again, you were drunk).

Also, chances are if you’re the kind of big sook of a man who has a man cave and buys shit like supermarket hummus and mass produced crackers and cabanossi to make themselves feel special, your wife is probably a bit of a cunt towards you, and it’s not totally fun to be around her all the time (go to the pub when this happens by the way moron).  It’s not her fault she’s like this, it’s because you’ve got all these emotional and communication and identity issues and are a big fucking child who can’t support his family properly.  Trust me, it’s not her, or the gays or the Muslims or random indigenous football players that have caused this fucking mess, it’s your lack of personal responsibility and accountability.  There’s a reason Andrew Bolt and his contemporaries soothe you so much; they make it feel like it’s someone else’s fault, all these feelings of resentment and indifference, but the hangover only gets worse mate, you can’t stay in here forever.

So get up, put some proper fucking pants on and leave!! You don’t need this cave Robbo, leave, go free, go for a walk in the park, the beach, go to Bali with your fuckhead mates, whatever, please, just stop living this primal cave myth.

Family Don’t End In Blood

Anon request: Hey, I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is an orphaned teenager and was brainwashed like Bucky and she used to work for Hydra cause she was good at fighting and also an elemental and she stayed with Bucky after they escaped & they know what each other went through so they’re like really really good friends and they think of each as family. Could you maybe do a scene from civil war or just a scene from before where they’re just like living together or something? Thanks 😊

UGH wish I could’ve found a GIF of long haired Seb hugging a girl so I’ve just used two gifs continuity error OH WELL USE YOUR BEAUTIFUL IMAGINATIONS XOXO // also wtf I just wrote this all in one sitting wat this took me three and a half hours lol but I was just feeling big bro bff Bucky and lil adopted sister bff reader so hard

You walk through the door to your apartment, your toned biceps still straining under the weight of what seems like a million grocery bags, but you’re humming happily.

Normally, you’d be bitching to Bucky about him making you go on a run – “Buck, for fuck’s sake, you have a metal arm; why do I need to be the one to carry 50 lbs of plums?! – grumbling under your breath as he bleated on about “avoiding suspicion” and “not becoming recognizable,” but you’d begrudgingly admit that his logic made sense.

But that didn’t stop you from wanting a life, a real life. Not having to be holed up in an apartment with the windows covered. To be able to go to college like you always dreamed of. To get back to a sense of normalcy, a sense of what you had before HYDRA shattered your whole fucking life – before they turned you into a monster.

But here you stand in an unusually good mood, smiling and singing to yourself as you start to put away groceries into your small fridge.

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[深夜0時素顔の執事] friend campaign CGs

I guess English right from the start so they won’t have to edit the CGs for the English version? 8D

Some advice to new players ( all versions )

This will be long. 
This may become a mess the more you read.
I regret nothing.

What is the use of this post?
Some advice given to new players ( no matter on which version of Eldarya ) from a player who started way back near the end of 2014.
These are all based on things I’ve seen, come across and / or experienced myself.


The currency of Eldarya. The one thing allowing you to move in the episodes   ( 10 mana per move ) and the one thing used to buy and sell things.
You get 50 mana a day ( if you log in or visit the game if you’re constantly logged into the game - like me ). 
You have 3 mini-games one can play every 6 hours.
Maximum mana you can get : 10. 
Minimum mana you can get: 1.

Card game

You can play it “for free” which gives you nothing.
You can bet 50, 100 or 200 mana and play to:  win some more than you bet on ( if you are first place ), a little over the amount you bet on ( if you are second ), the exact amount you bet on ( if you are third ) or lose the game if you are last ( which means no mana ).
Here’s how it goes:
Bet 50 and if you are first you can get 75 mana.
Bet 100 and if you are first you can get 150 mana.
Bet 200 and if you are first you can get 300 mana. 
Second places get a little less than that.
Third places get 50, 100 and 200 mana back.
Fourth place gets nothing.

So keep that in mind if you bet your mana on this game.


This is a once per day luck game.
You have a list of items you need to find to get a bundle. Each bundle has different items, of different rarity, based on the type of bundle. 
Technically you get something every time. 
You can sell the bundle on the market for mana but you cannot sell items you got from the bundle ( aka once you open that thing, it’s over ).
Make no mistake - this game gives you no mana for playing.

Second chance bar

Thought this wasn’t important, huh? xD
This thing has its own little rules. And I will share with you simple tricks on how not to get certain items from earned chests.

Shoulder plates ( all guards )

If your pet finds you shoulder plates – keep them.
See the bar beneath your pet profile? It’s the second chance bar. The common chest has those same shoulder plates to give you if you don’t have all three. To reduce your bad luck, keep all three shoulder plates. 

The common chest may sound useless but it does have some nice items. Having those annoying things saved helps you increase the chance of getting other things.

If you find the green skin at the den area – keep it.

The legendary chest has some amazing items in store for you BUT it also has the green skin. If you don’t want to be frustrated when you get the damn skin from a chest so hard and long to open then keep it in your inventory when you find it.

If you , by some will of God, find other guards dress items – sell them.

Of course, not the plates!!
But the tops, pants, extra things, shoes, socks, etc. Sell them.
You can only wear your own guards clothing. The rest is useless.
If you have amazing luck , the legendary chest will give you some which you can sell again. And again. -> mana makers

Now we come to the most important part I wanted to tell you about.

The market 

Cool thing. It can make you and it can break you.
And you need to take note on a few things so you do  not break!

If you are looking to buy your pets food on the market keep in mind:

1)      The food price at the shop ( if its there because some food is not ),

2)      The rarity of the food if not in shop ( explained after this ),

3)      For how much it is sold at the market because

4)      If it is cheaper – buy it – however if it is over the shop price don’t touch it.


Common food costs 12 mana. Anything less than that you can buy. Such rarity of food over 12 mana at the market  - don’t touch it!

Rare food at the shop is 18 mana. Rare food at the market should be 18 mana or less. More than that and you can say good-bye to your mana.

Epic food is 24 in the shop so everything less than that is good.

Legendary food is 30 at the shop. Cheaper ones are good deals.

Still on the market

1)      If you can’t find the damn shoulder plates then you can buy them at the market. But do not go over 5 – 10 mana on them.  Later on they will be sold at 1 mana – trust me. It will be shoulder plate abundance.

2)      Backgrounds are an entire new level. Some will be really expensive while others really cheap. Corridors – go for cheap ones. If you want to sell then you set the price but, no one would want to ( really ) buy a corridor for 1000 mana – or more.

3)      Legendary items will be hella expensive. Either save mana or don’t even try to get them.

4)      Monthly items will be expensive but might drop with time . If you can’t get one when it is released, wait for some time – follow the prices. When it drops, get it.

5)      Jackson wigs are useless. Some may like them but they will sell horribly. Sell cheap unless you want that wig to haunt your storage.

6)      Event items will always be expensive – period – BUT some good souls are out there. You just have to look really, really,really closely.

7)      Common collar items sell cheap. They just do.

I am saying this for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas events:

Some items you may sell as the frenzy for them is at its peak. They may go away like crazy.
But you may get more mana if some, like pets, you keep for after the event ends and then sell them.
Because then you could sell them for more.
Less event pets on market = higher the price.
They are event pets after all.
I am not telling you to sell them for 20 000 mana or prices like those. Ain’t no one wanna buy those.

Alchemy and other items

If you find alchemy things, scrolls, baits of pets you do not know and don’t want to use, baits for events already finished you cannot use anymore, food for pets not released yet, vials which are event only , etc. – DO NOT SELL THEM.

If you find odd vials during events ( max 1 ) – DO NOT SELL THEM.

Purro'swap will have it on the “to find“ lists in the future. And if you had sold them then you will be annoyed. AND if someone else has them and wants to make a profit, they will plunder your mana at the market for 1 vial. Because there are people like that.

Pets and the market

1)      Pimpel will sell horribly. Sell them now or never. Or just don’t capture them.

2)      Starter pets ( with common ones in general ) SUCK! Do not sell  them – no one wants them. Do not capture them unless you want to use them.

3)      Hatched pets sell horribly. I mean,you are free to try your luck but if the buyer can see your pets gender and chance ( even name they cannot change unless for gold ) and it sucks – good luck with that auction.
Unnamed yet high chanced pets may sell though. But usually hatched ones don’t.

4)      Unhatched eggs sell well – it’s an unspoken rule. Unless they are starters, called pimpel and are under common pets.

5)      Event pets will sell well. See above.

6)      Legendary pets can be sold for more mana BUT keep in mind no one wants to spend 10 000 on one egg.

7)      Minaloo and Draflayel can be obtained in Purro'swap ( epic and legendary bundle respectively) . You cannot sell those at the market.

Energy potions

Save them. Save them for events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine and Easter. You will need them.
You get two for free from the second chance bar. Bundles have them as well ( anywhere from just 1 of 50 energy and 1 of 100 energy to 2x of both ).

Sometimes the team  gives out a full energy recovery ( named something fitting for like Halloween and Christmas day ). 
You use the event potions. They will be gone after said event ends so use them. 
They are the best to use on adult pets of over 100 energy too - during the event.

If, by some weird chance, the team gives us a normal potion which restores the energy fully - save them for events.

I believe this is everything I wanted to say.
Long it is. But I don’t regret it. Perhaps it saves a life. 

Late Night Call (Sam Drake X Reader)

(Symbolism Prompt #19)

Thornapple: I Dreamed of You

(Purple) Pansy: You Occupy My Thoughts

(Pink) Camellia: I Long For Your Touch

Heart: Love, Passion, Attraction, or Unity

Circle: Never-ending, Completeness, or Coming Together

           You don’t know how but you were running through an open market as a wave of déjà vu washed over you. You had seen this market before but your mind was too clouded to work it all out. Then the swaying of brightly colored silks, the throngs of people haggling with shopkeepers, and the boisterous din of a thriving marketplace all came together and violently jogged your memory. You were in Cairo; more specifically you were currently running through the Khan el-Khalili but that was impossible. It hit you suddenly, nothing had changed and everything was exactly as you remembered but you realized that you hadn’t been to Cairo in six years. Either you had made another trip to Cairo, with no recollection of the event, or you were vividly hallucinating.

           The latter was the more likely option so you struggled against the haze in your mind trying to remember what happened next. As you ran you looked around the marketplace and noticed several men who appeared out of place; they were dressed in dark colors as they were slinking around the market without discretion obviously searching for someone. No! No, this couldn’t be happening… but if it were truly happening then you should have been hearing the sound of bells indicating that it was noon. Almost on cue, the bells went off but why was that so important? Your feet were pounding against the ancient stone floors as you rounded another corner lined with shops but this time you noticed and large crowd gathering at the end. There was a lot of shouting and just ahead of you, you could make out the sight of a group of men fighting amongst themselves.

           Your vision centered on a familiar figure and your heart nearly stopped; in the middle of the group of men trading blows was Sam. Then it was as if the floodgates had opened and it suddenly all came back to you; six years ago in Cairo you were with Sam on a job but somehow you were experiencing it again. You and Sam had caught wind of a priceless artifact that was currently in the hands of a notorious black market operation. Which at the time didn’t seem like that big of a problem for a couple of thieves like yourselves. However, you were both very young and not completely immune to overestimating your skills and underestimating the strength of your enemies. The group that you were trying to lift the artifact from had two hideouts in the Khan el-Khalili; you took the first hideout and Sam took the other and you had promised him that you would meet him in the center of the market by noon.

           That’s why you had been sprinting through the marketplace and why you panicked when the clock struck noon; you had the artifact but you were behind schedule. All you needed to do was get to Sam and help him before the thugs called for backup and then it was just a matter of making your getaway. You two had done it before and you could certainly do it again but as you went to make a move to get close to Sam you felt something latching on to your arm. You looked to your right and found one of the shopkeeper’s trying to get your attention pulling you in closer; his grip was impossibly strong but you pulled away. Your relief was short-lived as another shopkeeper grabbed your arm trying to capture your attention and you were desperately trying to pull away. You turned toward Sam’s direction and noticed that a large group of people had formed in front of you; casually trying to make their way through the market. What was going on?

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Aladdin- Dean Winchester


Hi, how are you? I really enjoy your blog! ☺️ Could you possibly write an Aladdin au with Dean? It would be greatly appreciated


Hey there! I just started reading and fell for your writing😍 can you make an aladdin - Dean (lol😂) crossover shot? Thank hun💙💙 

Dean Winchester walked through the streets to find some food for him and his brother. He saw a loaf of bread on a small stall. As he reached to grab it someone shouted, “Hey! I was going to pay for it!” he shouted back and took a large bite.  

He was suddenly being chased by someone. “Sam!” he shouted running down alleys and climbed up a fire escape to get to the roof. He carried on running until he got to the impala.


You walk through the market of your home town minding your own business. You saw a small child trying to find his parents and holding a red apple from a stall. Tears poured down his cheeks as the man was shouting at him for taking the fruit and demanding to see his parents. You walk over and tell the child to run along. He does as told and instantly ran away, taking the stolen fruit with him. “I hope you have a way to pay for that?!” he growled grabbing your wrist aggressively.

A stranger sat on the bonnet of a car and watched from afar, as soon as he saw the trouble he jumped of and walked over.

As you struggled to get away you started shouting. He continued to shout but was soon ripped off you by a stranger. “You don’t hold a lady like that, shes disabled!” he snarled, quickly winking at you to play along.

You look over and nodded. Once you had gotten away from the situation he moved his arm from around your shoulder from where he had guided you. “Thank you” you say looking up with him, “I didn’t know what I was going to do there.”

“Don’t worry about it” he smiled and a tall man walked over. “Dean we have to go.” He said and the stranger you now knew as Dean nodded. “I’ll see you soon” he winked at you before walking away.


You had gotten close to the Winchester recently, you’d met his brother who seemed like he never left his side.

When you finally got some alone time with him he drove up to your house in the beloved impala and beeped the horn. You looked out the window in shock. “Dean, what are you doing here?!” you whisper shout to not wake up your parents.

“Come for a ride?” he called back with a chuckle and the cocky smile you had fallen in love with.

“You know I can’t” you scowl, “It’s too late.”

“Common there’s a whole new world out there Princess.” He said continuing to smirk until you give in and climb down the side of your home and land on the floor softly on the balls of your feet. You run over to the car and sit on the passenger side with a small smile on your face as the wind blew your hair while Dean drove, humming softly to the song coming from the tape deck.


What Disney based one shot would you like next? Let me know

Disney Supernatural series:


Fight For Family...Part 2

(Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Epilogue)

As the weeks dragged on, the communication that David attempted slowly began to wane.  The fog of exhaustion from your first trimester started to slowly lift by week 13, and you were in full craving mode by the time you stumbled into your second trimester.

The baby was doing fine, save for ultrasounds every single month.  You were being treated as a high-risk pregnancy, which panicked you at first.  But as you got along in your pregnancy and your stomach slowly began to protrude, you found yourself looking forward to the appointments where you would see your growing little one up on that black and white screen.

And when the x-ray technician asked you if you wanted to know the sex of your child at week 16, your tears filled with eyes as you slowly nodded your head.

“Congratulations,” the woman smiled as she began printing off your ultrasound pictures, “looks like you’ll be buying a lot of pink.”

A girl.

You were going to have a baby girl.

You wondered all the way home if David would have been excited to have another girl.  You wondered if he enjoyed having a grandson, and would turn his nose up in favor for wanting a boy.

But your thoughts soon perished as you pulled into your apartment complex parking lot.

Your mouth began to salivate and your nose began to tingle.  Your stomach rumbled even though you had just eaten a grilled chicken wrap, and your mind began to whirl with colors of purple and white, with drizzled sugars and crunchy carby outsides.

A pie.

But not just any pie.

You wanted a rhubarb pie.

“Rhubarb?” you mumbled as you sighed and pulled out your phone.

“I’ve never even had rhubarb,” you mused as you began scrolling through your phone.

The great thing about being pregnant in the summertime was that the fresh farmer’s markets were alive and well.  You were sure that you could find someone with an outstanding rhubarb pie there, and it gave you an excuse to purchase some kettle corn as you browsed all of the things that would make you excited about the coming pumpkin patches of autumn.

It also meant that, at the height of your uncomfortable pregnancy, it would be 30 degrees outside.

And you smiled as you entered the address into your phone and listened to the voice chant off the directions.

David was a wreck.

When he spent the evening with Hayden, catching up and doing things that he can only assume were based off of the sorrow he felt for losing you, he felt complete.  Like the family he always wanted was back together, and that he was doing his duty to them once and for all.

But that was all it felt like.

A duty.

With you, it felt natural.  With you, it had always been something for him to look forward to…like a natural space he didn’t know he had that you filled wholly and completely.

You were there when the whirlwind of his daughter came rushing into his life.

You were there the first time he ever made a trip to visit her family.

You were there when they questioned him about dating someone so much younger than him.

He smiled at the memory of him ever saying out loud that he loved you…right in front of his daughter.

But he had begun to neglect you.  In the process of navigating rough waters, as you had tried to hang on and keep him steady throughout the bucking waves, he had begun to buck back.

And he had thrown you right off of the raft that he tried his best to keep comfortable for you.

He didn’t know what to do with himself.  He lost himself in his work whenever you stopped answering your phone.  He drank more than he should whenever you didn’t open the door he so hastily knocked on night after night after night.

And now?  He was cooking his sorrows away, losing himself in complicated recipes on the weekends and donating the food to the homeless shelter in town.

So, as his foot hit the gas pedal to head to the farmer’s market, his mind drifted from the curves of your body back to the recipe he had decided he was going to try.

Beef Wellington with a side of croissants.

Mindlessly wandering with your hand on your stomach, you strut around in your flowing summer dress as your hair wafts around your shoulders.  You loved this time of year, where the hot summer days were met with breaks where the temperature was just right and the breeze was in full swing.

You found yourself falling asleep outside for naps much more than once.

As you popped a piece of kettle corn in your mouth, your stomach lightly protruding as people smile and ask you how far along you are, you greet them with pained cheeks and a glint in your eye as you say, “16 weeks. Just found out it’s a girl.”

You reveled in the advice of the older couples, and took to heart the advice of the parents running around with children on leashes.  You looked at all of the great fall soup recipes, soon filling the basket hanging from your arm with goodies you couldn’t wait to cook up.

But you just couldn’t find any rhubarb pie.

As David pulled into the farmer’s market, his tired eyes closing as he sighs and lays his head back onto his driver’s seat, he smiles lightly as he hears the laughter and giggling of children whose parents were sitting down with a glass of apple cider and trying to catch their breath.

How he missed out on so much…

Taking in a deep breath through his nose, he steps out of his car and onto the dusty gravel parking lot.  While this farmer’s market wasn’t the snazziest, it was the highest rated every year in produce, product, and price.

But when he lifted his head to navigate towards the fresh cooking ingredients, he saw something that caught his eye.

Beautiful flowing Y/C/H hair around a set of shoulders that tapered into a waist he would never forget.  He recognized the flowing fabric: pinks and blues swirling with a pale yellow as it fluttered around a set of legs he had only seen in his dreams for weeks now.


It was you.

As he feels his breath catch in his throat, he watches you bend and inspect something in front of you.  He watches as your hair fluffs around your face as the wind begins to kick up more and more, and he watches as the fabric of your dress rides a bit too high for your comfort, causing you to spin around and catch the curtails of your dress as his eyes grow wide and his jaw drops.

Because there, standing not 15 feet away from him, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen…the most beautiful woman that he still loved…

…and she was pregnant.