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What Is Liberalism?

Oftentimes in leftist circles you can hear folks decrying liberals and liberalism. If you ask them why they hate liberalism, most of them will point you in the direction of Mao’s Combat Liberalism to better understand them, but this is a mistake. Combat Liberalism is effectively an internal memo, warning other communists of the need to avoid liberalism lest it be detrimental to their work. It details results of that ideology, but not causes. To that end, I’ve compiled a brief description of what liberalism is and why it’s bad.

The ideology of liberalism is denoted by three tenets:

  1. Free-market capitalism. Liberals believe that capitalism is good, or at least “the best we have”. While liberals may argue over how much intervention in the market is necessary, they all agree on the fundamental goodness of capitalism, and that it should be tweaked rather than replaced.
  2. The state and representative “democracy”. Liberals believe that the state is good, and that representative democracy is an effective means of creating social change and an acceptable level of participation. They reject any aims outside of the state, and try to co-opt movements towards state action (e.g. electing Democrats).
    1. Nonviolence: The liberal insistence on “nonviolent” protest (usually invoking a whitewashed history of Dr. King) is largely derived from state-worship. They see the state as the only legitimate user of force, and all others as violent looters and rioters; because of that, they refuse to even consider violence as a method of protest or direct action (e.g. antifascism).
    2. Indirect action and representative problem-solving: Linked to the lionization of representative democracy, liberals care little for direct action, even as indirect as blocking a street for a few hours. They believe that the power to change things is vested solely in those representatives, and that the common person shouldn’t bother; direct action, to them, is illegitimate for the same reason as violence.
  3. A focus on individual rather than class politics. Liberals see all social issues as issues primarily affecting individuals, rather than groups. In other words, they lack a class analysis; they see racism, for example, as the result of individual prejudices and “meanness” and something to be fixed at that level, rather than a system of structural violence against non-white peoples aimed at dividing the working class.

 Liberalism, as an ideology, is dangerous. These three tenets combine to form an analysis that is insufficient to encompass the whole of the enemy, and more importantly a praxis that is ineffective at combating it. It infects activists and ordinary workers alike, and railroads them into believing that they cannot change a society that benefits only those at the top. It railroads them into believing that the burdens they bear cannot be thrown off, and stands in the way of our collective liberation. It must be combated, for it is at the root of the struggle.

Feral - part 1

Pairing: future alpha!Sam x omega!Reader

Word Count: 4,766

Warnings: angst, fluff, canon divergence, age difference (reader is 20, Sam is 31), canon violence (blood, physical injury)

Summary: set during and after 9x12 “Sharp Teeth” - When Sam gets bitten by a werewolf, it falls to you to keep him safe and under control.

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Sam was facing a difficult decision. Not that he wasn’t always facing difficult decisions, but this one was probably the hardest he’d ever had to make.

Garth was a werewolf. One of his best friends and a fellow hunter had been turned. He should have wanted to put the scrawny man down right there, and then put bullets in the rest of the pack, but he didn’t.

He couldn’t.

Because you were in the pack too, and if Sam killed everyone else, he would have no choice but to put you down too.

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If Trump wants, he can unleash serious damage by undermining the individual markets in three ways. Insurers currently making decisions will closely scrutinize signs from the administration to gauge those markets’ long-term viability. His administration can weaken the individual mandate through various mechanisms, which would mean fewer younger and healthier people and higher premiums. It can pull back on all forms of outreach designed to get people to enroll on the marketplaces. Or it can stop paying “cost-sharing reductions” to insurance companies, which enable them to reduce out-of-pocket costs for lower-income enrollees, which may encourage insurers to flee the markets.

This could strand many of the 12 million people who have gotten coverage on the individual markets, according to Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation. They could be left with “no insurers in the marketplaces, no way to get tax credits, no way to get coverage at all,” Levitt tells me, adding that the insurer exodus could also prevent people who individually obtain coverage outside the exchanges from doing so: “You’re talking about small business owners, farmers, self-employed people, early retirees — who would have no way of getting health insurance.”


After the health-care fiasco, Trump’s next move may be even more disastrous

Trump is a childish, vindictive, bully. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he tried to hurt the people who benefit from the ACA just because he can.

sometimes i get really messed up thinking about Erebor. 

  • it’s hugely vast - Thorin says there are “halls upon halls beneath the mountain” and i imagine it stretches vertically as well as horizontally, so like lots of levels climbing upwards and downwards and just a HUGE amount of square footage, an entire city (perhaps larger than Minas Tirith) literally carved out of the interior of a mountain
  • on that note, travel around Erebor must be facilitated by something. what if they use goats or ponies? imagine little carts, coaches, etc., driven by dwarves and transporting dwarves and visitors from point A to B, ex: the residential level is the main level but the market is three levels below - no one wants to haul groceries by hand up miles of stairs/ramps and damn like, who has enough hours in their day for all that walking? draft animals it is then. (for that matter, oxen could also be involved, in which case they would need cows to keep supplying offspring to be turned into oxen, and that means some dwarves could be dairy “farmers”).
  • which brings us to… what are all these pack animals eating? hay would be easy enough to purchase from Dale or other neighbors but then it needs to be stored. and if there are lots and lots of load-bearing animals needed for everyday life in the mountain (and also for mining operations, lots of material to be hauled there) then that’s a LOT of hay and other feeds needed.
  • so maybe the dwarves have something akin to a pasture somewhere in the mountain, high up, with an entire exterior wall made of glass or a similar transparent substance that lets sunlight in and creates sort of a giant greenhouse or cold frame, so they can grow grass year round for the ponies and goats and cattle to graze. otherwise hay expenses could be astronomical. 

i don’t know. just. Erebor everyday life stuff. fascinating. 

Bloggings Tips 101

For those who are looking for help growing a blog, there are certain things you need to do in regards to: 

1. Content 

2. Marketing 

3. Branding. 

But out of the three, marketing is most important. It’s the only way you can get feedback on your work and build an initial audience that later produce traction. Think of content as the product, marketing as the users you need to evaluate the product. 

So how to you do well in each aspect: 


1. Consistent type of content. I see a lot of people trying to post too many different things. Just focus on one topic/niche and stay consistent on that. For example, if it’s about personal development, then post tips on personal development. Don’t suddenly post about the food you’re having unless you can tie that in to the theme. 

2. Tailor the content to what’s in it for the audience. Like it’s about the audience not you. I started the same mistakes too when I first started.  I posted about like things I was learning in class, but later to what people want to read about. And that’s when things took off. You have to write for the audience not for you. Even this post right now probably have no relevance for a lot of  you guys, since you are all following psych2go for psych content. But it’s all good. 

3. Consistent format/tone. Your content needs to follow a consistent voice. It can’t go from one day sounding all professional/corporate like to like giberrish in the first person. Find the tone, the ideal audience avatar and write with who you are writing to in mind. 

4. Be personable. When it comes to personal blogging, nothing connects more than being authentic. Be you. And share some recent happenings if it helps with the article. Ask the reader how they’ve been. Reply to comments etc. 

Tomorrow, if I find time, I will post something on marketing if you guys want to see more!! 

Across The Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market. 

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: There is a few political thoughts in this chapter, I promise it will not be a running theme, it just will be referenced in the next bit. 

Loki looked at the boy staring back at him in the mirror and grinned, no one would suspect it was him, he was entirely the opposite to himself, except for his eyes, but they could not be altered, his tutors and mother taught him that, so with a last glance over himself to ensure even his clothes looked like those of a commoner, he walked down the servants hall, knowing the most of his family’s servants had the afternoon off to go to the market. He had heard of the country market all the time from servants and maids as they did their duties around the palace, it was a highlight of the month for them, and he wanted to see it for himself, so this was going to be the day that he would. It was utterly undignified for him, a prince, to even ask to go his father stated before when he asked for his consent. Technically the king had not forbidden him from going, so he decided to go see it.

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My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 8

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7  - PART 9

a/n: i had a lot of fun writing this so i hope everyone enjoys it!!

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Warning: NSFW yo, theres sexy stuff and shit like that

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 5,510

Originally posted by ladanvm

if i had legs
i’d get up and move
if i had arms
i’d put up a fight

Rachel’s knuckles brushed against mine as she lifted a spoonful of macaroni with her other hand. I smiled at her as l ate my breakfast.

“How’d you sleep?” she asked, scooping up more food.

“Alright,” I replied with a shrug as I pulled off a piece my bagel, “How was the fence?” I returned before tossing the bite-sized bit in my mouth. Due to the drastic differences in our sleep schedules, we had fallen into a pattern of spending our meals together. Breakfast and Dinner were the only times that we were both awake and free to spend time with each other.

“It was long,” she shrugged, “Do you know when you’re going to be back, working guard duty?” she asked. I could feel my expression fall at the mention, it was not the first time this conversation had come up. The other night I had been tired after a long day and complained about sitting around doing paperwork to Rachel as I ate my dinner. I was looking for a bit of sympathy but instead she insisted I talk to Eric, demanding that he reassign me to guard supervision on The Fence again.

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what do u think of the argument that obiwan was the real lead of the pt? then rey kenobi makes sense

Wow it’s so weird that the marketing for all three movies focused on some rando and not our real hero Obi-Wan. It’s almost like the story was about someone else. 🤔🤔🤔

Me: Ugh, I’m hungry but I have no food.

Brain: Okay, you’re free and you have absolutely nothing to do. Yep, you are so free you could sell your time. Sooooooo how about you go grocery shopping? Yeah? Let’s go!

Me: *glances at cereal box*

Brain: Whu— what are you….?

Me: *glances at milk*

Brain: oh no

Me: What if—

Brain: NO STOP

Me: I—


Me: have cereals for breakfastlunchanddinner today?

That was nothin’, I get body-slammed by giant aircraft every alternate Tuesday.
—  Logan
exit(/in), pursued by a swan

Merry Christmas to my darling Gutter Flower Secret Santa, @captainswanismyendgame! Jenna, it’s been a delight, and I hope I was sneaky enough! I hope you enjoy this one. 

A post-Dust Storm AU.  A rising talent in Nashville, Killian Jones locks eyes with Emma Swan from across the room. There’s instant chemistry, but he’s still nursing the heartbreak that brought him here, and she’s fresh out of an engagement. Just maybe it’ll turn out differently this time, though…

Rated T for some salty language and innuendo, and ~1500 words. 

On Ao3.

It’s an odd thing, Killian realizes, being so at home in a bar when you don’t drink. But here he is, all pre-show nerves and adrenaline, still with that undeniable sense of belonging even through the stress.

He tells himself he doesn’t need a beer to get him through this, that it’ll be fine without it. On some level he knows it will be–it’s been a year since he turned back to his music, and now he’s here headlining this show.

He takes a deep breath to steady his racing heart and runs his fingers through his hair before replacing his beanie.

He’s ready.

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i did a drawing like this back in march and i wanted to redo it

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No self control for you. One day you'll have a tall book case of copic markets

*cue spongebob style “Three Months Later” screen and cut to me frantically trying to swim out of a pile of markers*

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A certain man walks in, wearing overalls and a farmer's hat, wielding a back hoe. "Is T H I S the FARMER'S M A R K E T?? I'm here to g r a b some MELONS!!"

* Farmer’s market is three timelines past this one. This timeline is reserved for an endangered species of sentient melon. I suggest you move along with your offensive garb and be on your way.

* Seriously you’re offending Melony and she’s not easily offended by things.


Candice Patton in the Flash blooper reel
(courtesy of barrygustins)