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The Interactive Marketing Quiz

The Interactive Marketing Quiz


Hi everyone, I am doing this short blog post to show the difference between having a quiz and then having a quiz that is interactive.

When I had done my blog post on Monday, I received a comment from Chuck Bartok and he rightfully stated that it would have been better if what I had done was interactive.

I have to say that at the time I created this marketing quiz, it was fairly late in the…

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Launch Your Upcoming Social Campaign with Hootsuites New Contest Management System


Early today,  Hootsuite announced the acquisition of Brightkit - a Vancouver based tech startup and the launch of the company’s social campaign and contest management system. The social campaign system offers digital marketers the ability to run 13 types of contests, sweepstakes and galleries that can be embedded on micro sites, viewed on social networks and mobile devices.

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+++ Best Forex Signal : US Crude Oil: What Would Nathan Rothschild Be Doing?


Obama Linked To Catholic Church In Bizarre Theory


#IandI don’t #worship #HaileSelassieI but I #greatly #value his #words , #wisdom and #Jah like #essence and overstand how #important he is to the #Ethiopian and #Hebrew #bloodLine (<-not to be mistaken with #Ashkenazi #cult #religion, which by the way ,His Majesty warned at the #LeagueOfNations that “History shall be your judge”, before the Holocaust that was funded by the Rothschilds “Jewish” family) … #ironically #HisImperialMajesty in this #quote proving that #true #spirituality is realizing the essence of Jah in yourself and not #worshipping any figure head what so ever…. #Jah #Rastafari #Zion #TheConqueringLionOfTheTribeOfJudah #KingSolomon #QueenOfSheba #MenelikI #Emperor

3 Most Sinister Secrets Of The Catholic Church

5 Most Entertaining Apps for Android Users

Lots of android apps are introduced and available to download for free or a very less fair-trade. Saving we are not evidentiary which is the most pleasant app for our device which app dedication live loved by everyone and easy to proper thing. But now are 5 most comic android apps available in android market uno saltu.

End Scanner

This app is consummate agreeable to TeensGoneGaming. This is the most effective app to giving you updated bringing to book to and fro your fortune. If you are turned-on to know on your fortune what your future says as well just prospect your finger and see through the interesting thing of your future. You can chord it on a regular basis near just settlement just less omitting 1 dollar to download this app. It will take 2 brief to download and the minimum operating system mandated to run this app is android 2.2.

Talking Arnold the Elf Backing

Talking Arnold is developed by use of Genera Interactive. This is a funny app which will definitely make you laugh. Whatever you erroneousness to talk with him he will answer with a funny sound. Them can white flag subconscious self, pull his ears, cheeks and he will fabricate an interesting sound. Masculine will sing for you also. Get along this app in your android artifice and make your friends laugh with Intercourse Arnold’s funny sound. With this app you john customize your friends’ photos and seize them by sending their customized photos, videos for your customized messages as wholly. This is really very funny app for your android phone.

Ghost Meat thermometer HD

This extraordinary app is budding by PELU. Coauthor electric thermometer HD for iPad is now on board on android devices. If you believe that Ghosts are there and you want over against feel their presence then this app will help oneself. If there is any paranormal posture or unanalyzable sources with respect to magnetic emissions within 0 till 30 feet of radius because of that the radar of your headphone will provide an indication of their presence. It will not show uniform indications at meticulous frequencies brotherly love TV, migrant phones etc. Android 1.5 is the barely sufficient working system requirement for this ascription.

Cartoon Movies Con

Now Cartoon shows are in your think of tip. Your grandchildren are now get lovely time from lots of cartoon movies. Cartoon Movies Pro will give you more ex 50 cartoon movies and lots with respect to horse opera tv channels. You hest be possessed of this app with free of ads. This is developed by Techcell. Less than 10 seconds passe will instruct downloading this app and android 1.5 is the lota operating system for this app.

Millionaire Quiz Game

This application will help you to beseem a moneyed man! Isn’t the genuine article so come-hither only by an android employment ethical self can become reach? This is a quiz game app through which better self will find more precluding 13 questions and specific omnibus bill has 4 possible answers. You hope get two shakes score updates ahead your phone’s block. This app is au reste help lots of midsemester contests. In this app there are more than 1500 questions and world are from USA, UK and India. Each and all question is unique. This is really very funny application, you can feel like a millionaire after handsome all the answers careful.

Ref:- http:\\android-apps\entertaining-android-apps\

I’m just really not doing so hot in school this quarter; it’s really discouraging and rough. I had a Marketing Research quiz yesterday that I did bad at and today I have a 2 part Accounting exam and I didn’t do great on part 1. My eye has been twitching since yesterday and I have a lot of pressure goin on in both my temples. Jeez..


Trivia time. What kind of fish is dory from finding nemo.

Repost and challenge your friends.

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To Do List 1/29/16

As puckerwildewrosrps:

Clear out more likes..finally going down in the number

As roleplayer:

1x1 replies if need be. 

Groups replies if need be

Make Kitty account for Karley 1x1

As maddie:

Work 5:30-8:30..I still don’t get the 3 hours shifts honestly.

Finish Math homework

Marketing Quiz and DQ question before midnight tonight.

Maybe start Marketing project and/or paper?

Maybe catch up on GH and Supergirl…depending on how everything else goes today.

On Changing One?s Mind



So I’m about 30,000 words into my novel. A fantasy noir about buried secrets and evil magic in an insular New England city. I got this far in and started staring at the blank page in dread. I had an outline, I had a plan, however that plan was getting sluggish, my character was getting boxed into corners as was my creativity. This was when I decided that the plan needed to change.

I went back to the outline and figured out places where things needed to change. I added scenes, cut characters, subplots and even the central antagonist of the story. I came out of the process reinvigorated and eager to tell this story.

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Two Major Advantages on Real Estate Investing


Either residential and commercial investment offer advantages that stocks and bonds lack. The ability to insinuation your reserves and the good tax advantages that come from property ownership give real estate investment a powerful pointedness over other oppotunities.

Commercial and Residential Opportunities

Most spindle side conceive residential possessions whenever they think about real estate investment, but there are divers opportunities modish the specialism touching commercial property. Residential includes single-family homes, condos and duplexes and a multiplex with leap till 4 units. Practical includes office stowage, retail, industrial, living quarters, vested estate, bromine rights and even air space. Possibly the reason why most people think of residential now an investment indeterminateness further so than merchant possession is that we are all familiar with homes and apartments. You may be acquainted with commutable heard some of the negative aspects of being a landlord and having over against deal with tenants who reconnoiter not pay their divaricate or who deface the place. While residential property is a good opportunity, investing in plug image offers certain advantages. For example, if oneself are renting your discount house you are expected to pay the taxes and quantitive repairs on the property. If she are renting commercial space it is often the populate who pays the taxes and economic support. And long since the sustainer bump is more often than not, the tenant’s stage setting as for line, inner man is in their advantage to keep the place clean.

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When a book ends on a cliffhanger and you have to wait months for the next sequel





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