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nothingtoseehere-move-along  asked:

With all the traveling that Cress and Thorne do, I assume that they end up back in the Sahara at some point for one reason or another. How does their return go? What kind of memories does it dredge up? What do they do while they're there?

As you can imagine, they are quite weary when their schedules begin to take them to northern Africa. Like anyone who hasn’t had the chance to deal with physical and emotional trauma in a healthy way, they try to hide all of their anxiety from each other and worst, themselves. 

  • Their schedules never take them into the Sahara proper, but whenever they fly overhead and Cress gets a glimpse of the vast ocean of sand, an ice cold shiver runs down her spine. 
    • Once, she thought she might be able to track down her satellite, but after hours of searching she could find no trace of it or the Lunar podship that was smashed. She decided it was probably for the best.
  • One of Cress’s biggest fears about returning to that region in Africa was the idea of running into Jina again. They were never turned in for kidnapping Cress and there was a very real possibility that Jina and her group were still running the trade routes. 
    • Luckily, their delivery schedule took them to the major cities in the area: Cairo, Tripoli, Timbuktu; where the antidotes would then be delivered to the surrounding regions. Still, for a long time Thorne and Cress tried to spend as little time in these places as possible, only stopping long enough to refuel and hand the shipments over. 
      • Even the sweltering heat that hit them when they stepped off the Rampion was reminder enough of their many brushes with death. 
  • It wasn’t until their second trip to Cairo, when the Rampion’s engine was overheating from excessive sand intake and Cress and Thorne had to spend a couple of days in Egypt while the ship was being worked on, that they began to really experience the beauty of the region. 
    • They would walk hand in hand through the spice markets and quiz each other on different smells and tastes. 
    • They ventured out to tour the great pyramids of Giza and took hilarious forced perspective photos that were promptly sent to the rest of the Rampion crew.
    • They even allowed themselves to be talked into visiting Algeria (by one of the friends they made at the Cairo port) and they fell in love with the Ancient Roman ruins that dotted the country.
    • And when Cress caught a glimpse of the herds of camels lazily lounging in the Guelta d'Archei, well, she was a goner. 
  • Soon, every one of Cress and Thorne’s horrible memories of their experience in the Sahara were replaced by wonderful new ones.
    • Memories of fitful and fevered sleep were replaced with new ones of falling asleep in each other’s arms while a cool night breeze floated through an open window.
    • Memories of looking up into the vast night sky, wondering where they could possibly be were replaced with new ones of moonlit kisses and stargazing–making wishes on shooting stars and trying to guess what each other’s wishes were.
    • Memories of greedy, hateful people were replaced with new ones of smiling faces and dinners with new friends that last well past midnight. 

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