marketing lesson


Bushiroad will be selling commemorative merchandise at Comic Market 91!

The lessons set is 3,500 JPY and includes a drawstring bag, towel, and three pins.

The subunit scarves are 3,000 JPY each.

The Jingle Bells wallscroll is 2,500 JPY. The clearfile is 400 JPY. And the cookies are 800 JPY each.

Probably 80 percent of what you learn in college has nothing to do with the curriculum. The first glance at a $300 textbook gives you a brutal early lesson in market monopolies, and having your first roommates will teach you valuable lessons in conflict resolution, human sexuality, and the importance of good hygiene. So when our source, “Joe,” started his own business secretly writing papers for other students, he got a whole side education in human behavior he never expected.

5 Things You Learn Helping Rich College Kids Cheat (For Pay)