Almost everyone has heard of Mount Everest but if a photo of Everest was in a random line-up of other mountain photos very few would be able to pick it out. Unlike Everest, The Matterhorn is easily the most recognizable mountain but it is only a small fraction the size of Everest. Sometimes you can’t compete head-on with number one and in those cases you need a good strategy to maximize what you do have.

Welcome to This division of David Howse Marketing Ltd. was started to address the sales needs of some of its current clients. As the founder of this company, I want to assure you that are primary goal is to enhance your existing sales strategy. Even though we are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we support several companies across Canada and around the world.

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For prospective Calgary business owners who need some help writing their business plan, I am now offering a “mini business plan writing session.” I can still work with you and research and write the entire business plan but some people just want an initial consultaton with their new business idea before investing a larger sum of money on a full blown business plan.

Behind the poster: The Oresteia

We knew we needed a really striking image for The Oresteia – this production transforms both the Globe Theatre space and the structure of this classic trilogy, and in a year of three major Oresteia productions, we needed something that would stand out whilst retaining a sense of the Globe’s style.

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One difficulty we always face when planning imagery for a show campaign is that, usually, the show hasn’t started rehearsals when we need to start producing posters, leaflets and graphics for our website. At the Globe, we often use photography from previous productions to give audiences a taster of what they can expect from the show. Coming to a show at the Globe is a genuinely unique experience and we like to reflect that in the kind of photography we use – we like to show the closeness of the action to the audience and the joy experienced in such an intimate setting.

By the time the show gets into rehearsals, the director and designer have a clear idea of what the show will look and feel like, so we often refresh our promotional material with new designs. If we’re creating original artwork for a show, as we often do for our new plays, it’s important for it to reflect the creative vision for the show.

For The Oresteia, we met with Adele Thomas,  the director, and Hannah Clark, the designer, to get a sense of the show’s aesthetic. Hannah showed us her stunning set and costume sketches and Adele described the unnerving atmosphere she hoped to create in the yard. We were delighted that Joel MacCormack, playing Orestes, was able to spare some time in his tight rehearsal schedule to take part in the shoot, and we were lucky to work with the photographer Johan Persson, who has beautifully shot several productions at the Globe.

We decided to stick to a colour palette of bold blacks, greys and skin tones which would work strongly with the red of our logo and reflect the largely monochrome design of the show. Joel was able to draw upon his work in rehearsals to create a series of really eye-catching and energetic series of poses which give a sense of the built-up anger and impending confrontation suffered by his character. The shadowy eye on his hand, thrust directly at the camera, is designed to intrigue the viewer and – without giving too much away - recreate a motif used in the show.

The poster image is completed by the show title in our standard font, angled to give a sense of the dizziness and energy of this unusual and quirky production.

- Chris Adams, Marketing Manager
Run Profile | DCCS Fun Run at City Sports near Fairfax | Times and Records | Strava

As I market breakoutrunning I am focusing this month on getting to as many local “fun runs” that occur during the week as I can. Last week I joined the brand new Oakton Run Club and I will again this week, on Thursday. Then tonight I went to the newly opened City Sports in Mosaic to run with the DC Capital Striders. Hoka was there doing demos so I decided why not, and took a pair of Cliftons out for a spin. I have to admit they were pretty awesome, lightweight with excellent energy return on every stride.

The run itself was pretty good despite the humidity. I cruised along easily at 7:45-ish pace. I got to talk to the store’s marketing director and left a bunch of brochures and business cards behind. Then I walked two doors down to Lululemon and dropped some cards there just before closing.

A good run and some good outreach. I’d say it was a successful night.

NBC asked for my help. So, here's what I asked for.

On Aug 31, 2015, at 10:47 PM, Blair Laurie wrote:

Hello Peter,

I hope this email finds you well! As a means of introduction, my name is Blair Laurie and I work on the marketing team for Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris, a new TV show premiering on NBC this Fall.

I know my colleague Rachel Weiss reached out to you last year about helping us spread the word about Peter Pan LIVE! and we would love to ask if you could do the same for Best Time Ever. Given Neil Patrick Harris’s connection to the theatre world, we think this show will definitely be of interest to the Broadway industry and Broadway fans.

Could you possibly post to your social media channels leading up to the premiere on September 15th? Ideally we’d be looking for posts in three stages: a pre-post between now and 9/8, a lead-in post between 9/9-9/14, and a day-of post on 9/15. But whatever you can do would be helpful!

Enclosed in the below link are all of the assets, but of course feel free to adapt in your own style:

Please let me know what’s possible! If you have any questions, I can be reached at 646-625-4133.


More information on Best Time Ever:
Spotco Blair Laurie | Marketing Account Executive
114 W. 41st Street, 18th Floor | New York, NY 10036


Sure thing, Blair! Happy to help!

In exchange, since my following is slightly smaller than Neil Patrick Harris’ and NBC, could you reach out to your social media followers and mention my “Late with Lance!” show on Monday, Sept 7 at the Arts Theatre in London? I would greatly appreciate it. The ideal mention roll out would be today, tomorrow, and every day leading up to the one-night only performance on Sept 7. I would love a full house cuz some industry is coming to see it cuz they missed it in the 5-star reviewed production at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Here are the deets:

Peter Michael Marino


Perfect description of how to accurately and effectively market your animals.  Seriously, this is amazing.  He pulled everything you’d learn from talking to a few folks (like I have) and threw it into a easy to understand video.

Loving this guy, I’ve subscribed and enjoying his content so far.  He is Raphy Martinez, I believe. He doesn’t have any links to his business or anything so I’m not sure how to link to him other than subscribing to his channel haha.

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