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Guest blogger Mckenna Hallett addresses one of the biggest fears that artists have: selling their work. She shares strategies for closing all types of prospects

We all hear about how many of use just keep our heads down and don’t engage? here’s a lovely blog post on an amazing site for artists. 

Here’s also another piece that’s awesome when you hear ‘do you have a website?” or “I’ll come back later”
The NHL’s Growth Problem (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Non-Traditional Market Pt 1)

As I’ve mentioned before, I come from a marketing background. It’s what gave me a basis for all my analytical work, and why I find the “business” side of hockey just as appealing as the “play” side of hockey – I’ve always been curious about how and why people spend their money.

A lot of people think marketing is just putting together advertising campaigns like in Mad Men, and while ads are certainly an important part of what marketers do, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think of marketing like this – psychology, but for profit.

Through marketing operations, companies are attempting to create an emotional connection with their audience in order to influence the purchasing patterns and pricing thresholds of that audience.

Economic Profile

The jewel of Central Alberta ~ considered to be one of the major tourism resorts in Alberta with 1.3 million visitors annually

Population 2014 – 15,299 (includes lake villages)

Local commercial trading area population ~ 28,000

Red Deer (population 12 minutes away) ~ 98,000

Central Alberta market for destination travel and specialized retail ~ 310,000

Median household income of $92,060 (2014) with 16% above $150,000

One of the fastest growing communities in Canada (Statistics Canada)

Rocky Mountains, Banff, Jasper west, for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, off-road motor sport, adventure travel, and the most beautiful Sunday drive you could ever imagine.

Heavy Haul Information & Fleet        

Borger Transportation Ltd. is an entity whose inception was a result of the synergistic combination of all of the various transportation divisions within the Borger Group of Companies.
       Today, Borger Transport boasts a fleet of more than 20 pieces which vary from a tandem axle picker truck, complete with 22T crane, all the way up to 100T, 76 wheel trailers that measure 150 feet in length. Whatever your transportation requirements, Borger has the ability to accommodate your needs in every season. Borger is strategically positioned to service the construction and oil and gas sectors in Western Canada.

In addition to having one of the most experienced teams in the industry, Borger is unique in its customer service offerings. Borger’s mission is “to be the turn to company for all of our strategic partners.” With Borger, you can view the progress of your loads “real time” on your phone via the satellite system as well as enjoy the benefits of our 24 hour on-call service. It is all part of a hassle free delivery promise and commitment to be on time every time.

The Borger team always puts safety first. Safety of personnel and your cargo is priority #1. Through dedication to safety, Borger was awarded the silver medal as Canada’s Safest Employers 2013.

SEO Company Lethbridge - Search Optimization - Lethbridge SEO Analyst        

Updated October 2, 2014: Lethbridge SEO Update- We are the leader in Search Engine Optimization in Lethbridge                simply because we take your website’s ranking very seriously. Some of the tactics we use are:

  1. Backlink IP tracking
  2. Backlink to source content relevency
  3. Content update frequency monitoring
  4. Competition tactic monitoring
  5. And of course we follow Google’s SEO guy and discuss those suggestions within the greater SEO community.

Updated April 12, 2014: Lethbridge SEO - Improving your website’s ranking on Google

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is commonly referred, is  the fine-tuning of a website that makes it more easily found when  people do not know your website address. The Google search engine is  the most used search engine and therefore, what Alberta businesses  should be focusing on when it comes to SEO and their website.

Current Client Projects

We are currently managing or consulting on Search Engine  Optimization for the following companies:

  • The Borger Group of Companies (Calgary)
  • Arlington Street Investments (Commercial Real Estate Investing  & Development)
  • Cawston & Associates (Calgary Tax Consultants)
  • Dr. Shannon St. Pierre (Calgary Psychologist)
  • PDLCC (Calgary Call Center with USA / Canada Focus)
  • SureCall (Calgary Call Centre with Canada Focus)
  • FloorRight (Lethbridge Flooring Company)
  • and several others

For each one of these companies we would be pleased to show you the  before and after traffic changes (as a percentage - actual client data  is always private and confidential. Testimonials are also available  from each of these company’s owners/presidents.

Our overall strategy has less to do with ranking your website for  any search term that can be easily ranked. We are marketers first and  therefore what a “typical seo guy” might tell you are the best search  terms probably are not going to be the best for you.  Our approach comes from a revenue generation model that only a  seasoned business person or entrepreneur will know.

The proof of this approach is in not the change in your web traffic  but the change in your monthly revenues / financial statements -  again, our clients will attest that we make them more money.

Most SEO changes go unnoticed to site visitors since the changes  sit in an area of code that only search engines such as Google look  at. Having a marketer take care of your SEO is the only way to ensure  you attract the right people in a way that works with your overall  marketing strategy.  

The first example of our SEO work is for Calgary  businessman, Bill Borger.

Having swum the English Channel in 2000, Mr. Borger planned on  using his May, 2011 summit of Mt. Everest to raise funds for the  Calgary Handi-Bus. The fundraising initiative, which as of July 24,  2011 has raised $436,300, required a certain level of publicity. See  Calgary Public Relations Company to see more on Bill Borger’s Mt.  Everest story.

The term “peak and pond” refers to the dual feet of the Channel  swim and the Everest climb. As you can see, our SEO beat out ESPN.  This term is one of about 300 that we ranked  for as a means to bring awareness to the Calgary Handibus Association  fundraising. This wasn’t the highest traffic term to rank for but is  was the most satisfying (if only to beat ESPN’s story of a man who had  swum the English Channel in a wet suit).

Calgary Public Relations      

Our Calgary PR services are handled through Matterhorn PR. Over the past several years we’ve placed our clients media and gotten interviews with ABC, MSNBC, Maclean’s, CBC, Global, The New York Times and many others. We also provide media coaching, PR skills training for your staff, and general media management.

New Post has been published on Business Intelligence Info

New Post has been published on

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound: When Did the World Become Black and White?

I’m often asked, “Should I use an inbound or an outbound strategy?” Inside my own head I always have the same response: “Seriously?! What kind of question is that?” 

This is then followed by the more rational complete response of, “If the goal is to attract the largest audience to your message, why not both?”

The BigBlog Advocate will tell you to go Inbound. To disarm the outbound argument they will tell you that buying a list and sending email to it is illegal. Then they will point you to a link saying, “Well, sort of. If you do it illegally its illegal, but you can totally do it legally, but you shouldn’t cause the boogeyman will get you.”

The EmailEveryone Advocate will tell you to go Outbound. To disarm the Inbound argument they will tell you to be aggressive and start sending email; then money will rain from the sky. Then you’ll go through training and they’ll say, “Well, sort of.  If you Spam everyone you’ll get blacklisted and never get another email through ever.”

You see, this isn’t a 1950’s sci-fi flick where the good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black. It’s the 21st Century, the space is crowded and noisy, and whoever has the most effective marketing wins. No single tactic is the trump card. No one product is the clear winner – otherwise there would only be one product.

Here are 5 key points to developing a comprehensive digital campaign using Inbound AND Outbound marketing tactics:

1. Understand your audience, including THEIR Buyer’s Journey

Most marketing departments have figured out that their content needs to be “buyer oriented.” We’ve mastered the skill of pitching value, ROI, and benefits for the customer. This method is excellent, for the BOTTOM of the funnel.

However – for true top of funnel content, the buyer has not even begun to consider what options are available, much less which option is best for her. The key to effective “Attract” campaigns is to forget your value positioning.  At the true Top of the funnel, the Buyer is only aware that they are uncomfortable, in pain, or disrupted.

Consider this idea – All humans go through a process when they make a decision – ANY decision. It looks like this:

2. Categorize your marketing funnel by the Buyer’s Journey

So what does this mean for marketers? It means that if we understand the journey our buyer is on, we can tailor our message to our audience based on the needs and criteria of the stage they are in. So in understanding our buyer’s journey, we gain the framework for our marketing funnel a seen here:

3. Create “funnel appropriate” content

Now that we have a framework in place, we head back to the white board. 

In the Top of Funnel content, we ask “What causes someone who will buy my product to need my product?” In Middle of Funnel content, we ask “What does someone who needs my product need to know about my product?”. In Bottom of Funnel content we ask, “Why would they choose my product over their other options.”

Answering these questions will give you the topics needed for truly engaging messaging at every stage.

4. Leverage appropriate media

Every content message can be used in multiple media assets. A great LinkedIn article, for example, would also likely be a good blog post, whitepaper, and landing page. Media is the container in which we put our content, and broadening the number of potential touch points is key to Attracting, Capturing, and Nurturing an engaged audience.

5. Distribute on “funnel appropriate” channels

Inbound marketing or outbound? Nope – Destination Bound. We distribute content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our website, and our blog, and launch banners ads, retargeting campaigns, emails, trade shows, phone calls, and text messages. (Inbound andoutbound)

You see, if our content is right, it’s not a decision about Inbound or Outbound. No one channel will reach our entire potential audience, ever. The key is to make sure that our funnel appropriate content is launched via funnel appropriate channels. An email to a cold list asking them to “buy” something is a quick way to the spam folder, and a social media or blog post with a demo invite is a great way to get ignored. Top of funnel blog posts are the wrong place for closing messages, and bottom of funnel emails are the wrong place for “10 Quick Tips”.

All marketing efforts are about getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time, so be selective and deliberate about how you deliver your carefully crafted message.

BOOM!  Real digital marketing done right. No more Inbound vs Outbound BS – Just effective results, sales pipeline, and probably a pay raise.

Good luck!

Feel free to reach out with any questions and leave your comments below!

Looking for more tips on how you can create that’s relevant for the different funnel stages of your buyer’s journey? Check out our free workbook, 4 Steps to Develop a Content Plan, and get the resources you need to serve up content that will help your buyers at each stage of their journey.

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