Finally got some Aura Quartz! I was standing at the market stall for a solid 15 mins contemplating if I wanted the aura, or the titanium or the aqua or the gold… Very happy with my choice now that I’m home. I wish my camera could pick up on the colours better, it’s a lot more vivid purple and green irl 💚💜💚💜  

Flowers don’t make up for this, not really


The planet was forest-filled and flower laden. Lance glanced at anything that caught his eye, wandering from market stall to market stall. 

An alien man waved at him, showing off a lovely collection of jewels, each shimmering with their own light almost. 

A sparkling aqua gemstone grabbed his attention, which seemed to simmer in the planet’s sunlight. 

Lance reached towards it. It was a necklace, he realized. It was attached to a silver chain, similar to earth styles, but more tightly linked.

Then he realized that he couldn’t pay for it. He sighed, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and glowered at the offending piece of jewelry.

A purple-toned hand grabbed the necklace in front of him, and another hand gently placed some form of currency on the table.

“Here,” A voice purrs, the purple-toned hands gently placing the necklace and a purple flower in Lance’s open palm. “Take this. It’s not every day I encounter such beauty.” Lance looks up in surprise, and he stares into the face of the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

The alien smirks, closing Lance’s open palm and closing the Blue Paladin’s open mouth with a gentle finger.

“It will look good on your skin. Farewell. I hope to see you again someday.”

And the man walks away, his long white hair swishing back and forth, leaving Lance lovestruck and dumbfounded. 

i can finish this later lmao

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Could you write some prompts about a human who discovers a supernatural-being run market? Stalls lined up a street with various vendors and things to sell?

1) They stumbled up the side street, only to stop and stare. The market was packed unlike any market they had ever seen. A group of vampires sold cups of blood like smoothies and cocktails, offering mixers with alcohol or different blood blends that boasted of a ‘new revolution’ in blood drinking. A group of witches ran a stall with different pieces of enchanted jewelry - the properties of different birthstones sprung to life. Another sold emotions by the bottle like baking extracts. The next stall over had some fairies selling pouches of herbal incenses and slips of ‘favours’. Some ogres hulked huge roasting slabs of meat sizzling in the midday sun. A hooded figure sold secondhand magical books with an oddly high pitched voice. Slowly, but surely, they all turned to stare at the human intruder in turn and the jabber of the street turned silent. 

2) “I’m hoping to become a magical researcher,” the human said. They tried not to stare at the bats wings, rabbit feet and oddly coloured crystals lined up in a row. “I’m told you’re the one to see?” 
“Come back after midnight, can’t you see we’re in peak time, fool?” 

3) “Ah, the new shipment has arrived.” The hag’s eyes lit up. “Excellent.” 
“They’re not a shipment.” The human found themselves plucked protectively into the air by a really quite intimidating troll. “They’re a visitor.” 
“A human visitor? Now, you know that’s not allowed.”
“You want to be the one to tell the Nightingale that they can’t bring guests?” 
The human had never heard of this Nightingale in their life, nor had they been invited. Considering the way the hag’s eyes had lit up, and how much they didn’t want to be a ‘shipment’ they stayed quiet.


A kind of reply post to @desiree-uk :D
Nvidia GTX 980 Ti. The husbandunit took it upon himself to build his own gaming computer so don’t look at me like I know what I’m doing lol!
I was way too impatient to get started so I didn’t notice any difference without using any shaders ;) but the game seems very ‘grey’ to me when not enabling any shaders. 😲I did disable most of the ingame stuff except for lighting/shadows and sim textures. Did you do that too? That’s maybe why the textures on the market stalls canopies are vague. I have to fiddle around with that more.
In the above pics and the previous, ambient lighting is enabled. I love that for screenshots but for playing it might be a bit too much. I do find it still a bit too bright for my taste but I like the vribrant colors.
Indeed, I use HDR as well. Clarity I disabled because my poor eyes lol!
Still got a lot of tweaking to do I guess. Must not forget to play lol!



Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 3  Christmas Market Stalls for the Signs

Aries: Gingerbread Hearts and Roasted Almonds

Taurus: Glühwein, Hot Punch and Cinnamon Chocolate

Gemini: Lanterns, Tea Lights and Candle Arches

Cancer: Floral Arrangements and Fir Sprigs

Leo: Delicate Glass Figurines and Paper Stars

Virgo: Ice Rink in the middle of the Market

Libra: Incense Candles and Sticks

Scorpio: Winter Teas and Spicery

Sagittarius: Candy Apples and other Fruits

Capricorn: Carved Nutcrackers and Christmas Pyramids

Aquarius: Christmas Carousel

Pisces: Hats, Scarfs and Gloves