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Feeling pretty low today trying to book appointments for today and keep getting told my rates are too high or the john is too far for me to travel without tacking on and an extra fee. I thought I'd have better luck than this especially in the Houston market but I was wrong. Looking on backpage I see girls priced as low as 60/per hour and I know I'm worth more than that.

Let’s do this backwards:

You are not “worth” your rate, any more than someone working at McDonald’s is worth $7.25, okay?  If what you wind up needing to do to meet your needs is charge a lower per-hour rate, that doesn’t mean you’re worth less or are less skilled – it just means that’s what the smart move is right now.  

Luck, by its definition, and especially when it comes to building a sex work business, is changeable.  Triply so when you’re just starting out in a new place (which it sounds like you are). Sex work gets talked about as a way of accessing fast cash, and it can be, but it isn’t necessarily.  Like any freelance job, sometimes, you’ll have more work than you can handle, and sometimes you’ll be watching tumbleweeds roll past your junk.   It’s not  what you want to hear when you’re trying to make your rent, but it is the reality of pretty much every sex worker I’ve ever met. Stability in sex work for most people comes from regulars, and it takes time to build up a roster of those.

Also, the presence of people charging more or less than you are does not mean that you are charging the wrong rate.  Every market, no matter how small, has a range of providers at different prices and in different niches.  It’s worth it, when you’re starting out, to do a more nuanced, specific comparison to get a general ballpark of what’s feasible based on who you are and how you want to work (and how much instability you’re equipped to handle), but you do that by doing your own research, and talking to other local workers.  

Finally, and most importantly: Clients will always  tell you your rates are too high. Those ads you’re seeing on backpage for sixty bucks? Whoever is at the other end of those is definitely getting messages saying “your rates are too high!” They’re timewasters, it’s what they do.  Here’s how you know that your rates aren’t too high for those clients:  if they wanted to book a sex worker, but couldn’t afford your rates, they’d go book someone whose rates they could afford, rather than harangue you about your  business model.  There are reasons to decide to lower your rates for one person or across the board, but some schmuck saying “your rates are too high!” is not that reason. 


“it’s $20 for a photo right?”
“i only have $19 is that ok–”
“oh, stop! keep the money, sweetheart!!! we were all college students once, give her your phone.”

“hey, nice case” (i have a hamilton case im crying)
“i saw you when you were in In The Heights!!”
“oh my god what were you??? like 5???”

Elephants in Thailand are abused to make paintings

I was looking through Youtube and saw one of those painting elephant videos. Pretty amazing right? The ability to depict an abstract yet recognizable form is something only humans have been able to do. Seeing this for the first time makes people think wow! elephants are so smart and creative, they’re just like people etc etc. It’s feel-good fun for the whole family, there’s no way this can be malicious, it’s not like people abuse animals for their own entertainment or anything….

But, people do abuse animals for profit and it’s no different here. The people who run these shows can sell the paintings for hundreds of dollars each. This kind of shit goes on all the time in developing countries. Scamming rich fucks out of their money is fine and Good but absolutely not at the cost of the abuse of these extremely intelligent incredible animals.

The elephants don’t know what they’re painting. They’re broken, abused, and directed by their trainers during their performance to move the brush in a memorized pattern. In the video I linked you can see the trainer hiding themselves behind the elephants legs. When they’re not giving them a fresh brush, the trainer pulls on Suda’s ear to indicate what kinds of strokes they should use. Making an elephant obedient like this is a horrific process. 

This is the shit they do to circus elephants to make them complacent. They did this to the painter elephants as well. (TW: animal abuse)

I just wanted to inform people of this because I couldn’t really find any easily find-able information like this in the related videos column to these. There are quite a few articles about this easily accessible from a google search but if someone just browsing through youtube might not think to find it.