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Introvert and Extrovert: A Tom Holland Imagine

in which y/n loves flowers and Tom is her outgoing boyfriend who doesnโ€™t know what to get her for her birthday.ย 

Since they had started dating, Tom knew of Y/N felt about flowers. Sheโ€™d โ€œoohโ€ and โ€œahhโ€ at the floral arrangements playlist on Instagram, stop at the farmers market on Thursdays after class to bring home whichever bouquet spoke to her. Her camera roll was filled with blossoms and florets sheโ€™d saw when out and about, her apartment was going to be swallowed whole by the ivy sheโ€™d hung from the ceiling. Tom had taken to naming the several potted plants she had around too but often forgot when heโ€™d called them so heโ€™d have to come up with new names which would earn a soft laugh from her.

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“NCT in LA” follow places that they go in LA part 2!

My previous post

So I start with NCT127 first. I captured pictures from 

NCT VLOG #1 Eat and Shop in LA! video

NCT VLOG #2 Ice Cream Cone! video

last time I went to Smorgasburg Market on Thursday and it’s close. So! Today is Sunday .. it’s open! 

Here are my picture that I take from there :D

- Mid East Tacos at Smorgasburg (Johnny, Mark and Taeil bought Burritos and Tacos from here)

It’s so delicious.!! I love it T_T

- Buddy Pops Ice Cream

- Ugly Drum (Jaehyun and Taeyong bought sandwich from here)

I don’t buy it cause I’m full lol maybe I will try it next time.

and another pic from ROW DTLA! (I just realize that this is Bodega store entrance lmao) 

Second! start with TEN. I took pictures from  TEN in LA video;

1. 501 N Fairfax Ave

Bonus! If you are follow TEN, you can follow Doyoung, Haechan, Winwin and Yuta cause it’s located near TEN’s location :D (idk where are they going around there yet. i will update later!) 

2. 1501 N Gower St

3. 1506 N Gower St

4.  Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles 

- 1514 N Gower St. 

- Mon to Thu 8:30AM - 12AM // Fri 8:30AM - 4AM // Sat 8:00AM - 4AM // Sun 8:00AM - 12AM

Fortunately, I sit at the same table as TEN <3 

5. Third Street Promanade;  1351 3rd Street Promenade #201, Santa Monica, CA 90401

And the last one! with NCT Dream - GO MV location. I only know 2 places in this MV. I tried so hard to capture the pic lol.

1. Mariachi Plaza Metro Gold Line Station

2. Art Share LA 

-  801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA

If you follow NCT127′s location (American Hotel), you will follow NCT Dream too! cause it’s located at the same alley!

That’s it for my NCT scene framing trip! I hope you like it. See you next time~ <3

#ThrowbackThursday ⏱

🎮 | Tomb Raider: Chronicles (2000)
👨🏻‍💻 | Core Design • Eidos Interactive / Square Enix

Fighting the statue of a Roman warrior at “Trajan’s Markets”, Rome 🇮🇹

I Love Animals

I’m a huge animal lover.

Which is part of what makes living in a third world country so difficult; in the lower echelons, you see them kicked, shunned, and starving on the sides of dusty roads. This isn’t generally an act of cruelty, but an act of wilful ignorance – when you don’t have enough money to feed your own family, your concern with the plight of street strays is necessarily diminished.

If you’re fortunate enough to have money, you see a different kind of abuse – one borne not out of apathy, but greed: overcrowded cages, heaving with endangered or exotic animals with dull eyes; manicured men eager to haggle with you as they would for a car or a handbag, touting the rarity of this one’s markings or that one’s size.

Of course, you can report them. There are laws, and even here, this kind of trade is illegal; call the authorities, though, and the animals will be moved or euthanized and dumped within the hour.  No evidence, no crime. Word spreads fast, and often from the mouths of the police themselves.

Naturally, I don’t support the trade. Most pet owners – animal lovers, people who actually care – don’t. They rescue them off the streets, parasite-ridden, cringing, with sharp ribs and hungry for love; alternatively, if terribly concerned by disease, temperament, or breed, they find a reputable breeder, as I did.

My last pet, Saska, was a Burmese. I loved her dearly, and had cried for hours when she died of kidney failure. She was eighteen and had lived a wonderful life; spoiled, doted on, forever snuck table scraps, with huge, hazel eyes and a high-pitched mewl.  

I was lonely. I missed my girl. Maybe that’s why, when passing the livestock section of the Thursday markets, I didn’t simply avert eye contact; maybe that’s why I hesitated, and maybe that’s why I was immediately captivated by a filthy, rusting cage home to a tightly-packed mass of imports.

Most of them were sick. They all had conjunctivitis; purulent, red-rimmed eyes studied me without focus. They were matted and huddled together for warmth, shrinking back as I approached.

Behind the mask of illness, though, it was evident they were all meant to be of good quality - these were pets for the wealthy (or, at least, those who wanted to appear that way). Most appeared to be Oriental breeds – Burmese, liked my beloved Saska, Siamese, Persian – although there was the ever-popular and fabulously expensive Bengal, and some Western breeds.

I’m a huge animal lover - but I was lonely, and I could save one.

I wrapped her in a towel for the drive home. She was crawling with parasites, too weak to lift her head. I noticed blood streaks on her belly, and made a mental note to book an appointment with a groomer as soon as we arrived home.

She mewled at me, softly. I stroked her forehead.

She mewled again. Louder this time.

“I don’t speak Russian, honey,” I answered.

And she curled up in her chair, and cried.


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Night version of Burj Khalifa which was also taken with my iPhone7 during my last trip to #Dubai
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#insta_lebanon #foodie #branding #dubai #business #mybeirut #digitalmarketing #ksa (at Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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A workhorse truck and a new supercar are in the works for Tesla, after founder and CEO Elon Musk introduced his company’s latest effort to widen the U.S. market for electric vehicles Thursday night. Musk called the Roadster “the fastest production car ever made, period.”

Musk unveiled the Roadster toward the end of an event that was supposed to be all about Tesla’s new Semi trucks. Taking a page from Apple and other tech companies in using showmanship to wow crowds, Musk surprised the crowd by announcing there was one more thing to add — and the new car rolled out of the truck’s trailer.

After touting the utility and efficiency of what he called a game-changing truck, Musk welcomed the Roadster to cheers from those attending the event at the Hawthorne Municipal Airport near Los Angeles.

Both vehicles are fast: The Roadster can take itself from zero to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, and the Semi can perform the same feat in five seconds (unburdened by a trailer), Tesla says.

Tesla Unveils Its Electric ‘Semi’ Truck, And Adds A Roadster

Photo: Tesla

Are you sick of working a 9-5 to earn your bosses money while you struggle to get by? 

Do you have dreams of a specific career path or owning your own business but are too afraid to take a risk? 

Life your life to the fullest and chase your dreams. You are only here once….

So Much Younger Yesterday

(for my love @beifongheiressโ€‹!!! happy birthday, my angel!!!)


Nine PM on a Thursday night and Zuko finds himself alone in front of an empty pond somewhere in town heโ€™s not familiar with. He glances at his phone to find yet another well wishing message for his birthday - none of which heโ€™s answered.ย 

ย Itโ€™s not a bad day, necessarily. Itโ€™s been fine, actually. He woke up, the sun was out, he didnโ€™t have to go into work, and Uncle had left a small batch of his favorite cupcakes on the counter for him as a quiet greeting.ย 

But the attention can be a little overwhelming, which might be why heโ€™d felt the need to just wander away from his life for a little while.ย 

The thin grass at the bottom of the pond sways in the breeze that passes. Itโ€™s been so dry lately, with no sign of rain in sight. Zuko sticks his foot out and nudges a pebble until it rolls down into the bed of the pond.


The voice startles him. He looks over his shoulder, where a young woman stands on the side walk.

โ€œAre you okay?โ€ She asks.

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Neighbours | GOT 7 Gang au


Her story starts when she was at the checkout at her local’s super market on a rainy Thursday afternoon. It was dull outside and the rain was so heavy, it was bouncing off the roads up onto people’s ankles like someone was standing next to them deliberately stomping in a puddle next to them.

Rose, a 17-year-old orphan was having her ear chewed off by an old checkout lady who was rambling on about her fourth divorce. Rose wasn’t one for making conversation so she just smiled, frowned and nodded her head when really all she could think about is whether she should use the beef or chicken seasoning on her ramen noodles for dinner.

Rose’s family all died tragically in a house fire when she was 14, her house went up in flames with her family in it, Rose was on a school trip half way across the world when it happened.

Her parents were wealthy sales people whom had thankfully left Rose plenty of money to live off, along with a will stating that Rose was not to go to an orphanage but to be sent to her family’s holiday house to live.

Fortunately, her holiday house was close to where their original house was so Rose could still go to school and live somewhat close to where she used too. Keep in mind that this will was written for Rose and her 2 older brothers however they are now with their parents, who are up with the big man upstairs.

Rose, a sarcastic, witty, somewhat rude and brutally honest 17-year-old girl is now living in that holiday house, on her own. She bought herself a cat after her family passed away and named him Smithers and for her 17th birthday, decided to gift herself with a great dane puppy, his name ironically, is Tiny.

After finally getting away from the cashier, she begins to walk outside in the rain to her car. She doesn’t mind the rain so she casually walked to her car while everyone around her were running frantically trying to get out of the rain. Once she reaches her car, she puts the bags in the front seat and starts her car and begins to drive herself to the enormous, 7 bedroom, 13 bathroom mansion she now calls home.

As she pulls into her driveway she looks to the house beside hers that has been up for sale for some time now and notices a big truck and a bunch of shirtless guys outside moving boxes. They don’t notice her but she sure as hell noticed them, I mean, who wouldn’t, 7 or so shirtless, toned, hot as fuck humans of the male species in about their 20’s, sweating, moving boxes right next to her house.

All her life, Rose has loved a good flirt and has never ever in her lift, feared confronting boys. Regardless of the hot shirtless boys in the driveway next to hers, she was still going to go for her daily run and she is still going to do her stretches on her driveway beforehand.

She jumps out of her car with her bags of groceries in her hands and walks inside and puts them away and greets her animals before running up the stairs to her wardrobe room. What? She has 7 rooms in this house and one person, why not renovate one room into her wardrobe.

She goes over to her workout closes and changes into a black sports bra and black gym shorts with a Fluro yellow stripe down the side before putting her hair into high pony, letting little fly away’s frame her face and putting on her black pair of Nike roshe’s.

She gives herself a final check before looking outside the window noticing the guys were still out there standing talking, still shirtless. This is what she wears every day when she goes to run, it’s just a coincidence that there are hot guys watching.

She walks down the steps and grabs Tiny’s leash.

“TINY?” WANNA GO FOR A RUN WITH ME BABY?” she yells through the house as it echoes. She then begins to count;

“Three” she whispers


Before she could even hit one she hears frantic panting and then hears the sound of Tiny’s paws on the floor boards until he is sitting right in front of her with his head held high waiting for her to attach his leash to his colour.

She laughs as she clips it on and begins to walk him out the door, leaving her phone on the counter, as she’d prefer to listen to the crashing waves from the beach hear her house the music.

As she closes the door, she hears laughs coming from next door. She turns to lock the door but accidently let go of Tiny’s leash, setting him free.
“TINY” she yells as she watches him run, of course, to the guys next door.
“fucking dog” she mutters to herself before running after him.

Once she crosses over to their driveway she stops, seeing 6 boys crowded around her dog patting him and cooing whilst another is standing up on the platform of the truck screaming.

“AWH he’s adorable” one says


“Hyung, can we get one? PLEASE?”

“Bambam I’ve already got 6 dogs to take care of why would I want to get another?” the older one says

“because it’s cute then us” BamBam I’m assuming reply’s back as I laugh

“You make a fair point boy” he laughs as he continues to pat the dog.

She lowkey admires how they are acting around her dog because when most people see him, she back away or turn the other way, or, kinda like that one guy is now, jumps up on a truck away from him. She decides to speak up.

“Hey sorry I didn’t mean to let him go, sorry if he’s being a hassle or stopping you from moving your stuff” she speaks up from behind them. One by one they all turn and stare at the beauty before them. Rose laughed as they all stopped patting Tiny and now he’s looking at them for more attention.

With the guys still frozen she decides to call Tiny to come to her.

“Tiny, come here boy” she speaks loudly as the guy on the truck jumps down and questions her.

“Tiny? Dumb name, The dog is fucking huge” he exclaims earning a nudge from one of the guys. Rose smirks.

“Wish I could say the same about your biceps babe” she retorts earning snickers from the other 6 and a growl from Mr Negative.

“I’m Rose by the way” she says as she waves. the one who seems to looks as though he is in charge speaks up.

“I’m JB” he says with a smile, he looks next to him waiting for them to introduce themselves and surely enough, one speaks up.

“I’m in love” the younger boy next to him says before earning a smack over the head by JB.

“That’s BamBam, he’s a bit out of it at the moment” he awkwardly laughs and Rose just giggles. JB continues after noticing that none of the other guys are in any condition to introduce themselves.

“This is Mark” he says pointing to the guy at the very end of the line who looks up and waves as Rose waved back.

“Youngjae” he says pointing to the boy next to Mark, Rose Waves and he just blushes and looks away

“Jinyoung” he points to the boy next to himself, letting him wave before moving onto the 6 other boys on the other side of him

“You’ve met BamBam” he says before Rose waves at him before moving on.

“this is Jackson, you guys just met before” he says with a laugh and Jackson pouts but Rose smiles and waves, Jackson looks behind him before realising that Rose was waving at him before waving back with a goofy smile on his face”

“and at the end, that’s Yugyeom, he’s the youngest” Rose’s eye sight follows JBs arm before her eyes land on him.

now there is no doubt that they are all extremely attractive, but Yugyeom is the one that really catches her eye. He winks at her and she blushes, something she hasn’t done, ever when talking to a boy.

“Well it was nice to meet you all but I’m going to go for a run now” she says as she waves and begins to walk off. She hears goodbyes behind her and a wolf whistle, she turns back to see JB hitting Yugyeom over the head, she laughs and winks at her as he smiles and begins to wrestle JB.
“oh boy” she whispers to herself as she begins to run.

I’m back!

I know it has been a while since I posted.  After bariatric surgery it took me a while to get focus to really be able to create something.   I am sure you all know how that can be.  Big moments that throw other things out of alignment.  With the new year I have set some major goals for things that I want to achieve. 

1: Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be devoted to Gif making.  hopefully this will mean at least 1 new entry each week. 

2: Its time to work on a more marketable skillset, so Thursday, Friday and Saturday are devoted to learning Javascript, HTML and CSS.  


3: I really want to learn to make music, though this is a lower priority, so I am giving Wednesdays to that pursuit. maybe one day I will be making music to play behind my gif’s Who knows.  

I want your feedback on this gif and anything else you wanna talk about? 

billiestudies  asked:

hey!! so i saw on one of your bullet journal spreads that you've visited san francisco a lot? well i'm visiting in June and i'm kind of looking for stuff to do so is there anything you recommend seeing/doing?? thanks!


  • i’m sure you want to see the golden gate bridge LOL, i forget where the actual official tourist center place to see it is but?? my personal favorite place to view the bridge is crissy field. 10/10 great place to have a picnic
  • or hike at land’s end!! the views while hiking are woWOwow wow
  • if you go to the embarcadero, pier 7 is a lovely place to take photos + see the bay bridge! there’s also a farmers market on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays. v cute
  • mosaic stairs!!!
  • alamo square is where you can see the painted ladies, also v cute
  • idk how to even talk about golden gate park but there’s a lot to do and it’s a beautiful place to take a stroll
  • alcatraz is p cool, but pricey
  • union square! there’s a lot of stores. a really big macy’s. really nice for feeling the ~~urban~~ aspect of san francisco
  • japantown hAHa, home to the love of my life, maido. bomb ramen places, too
  • sfmoma!! nice if you like modern art, and even nicer if you like taking aesthetic photos of yourself posing in front of modern art!! my icon is me standing in front of Wall Drawing 280 lmao
  • chinatown has good n cheap food
  • i usually eat at chowder’s if i’m at pier 39; you can get your Iconic San Francisco Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl here lol
  • i love boba.. here is my plug for boba guys and plentea

my brain is dying atm but honestly san francisco is a wonderful, beautiful city and you’ll probably have a good time just walking around!! i hope you enjoy your trip (〃^▽^〃)