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Love at First Video Part 29: Suspicious Behavior

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

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It was about a week later when you noticed a subtle change in the way everyone acted around you. The kids were bouncing with energy, giving you weird looks, and there had to have been three of four times that Misha had to shush them.

Misha was acting strange too. You thought maybe it was because he was busier than ever, shooting late into the night, coming home exhausted. But when he was home, he would give you long glances, or hang up his phone as soon as you walked into the room. After the third time that happened, you asked him if everything was okay, and he seemed flustered, unable to answer your question.

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anonymous asked:

My boyfriend and I aren't really well off! I pretty much live pay cheque to pay cheque and he's a student finishing uni! What are some dates you'd recommend or some activities to do? Also do you have a post on saving money? Sorry if I'm asking too much! Thank you!

I don’t think I have a post on saving… someone did ask me about a budget, which is somewhere on my blog so i’ll have to find it and reblog it. Some things that I have done or some dates ideas are:

  • going to the art gallery
  • museum
  • hiring bikes and riding around the city
  • picnics!
  • cheap tuesday/monday movie dates (or whatever discount day your local cinema has to offer. my local one is $7 a ticket on mondays)
  • markets (farmers markets, artists’ markets and flea markets)
  • getting dumplings
  • mini golf
  • drive-thru cinema
  • spa at home (face masks, massages)
  • board games
  • fruit picking
  • go karting
  • ice-cream!
  • thrifting/second hand shopping
  • stargazing
  • camping
  • scenic walks
  • taking the train to any where
  • karaoke
  • play games at the arcade

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your cc and I was wondering where do u find the patterns\graphic thingies you put on your cc? idk if you know what I mean, for example the big shirts from your leggings set thingy has really pretty and cool designs on them. Do you find them somewhere or is it hand-drawn? Thanks!

I troll search a lot of places for these things. With shirts in English or just pictures you can find some pretty good quality images at Society6, Skreened, and LookHuman

For patterns and stuff it’s mostly Spoonflower or Colourlovers.

Also, checking the freebies at Creative Market every Monday is a good tip I learned from @femmeonamissionsims! You have to sign up and check weekly but, that stuff is legit.