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9 dead, more injured at Berlin Christmas Market after truck reportedly mows into crowd

  • A truck reportedly crashed into a Berlin Christmas market on Monday, according to a report from Germany’s Berliner Zeitung, leaving at least nine people dead and others wounded.
  • The Berliner Zeitung reported that a truck drove into the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market, in the Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg. 
  • It is not yet clear whether the crash was an accident or an intentional attack.
  • A tweet allegedly from a bystander purported that “there is no road nearby” the scene of the incident. This is a developing story.

Trump forgot that he called the the Berlin Christmas Market crash an attack on Christians

  • After a truck slammed into a Berlin Christmas market on Monday, Trump was quick to assign blame to Islamic terrorists.
  • “ISIS and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad,” Trump said in a statement. 
  • Yet when asked a follow-up question about his remarks on Wednesday during a  the incoming commander-in-chief seemed a bit flummoxed.
  • A reporter began, “Your comments about the truck attack in Berlin being against Christians. Do you think that this might —?"After asking the question be repeated, Trump asked, "Who said that?"The reporter tried again: "I believe you said it in a press release. I’m wondering how this might affect relations with Muslims." 
  • Trump then walked his comment back. Read more

And what the hell, this one too! Grace Jones: $250. I didn’t scan the final pencils for this one, but it’s better than this drawing… which I think I shredded 🤔

Still a few of these left! Scroll down the feed for a full list. 🔴=dunzo ・・・
Aye! I’m selling my BHiIOW pencils for booze and bagel money.
Prince, Hendrix, Ali are sold. A lot of these are still available though. Scroll down the feed to see the rest. $200 nets you an original and the smug satisfaction that you helped sustain me while I made Sunset Park. Holler at my DMs with inquiries. —I’m taking these off the market come Monday.

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BBC Worldwide Sells 3,000 Hours of Drama in Three Months
The announcement came on the eve of BBC Worldwide Showcase

BBC Worldwide, the British broadcaster’s commercial division, says it has sold more than 3,000 hours of drama around the world in the past three months. The announcement came on the eve of BBC Worldwide Showcase, the four-day TV market beginning Monday in Liverpool, England, at which scripted shows take center stage.

In Western Europe, where more than 200 hours of drama were sold, two of Germany’s major broadcasters bought a number of new and classic titles. RTL Pay purchased “SS-GB” and “Rillington Place,” and ZDF bought “Death in Paradise” (seasons 5-6) as well as “Spooks” (seasons 6-10), among other titles. In Italy, Rai Cinema acquired “Doctor Foster” (season 1) as part of a drama package.

There is also strong demand for British drama in Central and Eastern Europe, with 600 hours of content sold across the region. In Russia, “War and Peace” (2015) will now be available on subscription VOD platform IVI, and in Ukraine, Digital Screens will have “Dickensian” (season 1) among other drama series. ETV in Estonia acquired “Father Brown” (seasons 1-5), LTV in Latvia picked up “DCI Banks” (seasons 1-3) and Lithuania has “Sherlock” (season 4).

In Northern Europe, around 350 hours of drama have been sold across the territories with “Maigret” (episodes 1-2) licensed to VRT in Belgium, and “Happy Valley” (season 2) to NPO in Holland. “Call the Midwife” (season 6) has been sold to SVT in Sweden, “The Durrells” to TV2 in Denmark and “The Collection” (season 1) to RUV in Iceland.

There have been a number of deals with platforms across Sub-Saharan Africa and Kenya, where series including “Ripper Street” (seasons 1-4), “Luther” (seasons 1-4) and “Top of the Lake” (season 1) are now available.

In the Middle East, audiences in Israel will now be able to watch “The Honorable Woman” on Vubiquity and “Unforgotten” (seasons 1-2) on the broadcaster Yes.

Nearly 400 hours of drama have been sold across Latin America with “War and Peace” (2015) licensed to Brazilian free-to-air channel Globo. “Ripper Street” (season 2) will be available on Filmin Latino (SVOD/FVOD) as well as Pramer (seasons 2-3). In addition, Vubiquity has acquired seasons 1-10 of “Doctor Who.”

Finally, in Asia, nearly 950 hours of drama content was acquired between Korea, Japan, Greater China and India with titles such as “New Tricks” (season 12), “Citizen Khan” (season 5) and “The Paradise” (seasons 1-2) proving popular. Clients included KBS in Korea, AXN Mystery in Japan, Youku in Greater China and FX in India.

Paul Dempsey, president global markets, BBC Worldwide, said: “The demand for British drama continues to rise as global audiences are captivated by both the range and quality of our writing, acting and production.”

More than 700 buyers are attending BBC Worldwide Showcase to watch more than 3,000 hours of programs during event. They’ll also get to hear from the producers and creatives of a wide range of new shows. Among the creatives attending are writers Mark Gatiss (“Doctor Who,” “Sherlock”), Hossein Amini (“McMafia”), Misha Glenny (“McMafia”), Mike Bartlett (“Doctor Foster”) and Jimmy McGovern (“Broken”).

What if Caesar lived, what if he stayed by Joseph’s side after this was all over, what if they lived together in a small Italian apartment. What if they went to see Italian operas together and were regulars at a restaurant down the street. Caesar always scolds Joseph for wearing tacky clothes and being a prick. What if they had a little garden and went to the market on monday mornings. Joseph is forced to learn Italian and Caesar laughs when he messes up, for which he receives a punch to the arm. What if they were both present for the Cairo trip, and Caesar developed a stand. He keeps Joseph in check and yells “BUONA DOLORE JOJO” when Joseph is an idiot. What if Caesar lived.

New Year, New Resolutions, New Market Monday Format

Once again I issue my heartfelt apologies for disappearing into the aether like I have the past few months. The good news is I have spent that time (mostly) catching up on my comics reading and learning how to negotiate with my ADHD to get the most out of my day.

Still being committed to this blog and its mission statement, I have begun to reassess what I wish I could do with this blog (i.e. make it my full-time job and report on the news of the day while doing extensive research for the wiki and reading to my heart’s content) and what’s actually plausible, not to let my inability to produce quantity discourage me from producing quality.

I almost decided that meant giving up Market Monday. I cannot tell you how many times I’d sit in front of this computer after hours of preparation, with all the necessary windows open, triple-checked that I found all of that week’s ladies, and having downloaded all of that weeks’ covers, only to just give up and crawl into bed. Then, having failed to produce my regularly scheduled Monday post, I convinced myself the entire week was a wash. All for a feature that I had serious doubts as to its ultimate utility to readers. 

But I know people like Market Monday, and I do get an unbelievable amount of satisfaction teasing out hidden gems and selecting my picks of the week. Even on my worst days, I still get a little thrill every time I come across a name I recognize from years of Artists’ Alleys finally getting a book in stores. And given the mission of this blog, having so many books to post about in a given week is an excellent problem to have.

So I think I’ve hit on a new format that will feel less intimidating and also give me an out to post less on some weeks, rather than the all-or-nothing I’d been putting on myself before. I’ll start with one post with my picks of the week (Book, Singles, and Collection). Then I’ll do DC and Marvel posts (separately or together as appropriate). Then Dark Horse/Image/IDW (ditto). Then all the smaller press books however I feel like splitting them up. On weeks where I just don’t have it in me to do the whole thing, I will at the very least post my picks. Sound good?

Now I’ll stop navel-gazing about how hard it is to talk about comic books and get on with it!