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Aisle Three- Hank x Reader

Request: Could you maybe do (if you have the time) one where hank and reader go on a mission and have to pretend to be a couple? Or maybe where they’re undercover and they’re about to get caught so hank quickly pins reader to a wall and kisses them so they don’t look suspicious?

A/N: I chose option two of this epic request :) where Hank kisses the reader in order to blend in. For inspiration for this piece I pulled from the CAWS scene where Steve and Natasha kiss in the mall. 

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“Hank slow down.” You tugged his hand so his pace matched your casual stroll. “We need to just blend, not looking like we are storming our way through the super market on a man hunt.”

“Uh.” Hank fixed his glasses, “but we kind of are.”

“No,” you corrected him, “Charles simply said keep tabs on the mutant from afar, just so we can see who he is.” 

“Couldn’t Charles of done this.” He titled his head towards you, his mouth drawn into a line. You shook your head again.

“This kid, whoever he is, has the ability to block Charles telepathy, something we could use on our team when dealing with other mutants who can get inside our heads.” Hank nodded but didn’t look convinced. You squeezed his hand you realized you were still holding before dropping it and turing to glance through the shelves into the next aisle. You could just make out the shaggy head of hair that belong to your target. 

He was young, probably not much older than fourteen, but was extremely aware of his surroundings, constantly checking over his shoulder, his eyes shifting away from the products he was picking up, making sure he wasn’t being watched. He must know what’s out there. Either that or he was waiting for someone, you couldn’t exactly tell. You felt a chill run up your spine, most likely he was just a kid who’d been through a lot, but still…

“(Y/N) you’re doing it again.” Hank said, interrupting your thoughts. You followed his gaze to your hand and realized it was gone. Your sweatshirt sleeve was floating there vacant of your arm. 

“Shit,” you mumbled as the image of your fingers slowly returned, reappearing. That was your mutation, you had the ability to vanish, in other words, you could turn invisible. Normally you kept it in check, but when ever you felt threatened your mutation worked on its own acting to protect you from possible danger, so you had to focus to keep it at bay. Hank knew this, he knew it was subconsciously triggered by your nerves.

“Hey,” he reached for your hand lacing his fingers through yours. “It’s going to be okay, last time a checked we can handle a fourteen year old.” He laughed with a small smile. You felt your self relax right away. He knew how to keep you calm and would always reach for your hand when the other mutants couldn’t see during stressful missions and trace circles over your palm with his thumb knowing it helped. “Maybe we should try talking to him, we’ve been standing in this aisle for a long time-shit.” Hank suddenly said.

And then, he did a very un-Hank like thing. Normally he was hesitant to do anything to bold, but at that moment in the middle of aisle three, Hank wrapped one hand around your waist and cupped your check in the other, and leaned in for a kiss, but not just a peck on the lips, a real kiss. His mouth moved against yours and he stepped towards you, pulling you closer into him, his grip tightening around you, he did have superhuman strength. After a second of hesitation you melted into him, kissing back. When Hank finally broke away you still didn’t really know what just happened.

“Wha-” You smoothed your shirt, trying to sound less flustered, but you were. 

“I-the kid, um he was walking and down this aisle-well, I didn’t know if he could read minds and so-well I thought the kiss would distract us from thinking about finding him…so he wouldn’t k-know what we were doing.” He adjusted his glasses again, his cheeks a warm color. You bit your lip, but were unable to hide your grin. He clearly was flustered too. 

“Well,” you finally spoke, “I don’t know what we’re gonna report back to the professor.” You could still feel a small smile on your face.

“A mission gone very well.” Hank lifted his gaze from the floor, a small knowing smile on his lips, and raised his eyebrows at you. You covered your laugh with your hand and punched him lightly on the shoulder. You could still feel the butterflies in your stomach. 

“That’s one way to put it.” You laughed again.

Hey y’all so this is how I survive, and since there’s minimum balances on my bank accounts literally all I can afford to save, each month, IF nothing emergency-ish happens and if I literally don’t buy anything but food and don’t do anything but pay my bills is $70

If I had no student loans, I’d be saving 280 dollars a month.

If I had no student loans, I could save around 3300 dollars a year, and instead I MAY be able to save 840. 

So if I wanted to save enough to pay for a single year of college for a child (if I had one) or if I wanted to buy a car, it would only take me 41  years to save enough to do that.

If I want to have a VERY small, VERY inexpensive wedding, it’ll take me 11 years to save for it.

If I want to put a down payment on a house, it’ll take me around 50 years to save for it.

When I borrow from my emergency savings (which currently amount to roughly what I could save in six years) it takes me five or six months to pay that money back, and that’s if I can. 

I work a full time, salaried job, and have a BA in Communications. This should not be my situation.

But due to a desperation for money, many entry level employees are being paid less and less, because the presumption is that we will literally take any job, at any pay, that offers survival salary and benefits, out of fear that we will not find another. Companies are farming entry-level employees, and getting higher and higher turn-over rates because they know they can replace you. The internet is teeming with replacements for you. Who will take your job and your salary in a second. Hardly anyone is developing talents within their organizations or allowing upward movement for their millennial employees. As a developable talent, I am concerned, broke, and scared for the future.

Trans and Goth Kik Group

Hey so I made an all ages trans and goth kik group y'all, it’s #transandgoth, and so I’m shouting it out into the tumblrsphere

Rules are:

💀 We are a support and common-interest oriented group for those who are both trans and goth.
💀 Allies are allowed, so long as they can sit down, shut up, and listen.
💀 We are a SUPPORT GROUP, not a meat market. No partner hunting allowed.
💀 No porn.
💀 Respect pronouns.
💀 Respect nonbinary genders.
💀 No fetishization of anyone’s identity.
💀 No racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/ageism/ableism/bigotry of any sort.
💀 Ask inside the group chat to privately message anyone, unless it’s to message an admin about a rule being broken.
💀 An introduction with your name, age, and pronouns, at minimum, is required upon entry.

So go ahead and join if you’re interested! Yeah!

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For the meme Jaune X Emerald

(What is this ship even called? Seriously, could someone let me know?)

  • Who is the most affectionate?

Emerald, though she’s bad at showing it. “Get over here, nerd!″ But it’s for hugs, or kisses, or just holding hands.

  • Big spoon/Little spoon?

Jaune’s big spoon. It’s a major mark of trust on Emerald’s part; trusting her back to someone when she’s so vulnerable was unthinkable to her before meeting Jaune.

  • Most common argument?

Usually about crime, and under what circumstances it’s okay. Emerald is a bit too laissez faire about it for Jaune’s tate, while she think’s he’s too up tight, especially with those hacking skills of his.

  • Favorite non-sexual activity?

Window stealing shopping. They both like hunting the markets, and finding small gifts for each other, mocking gaudy things, and just taking in the sights.

  • Who is most likely to carry the other?

Jaune. Emerald likes being pampered a bit; it’s probably the first time in her life she’s really had the opportunity.

  • Nicknames?

Emerald calls Jaune “sunshine” or “lover boy”. Jaune calls her “vie” at times.

  • Who worries the most?

Jaune. Emerald isn’t exactly a kleptomaniac, but she does enjoy stealing , particularly from people who she believes to have wronged her or Jaune. Jaune’s concerned she’ll get caught one day, despite her semblance.

  • Who tops?

Jaune, surprisingly. Emerald likes letting go a bit, showing Jaune how much she trusts and loves him.

  • Who initiates kisses?

Emerald. She can’t get enough of the blond clutz, and his freely given warmth.

  • Who wakes up first?

Emerald sleeps lightly, But jaune tends to wake up first. Whenever possible, he stays still and quiet, just admiring her adorable sleeping face until she wakes on her own. She needs her sleep after all.

  • Who says I love you first?

Jaune. Emerald may have said it sarcastically beforehand, but she’d stop when she actually starts falling for him. Jaune would say it when he started, and Emerald would probably break down and start saying it back once she believed him.


A Fire Version of Ben Affleck

Sandwiches have gotten EXPENSIVE man. What happened to the $10 lunch? I used to think that was a life shaking amount of money for a sandwich. But yesterday I paid $$FOURTEEN$ dude$$. It was a lit sandwich tho, but man I really like being irresponsible with my money on more frivolous things like these Gosh Rubchinskiy x Vans sneakers that aren’t even my size.
I was in Supreme yesterday and tried on a full sweatsuit with a faux fur coat zip up. I felt like the fire version of Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting. I always end up buying winter gear in LA, and get made fun of by my friends. But when they’re freezing at the Ace rooftop I can cruise over in my faux fur hoodie sipping a frozen margarita like a boss bc I’m super fucking warm, and the ladies see it. Trust me, the ladies always see it.


Tip: The chicken sandwich is FIRE. I can’t resist the lamb either. Bread is on point. You can taste the quality of the food here. Worth it.

Tip: Get the dip from the gunpowder fries on the side to dip everything in.

When to come here: Lunch, to go meals, quick dinner, snack.

Where: Stall 110, 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles


Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Friday 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed

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The Lee-Speed Rifle,

Before World War I a British company called Birmingham Small Arms manufactured these nifty little sporting rifles with a lee action.  At the time Lee-Enfields were manufactured by the Royal Small Arms Factory in the Enfield borough of London (thus Lee Enfield).  However, many other companies saw a market for civilian hunting and sporting rifles that used a Lee type action.

One such person was J.J Speed, a manager with the RSAF.  It was not unusual for various managers with the RSAF to take the Lee design, improve upon it, and patent their own Lee actions.  Speed’s patent was one of the most successful.  Two models were made, a sporting model and a full sized military rifle. The sporting model was fitted with a more traditional sporting type stock, had a more simplified Lee type bolt for easier maintenance and cleaning, a dustcover over the action, a simpler front and rear tangent sight, and had an open barrel and crown, whereas the Lee Enfield had protective wood furnishings over the barrel.  Instead of a ten round magazine it was fitted with a five round magazine.  Finally it had a shotgun style safety catch, located on the top of the grip behind the bolt, much like many common shotguns have. The military model was little different from the standard issue Lee Enfield, with the exception that the Lee Speed was produced with much greater quality and care. The military model was popular among officers who wished to pay out of pocket for a higher quality infantry rifle.

Most Lee Speed rifles were chambered for the .303 British cartridge. A number of small bore rifles were also produced in .22 Long Rifle for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting. In addition BSA produced a number of different calibers by special request, mostly popular hunting calibers.  BSA would make their Lee Speed rifles up to World War I, suspending production to produce regular infantry rifles for the British Army during the war. Civilian production then resumed in the 1920′s and 1930′s.