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HC for the Yule Ball

  • The Gryffindors excited for the concept of a ball
  • But really no one knows what exactly you do at a ball like do we dance the whole time?
  • Gryffindors grudgingly turning to the Slytherin for dress robe advice
  • Gryffindors being seen working out way more than usual, trying to look the best they can for the ball
  • The guys having unreasonable concerns like “what if I grow six inches between now and then and these stupid robes don’t fit?!?”
  • Gryffindors and Slytherins getting into fights when they ask the same person to the ball
  • In the end the Hufflepuffs get their dates anyway
  • Gryffindor girls coming up with dj lists that they hand off to the faculty like “you better play these songs or else it really won’t be a party”
  • Gryffindors trying to convince teachers not to give them homework because they are already stressed out enough trying to find a date
  • Gryffindors setting up a black market for fire whiskey, marketing it to give people the courage to ask others out and to have a better time the night of
  • Gryffindor girls refusing flat out to wear heels and spending the whole evening barefoot
  • Gryffindors starting a mosh pit with the Durmstrang kids
  • One of the seventh year Gryffindors grabbing the mike and singing an actually incredible ballot, making all the ladies swoon
  • Trying to start an after party in the green houses and getting busted
  • So they just move it up to the Gryffindor common room like usual because really they aren’t not going to party 
  • Gryffindors passing around a petition to have classes suspended the week after in order to "reward us for our diplomatic effort with other schools”


1) it proves they used the whole “ex” thing as a cheap marketing gimmick to fire everyone up but the funny part is they would have go a whole lot bigger and better reaction if they teased an actual story for Jay 😂😂

2) they really had to go and spoil it and not let us wait it out one more day?

3) FUCKING JAY HALSTEAD BACKSTORY SO FUCKING HERE FOR THIS!!! Now can we have some papa Halstead story on pd too please? Nope I’m not greedy. Not at all 😜

4) Jay needs to open up to Erin after all the trust and sharing she’s given to him. He needs to trust her back. She needs to be a support system for him now.

Clones finding out ab Reader's scars.

TW: implied mentions of self abuse under fives


He really didn’t mean to walk in on you while you were changing, he really didn’t. But Fives had said someone spilled fresh caf on you and he wanted to make sure you were ok. Well, honestly he knew you were alright, but the both of you had been really busy lately and he wanted to see you.

When the captain walked in unannounced, his cheeks immediately turned red seeing your bare back facing him. His eyes were drawn to the little white and pink lines going down you back.

“Shit, Rex! Scared the crap out of me!” You exclaimed, turning around after pulling a shirt over your head.

“(Y/N), how did you get those scars?” He asked. With a sigh you sat down, and began the story.

“When I was younger I was in an indoor market when it caught fire. The exit had been blocked by a falling rafter. An adult shattered the window and threw me out-we were only on the second floor. I landed on the glass shards and broke my arm. Guess that’s better than burning alive. I know they’re not beautiful.” You explained, finding the floor very interesting. He waited a moment to respond, and you feared the worst. But finally, he lifted your chin and placed a small kiss on your lips.

“No, scars aren’t, but survivors are.”

Wolffe didn’t know much about your life before you joined the military. You didn’t list anybody on your emergency contact but a friend and your previous boss. Another thing he noticed now was that he’s never seen you without a jacket on. (The most intimate y’all had been was making out against a fighter jet). So when the two of you were kneeling over an injured civilian, he was almost surprised when you started shedding your uniform jacket.

“Hold this.” You ordered. He took a corner and you took the the other and started ripping it. Eventually, the civvie was patched up enough for them to move on. This was a usual thing after a battle, but usually you had more supplies- there had been a lot of injuries this go around.

As y’all stood up, you walked slightly in front of him and drew your hair up off your shoulders. “I hate desert planets.”

Though he head you, Wolffe was too busy following the four white jagged lines that trailed from your shoulders down and into your shirt. Then he realized with your arms raised up, your undershirt raised slightly to show him your lower back. This reveal another set of marks that curved around your hip.

“Wolffe?” You asked after not receiving an answer or snarky comment. That’s when he reached out and traced over one of the lines with his gloved fingers. Tensing under this touch, you retracted away and let your hair down to cover them. He took off his helmet to look you in the eye for an explanation.

“What the hell happened?” He demanded, angry that someone had left you like that- that someone had hurt you.

“You’re not gonna let me weasel out of this, are you?” He gave you a ‘not-a-chance’ look, with a sigh you start, “Well, to begin with my dad is not a good person. He’s just not. He was- still is- involved in a bunch of bad groups. When I was 13-ish, he forced me to help him with a heists, told me either I did it or he’d make my younger siblings do it. Well, the guards of one of the places we robbed had attack animals, and my dad’s self preservation exceeded his care for me. After I recovered, I was legally seized by the government.“

For a second Wolffe that you had given him the plot to a movie, but a look in your eyes told him it was the truth. “I got a lot of scars doing shit like that, now I’m in the army hoping a little of my good erases a whole lotta bad of him bad.”

“I love you. I’m sorry you ever had to deal with that- no kid should have too.” He muttered into your hair after embracing you. “And if I ever meet your father, remind me to fucking deck him.”


One thing Fives was sure of was that you had to be one of the clumsiest engineers in the entire GAR. It was amusing to an extent, but also incredibly worrying. So he always tried to be close by when he knew you were doing something dangerous. (Well most things we dangerous for you). For example, this time he was the help you to the infirmary when you side was accidentally dragged against a jutted out piece of metal.

It wasn’t bad, just bad enough to need to pay Kix a visit. Once in the med bay, Kix had you hold up your shirt above the gash, just enough where Fives could also locate a multitude of little white lines, mostly adjacent to each other, and all a little under an inch.

Waiting for Kix to leave he whispered, “Why are there so many scars on your side?”

You turned to him with sad eyes, “I went through a really bad time in my life. That’s as much as I want to say.”

Fives, of course, didn’t press, just hugged you (careful of your lesion) tightly, “Please don’t ever let it get that bad again- not without telling me. You’re to amazing to feel like that, and I can’t lose you knowing I could’ve helped.”

So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted

The Mockingjay Lives.

“You silence our voices, but we are still heard.”

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

(Thanks toastbabeis and mockingjaysource for noticing it and jenliamjosh for reblogging)