market fire

I really like Awakening, but there is one thing that just bothers me to no end. It’s that it was put into the Archanea Timeline/Universe. It bothers me how it caused plotholes like for example with the first Exalt who is like Marth but isn’t him and whatnot. In my opinion Awakening (like how it is now) doesn’t fit in the Archanea Universe. Like if it would be it’s own Universe than Lucina could dress up as the first Exalt instead of Marth. That maybe would also be an opportunity to give the first Exalt a better backstory and maybe some other characters too. That would also mean to replace Tiki and Naga with a new god and maybe give them some backstory with grima too. (I admit I would miss Adult!Tiki but I don’t like Awakening’s Naga >.<). It’s rather easy to avoid most of Awakening’s plotholes. I know that in the end they used Marth’s popularity for marketing so that Fire Emblem would gain more attention since it could have been the last game. But I wish they would have tried a bit harder to make it fit in the Universe. I still like Awakening but that will probably bother me forever. (I hope you guys understand what I mean since English is not my first language >.<)


As Polish paratroopers landed on their drop zone south-west of Arnhem, Netherlands on 21 September 1944, soldiers from the 10. SS Panzer Division Frundsberg were waiting and made sure they did not receive a warm welcome. The Polish paratroopers were shot out of the sky like birds suffering heavy casualties.

>Random day
>Carlotta still selling vegetables at a market stand because she’s poor LOL
>buy food from her anyway
>some traveler comes through the market
>kinda smells like fire, brimstone, and blood
>“do you get to the cloud district very often? who am i kidding, of course you don’t”
>rekt.landscape painting
>tfw later the sky yells
>tfw they killed a dragon
>fucker comes back later to fucking catch one
>they fucking ascend from the cloud district

further black market headcanoning: 

  • Fire and Lightning’s black market exports are mainly of the manufactured variety – dubious weaponry, knockoffs, etc.
  • Ice and Earth: natural resources. Precious metals, wolf pelts, treasures taken from dragon crypts Earth dragons stumble across. 
  • Earth also shares a market for ancient historical artifacts with Water and Light – fragments of the Pillar are in especially high concentration around Earth, and they’re outrageously valuable. Light’s biggest moneymaker is the Hewn City – individuals interest in Shade-tainted items and Emperor research have a vested interest in it. Water’s specialties are relics of the Second Age found sunken deep below the sea… and some Maren relics, too, much to the ire of the Beastclans.
  • Arcane makes some of the most dangerous and unpredictable black market goods, specifically magical or Shade-touched items and various meteorites.
  • Not every Nature dragon plays that nice – poaching and wild-caught exotic familiars are their forte.
  • Plague dragons? Look at it this way: you ever need a new kidney, you know who to call.
  • Wind and Shadow don’t do much manufacturing or gathering themselves, but they’re the go-to choices for middlemen. Shadow’s rife with cunning business acumen and they excel at smuggling, with their penchant for secrecy and misdirection. Wind dragons tend a bit more toward hiding in plain sight: their deity’s laissez-faire attitude means that the Windswept Plateau is a sort of neutral ground that makes trade easier, and Wind dragons are so well-known for the fact that they can and will go everywhere that few dragons question a curious Wind dragon exploring a far corner of the Sea of a Thousand Currents.


Polymer framed pistol in 9x19mm, it marked Heckler & Koch’s return to the striker-fired market. The VP9 proved to very popular, with the VP40 having just recently been released for sale. Some people speculate a VP45 could be in the works. Note the Inforce APL, which I think stands for Auto Pistol Light. Very clean, minimalistic light for a decent price. I think I may get one for my HK45, but I want a VP9 too someday. (GRH)