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  • goldfish: The country’s economy and labor market remain in deep disrepair. Whereas our various post-market institutions (e.g., the safety net, educational institutions, health institutions) have a mixed record of coping with the rising poverty and inequality that has been handed to them by a still-struggling economy and labor market.
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Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Dedicated to @hamilsontrash for helping me out tonight! And also to @imagineham because they are pure and spreading the love (even though I don’t know them that well lol) So I hope that you both have lovely days!

“You’re… leaving?” James asked in a pained voice.

You had just delivered some terrible news to your best friends. The news that you had procrastinated telling them for the past two weeks.

You were moving.

Of course, it was to be expected with everyone since the end of your senior year was approaching quickly and everyone would be going off to college the next fall.

But you had applied and been accepted to a college all the way across the country on the west coast.

It was a huge excitement for you, but it was heartbreaking that you had to leave your family and friends.

And Thomas, your boyfriend of two years.

You couldn’t look at him sitting next to you, even though he was gripping your hand tightly.

Your best friends James and Aaron, along with Thomas, had all gotten into a prestigious university in New York. They would be on the east coast while you were all the way on the west coast.

The distance would kill you.

The bell rang, snapping the group of you out of your trance. No words were exchanged as you threw away all your trash from lunch and took off to your next class.

“I’ll see you later.”


“I think we should break up.”

Thomas stood at the window of the library, staring out blankly.

You blinked at the words. Part of you was angry but the other part of you knew that he was right.

There wouldn’t be anyway for you to keep up your relationship from opposite sides of the country.

A few tears pricked your eyes as you nodded slowly.

“Yes. That would be the… best,” you choked out.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” he replied, looking at you from the corner of his eye.  

“I’m sorry too,” you told him, a few tears rolling down your cheeks. You started to gather your things.

“I-I have to go. Goodbye Thomas,” you mumbled, rushing out the front doors of the library and to your house.

A tear rolled down Thomas’s face as he turned back out the window and watched you run off.

“Goodbye Y/N. I love you.”


5 years later


Walking along the open market you took a deep breath of all the wonderful smells that surrounded you.

You were in France right now, specifically Paris, attending a conference for your new job.

It was given to you right off the bat, considering you were the only one on your team that could speak French.

It was one of your last days here and you were finally able to wander around the city and get a look at the normal everyday life here.

It was beautiful.

You decided to order a small meal and sit down and rest your aching feet. Grabbing a book out of your bag and started to read.

“Y/N?” a voice called from behind you.

Your turned around, seeing a face that you hadn’t seen in years. A pair of warm eyes that you never thought that you would see again.

“Thomas,” you breathed, standing up and looking at him with a smile.

“Y/N!” he cried, wrapping you in a warm hug. “What are you doing here?”

You hugged him back and then pulled away, smiling your best smile at him.

“I’m here for a conference, what are you doing here?” you asked.

“Same,” he laughed, sitting down at the chair across from you.

The next few seconds were spent with the two of you staring at each other. The warm feeling in your heart was back.

You had never actually stopped loving Thomas. You just tried to fool yourself into thinking that you did.

You tried to date other people, but it never worked out. They could never compare to Thomas.

You still loved him.

Little did you know, it was the same way for Thomas.

Once the two of you realized what you were doing, you both looked away, blushing.

“It’s so good to see you,” Thomas said, looking at you with a slight sad look on his face.

“You too Thomas.”

Silence fell over the two of you again, before you both spoke at the same time.

“I still love you.”

The two of you looked at each other in surprise, not expecting for your feelings to be mutual once more.

You looked at Thomas, his eyes full of love. Your own eyes mirrored the same feelings.

“Do you think… do you think that we could try again?” he asked you.

He looked nervous. You took his hand.

“I would like nothing better Thomas.”

He breathed a sigh of relief.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Thomas.”


10 ways to grow your social media followers

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The case for reparations is...pretty fucking solid

“It is not possible to comprehend the significance of slavery either as an economic institution…without understanding the role that cotton played in the economic development of the North as well as the South.

In 1790 the United States faced the same obstacles to economic development that beset underdeveloped countries today. The most formidable obstacle…was the development of an export market that would attract foreign capital and stimulate internal growth.(But America’s export market was in deep trouble in the late [18th] century. Since there was no domestic industry to speak of, the chief exports consisted of raw materials and agricultural products…It was cotton that eventually provided the United States with an export staple that could sustain an expansive export market.

The invention of spinning machinery and the power loom in the late nineteenth century revolutionized the manufacture of cloth, leading to the first textile factories and generating an almost unlimited demand for raw cotton… As cotton production became more profitable, the South… became one of the most specialized agricultural regions in the world…Cotton gradually emerged as king, not only of the southern economy, but of the American export market as well. By 1860 cotton constituted 60 percent of American exports; by contrast, its nearest rivals, flour and tobacco, together accounted for less than 20 percent…

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I don’t believe Cullen’s proposing to Evie in Trespasser was as spur of the moment as we were led to believe. Where did that wedding dress come from on such short notice? Cullen had that dress neatly tucked away in his luggage. No one can convince me otherwise.

Now please excuse me while I go lay down somewhere to think about him carefully folding the dress, placing it in his bag then removing it a moment later. Then putting it back in and taking it out once more. Over and over again. All the while arguing with himself about whether or not it’s a good idea. Praying to the Maker he isn’t about to make a fool of himself. Hoping that maybe just once in his life something will go right. Dreaming of the day he can take his new wife home to Ferelden. When they can leave battles and politics behind to live a simple life and raise their children. 

;___; I just want him to be happy, okay? He deserves all the joy after everything he’s been through.

Dancing With The Devil

(Sorry this took so long. Read over it and let me know if it’s ok. If it is, then I can post it as a starter)

Aiden Merlow…the name rang synonymous with everything bad. Black market deals, deep affiliations with the mafia, and even whispers of blackmail but this had never been proven; but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true.

He smiled when he watched the pretty woman known as the right hand to the most powerful judge in the Supreme Court. The man she was with was known in the underworld as the man to go to for everything illegal. He knew the pretty little private secretary had no idea with whom she was keeping company with, but that was about to change.

He took her camera and began snapping pictures of the two, almost laughing out loud as the two held hands and even kissed. “Good girl…” he whispered.

Later that day he had developed the film himself and printed several copies of the pictures, taking extra care to enlarge several of them to make sure both faces were clearly visible. He then put one copy in an envelope with a letter addressed to the secretary;

Look familiar? The man you’re with…his name is Clinton Sinclair…do you recognize that name? Because if you don’t I’m sure your boss will. Meet me in the café on the corner of Addison and Childers tomorrow night. 9:30. Be there, or your bosses illustrious career will be over before it even begins good, and it’s all going to be your fault.

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Neku gingerly dabbed the damp cloth over Squall’s brow, cleaning the closing wound. It was a gutsy move for their assailant to make a frontal attack. Of course, they hadn’t expected it at the time. They were just lucky the wound looked worse than it really was. At worse, Squall just suffered a minor concussion.

“Him and his friends thought we were holding out.” He supplied, as he placed the rag back with the bowl of water at the beside table. “’Far as I know, they’re still in the market, frozen neck-deep in a block of ever-ice. They’ll be lucky to get carved out with any of their fingers and toes intact.” Frostbite was almost less than they deserved, but Neku was in a hurry to tend Squall’s wounds.

He threaded a careful hand under the back of Squall’s head, urging him to sit up, while he offered him a cool glass of something. “Drink up, you’ve been out for a while, and this stuff’s good for headaches.”

34-year-old unsigned running back burns 4 NFL teams with very specific explanations of why he won't sign with them

(Jared Wickerham/AP)
Free agent running back DeAngelo Williams is still waiting for a call to join a new team after finishing his contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The 34-year-old Williams scored 17 touchdowns in two seasons as the Steelers’ backup running back.

However, while the market may not be deep for older running backs with a lot of miles and carries, Williams has limited his market even further by ruling out four teams altogether that he refuses to join.

On Adam Schefter’s “Know Them From Adam” podcast, Williams explained why he refuses to join the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars, doling out sick burns in the process.

“First team would be the Cleveland Browns,” Williams said. “Mainly because they don’t have a history of winning … in my lifetime, I haven’t seen them have a winning season.”

Williams explained that he won’t sign with the Panthers for personal reasons because he didn’t like the way they handled his release in 2015 after nine seasons on the team. Williams said at the time that he was upset when the organization didn’t reach out to him when his mother passed away with cancer the previous season.

“I had no problems with getting fired, but there are things that went on there that I didn’t like — and I still don’t like to this day,” Williams told Schefter. “There’s no point in me going back there. You’re an ex for a reason, right? You don’t go back to exes, and that’s just where I’m at there.”

Williams continued, saying the third team he won’t join is the Jaguars.

“I can’t think of anything positive about that particular organization outside of the fact that they have pools in the stadium.”

Williams added that at this point in his career, he wants to go to a team where winning is “expected.” The Jaguars have not made the playoffs since 2007.

Williams’ named the Cowboys as his fourth team, but the reasoning was a bit different — he can’t stand the fan base.

“The Cowboys, they win. They just don’t ever show up during the playoffs. They always disappear in the playoffs.

"I’ve got a great depiction of the Cowboys’ fan base. During the regular season last year, they were on cloud nine. You couldn’t tell them anything because they were going to win the ‘ship — that’s all they said. Fans just got extremely super annoying. Then, the minute they lose, they either got cheated, somebody was hurt —the excuses start flowing. It’s just amazing to me. That fan base just in general can’t handle defeat. Still, to this day, they say that the Dez Bryant catch against the Green Bay Packers was a catch.”

It’s unclear when a suitor may emerge for Williams, with training camps beginning in just a few weeks.

However, Williams doesn’t seem to mind, telling Schefter, “I’ll sit here until 28 of those other teams call.”

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Why me

TITLE: Why me



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being sold at a black market auction and Loki is the one to buy you

NOTES/WARNINGS: it might not be what the person who submit the imagine thought but, my imaginations just flown.

I couldn’t stop the tears rolling down my cheeks or the shaking of my entire body. After the destruction of my village and the murders of my people, I was in the black market, waiting for what was coming.

I was immersed in my thoughts, mourning the death of my family and friends, that I didn’t realize when one of the men that invaded my village, took the chain that was attached to my neck and pull harshly, making me stumbled forward with a yelp “come on you whore!”. I didn’t fell on the ground and followed him when he walked out of the tent. I squinted my eyes because of the sun but I could see a lot of men in front of me. I looked down afraid, I knew all of those men were there to buy me. I felt really exposed with the dress I had been obligated to wear: a cloth long enough to cover my bottom and intimate parts, and what seemed a leather bra that didn’t have straps.

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  • Anya: Sex.
  • Anya: Sex.
  • Anya: Sex..
  • Anya: The country’s economy and labor market remain in deep disrepair. Whereas our various post-market institutions (e.g., the safety net, educational institutions, health institutions) have a mixed record of coping with the rising poverty and inequality that has been handed to them by a still-struggling economy and labor market.
  • Anya: Sex.