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Roman Bronze Mannheim Helmet With Siren, c. 50 BC

This exceptional Roman helmet dates from the mid to late 1st century BC. Adorned with rare cast decoration, it is the finest example of the ‘Mannheim’ type currently on the private market.

Exhibiting a beautiful deep green patina, this stunning Roman legionary’s helmet is constructed of hammered sheet, the dome with a small flanged brim front and back, and each side with two perforations for the attachment of leather cheek-guards, now long since perished. A separately cast figure of a Siren with outstretched wings, tender smiling features and parted hair is riveted to the front.

The Mannheim style of helmet is generally associated with the Roman army operating in the western areas of the Empire during the late Republican era through to the Flavian period. The style arose in the mid-1st century BC at the time of the Gallic Wars, and was clearly influenced by the helmets worn by Celtic warriors. The style persisted up to around 100 AD, and appears to have been prevalent among troops stationed along the Rhine frontier. Though the Mannheim seems to have been popular during this period, examples in this stunning condition are extremely rare. Even more exceptional is the Siren riveted to the front, an extra addition which was likely paid for out of the pocket of the legionary who owned it. 

I don’t believe Cullen’s proposing to Evie in Trespasser was as spur of the moment as we were led to believe. Where did that wedding dress come from on such short notice? Cullen had that dress neatly tucked away in his luggage. No one can convince me otherwise.

Now please excuse me while I go lay down somewhere to think about him carefully folding the dress, placing it in his bag then removing it a moment later. Then putting it back in and taking it out once more. Over and over again. All the while arguing with himself about whether or not it’s a good idea. Praying to the Maker he isn’t about to make a fool of himself. Hoping that maybe just once in his life something will go right. Dreaming of the day he can take his new wife home to Ferelden. When they can leave battles and politics behind to live a simple life and raise their children. 

;___; I just want him to be happy, okay? He deserves all the joy after everything he’s been through.

I shall overcome this

And think

That I

My silk black shirt
My flea market books
My deep blue doubts
My childlike gentleness
My at-night-I-hid-my-tears-under-a-blanket
My raging

That I

I am enough.

—  The Cynical Idealist.

10 ways to grow your social media followers

The competition to gain followers on social has never been fiercer as the majority of brands adopt social media as a fundamental part of their digital strategy. With social metrics used increasingly to gauge the value of a brand it’s vital that you have an active audience.

In our 10 Ways to Grow your Social Media Followers infographic we show you how posting quality content, identifying key influencers in your market and digging deep into your insights can get you those all important new followers and keep you current followers engaged.

Like, I was in training to become a manager at Vector Marketing. I know how deep the rabbit hole goes and these sort of companies absolutely prey on young adults with little to no prior experience.