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what your first choice love interest for "dream daddy" says about you
  • Robert: you like a man that would stab a guy in an alley for you
  • Damien: you never got over your emo phase
  • Craig: you go to the farmer's market, or at least claim to
  • Joseph: you hate yourself
  • Mat: you want a guy that will romance you with bad poetry
  • Hugo: the mo$t important thing to you i$ a man'$ per$sonality and chari$ma, you $wear
  • Brian: you like to be the little spoon
This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handle A National Security Crisis
This Trump supporter says he was at the "center of the action" as Trump dealt with the news that North Korea had just fired a missile in the direction of Japan.
By Mike Hayes

While President Trump handled a national security crisis right in front of dozens of patrons at his Mar-a-Lago hotel in Florida on Saturday, one resort member posted a flurry of photos to Facebook showing Trump reviewing sensitive documents, conferring with top aides, and talking on the phone.

The images also raised questions about the level of access Mar-a-Lago members have to the Trump administration — a seeming blend of government and personal business for the president.

Richard DeAgazio, a Massachusetts businessman and Trump supporter, shared the photos that show he had a front-row seat as Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe handled the response to North Korea’s firing a missile in the direction of Japan.

“HOLY MOLY !!! It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan,” DeAgazio posted. “The Prime Minister Abe of Japan huddles with his staff and the President is on the phone with Washington DC. the two world leaders then conferred and then went into another room for hastily arranged press conference. Wow…..the center of the action!!!”

In an interview with the Washington Post, DeAgazio described the situation unfolding before him at dinner on Saturday night before the two left to hold a joint press conference.

“There wasn’t any panicked look. Most of the people [on the terrace] didn’t even realize what was happening,” DeAgazio said. “I thought he handled it very calmly, and very presidentially.”

This episode is not the only time the DeAgazio, a former president at Boston Capital, whose Twitter profile describes him as a “Consultant ,SAG Actor, entrepreneur, network marketer,” claimed to witness over the weekend.

In another post, DeAgazio claimed to be photographed alongside “Rick” who “carries the “football” — a briefcase that contains all the details necessary to launch a nuclear attack.

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Ring of Roses
-Legendary magical item

The wearer of this ring becomes blissfully unaware of any current perils or strife and the world appears peaceful and serene to their eyes. Effect lasts for 1d10+2 minutes.

Now, I thought this would be a fun thing to see my PCs interact with, as I gave it to one of them via a travelling market merchant who claimed not to know that the ring was enchanted and they had to figure out what was going on with it by themselves.

To my surprise, they actually​ put this to good use, giving it as a gift to appease a greedy baron (then they trashed his castle looking for a secret map, right in front of him).

Pond 1860 Patent revolver

Manufactured by Lucius W. Pond in Worcester, Massachusetts - serial number 581.
.32RF six-round cylinder, single action with spur trigger, bottom-break mechanism with release tab on the side of the frame, cut for a shoulder stock.

Yet another illegal metallic cartridge revolver made during the American Civil War. If you ask me the Union government should have just revoked Rollin White’s patent on bored-through cylinders, it clearly hurt the American firearm market and claimed to cover a system that was obviously not foreseen by its holder.
Then again I’m no patent law expert.

OK so the guys who actually wrote Trump’s book said something that I keep finding increasingly relevant to this fandom: whatever he says about his enemies he’s really saying about himself

They know that they aren’t getting their epic reylo romance (not sure what they were smoking that would make them think they were in the first place) and they’re probably just realizing that Kylie Renner isn’t going to be another White Guy Saved By White Girl VaginaTM and is probs gonna die by the end of the trilogy. We’ve called them out so many times that they have to be aware on some level that a lot of the shit they pull is racist, sexist, and in some cases homophobic (calling Finn Rey’s “sassy gay friend”, in case you were wondering where I got homophobic from)

So what do they do after Rian demolishes all hope they have of reylo in Episode 8? Focus on how Finn fans are angry at the little to no Finn in marketing and claim that they’re upset because reylo actually is happening and for some reason that means we hate Rey too (did you get confused on the mental gymnastics? yeah so did I)

It’s funny that this person claims that we hate Rey and say she’s unimportant, when I follow ALL the major Finnrey/Finn blogs and have never seen anything like that before. But what I have seen is reylos romanticizing Rey’s hatred for Kylo and saying that she needs Kylo to teach her the ways of the force. Did they not see the movie? Rey kicked Kyle Ron’s ass without a lick of training

The Elven servant who dreams of Mythal in Val Royeaux
Dragon Age: Inquisition
The Elven servant who dreams of Mythal in Val Royeaux

So there’s an elven servant who will start speaking about having dreams about Mythal (youtube) after you come back from the Arbor Wilds. 

This same elven character has a few more earlier conversations in the game, and you learn some interesting things about him -> he knows Briala personally, he used to be a Dalish elf from the Arbor Wilds, and the Venatori were asking him where the Temple of Mythal was.

Implications I got from this dialogue: the Sentinel Elves don’t kill Dalish elven children intruders if they stumble across the Temple of Mythal - they just send them away (ಥ﹏ಥ). 

And the Temple of Mythal seems to reveal itself to elves, but hides itself from the Venatori. (This servant gave them directions he was absolutely certain of, but the Venatori came back angry because they couldn’t find the Temple.)

Transcription of the banter under the cut:

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One of Germany’s business associations has claimed that market demand says we need MORE immigration, as we might need up to 6 million more workers by 2030.

This is what basing immigration policy on the market gets you. Literal cultural suicide.

I’ve got one coworker in particular that i usually enjoy talking to when I’m having issues, but whenever I bring up that I feel like I’m in a depressive episode, she always has to start talking about all of the bullshit she has going on (and I’m not saying she’s not dealing with a lot of shit, and she’s a good, hard working person who doesn’t deserve it, but still) and how she ‘just doesn’t let it get her down’.

I know she doesn’t mean it maliciously but I wish she’d realize that I know full and well that a lot of other people have it worse than I do. I get that. But that doesn’t help me. If anything it just makes me feel shittier for complaining.
'They shouted 'this is for Allah', as they stabbed indiscriminately' - How the London terror attack unfolded
The attack came out of the blue and out of the night.

Beneath the shadow of The Shard, Europe’s tallest skyscraper, terror hit Britain’s streets again

At shortly after 10pm, a white B&Q van being driven at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour mounted the pavement at London Bridge and ploughed into pedestrians, knocking them down like skittles. Reports suggested some victims were thrown into the water of the Thames below. Others may have jumped in in an attempt to avoid the speeding vehicle.

The van came to a halt on the south side of the bridge but it wasn’t the end of the carnage. Three men wielding knives 10 inches long began attacking passersby, even entering at least one restaurant to attack Saturday night diners.

One report suggested throats had been slashed by the marauders, likely to be Islamic State-inspired terrorists – although that had not been confirmed by the early hours of this morning.

One eyewitness spoke of the men shouting “this is for Allah” as they stabbed indiscriminately.

The death toll was unclear at first but later rose to six; the number of injured is over 30.

At 1.30am on Sunday, a series of explosions, thought to be controlled, were heard at Borough Market, according to Telegraph reporter Kate McCann at the scene.

Theresa May declared it a terror incident and is returning to London to chair an urgent meeting of Cobra today.

A taxi driver told of the carnage. Giving his name only as Paul, he spoke of seeing several people lying dead or injured on both sides of the road.

Pedestrians screamed in terror as they ran for their lives. “It’s happening,” said one young woman as she raced for cover.

A taxi driver told LBC radio what he saw: “A van came from London Bridge itself, went between the traffic light system and rammed it towards the steps.

It knocked loads of people down. Then three men got out with long blades, 12 inches long and went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people at random.”

What was sadly apparent was that Britain, so shortly after the Manchester Arena bombing, was coming under terrorist attack again. This time, just a few weeks following the Westminster Bridge terrorist atrocity, the capital was being targeted again.

“A white van driver came speeding –probably about 50mph – veered off the road into the crowds of people who were walking along the pavement,” said Holly Jones, a BBC reporter at the bridge.

“He swerved right round me and then hit about five or six people. He hit about two people in front of me and then three behind.

“I’d say there are about four severely injured people. They all have paramedics assisting them at the moment.”

Ms Jones told of how she thought some pedestrians had hurled themselves into the Thames to avoid being hit. It is possible that they were flung into the river after being mown down.

The BBC’s Ms Jones spoke to a Frenchwoman who had been injured in the incident.

She told Ms Jones: “I don’t know where those other two people are. So the police are checking the Thames.

“They were right near the edge of the bridge. It looks potentially they could have been thrown over.”

In the dark river below, police boats were despatched to search the river – apparently looking for people who may have been thrown off the bridge.

At Borough Market, just along from where the van came to a halt, eyewitnesses spoke of seeing one attacker stab his victim “calmly”.

Natalie and Ben were coming up to the entrance of the underground on Borough High Street when they saw lots of people running.

The married couple witnessed someone being stabbed.

Ben said: “I saw a man in red with quite a large blade, I don’t know the measurement I guess maybe 10 inches. He was stabbing a man… he stabbed him about three times fairly calmly.

“It looked [like] the man had maybe been trying to intervene but there wasn’t much that he could do, he was being stabbed quite coldly and he slumped to the ground.

The attacker and another man walked off quite “boldly”.

“A table was thrown, a bottle was thrown at the individual with the knife and then we heard three gunshots and we ran,” he added.

One eyewitness on London Bridge, told the BBC he saw three men stabbing people indiscriminately, shouting “this is for Allah”.

The witness, named as Eric, told how he saw a van driving on the pavement with people running out of the way, before three men got out.

“They literally just started kicking them, punching them, they took out knives. It was a rampage really,” he said. “They headed down towards Southwark Cathedral towards the bar, and starting running at people.

“People at the bar started fighting back. Then the three of them decided to make their way up to the bridge

“A woman was staring at them and they started stabbing her.

“Throughout the whole way across the bridge, there were people littered across bleeding. People were trying to help each other.”

The BBC reported an unnamed eyewitness, a security guard who works across multiple bars and pubs in Borough Market, claiming to have seen a man with a canister strapped to his abdomen.

The eyewitness described people running away screaming from three men.

The police reacted quickly. The terror lasted eight minutes in total before armed police arrived and killed the three terrorists.

Police are undoubtedly going to be looking for associates and accomplices, but they do not believe that there are any more attackers on the loose.

New Tenno Reinforcements!

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The Guandao Collection includes:

Guandao Polearm - Harvest the enemy with this towering polearm. 

Zakti Pistol - Fires razor-sharp darts that anchor themselves in their target before erupting in a plume of toxic gas. 

Mozi Syandana - Windswept ribbons of crimson evoke the war-kites of ancient Earth.

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Sorry, businesses of the US.

I no longer believe complaints that businesses make in the face of any new regulation of any type. Sorry, businesspeople of the world, but you’ve cried wolf too many times; you’ve made too many trips to the “This will destroy business!” well for me.

Every time the minimum wage goes up, out come the cries that “It will destroy jobs!” and “We’ll just pass all the costs right on to the customer!” And yet, the jobs never disappear and we’re not paying thirty bucks for a small pizza.

I remember when the Federal Do-Not-Call List was being created, and the Direct Marketing Association was claiming that this would destroy the telemarketing industry and cost the United States over two million jobs. This did not happen.

I remember restaurants and bars claiming that smoking bans inside buildings would destroy and cripple their industry. That didn’t happen, either.

I get that businesses don’t like being forced to spend money they don’t want to. Hell, nobody really likes being forced to spend money they don’t want to. But I’m done listening to the sob stories and the pleadings of poverty and the warnings of empty storefronts and idle factories as far as the eye can see every time something like a raise in the minimum wage is proposed.

You’re not fooling me, guys.

I need a makeup line designed for scientists

I can see it now…

  • No more unsightly facemask lines! This foundation won’t rub off as you change PPE. 
  • Let your stellar methodology and results be the only things that shine in your lab. These pressed powders maintain a matte look even under hot and humid lab / field conditions.
  • You may have to run after your subjects, but at least this eyeliner and mascara will stay exactly where you put it. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you have any AUs for dolls (creepy ones)?

  • “I thought it would be funny to purchase a copy of that new movie The Conjuring as a gift for my significant other, followed by a well-placed Raggedy Anne Doll that resembled the one from the true story. I was about to spook them with it until the doll seemed to have taken it upon itself to…relocate.” AU
  • “I threw away my barbies and other dolls years ago; they weren’t exactly ‘cool’ anymore. Anyone with a Polly Pocket was considered to be a baby. I wanted to keep them, I really did, but they needed to go. What I didn’t expect to happen was to find them all decapitated on the floor just before their disposal.” AU
  • Character A finds a doll on their doorstep which has a certain something that draws them in; soon after, the doll begins whispering sweet nothings into A’s ear, like the serpent it was. With its tendrils so deep already, it was easy enough to get A to follow its commands…even if it meant harming Character B.
  • A new doll was put on the market that claimed to be able to mimic exactly what a real baby does, right down to eating actual baby food and ‘expelling’ it in a proper manner. Consumers loved the novelty item and purchased them as the ‘perfect’ Christmas gift. What they didn’t know was that the dolls were a bit more real than they originally thought.
  • “There is a legend that says that if you remove a doll’s eyes, they will watch you for the remainder of your life and decide upon your worthiness of having children or not. Depending on your actions, you may not have children, you may have children, or…you may wish you never had children.” AU

The Japanese “MUM” Luger,

After World War II a number of Luger pistols began circulating through the collectible gun market which were claimed to be rare Japanese licensed production models.  These strange Lugers had Japanese Kanji markings indicating factory of production, caliber, as well as the Japanese Imperial Chrysanthemum markings.  For many suckers, this was proof enough that the sellers story was true.  Unfortunately for them, they had just become victims of the humbuggery and flimflammery that is the Japanese “MUM” Luger.

During World War II, Japanese officers were made to purchase their own sidearms.  Since Japanese pistols tended to be of extremely poor quality, it wasn’t uncommon for Japanese officers to buy foreign imports.  German produced Luger pistols were common for sale in Japan.  In addition, the Japanese Army captured and used number of Luger pistols from the Chinese and the Dutch in Indonesia.  Many GI’s who served in the Pacific came home with these pistols as souvenirs, some with ideas on how to make an extra buck or two.  When American forces took over Japanese arsenals and weapons factories, it was not uncommon for Japanese dies and stamps to disappear, smuggled out by American soldiers in order to create a new industry of counterfeit collectible firearms.  Japanese MUM Lugers are an excellent example. Regular German made Lugers were taken, their markings ground off and replaced with Japanese markings. 

The Japanese markings alone are a dead giveaway of their fakery, as the Japanese usually never restamped imported pistols.  In addition, the Japanese Imperial Chrysanthemum was only stamped on rifles, rarely on pistols.  Finally, the Japanese markings themselves are often erroneous as American servicemen and other counterfeiters couldn’t translate Kanji writing.  Many MUM lugers are stamped indicating that they are chambered for “8mm Numbu”, revealing that counterfeiters were using captured stamps for Nambu pistols to mark their fake Japanese Lugers.

nimblermortal  asked:

I keep reading your meta, and - Anakin is going to adopt /so many/ slave kids that the Skywalker tzai recipe becomes, like, the generic, mass-produced Tatooine tzai recipe, and on the one hand that's mildly offensive, and on the other, since for so long Anakin was the only one who knew it, it's kind of awesome.


Okay but I think it would be more likely to go down like this (especially in the double agent universe, where Anakin, much to his disgust, becomes kind of a celebrity post-Empire):

Suddenly, all things Tatooine are in vogue. Which leaves both Anakin and Luke feeling at once disgusted, angry, and darkly amused. After all, no one in the Core worlds cared about Tatooine’s slaves for centuries, but now suddenly their culture is the latest fad?

But no one who’s been trusted with the Skywalker tzai recipe is going to give it up. Various companies try to buy it from them, but nothing works.

Unfortunately, capitalism being what it is, that doesn’t actually matter. Suddenly there is all sorts of tzai on the markets, all of it claiming to be “authentic” and “made according to Tatooine tradition” and, all too often, just straight up claiming to be the “official” Skywalker recipe.

All three Skywalkers are pretty peeved. Eventually some reporter or other will corner Anakin and ask him which of the many tzais available on the market he considers authentic, to which he’ll reply, “None of them. They’re all indigestible swill.” (Hot leaf juice, in fact. Oops, @grand-duc, it seems that Uncle Iroh!Anakin is creeping into this universe, too.)

And of course there will be the inevitable awkward moments when some well-meaning dignitary or politician or other tries to be hospitable by serving the Skywalkers tzai. Luke usually tries to refuse politely or smooth things over, though he doesn’t appreciate it any more than his father. But Anakin is out of patience. Tzai belongs to his people. It’s a sacred thing, a secret passed down among families, never shared with outsiders. People who have no connection to Tatooine’s slave culture can’t serve tzai. They don’t have a recipe. It’s not theirs.

Thoughts on the Cassie Clare Lawsuit (a.k.a. Sharing Opinions is Scary)

I tend to believe the best in people. Historically, I have always been a giver of the benefit of the doubt. This situation is no different.

I want to start by saying I have pretty thoroughly done my research on @cassandraclare’s literary past, all the way back to the plagiarism controversy in her Harry Potter fanfiction writing days. I have looked at the “evidence” of accusations of her cyberbullying others. I read through the complaint and exhibits that have been released regarding the latest lawsuit that has been brought against Cassie by author Sherrilyn Kenyon. I say all of this not to give myself a huge pat on the back or anything, but because I feel it is important to have all of the available facts before formulating opinions.

There is a lot of pretty visceral hate toward Cassie stemming from her alleged plagiarism of her Harry Potter fanfiction back in the early 2000′s and her subsequent handling of the situation. Facfiction is a confusing and murky realm of literature that I have never personally delved into. The whole premise is predicated on piggybacking off of other writers’ characters and stories, so by nature it falls into some pretty gray areas when it comes to plagiarism. Where Cassie got into a sticky situation is that she used direct lines, excerpts, passages, etc. from other books/movie/tv shows in her work and may not have been as clear as she should have been in her citations. She was essentially “punished” for this by the primary fanfiction site removing her writing and account. She probably didn’t handle the entire situation perfectly, as none of us tend to do when we come under fire like that. Mistakes were made, there were consequences. It was what it was. Moving on.

For some people, this alone has been the reason they have clung to for hating Cassie for more than 10 years. For others, they claim that she has a past of “bullying” people who say things against her online. There are all kinds of stories ranging from her tracking down people’s phone numbers to call them and tell them to stop to trying to have someone kicked out of college. From what I have seen, the only substantiated rumor- that is, one that has documented proof- is that she has “bullied” people on Twitter. The evidence presented for that is screenshots of the conversations, which consisted of several people bombarding her with complaints and her responding in defense of her books and the way she chose to end them. She didn’t do it in a belittling or mean way. She did what all of us do when someone criticizes something that we hold important- got defensive. Should she have just ignored them and not engaged in the conversation in the first place? Maybe. There have been dozens of times where I have gotten hateful comments on one of my videos and type out a reply before I think better of it and ignore it. But a person can only take so much, especially when attacks get personal.

So as far as I can tell, these are the main reasons behind the group of people who dislike Cassie. Obviously there are people who just flat-out dislike her books, but the normal response to this is to just, like, not read them and move on with your life. What I find to be unbelievably sad is how many posts and comments I have seen from people that openly talk about how much they hate her and want her to fail. What a terrible way to be towards another person. I have plenty of people that I know personally or that are some type of celebrity that I don’t care for, but that doesn’t mean I wish them ill-will, and that CERTAINLY doesn’t mean that I feel the need to post in a public forum that I want horrible things to happen to them.

Which brings us to the present-day controversy, that author Sherrilyn Kenyon is currently suing Cassie for trademark infringement of her series, Dark-Hunters. One exhibit in particular shows a side-by-side comparison of characters and scenes in Dark-Hunters and The Mortal Instruments. Accusations range from both series having a psychic that lives next door and holds vital information for the main characters to both series having a character that is “tall and handsome.” But in a lot of instances, the descriptions of Cassie’s characters are just inaccurate, which doesn’t help the credibility of Kenyon’s case. 

There does seem to be some credence in the comparisons as a whole, but you have to take a broader look at the common tropes of literature in general. Even JK Rowling has had her Harry Potter series compared with Lord of the Rings (Gandolph = Dumbledore?). The fact of the matter is that no one is reinventing the wheel at this point. The story line of a young person finding out about a secret world and their special powers has been done time and time again. Additionally, many fantasy/sci-fi novels draw from the same folklore and mythology, thus adding to similarities you see between different series. Even further, many popular books (in addition to movies and tv shows) are re-tellings of fairytales and myths. This is the reason that general ideas can’t be copyrighted- if they could, millions of books would have never seen the light of day. It’s all about the the author’s interpretation of the story idea that inevitably has probably been done already. 

Take a look at other art forms. What if a painter said one day, “I have painted a purple daisy, and therefore no one else may paint a purple daisy lest they infringe on my idea?” If you put 1,000 people in a room together and told them to paint a purple daisy, no two paintings would look alike. What about music? If the first person to ever write a song about having their heart broken trademarked it so that no one else could use the same idea, music would have died years ago. But we don’t mind listening to song after song about heartbreak because each one has a unique way of conveying that concept.

People are inevitably going to be influenced by others when they create art, whether it’s visual art, music, or writing. You can’t just file away everything you read, see, or listen to into a compartment where it won’t have any bearing on your own creative work. I have gotten halfway through writing a song only to realize that the melody was the same as a song I had heard recently on the radio. It was totally unintentional- it was just rolling around in my subconscious and I didn’t immediately recognize it. There is a Latin quote, “nihil sub sole novum,” that translates to “there is nothing new under the sun.” You will always be able to find parallels in different works of art if you really set out to.

All of this is my long-winded way of saying I choose to support Cassie until something proves me wrong. She is the only one that knows the truth of what was in her head and heart when she created her books. And if there is e-mail proof that Cassie entered into an agreement that the term “Shadowhunter” would not be printed or used in associated with the TMI series marketing as Kenyon claims, it will come to light. But even in that circumstance, the fault wouldn’t lie with Cassie alone- the publishing company and whoever else handles that part of the business would also be culpable.

My experience with Cassie over the last three years is that she has been kind and supportive of me both as a fan and as a musician. She had no obligation to share “Warrior” with her fans, or to continue to retweet and reblog my subsequent songs based on her books. On the flip side, I suppose she could have had the opposite reaction because “Warrior,” like so many of my other songs, is openly based on a book. She could have told me that I was infringing on her trademark by saying in the YouTube video title that it was based on The Mortal Instruments. But she didn’t, because I truly think she values fan art and her fans.

I hope that you will neither blindly support nor blindly decry her. Rather, take the time to know the facts and only then make an informed opinion.And ultimately, let the justice system to the judging.

lonewolfpawprints  asked:

So, today, I had the idea of a professional hitman who would routinely replace the barrel of his gun after a job in an attempt to keep the bullet's rifling from being matched to his weapon. Would this be viable?

Yes, well, sort of. The ballistics on the bullets would change, but the markings on the spent shell casings wouldn’t. These are things like extractor, firing pin, and ejector all leave unique markings on the shell. This isn’t quite as accurate as bullet striations, but replacing the barrel won’t affect them. To get rid of those you’d basically need to rebuild the gun from scratch each time.

Swapping out weapons would create a situation where, “well, people are getting shot.” Swapping out barrels creates a situation where, “well, there’s this guy who really likes P99s/USPs/whatevers out there shooting people.”

As an investigator, digging through looking for someone who’s chewing through guns like crazy, you’re more likely to find someone who’s just going through the barrels constantly.

With shotguns (loaded with shot shells), there’s no real forensics from the shot, but the shell casing is the forensics. In those cases, swapping out the barrel would be pointless. (There’s a longer discussion on the subject here.)

With high end precision rifles, you can swap out the barrel, but the weapon’s accuracy will suffer for it. If the marketing claims are to be believed, anyway. Which means if you’re character’s a sniper, that’s out.

That wouldn’t matter with a cheap, off the shelf hunting rifle, though, again, replacing it wouldn’t really be that much more expensive.

With automatic weapons, and semi-auto pistols, policing his brass is going to be basically impossible, so the spent shells would expose that it was still the same weapon, even if the barrel was swapped.

Revolvers step around the spent shells issue nicely, since they only eject shells when you empty the cylinder, but you can’t replace their barrels, at least not in most cases. So that’s out.

Also, with some heavier automatic weapons, including LMGs, they actually ship with replacement barrels, because you will overheat them during normal combat use. So this isn’t that strange a concept, really.

Once the ruse is exposed, tying the rounds back to the same shooter in court wouldn’t be that difficult. He’d actually be making the prosecution’s case easier, because forensics with shell casings aren’t as precise, but then he wouldn’t be able to challenge that, “no, the ballistics on the rounds themselves don’t match.”

It’s just safer for your hitman to dispose of used weapons and get a clean one for each job. He might carry a personal backup, that he only uses and replaces in an emergency. But otherwise keeping a weapon around would be a liability. It’s one more thing that ties him back to a corpse, if something goes wrong.



Marketing and advertising can only go so far. At best they can cause someone to try out your products or services. However, most of the most of the profit lies in repeat business and referrals. If the product or service doesn’t follow through on its promises, customers will move on. The lasting impression will be a negative one regardless of what our advertising and marketing claims happen to be. The most important piece of marketing we have is our results. Don’t be the kind of cowboy who’s all hat and no horse! 🎩🐴Happy Friday! 😁😎👍 #integrity #results #marketingquotes #qualitycounts (at Riverside, California)

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His Princess

Summary: There’s a side of Emma Swan that only Killian Jones is privy to. Also on
Warning: disgisting amounts of fluff as per usual
Word Count: ~ 3 200

Emma thinks she has grown quite a bit. Nowadays when Mary-Margaret hugs her she relaxes into it immediately, soaks in her warmth and feels a small content smile tug at the corners of her mouth. She has a mom now, who worries about her being cold and eating enough and hugs her any chance she gets and she has a mom. And when David shows up at the station with coffee for the both of them, she takes it with a smile and thanks him and calls him ‘dad’ and she has a dad now too.

So, yeah, she thinks she has grown quite a bit. And even if she rarely seeks her parents’ affection (because there’s still that small voice in the back of her head, telling her not to be a bother, telling her to just take what they give her, to follow their lead) she certainly never hesitates about accepting it and relishing it and ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ roll off her lips more easily every day and it’s home.

With Killian it’s different. She has no idea what he bribed the little voice with but it never makes a peep when she’s around him. It knows that somehow, no matter how stubborn or annoying she is being, Killian is never bothered, and he has already given her everything he has, everything he is, and he has always led her lead, always given her the power.

And she’s only a bit freaked out when she finds out that it’s that voice in her head that has been putting a muzzle on her inner princess all her life. Without it? Well, only Killian knows what that is like.


It starts rather early in the morning. As soon as her alarm goes off actually.

Emma had never been one to oversleep, not when her bed was only semi-warm and often not nearly comfortable enough to entice someone into rolling around among the sheets.

Now when the annoying sound assaults her ears she scrunches up nose, only burrowing deeper into Killian’s side. She’s warm and her muscles are still aching in the best way possible and he makes this happy little noise in the back of his throat, arm coming around her waist and pulling her half on top of him.

And she would have never pegged Killian as the responsible, ‘get up as soon as the alarm goes off’ type but then again she also wouldn’t have pegged herself as the ‘dating Captain freaking Hook’ type a couple of years ago. It seems to her that there is still a bit too much lieutenant in him and a bit too much fairytale princess in her because he’s the first to crack an eye open and sooner than she would have liked his voice pierces the stillness in the room.

“Rise and shine, Swan.”

Depending on how sleepy she is Emma either whines or growls at him. She rubs her nose against his nipple and kisses the skin just above his ribs and when all she receives in a quiet laugh and a nudge and another prompting to get out of bed, she rolls away so that her back is to him (but still pressed firmly against his body because the need to sulk a bit is no reason to deprive herself of his warmth so early on).

“I don’t wanna,” she mumbles, head half-buried in her pillow, both voice and brain still tainted with sleep and making her sound rather pathetic but she’s in the safety of her own bedroom and it’s Killian and she really can’t bring herself to care that early in the morning. “I’m comfy.”

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