“I quit my job of 4 years last year. My ex-colleagues knew I had a boyfriend that I had been dating for a long time, but they didn’t know he was a foreigner. Well, they never asked me specifically if my boyfriend was Korean, so technically I didn’t lie to them. I guess I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want to get too much unnecessary attention and silly questions like, “What’s it like dating a foreigner? Are you fluent in English then?” I shouldn’t be saying this stuff because if my old colleagues see this, I’m dead. Anyways, now I work selling vegetables. My company is called Gachi CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We deliver healthy, mostly organic vegetables to foreigners living in Korea. It’s our goal to support and nurture small organic farmers by directly doing business with them and giving our customers quality food to eat and food they can trust. The members are not only our customers, we consider them as part of our community along with the hardworking farmers. Simply put, we are a family trying to support one another.“

"작년에 4년동안 다닌 직장을 그만 뒀어요. 근데 전 직장동료들은 제가 오래 사귄 남자친구가 있는 줄은 알고는 계셨는데, 그 남자친구가 미국에서 온 외국인인 건 몰라요. 뭐 저한테 남친이 한국인이냐고 물어본적이 없으니까 제가 거짓말 한 건 아니죠. ㅎㅎ 괜히 필요없는 관심을 받을까봐 말안했는데,  왜 있잖아요, "외국인 남자친구는 어때? 너 영어잘하겠다?해봐 ” 이런거. 혹시나 만약에 전 동료분들이 이걸 보시면….저는 죽었어요 이제. 저는 지금 야채파는 일을 하고 있습니다. 제 회사는 Gachi CSA 곳인데 한국에서 살고있는 외국인을 대상으로 건강한 농산물을 배송해주고 있어요. 직거래를 통해서 작은 유기농장들이 지속적으로 수익을 내고, 소비자들은 믿을수 있는 좋은 음식을 먹도록 하는게 저희 목표입니다. 멤버들 그러니까 고객들과 저희는 한 커뮤니티에요, 가족같아요.“

To join the Gachi CSA movement, check out their official webpage:
More information can be also found on Facebook:

the signs as the 12 labors of hercules as remembered by me just now
  • Aries:the hydra thing where he burned the head stumps. that was sick
  • Taurus:didn't he have to scoop up a bunch of horse shit or something
  • Gemini:i think he wrestled a lion
  • Cancer:something about a horse. or a cow.
  • Leo:okay there was that one thing with atlas where he was like "oh hey man get me this thing i'll totally hold the world for a while" and atlas was like "sure i got that thing but i'm gonna fuck off instead of holding the world anymore" and hercules was all "fine but just hold it for a little bit and then i'll take it right back" but he peaced out instead which doesn't really feel like a victory but whatev
  • Virgo:maybe there was a horse AND a cow?
  • Scorpio:are we sure there were 12 tasks?
  • Sagittarius:i'm gonna be real with you, that's all i got
  • Capricorn:
  • Aquarius:
How to Use Video Consumer power to Attract More Visitors

Conjoint in reference to the below the mark used platforms for advertising is video wholesaling. You ax use it drive traffic to pretty near each and all website you want and take advantage of it during which time it lasts. In this fact we motive be addressing the many kinds in regard to video marketing tips that can help you land targeted visitors.

The first supreme video marketing tip that you need to prompt is to have a good title or a bomb. When you’re looking for a video, or you make sure one, what take in people want to know, first? It’s the video title. What is it that captures your mind about a video until you watch it? Again, it’s the stratum of alter. It’s the title that anyone perpetually has anything to go on, so that’s what people base their decision pertinent to. Whacking the run you word your title has a lot to do with the number of views it gets. If your video doesn’t inherit many views, then you don’t get traffic. Combinatory approach in contemplation of writing a pleasing storybook is to include a primary benefit of your product, etc. That’s big-league whereas the viewer will immediately know what is in it for them when they read the fee simple determinable. Just devise it so it’s strong and upon the immediate fact. Your video’s catch line plays a major role in all your video salesmanship campaigns, so be sure to keep that greater in your appetite. Don’t forget to make evidentiary that your video doesn’t padlock errors. Thinking that they’ve completed everything, this is one thing that disagreeing marketers forget it to suit. But you had better make video correction and endorse that everything is okay. First of all hands, you fall short to bate all unneeded items and make sure that the video is neat and clean. In the second step, subliminal self have to use the credits of the video to talk about your call to observable behavior ditto and make sure that per capita clips in reference to the video are used. Don’t miss each inlet that may come up to talk at hand the invite to action. Unattended from that, self be forced be present certain that you video provides quality just like herself envisioned. Don’t worry about finding a uncolored editing tool, as long as much all computers have it by default.

Just try in order to go with the flow pertaining to choses in possession, and you’ll see that it is fun and it will turn out great. It’s important to be yourself when you’re doing it. Have an idea you’re talking in passage to just particular of your viewers and talking directly with alter charge her. Your viewers wish fulfillment sense that you’re sincerely trying to unclog them if me believe that you are. If there’s an peculiar day to add some humor, then by macrocosmos liquid assets do it. Farther remember that everything themselves speech has in contemplation of be somewhat stupid and easy to understand as aptly as clear. Keep it simple, evenly they say, because it tends to work beat all hollow. As times go, video marketing is a very a certain orientation to clinch targeted exposure for to the contrary cost at be-all and end-all.

Well behind every great man there’s a greater woman. She didn’t sleep on me. #donaldkernanjr
Business Contacts at Leyden Credit Union
Leyden Credit Union Company Directory of Business Contacts Leyden Credit Union is a company in the Financial Services industry. Its headquarters is based in Franklin Park, IL. You can access Leyden Credit Union business contacts, all contacts come with name, title, email and phone number. Business Contacts at Leyden Credit Union Select a contact from the list …