Love Gov: An Education in Debt

This is a clever short series about a relationship between a woman and her overbearing boyfriend, called Gov, who slowly starts to control and ruin her business and eventually her life. You may notice a metaphor or two.

Part 2: Protection from Jobs

Part 3: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices

Part 4: House Poor

Part 5: Keeping a Close Eye on Privacy
Fear of Selling & How to Overcome It | Artsy Shark
Guest blogger Mckenna Hallett addresses one of the biggest fears that artists have: selling their work. She shares strategies for closing all types of prospects

We all here about how many of use just keep our heads down and don’t engage? where’s a lovely blog post on an amazing site for artists. 

Here’s also another piece thats awesome when you hear ‘do you have a website?” or “I’ll come back later”

Economic Profile

The jewel of Central Alberta ~ considered to be one of the major tourism resorts in Alberta with 1.3 million visitors annually

Population 2014 – 15,299 (includes lake villages)

Local commercial trading area population ~ 28,000

Red Deer (population 12 minutes away) ~ 98,000

Central Alberta market for destination travel and specialized retail ~ 310,000

Median household income of $92,060 (2014) with 16% above $150,000

One of the fastest growing communities in Canada (Statistics Canada)

Rocky Mountains, Banff, Jasper west, for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, off-road motor sport, adventure travel, and the most beautiful Sunday drive you could ever imagine.
The NHL’s Growth Problem (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Non-Traditional Market Pt 1)

As I’ve mentioned before, I come from a marketing background. It’s what gave me a basis for all my analytical work, and why I find the “business” side of hockey just as appealing as the “play” side of hockey – I’ve always been curious about how and why people spend their money.

A lot of people think marketing is just putting together advertising campaigns like in Mad Men, and while ads are certainly an important part of what marketers do, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think of marketing like this – psychology, but for profit.

Through marketing operations, companies are attempting to create an emotional connection with their audience in order to influence the purchasing patterns and pricing thresholds of that audience.

Persona 4 AU where everything is the same except one day Yosuke just decides to buy a bunch of Lush bath bombs and dump them in the Samegawa. It would be a giant mess. An expensive, colorful mess.

Heavy Haul Information & Fleet        

Borger Transportation Ltd. is an entity whose inception was a result of the synergistic combination of all of the various transportation divisions within the Borger Group of Companies.
       Today, Borger Transport boasts a fleet of more than 20 pieces which vary from a tandem axle picker truck, complete with 22T crane, all the way up to 100T, 76 wheel trailers that measure 150 feet in length. Whatever your transportation requirements, Borger has the ability to accommodate your needs in every season. Borger is strategically positioned to service the construction and oil and gas sectors in Western Canada.

In addition to having one of the most experienced teams in the industry, Borger is unique in its customer service offerings. Borger’s mission is “to be the turn to company for all of our strategic partners.” With Borger, you can view the progress of your loads “real time” on your phone via the satellite system as well as enjoy the benefits of our 24 hour on-call service. It is all part of a hassle free delivery promise and commitment to be on time every time.

The Borger team always puts safety first. Safety of personnel and your cargo is priority #1. Through dedication to safety, Borger was awarded the silver medal as Canada’s Safest Employers 2013.

Calgary Public Relations      

Our Calgary PR services are handled through Matterhorn PR. Over the past several years we’ve placed our clients media and gotten interviews with ABC, MSNBC, Maclean’s, CBC, Global, The New York Times and many others. We also provide media coaching, PR skills training for your staff, and general media management.
Freebie: Responsive Sports Icon Set (40×4 Icons, AI, CSH, PNG, PSD, Sketch, SVG)

Free icons are always great to spice up our work with minimal effort. Today, we’re happy to release a free set of 40 sports icons in four styles and six formats. Each icon in this set comes in four styles: flat colored, glyph, Google material palette, and line strokes. Additionally, the line icons morph into four responsive sizes, comprising a unique icon at every breakpoint. That way, details adjust according to size while preserving the icons’ style and identity.

All icons are included in six formats: AI, PSD, SVG, PNG, CSH and Sketch. We’ve optimized the SVG format, producing really light and small-size files that will enhance your websites’ and applications’ performance. Additionally, it makes creating web fonts a lot easier. The set is still in its infancy with plenty more icons currently in production. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Every icon in the set is named and archived in the appropriate folder, which makes finding icons very easy.

Colored style. (View large version3)

Filled glyphs. (View large version5)

Responsive line stroke. (View large version7)

Google material palette. (View large version9)

Download The Icon Set For Free!

Insights From The Designer

“With responsive design thriving, the need for scalable iconography increases. After all, adaptability is key. Simply scaling an icon won’t do: details get lost during downsizing, lines disconnect or overlap, and minimalistic icons don’t always suffice when enlarged. We decided to create an extensive library of responsive icons, or in other words, icons that adapt. Whether your design needs detailed flat-style icons, glyphs or simple line strokes of any size, we’ve got them all.”

We sincerely thank Ramy Wafaa12 for the design — we appreciate your time and effort, and please do keep up the brilliant work.

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Record de P&G en los Leones de Cannes 2015

Terminaron los Leones de Cannes y la empresa que más obtuvo premios este año fue Procter & Gamble.

Compitieron más de 40,000 campañas en diferentes disciplinas, desde construcción de marca, relaciones públicas, diseño, comunicación y otras más. Solamente el 10% de todas ellas se ganan un lugar en la lista de las mejores de cada categoría y solo una o dos son las que pueden presumir llevarse un Grand Prix, el mayor premio de todos.

En esta participación, P&G y sus agencias lograron 36 Leones, haciendo de este el festival con el mayor número de galardones para la compañía en los 62 años del festival.

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