Here’s my marker comp for the Heritage Stamp project. I spent way more time on this one than I have in the past, mostly because I got wrapped up in my love for microns. I also wanted to get some of the color figured out since I’m doing a semi-monochromed piece. I’m excited/nervous to get working on this one. IT’S GONNA BE HUGE.

A new project! This is my marker comp for our World Record project. Can you guess what record it is? I’ll tell you: WORLD’S LONGEST LEGS at a great 51.9 inches! Some decision making that went on during this marker comp: “How should I deal with the composition?” “How detailed should I render the little construction dudes?” “Where should this scene take place?” “Do I need color on the wall?” “How can I get away with baby blue?" 

And check that out… A nice tiny red "ok” at the bottom. Woo! Let’s move on.