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Circus performer Maud Wagner began her career as an aerialist and contortionist. She met tattoo artist Gus Wagner at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, where he billed himself as “the most artistically marked up man in America”. The two married several years later, and she learned how to give traditional “hand poked” tattoos as his apprentice. Through these lessons, she became one of the first known female tattoo artists in the United States.

shionch  asked:

Melkor in 6B please? Or Mairon in 8C?

“Thanks for letting me top, Melkor.”
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70% change i draw both suggestions but don’t count on it unless it’s really really cute. also testing out new brushes. weh.


Decided to do logo/poster designs for Youtube celebrities. I always thought that would be a cool idea. So here is number one in another series I’m doing! I couldn’t find nice photos of his usual logo, so I ended up redrawing it.

Amanda Starlein Illustrations


     I added a nice display frame for the poster!

Lunch break sketch of (mind you) one frame of clean up from my Markiplier animation. This is gonna take much longer than I originally anticipated….but I'mma get it done for my own fun and practice. This has actually caused me to work and push my expressions more, as well as get back to creating more interesting poses. Stay tuned either end of this week or the next for the final anim. I’ll post my progress as I go.

Tumblr user mldr made me listen to the 1977 interview with the sassholes and I have some observations:

- they’re all literally their characters I’m crying
- at least Mark is there to reign him in. Sort of. He tried once.
- Mark Hamill is a cinnamon roll, too good, too pure for this world
- “Harrison if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” honestly I’m done
- mldr bless you for sending me this
- Carrie say something you’re uncharacteristically quiet it’s unnerving

The dangerous discourse of the "friendzone"

No matter how you slice it, however, there’s a relentless drumbeat of messages targeting young men that amount to framing sex not as an activity two people enjoy together for their own reasons, but as a commodity that women possess and dole out based on a metric that is viewed as “unfair”. That when a woman you likes has sex with another man, he is taking something that “belongs” to you, something you “earned” by being meeting the minimum standard of human decency. (Or so you think. Passive aggressively lingering around someone who is trying to find away to politely tell you to buzz off is one Nice Guy® tactic, and that’s intensely rude and not nice at all. Giving overly extravagant gifts and putting someone on the spot? Also rude. Guilt tripping someone for not wanting you? Super rude. Assuming, without evidence, that a guy that a woman is dating must be an asshole because he’s not you? Nasty. Spinning out bullshit theories accusing women of being incapable, as a sex, of wanting what is good for them? Awful. I could go on, but you get the drift.) Once they’re worked up into this sense of entitlement, such young men are perfect marks for the “pick-up artist” industry.

Now, there are definitely guys who get into pick-up and start to see that the “be an asshole” strategy is gross, and many of them, now that they’re actually out there talking to women, start to realize that women are a diverse group and that dating is less about securing the first “hot” woman you can pick off the herd and, instead, is about trying to find a mutually fulfilling relationship, whether for a night, a year, or many years.

Then there are guys who get disillusioned with PUA because they correctly surmise that there’s no “trick” to make women like you, but they continue to subscribe to the misogynist theory that women have failed them by not giving them the sex they believe they’ve earned. Elliot Rodger boldly, inarguably identified as one of those men.

This stuff was a problem before this shooting, because the attitudes you see on display here are hateful to women and misleading to men. But now it’s become deadly.

Amanda Marcotte