Every decent writer has to have a great tool.  My tool of choice has long been the Mac-based Markdown editor Mou. Created as a spare-time project by a developer named Chen Luo, the editor is now the target of an IndieGoGo campaign, which you can donate to over here.

Mou makes writing such a pleasure, and I’ve written thousands of articles on it over the years. But it’s long been running on donations, only. A crowdfunding campaign could truly push it over the edge as it aims for more features. Consider this an endorsement of an amazing tool. — Ernie @ SFB




そして、「結局、また新しい記述方法を覚えるんだったらHTMLでいいよ」とか言われてしまうんです。「これ覚えてもMovable Typeでしか使えないんでしょ?」と言われて、「いや、マークダウンは汎用的なもので、最近はいろんなサービスが対応して…」と反論しようとして、ふと思いました。日本のサービスで、一般の人が使うようなものってほとんどないなと。


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So Tumblr added @-mentions not too long ago.

Here’s what you type into the WYSIWYG editor:


It gets displayed as:


If you switch to HTML mode, the markup looks like (without newlines):

<a class="tumblelog">

Unless you save the post first, in which case you get:

<a class="tumblelog" href="">

If you try to use an @-mention in plain text or Markdown mode, meanwhile, the resulting markup is:


Notice anything missing? To get a proper link, you actually have to use (again, sans newlines):

<a class="tumblelog">

But be careful when you try to quote that markup in your post, because if you don’t escape it somehow, it’ll get transformed into:

<a class="tumblelog" href="">

Even in the middle of an indented Markdown code block.

Seriously, get it together, guys.

a public list of R freelancers

tl,dr: If you want to be contacted for freelance R work, edit this list


Background/Problem: I was looking for a list of R-programming freelancers and realised there is no such list.

Other than famous people and people I already talk to, I don’t know even a small fraction of the R community–let alone people who do R among other things and don’t participate in the mailing lists or chatrooms I do.

This is actually a more general problem since anyone looking to hire an R programmer will find a wall of tutorials if they


Solution: I thought about making a publicly-editable website where freelancers can put their contact info, specialty areas, links to projects, preferred kind of work, rates, and so on.

Of course, I’d have to make the login system. And validate users. And fight spam. And think up some database models, change the fields if someone suggests something better…. And it would be nice to link to StackOverflow, Github, CRAN, and …

The more I thought about it the more I favoured a solution where someone else does all the work. GitHub already has a validation system, usernames, logins, and a publicly editable “wiki”. MVP. No maintenance, no vetting, no development. GitHub already shows up in google so whoever searches for “hire an R programmer” will find you if you put your details there.

It’s actually unbelievable that we’ve had R-Bloggers as a gathering place for so long, but nowhere central to list who’s looking for work.

So I committed which is a markdown file you can add your information to, if you want to be found by recruiters who are looking for R programmers. Forking is a good design pattern for this purpose as well. Add whatever information you want, and if you think I’m missing some fields you can add those as well. Suggestions/comments also welcome below.


Theme Spotlight | Readymade Lite and Lytton Lite for Ghost

Our fleet of Ghost themes continues to expand with the release of Readymade Lite and Lytton Lite. These themes share roots with their Tumblr forebears, offering similarly polished aesthetics, intuitive organization, and attention to detail.

Lytton Lite’s bold header and single-channel layout deliver unmistakeable visual spirit. Go ahead, post your photo series of chain link fences and see how wonderful Lytton Lite makes them look. Brand yourself with a custom header and logo. Be a minimalist and opt for a sleek navy background. Or express your fun side with a .GIF header image.

Readymade Lite also sports a robust single-channel display. Give your bio and contact information a place of its own by taking advantage of the “About” page’s crisp overlay design. Tuck your navigation into the thoughtfully organized sidebar, and draw attention to your sure-to-be striking header image.

Like our other Ghost themes, Readymade Lite and Lytton Lite use Markdown language, promising a simple and pleasurable blogging experience. A slew of Markdown quick codes makes any formatting truly easy.

Check out Readymade Lite’s demo here and Lytton Lite’s demo here. Pick them up for $25 each.

More on Ghost and blogging platforms

itsagreatbigbeautifultomorrow said: Ghost looks really cool. In the opening video, I swear though, it said it is free and will try to remain free. But I signed up and then it told me how much it cost to have blogs. Did I miss something?

» SFB says: Ghost is open-source, meaning it’s free as in speech, meaning you can download the software and do what you want with it—as long as you have a host. (A host is something, BTW, that Ghost offers for a modest monthly fee.) Tumblr is free as in beer, which means you can use it, but you don’t own the platform and have no control over it. Ghost is a more modern platform, though the distribution model is closer to WordPress than Tumblr. — Ernie @ SFB

Test 2 Using Markdown

Here is another test using markdown and mars edit
*If this works, it will be great!* ###You can do things in plain text that will render the correct html text!### *This does not work yet*