markdawursk photography

Here’s a shot of some of my Hydra Head stuff from over the years. Since it’s dark in the room where I keep most of my records, I overlooked some crucial items, but you get the idea. I do have to get up early and didn’t really feel like tearing apart the house to find all my stuff. But I felt like sharing this image, anyhow.

I’ve been doing homework, and celebrating the output of HHR this evening. Although, it’s not much different than any other day, really.

Notable items: Cave In pint glass, Old Man Gloom-Christmas Eve 3" CD, Cable/Cavity/Overcast/Jesuit-In These Black Days 7’, Coalesce-0.12:Revolution In Listening LP, Cave In/Botch-In These Black Days 7’,Botch-Anthology Of Dead Ends 10’. 

Omitted: Khlyst mouse pad, Khlyst 10 color silk screen poster, numerous other show posters, stickers, and various paraphenalia.

Well, I guess it’s good news for the eBay trolls this week. Gonna be a bummer for me to get my hands on that Neurosis-In These Black Days 7’, huh?