How We Met

Hi, everyone! We’re so sorry for being so inactive. We’ve been quite busy for a long time, and, well, our writing muses went on a vacation as it seems. Anyways, we’re slowly getting back on track with the blog. Well, for me it’ll be really slow since it’s my senior year and I’m getting ready for college. We’re all planning on coming back here, I swear.

As an apology from me though, here’s a MarkBum scenario that’s a bit random. I’m quite rusty after a long while of not writing, but hopefully y’all can enjoy this!


The weather was nice out. It also brings beautiful natural lighting. Beautiful lighting means good pictures. Good pictures means money, but mostly happiness to Jaebum. Being a location scout isn’t easy, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. Today was pretty exceptional, though. It was clear outside, but it’s not too hot with just enough cloud cover to bring out the beautiful locations that he had to take pictures of.

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Jackson would pick Mark if he were to pick a girlfriend in GOT7 because he wants a girlfriend who has healthy skin like Mark.

Jackson is jealous Mark picked JB to be his girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋ

Mark would pick JB to be his girlfriend because he can make decision and Mark’s weak point is that he can’t make decisions.