See all yall wanted to dump this season for being boring, but in the last 5 hours we had:

Josh and Jessica fight

Christmas and Jessica’s hoh room talk with Christmas told Jessica off in front of her face

Mark going off and talking shit about Jody

Matt, Mark, Raven forgetting Jillian’s name on eviction night and almost called her Julia

Elena talking about how she really does not want to be in a showmance with Mark

All the girls talking about Jessica’s messed up hair

All the girls talk trash about Jody

Elena painting Kevin’s nails

Things that are crust as fuck

1. Realtree
2. Mossy Oak
3. Little Cesar’s pizza
4. 211 Steel Reserve
5. Taaka Vodka
6. Carhartt
7. Walls (workwear)
8. Dollar stores
9. Wal-Mart
10. Bottom shelf booze
11. Knives
12. Utility belts
13. Graffiti
14. Markal
15. Food stamps
16. Free healthcare
17. Tracphone
18. Boost mobile
19. MetroPCS
20. Cricket wireless
21. Obamaphone
22. No service iPhone
23. Rail fans
24. Knowing the quality of dog foods
25. Boy Scout survival skills

“I have lost three my children in early 1990s. They were quite young, and I loved them very much. When the war broke out, we fled in fear of our safety. We had to walk for hundreds of miles. There was little food, and I remember my children complaining about the heat and the thirst, especially the youngest. I carried them as much as I could on my back, but there was so much I could do. They were such happy children, always smiling. Their smiles instilled hope, that whatever happens if we stick together and I protect them as much as I can, things will work out. Once we reached a safe area, we set camp and waited it out. Unfortunately, the war followed us to our safe haven. In the midst of the screams of the young, the shrieks of the women, the chaos, people fleeing, I lost sight of my beautiful children. Without a trace, they disappeared. I refused to despair and tried to look for them. I’ve visited so many nearby villages and towns and prayed to God to help me locate them. My wife accepted their fate but I couldn’t. The single image of their smiles kept me going, instilled hope in me that they were alive and well. For many decades, I kept the hope alive, but it was until recently that I gave hope. I’ve accepted that they are in much better place and if they’re still alive, I pray that God unites us with them.”

(Dadaab Refugee Camp)

“Waxaa iga lumay 3 caruura bilowgii 1990-yadii, caruur aad u yar ayey ahaayeen, aad baan ujeclaa. Markii dagaalkii ahliga dhacay waanu soo qaxnay, waxaanu lugaynay boqolaal mayl. Waxaanu wajahnay cunto yaraan, weli waaan xasuusta caruurtayda oo ka cabanaya kuleelka iyo haraadka weliba midka ugu yar. Waxaan ku qaaday dhabarkayga ilaa intii aan awoodi karayey, laakiinse waxbadan u qaban karayey jiray,  waxay ahayeen caruur markasta faraxsan dhiila cadeeya. Farxadoodu waxay igu abaaurtay rajo, waxkasta oo dhaca si wada-jir ah waxaan ku dedaali jiray in aan ilaaliyo ilaa xad inta aan awoodi karo. Si wacan bey noloshu noogu shaqaysay markii aanu soo gaarnay goob nabad ah. Waxanu degnay waanu sugnay, nasiib darro hadana  dagaalkiiba soo gaaray goobtii amaanka ahayd isla markaana aanu joognay. Oohinta caruurta iyo qaylada dumarka, dadkii oo is dhexyaacay hadana markale waanu qaxnay. Waan waayey aragii caruurtaydi quruxda badnayd, waa iga lumen, waan diiday in aan ka tago, waan isku dayey in aan raadiyo. Waxaan booqday dhamaan xafadahii  u dhawaa goobta waxaan ilaahay ka baryey inuu isoo celiyo caruurtaydi. Xaaskaygu waa ku samirtay laakiin aniga waa igu adkaatay. Waxaan xasuusta noloshoodi iyo farxadii ay ku jireen, waxay igu abuurtay rajo ah in ay noolyihiin. Wakhti dheer kadib, weli rajadaydi waa noolayd, laakiin wakhti dhowayd hada waan ka samray, waxaan aqbalay in ay joogaan meel halkan ka wacan, hadii ay weli noolyihiin, waxaan ilaahay ka baryayaa inuu isu kaaya soo celiyo.”

(Xerada Qaxootiga ee Dhadhaab)

anonymous asked:

Hi!I want to read about celtic warrior women, do you know any original source or something about it? especially about celtiberian women, thanks :)

Hi anon, sorry for the late reply. Here’s a brief list of resources, but I will be doing additional research and posting historical quotes, extracts from books and other related posts. Hope this helps!

Online sources:

- Ancient Celtic Women and the historians who loved/hated them
- Famous Celtic women in history
- Celtic Warrior Women (Mythology)
- Celtic Women


- Women of the Celts - Jean Markale
- Celtic Myth and Religion - Sharon Paice MacLeod
- Wild Irish Roses: Tales of Brigits, Kathleens, and Warrior Queens - Trina Robbins
- Creating Form from the Mist: The Wisdom of Women in Celtic Myth and Culture - Lynne Sinclair-Wood
Women of the Celts - Jean Markale
- Boadicea: warrior queen of the Celts -  John Matthews
- Celtic women in legend, myth and history - Lyn Webster Wilde

Gallery: X


French filmmaker Adrien Selbert was 7 when the Bosnian War started in 1992, and he’s never forgotten the horrible images he saw each night on TV. Even now, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains politically and economically fractured, its people divided by ethnicity and religion.

Selbert has explored these themes in previous works. He returns to them in The Real Edges, an ongoing series of moody vignettes. His scenes teem with contrasts. In one, a woman relaxes with a cigarette in Markale square, where dozens of civilians died in two bombings during the siege of Sarajevo. In another, a priest baptizes a child in Pale, a Serbian stronghold during that same brutal siege.

MORE. Haunting Photos of Life 20 Years After the Bosnian War

I usually don’t get into K-Pop issues because it’s all so ridiculous .. but this is out of control.


You are all upset Yugyeom is “drinking” but are you serious? You aren’t complaining when Yugyeom is humping the stage right? Oh yeah, he’s not underage then. If underaged drinking is the biggest problem you have right now with the world then you seriously need to reevaluate your life. He deserves a drink. He works so hard. He is also BARELY illegal. Are you kidding, and then calling him and JB fat is DISGUSTING. He’s so tiny. People like you are what cause eating disorders.

Bam Bam

Oh, how the tables have turned. You LOVE it when he embraces black culture. But now you mad? It’s only ok for YOU to say the N word, right? Because it’s not harmful? Why is it not harmful when YOU say it? Anyone with even an ounce of a brain would know he was “meaning it” in the same way you mean it when you say it with your friends. There is NOTHING racist about any members of GOT7. NO one should be saying the N word. If it’s so harmful then why would you say it just because you’re black? You should be the first one NOT to say it. Lead by example. YOU ultimately made it part of your culture, he just wants to embrace it. And you love that, remember?


All I have to say is it’s MARK’S body. Not yours. Are you serious? YOU HAVE NO SAY IN WHAT TATTOO HE HAS OR DOES NOT HAVE. You fans are possessive and controlling and crazy human beings. Also, Mark please get better friends because they did you fucking dirty, obvi.


If you have something to say, my ask box is open. I’m a MIXED GIRL and GOT7 has made me feel nothing but LOVE.

Miscellaneous Fic Master Post

Basically anything that doesn’t fit in with Crystal White <3 listed in order of main character/pairing! Some of these are gift fics for people & is usually mentioned in the start of the fic if they are.

Abelas (mostly Abelas/Lavellan)

Solas (mostly Solas/Lavellan)



Suledin (slavetothemocha‘s ridiculously precious Temple of Mythal OC)


1. The “Momo” and “Uzeir” twin towers burn on Sniper Alley in downtown Sarajevo during the Serbian shelling of the Bosnian capital on June 08, 1992, in the first months of the Bosnian Genocide. (Photographer: Georges Gobet)

2. In a repeat attack on the Markale market, Serbs killed 68 Bosniak civilians and wounded 144 on February 5, 1994 (Photographer: Georges Gobet)

3. Seven-year-old Bosniak child, Nermin Divovic, lies mortally wounded in a pool of blood as unidentified American and British U.N. firefighters arrive to assist after he was shot in the head by Serbian snipers in Sarajevo Friday, November 18, 1994. The U.N. firefighters were at his side almost immediately, but the boy died outright. Serbs terrorized Sarajevo civilians and killed at least 1500 children in the besieged Bosnian capital. (Photographer: Enric Marti)

4. Smoke and flames rise from houses set on fire by attacking Serb forces in the village of Ljuta on Sarajevo’s Mount Igman on July 22, 1993.  (Reuters Photo)

5. A gravedigger in the besieged Sarajevo buries the bodies of Bosniak civilians in a Muslim cemetery on January 28, 1993. During the siege of Sarajevo, Serbs killed 10,000 residents, including more than 1500 children, in one of the worst episodes of the Bosnian Genocide. (Photographer: Antoine Gyori)


It’s the Adult Swim promo we were surprised the lawyers approved!
Come with us on a journey deep inside co-director Greg Sharp’s problematic feelings towards squeezy sauce toppings.

Written, designed, animated by Greg Sharp
Additional animation by Vincent Tsui ( and Nikhil Markale (
Voice by Chelsy-Lee Ordonez De Cross
Sound design by James Brown ( & Adult Swim
Produced by Adult Swim