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Snk Tarot Parallels: The Strength Card and The Ackermans.

Others: Eren and The Hermit / Ymir Fritz and The Stars .

For my extremely spoiled traitor anon. I really think I am spoiling him so much for a traitor. But my ego likes being spoiled by him as well damn it! Spoiled, spoiling, spoilers :’((

I’ll explain this in two major titles:

  • Part 1: Tarot Interpretion: Ackerman Family and Card Parallels.
  • Part 2: Mythology Interpretion: Gılgamesh and Enkidu, Fritz and Ackermans.

Part 1: Tarot Interpretion

This card symbolizes:

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Understanding

This card symbolizes strength, oh wow, but not just physical strength, also a mental and spiritual strength as well.

Ok, first things first. I want to explain the way I analyze Ackerbond first here. I have seen some people considering The Ackerbond contains the romance also, but even though I enjoy their ships, I am not agreeing with them. This is not a ship-hate, this is an analyze post. 

I think Ackerbond is more like platonic love. It may include romantic love, but it doesn’t have to. Just because it is some kind of love, does not always means it is sexual love. Platonic love and Eros love may sometimes be hard to separate because we people are usually witnessing Eros and looking for themes like soulmate in our lives.

Platonic love is an emotional and spiritual relationship between a couple that does not involve sexual desire. Like the way you love your best friends, family, king, president, country, destiny or god. We love them, but we do not except a response in any way. I highly associate Ackerbond with platonic love, and also with the religious belief.

Please don’t take this as an insult to your beliefs, the god I am talking about is the metaphoric God in philosophy.

To Ackermans, their liege is the center of their world. That is why they are ready to do anything for them, but just because they are doing this does not mean their bond has to be a sexual bond. 

For their gods, people can to do anything. They built, kill, art and do many more things to reach them, to honor them. Ackerbond also has the same concept.

Why do I feel like this is going to make me write a longass post *sighs*

Let’s begin to analyze the card!

  • The young lady in the card subdues the lion, or the beast, through her compassion, love and understanding, through her inner strengths. She is able to calm the beast down not with muscle force, but with her inner strengths that helps her to manage this even more.

I think the beast here is the great strength that lies within every Ackerman. They have been highly associated as monsters in the manga before. But to control the Ackerbeast that lies beneath them, every Ackerman needs the help of the young lady, their liege. Forcing or beating an Ackerman does not help him to control their power, but kindness and understanding does it in so many ways.

Chapter 6.

Chapter 69.

Chapter 76.

The young maiden in the card is their liege to Ackermans. She subdues the Beast that lies inside them with her compassion, love, with her inner strengths. There is a wild fire burning inside Ackermans, and their liege is the one that helps them to control it.

This wild fire represents not just strength, but also wishes and dreams. There are also a source for strength as well. 

Mikasa wanted a warm family like her dad and mom had. After Eren became her liege, Eren he became her family.

Kenny always have been drunk on strength and he thought he was the strongest man in the world. After he met Uri, he realized how what actual strength is and Uri became his liege.

I don’t know what Levi’s wishes and dreams are, in canon. So if I’d write them here, they’d be head canons that is why I am passing him since we don’t have the full story of how Erwin became Levi’s liege.

Now let’s look take a look behind the scenes!

  • The Mountains: Challenges that has to become defeated, accomplishments that need to be reached.

I don’t even think I have to explain it but I still am gonna!

For Mikasa, being with Eren and protecting him no matter what is her biggest challenge.

Chapter 45.

For Levi, their accomplishment that needs to be reached was taking back Wall Maria and is freeing humanity as stated in Answers Guidebook translated by @ningen-suki 

But to Levi, Erwin is the person who once said to him, “let’s save humanity together”. So in that moment, Levi thought, “Isn’t that different to what he said before?” (laughs)

-Isayama, about Erwin and Levi’s bond. HERE.

For Kenny and specially for Uri, their biggest accomplishment was becoming friends, as Uri stated so. He even called it a miracle.

Chapter 69.

I don’t know about you but that wreath seems too little, sorry for that! What is important is it’s meaning!

  • Wreath: It symbolize completion and infinity (circle). A wreath or crown around the maiden’s head is a symbol of victory.

This can be read as the victory of liege as they took control of The Ackerbeast that lies within them, but I want to read it in a different way.

The infinity may also can be interprate as the infinity circle of Ackermans running after their liege and looking for their understatement.

Kenny chased after Uri even though it has been years after his death. He was thinking about him even in his last moments. He was able to understand him right before he died himself.

No matter what, Ackermans are running in an infinity circle after their liege, they are trying to reach them. Until who knows how long.

This young lady and the Beast also associated with the Epic of Gılgamesh, oh wait! Wrong post! Spoilers :’)

Tarot analyze is over, however there is a part 2 waiting for me to write. Tarot analyze is over, now myth analyze and a challenge for me is about to begin!

Stay tuned for part 2!

Thank you all for reading! Wish you best and spoilers :’((


Ok, so here’s a weird one.

I saw someone else post about the glee auction raffle that registered bidders were apparently entered into, and I honestly don’t remember that. But I received this in a package this week, and it was marked ‘raffle’ on the box.

I *think* (and by that I mean maybe 85% sure) that this is the toothpaste and the toothbrushes from the 'You Make Me Feel So Young’ sequence.

I watched it, and the toothpaste seems right, but you can’t really see the toothbrush Kurt is holding and Blaine never uses his. I don’t know/remember if we see these in any other season 5 New York sequences. (And it is definitely not the toothbrush Kurt is using in season 4 when he and Santana are arguing at the sink while Rachel takes a shower.)

Since people like to see these things I thought I post them, but if anyone can confirm where they’re from, or has a good screen cap of the toothbrushes from any scene I’d love to see it.

(Of course, when I told a friend the first thing she said was 'oh thank god, you don’t have enough random Glee shit’. Bahahahaha!)

☆ *: .。. Prepare Yourselves .。. :* ☆

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Pumpkin Spiced Candied Almond Raffle Mark II!

“Oh my goodness, it’s like the god of happiness and joy is making out with me.”

-A Previous Winner

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