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Facebook's Zuckerberg sues to gain 'quiet title' to Kauai lands

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who bought 700 acres of land on the North Shore of Kauai in 2014, has filed several lawsuits in Hawaii’s state Circuit Court to force fractional owners of several dozen small parcels of land, local Hawaii families who have had rights to the properties in some cases for more than 100 years, to sell their land within his holdings.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports three Zuckerberg entities, Pilaa International LLC, Northshore Kalo LLC and High Flyer LLC, filed eight “quiet title” lawsuits in 5th Circuit Court on Kauai on Dec. 30 that seek to identify all owners of the properties and to compensate them for their shares.

The newspaper reports that Zuckerberg, who reportedly plans to build a secluded family compound on the land, purchased interests from several part owners of the kuelana lands — ownership of small lots that has passed down through generations since the Hawaiian monarchy began allowing private ownership of land in 1850 — in order to have the right to establish title and to force a sale under Hawaii’s quiet title law. The newspaper reports that many of the part-owners, some who own less than one one-hundredth of 1 percent of a parcel, are unaware of their families’ claim to the land.

The parties named in the lawsuits have 20 days to respond after being served a copy of the complaint, or forfeit having a say in the proceeding, the newspaper reports.

Zuckerberg, who irritated neighbors on the North Shore by building a six-foot rock wall around the property, last year submitted a “farm-dwelling agreement” to Kauai County with the intention of building a house on the property.
literally what the fuck is he thinking?? he’s trying to be a Trump of Hawaiʻi building a wall to distance himself from the locals and the natives. he thinks he can take cultural land that belongs to Hawaiian families for hundreds of years just because he has the money to do it? fuck zuckerfuck in his raisin asshole i hope his family chokes

Mark Zuckerberg — one of the most insightful, adept leaders in the business world — has a problem. It’s a problem he has been slow to acknowledge, even though it’s become more apparent by the day.

Several current and former Facebook employees tell NPR there is a lot of internal turmoil about how the platform does and doesn’t censor content that users find offensive. And outside Facebook, the public is regularly confounded by the company’s decisions — around controversial posts and around fake news.

(Did Pope Francis really endorse Donald Trump? Does Hillary Clinton really have a body double?)

Behind whatever the controversy of the moment happens to be, there’s a deep-seated problem. The problem is this: At age 19, the then-boy genius started a social network that was basically a tech-savvy way to check out classmates in school. Then, over the course of 12 years, he made some very strategic decisions that have morphed Facebook into the most powerful distributor on Earth — the new front page of the news for more than 1 billion people every day. But Zuckerberg didn’t sign up to head a media company — as in, one that has to make editorial judgments.

From Hate Speech To Fake News: The Content Crisis Facing Mark Zuckerberg

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

Editor’s Note: This story contains images and language that some readers may find disturbing.

Avril Lavigne just threw expert shade at Mark Zuckerberg after he insulted Nickelback, which is NOT A JOKING MATTER, GUYS

A new video shows Zuckerberg asking Jarvis to play “some good Nickleback songs,” to which Jarvis/Freeman replies, “I’m sorry, Mark. I’m afraid I can’t do that. There are no good Nickelback songs.” The estranged wife of Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger apparently didn’t appreciate that sick burn.

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The Social Network: Mark Zuckerberg (INTP)

(This is not to be aligned with real life Mark Zuckerberg)


Introverted Thinking (Ti): Mark is fundamentally logical - during the depositions, he chooses his words carefully so that he doesn’t perjure himself, and constantly picks at tiny details in his opponent’s/lawyer’s words that are seemingly logically inconsistent when pointed out but really make no difference. When he discussed final clubs with his ex-girlfriend, even though she seemed disapproving of them he kept trying to justify his own fascination/ambition of them; even when he’s visibly pushing her buttons, he insults her school anyway because he goes to Harvard and she doesn’t. All his sarcastic quips through the movie are overall markers of Sorkin’s writing, but on top of that Mark likes the logic of hacking - through the whole beginning montage, there is a visible excitement he gets - and he enjoys creating Facebook in a week, as that required his computer science talent. He is blunt and awkward like most male INTPs, not outwardly antagonistic when the Winklevosses approach him but with visible judgment on his face; but still with a wonder and fascination of how people work (Fe), which birthed the idea of Facebook, but is still something he seems to engage with at a distance before he can feel comfortable.

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): The most significant (but not the sole) marker of Mark’s Ne is his vision for Facebook, when he says to Eduardo (his Sensing counterpart): “We don’t know what it is. We don’t know what it will be, and that is a priceless asset I’m not giving up.” What he wants for Facebook is for it to grow as it is, among others - he has no set plans, and we only see him take a further step (after Facebook’s creation) on-screen when he decides to expand the company, and that’s only after his girlfriend insulted him in a restaurant. Additionally, during the depositions he remarks that, “The rest of my attention is back at the offices of Facebook where my colleagues and I are doing things that no one in this room, including and especially your clients, are intellectually or creatively capable of doing,” indicating that Facebook is not just a business or a science project, but also a creative work to him. Even though he already has a project that he made in high school that could be impressive for the final clubs (though it isn’t), he’s still eager to find and make something new. Also, when he first approaches Eduardo about the idea in the beginning, he rambles and monologues his idea to Eduardo to get all his ideas vocal and in the open, even though it’s twenty degrees and Eduardo complains that his legs are freezing. But once the site’s done, the site’s done, and he goes into launch immediately - even though he has no future plan, even though he just finished it two minutes ago, he’s ready to send it out into the world.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Mark’s (once again) fixation on the final clubs could be an example of his willingness to recognize a system guaranteeing final clubs, although arguably that could also be just because he’s a man in this narrative. Anyway, since Facebook is such a big project, he writes down all his Ne-born ideas on whiteboards; he also has a whiteboard for how he views the site to work, as shown briefly in a scene. When Sean Parker is introduced into the equation, he knows that Sean founded Napster when he was 19 - and also seemed to know (or not care) about the facts that Eduardo raises because Mark has already established his idol worship of Sean from the beginning. He cites Eduardo as his “best friend” during a deposition even though said best friend is suing him; and in the very last scene, even though it’s been years since their breakup, he tries to friend his ex-girlfriend on Facebook

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Throughout the whole movie we are bombarded with Mark’s eagerness and obvious desire to fit in, to be someone. Part of this is reputation, but generally it is that he needs to impress/be envied/both. After the Bill Gates lecture when a group of kids stop Mark and tell him that he did a great job with thefacebook, Mark nods very awkwardly and manages to say “thanks.” One of these kids tells Mark that he thinks Mark could be “the next Bill Gates,” and for all of Mark’s otherwise narcissistic personality in the movie, he actually looks flustered and says, “I doubt it.” Through the whole movie Mark seems to be eager to meet people that he finds fascinating or who like him right away (Sean, interns, Marilyn) - as long as they fit in his Ti of what he deems as a person worth being invested in (hence his rejection of the Winklevosses and Divya Narendra.) Despite this, he highly values the people he feels comfortable around or needs approval from - he tells Eduardo that he wants/needs him in California, but it’s a very rare emotional appeal that reads more as there is a unique comfort that Eduardo brings that Mark requires, as his best friend. And again, Mark is pervasively fixated on Erica - not just at the end, but also during the restaurant scene where he just hooked up with another attractive girl but went over to talk to Erica anyway, trying to impress her and to talk to her alone, even though it doesn’t work.