Anti-vaxxer Facebook freak-out: Mark Zuckerberg takes his baby for shots — and paranoia breaks out
By Mary Elizabeth Williams

I guess maybe you just needed to reassert yourselves. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you haven’t had as much attention since the glory days of that big measles outbreak a year ago. Well, congratulations, anti-vaxxers. You’re still the literal worst.

Late last week, zillionaire hoodie aficionado Mark Zuckerberg posted — like you do — an adorable photo of the proud dad holding his one month-old baby daughter Max as she rocked a seriously cute Patagonia snowsuit. Who could take issue with such a sweet image? Well, pair it with the no doubt intentional “This is what responsible parenting looks like” subtext of Zuckerberg’s caption “Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!” and, 70 thousand comments later, you’ve got your answer.

More cultural icon parents should post baby photos at vaccination time if it reinforces the science behind immunity

Bias can be a chicken-and-egg problem. Our culture, institutions, and common practices help ingrain bias into us, but our biases also reinforce the common practices that institutionalize bias. That’s why it’s so important to consciously, and constantly, challenge these biases anywhere we can in order to break the cycle. Comments like Zuckerberg’s are a great start.