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A Good Little Girl: Time Management (Part 1)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.


Summary of Time Management: You fall into a schedule with the Winchesters.

Word Count: 3200

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, light bondage, nsfw gifs below the cut

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest), in which you don’t do much other than explore all your dom/sub kinks. I have so many filthy ideas for this one- I haven’t been this excited since Faking It! Feedback is appreciated!

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Dealings with a Devil (Part 4)

Dealings with a Devil (Part 4)

Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

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“Good day ladies and gentlemen and all configurations of will being! My name is Wilford Warfstache, and tonight we have a special guest for you! Meet the lovely Miss Y/N!” Mark says in the unmistakable accent you can’t quiet place.

“Hello, it’s a pleasure.” you respond as it’s written on your script. You smile at Mark with his pink mustache in place. He’s wearing the sunshine yellow button up shirt and tan pants with the pink suspenders to match his mustache and bow tie. You want to laugh so much. You’ve always found Wilford to be so enjoyable to watch.

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Photographer AU!Taeyong

So I found this a few weeks ago and me, being that girl who has ideas for AU’s out of a simple gif or photo, decided to do this one! yes i actually posted something done recently and not months ago

  • So you’re a freelance photographer that has been on several model photo shoots by request
  • And you’re asked to be the photographer for this one photoshoot
  • They set it up for the next month
  • Because of the model’s schedules and shit
  • And so you accept the request and mark it on your schedule thing
  • During that whole month, you’re going around, taking scenery photos since you haven’t got any other requests
  • The day of the photoshoot you get your trusty camera and head off to the place
  • It’s not far away from your home so you just walk there
  • When you get there, there are people setting up shit
  • And you find the director talking to this one guy who you thought was a random staff member
  • You walked passed them to look at what the scenario was and all the technical things
  • But when you passed them
  • You couldn’t help but glance at him
  • And you immediately went
  • Wait
  • Is this the model
  • Because was he handsome or was he handsome
  • Anyways
  • You waited for the model to come out
  • Causing you to space out and stare into the distant
  • And you failed to notice the guy you saw was trying to get your attention
  • When you finally snapped back you looked at him
  • Your jaw almost dropped
  • Because damn was he handsome or was he handsome
  • And he asked you ‘Hey are you the freelance the director said to come here?' 
  • You slowly nodded feeling your cheeks heat up
  • 'He said he had changed mind and asked me to do the photoshoot instead’
  • Wait he did what? 
  • You immediately went to see the director but the guy holds you back and says
  • 'I know that sucks but he told me since you were a freelancer, he was insecure about your skills at this and he says he’s sorry about this mess but you’re invited to stay’
  • You stared at him and proceeded to do whatever he said
  • You wanted to be the one taking the photos but since the director did that behind your back
  • You had to just sit back and watch
  • And so you did
  • You saw him take the photos and it made you notice some small things
  • The way how he interacted with the model, how he smiled whenever he took a photo to his liking
  • But you slapped yourself mentally
  • No you’re not supposed to like a guy you just met
  • But you felt compelled to like him somehow
  • After the shoot, the director came to you and apologized for what he did
  • You said that the other guy explained the situation and you forgave him
  • The director asked if you’d be willing to do another sometime later
  • You accept it as long as you are acknowledged of any changes
  • He agrees and leaves off to do whatever he needs
  • And so you’re left there pondering whether to go home or to talk to that other photographer
  • You then realized you never got the guy’s name
  • So you wander around trying to find him
  • Only to no avail
  • You ask some people if they have seen him leave
  • And someone says 'oh, I’ve seen him leave, I think I saw him go to the coffee shop' 
  • You thank the person and head for the nearest coffee shop
  • You enter the shop and you see him pay for a bunch of coffee and snacks
  • You walk up to him and lightly touch his shoulder
  • He looks like he was about to screech but then went 'oh its that freelancer' 
  • You notice the bags on the counter (and they seem like alot) so you offer help
  • He gladly accepts and you two walk back
  • He asks you 'did you solve everything with the director’
  • You nod and say that you’d probably do the next photoshoot he requests
  • He goes 'oh okay’
  • There’s a brief silence before he asks 'you went to the shop to buy coffee only to leave empty handed' 
  • And you say 'not really im carrying something' 
  • And he gives you the most monotonous laugh you have heard
  • And you end up laughing at it
  • He laughs at your laugh
  • You both end up not knowing why you were laughing
  • 'So I never got your name, what is it?’
  • And he says its Taeyong
  • You answer back with yours and he repeats it and you swear your face gets hotter
  • Like who turned the heat up
  • Oh wait
  • You’re outside not inside
  • For your luck he doesnt notice that
  • So you two get back with snacks and coffee and stuff
  • And everyone gets coffee
  • Except
  • And you wander off to a corner on your phone checking any emails
  • But Taeyong beingthemomheis notices that
  • And he goes up to you and says 'i’m sorry i forgot to buy for you, i didnt know if you were going to stay or not so you can have mine’
  • And you replied with 'it’s okay tho, i don’t mind’
  • But he insists and you end up giving in
  • You thank him and you go next time I’ll pay you
  • And he says 'its okay you don’t have to’
  • 'But I want to though.’
  • He says fine, but can you give me your phone number though? if I don’t have it, how am i supposed to call you?’
  • Your face gets hot again and you give your phone number to him
  • He notices you look a bit flustered and asks what’s wrong
  • You tell him that there’s nothing wrong, it’s just his imagination
  • He gets kind of suspicious but shrugs it off
  • After talking for a bit you both go off on your ways
  • But as soon as you get home you both start messaging each other
  • And you end up falling asleep at god knows what hour talking to him 

Heya guys, I’m currently having a PWYW stream tomorrow. So mark that on your schedule if you want!

I’ll be opening 2 reserve slots for those who want a commission for the stream. So PM me the details.

Note: For those who got chibis from me, don’t worry, I will be finishing those before I even start. And those who has commissions from the previous PWYW stream, you will be prioritized.

Wake Up.

A/N: Heyyyy guyss! How have you guys been? I’m so sorry for the inactiveness and I’m also so so sorry for the requests that you guys have sent. They’re so creative and I have so many ideas for them, but life comes with many surprises and I had to attend to them, but I’m back now and I solemnly promise I will get to ALL of your guys request and they will be posted soon as possible. Thank you so so much for sticking around and being patient with me it really means alot to me! love you guys.


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On September 30th, Makers, in collaboration with PBS, will launch an inspiring documentary series telling stories of how women shaped history and revolutionized women’s roles throughout American institutions. The series will build on a previous documentary launched in 2013 called Makers: Women Who Make America by featuring women who have broken new ground in six different fields. Catch a preview of the series here and mark your calendar for the schedule below! 

Episode 1: Women In Comedy premieres September 30, 2014

Episode 2: Women in Hollywood premieres October 7, 2014

Episode 3: Women in Space premieres October 14, 2014

Episode 4: Women in War premieres October 21, 2014

Episode 5: Women in Business premieres October 27, 2014

Episode 6: Women in Politics premieres November 4, 2014

Official Release Date for my EP

Hello everyone!
I have been thinking about it a lot lately, and a July release date would force my music to be rushed and wouldn’t be my best work, so, the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE OF MY EP IS-

August 15th!!!

Keep this day marked on your calendar, schedule, planner, whatever you need to do!
But AUGUST 15th is when my EP will be released!!!! I can’t wait to share it with you all :)

I will be reblogging this once every 2 hours today, so please don’t unfollow me for it, I just need everyone to see this.
Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern movies 'to be announced at Comic Con by Warner Bros'

DC Comics are said to be looking to rival Marvel Studios with a raft of new big screen superhero adventures

Start marking your calendars

The full schedule as reported by is as follows:

  • May 2016 - Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • July 2016 - Shazam
  • December 2016 - Sandman
  • May 2017 - Justice League
  • July 2017 - Wonder Woman
  • December 2017 - The Flash and Green Lantern adventure
  • May 2018 - Man of Steel 2

koramberlynne  asked:

I'm going to the ALA conference as a grad student the weekend after next. Have you ever been, and if so, any pointers? This is my first conference big enough to have more than one event at a time :)

I have not been to the ALA conference, but I have been to MANY CONFERENCES so here is my advice:

– Bring a water bottle. And maybe some snacks. 
– If you don’t like the workshop/panel/lecture you’re in, leave and find a better one. (Check your schedule, mark some alternatives!)
– Due to the above, just in case, sit on an aisle.
– Sit with strangers (no lie, last conference I sat with two strangers at a catered lunch who turned out to be my alma mater’s development staff, it was awesome)
– If you’re not ok sitting with strangers, that’s cool. Find a conference buddy and stick with them for all-attendee gatherings at least.
– Pee whenever there’s a break.
– Don’t feel like you have to attend the social stuff. Taking breaks from the conference and avoiding non-mandatory evening get togethers is ok. Yes, even if you need to network. You’ll be no good to yourself if you’re exhausted and anxious. 
– If you are pinned down by someone terrible and want to stop talking to them, it’s okay to say “I’m so sorry, I have somewhere to be/someone I need to talk to” and flee. 
– Carry a minimum of stuff. Notebook and pens, water bottle, phone, wallet, conference material.

And have fun! Conferences are for learning, meeting people, and having fun.