Markiplier's Surgery

markiplier: So I need surgery?
Nurse: unfortunately, Mr. Fischbach.
Mark: and the faster this gets done, the faster I can go back to my uploading schedule? I really need to go back to my uploading schedule
Nurse: I suppose-
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach what are you doing
Nurse: You do know that Surgeon Simulator isn’t an accurate representation of medical procedure and is no substitute for actual traini-
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach no
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach put the scalpel down

Debaters on election night


Dear Catherine (jaebumhtml), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an amazing day and all your dreams and wishes come true because you truly deserve it!!! You are so adorable and such a sweetheart. I’m so glad I met you but I wish we had met sooner because you are so funny and kind and beautiful. I truly feel like you’re my spirit person and tbh I’ve never clicked with someone as fast as you! ♡ I hope you meet got7 one day, especially Jaebum & Mark, just remember to bring me along with you in your suitcase hehehe. We can just fling ourselves across the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean if that doesn’t work out LOL. Hoping you are happy on your day! I love you so much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♡

10 Things I Wish I Knew As A College Freshman

by Samantha Friedwald
University of Michigan Brand Ambassador

1. Join a club or an organization as soon as you get on campus. It’s the best way to meet new people- and don’t be scared to join something alone, sometimes it’s better to experience things by yourself. 

 2.  College is nothing like high school; no one will remind you when assignments are due. Get a planner and mark things down in your schedule - your teachers will not be on your back about assignments, so make sure to stay on top of it!

 3.  Don’t get behind in class. If you need help, get a tutor or go in for office hours. Procrastination can really hurt you during finals, so making the effort is totally worth it. 

 4. The freshman 15 is real, beware! Make use of your gym, even if it’s sparingly– you won’t realize until after the semester ends that your diet consists mostly of carbs.. 

 5.  Remember: school work shouldn’t take over your college life. It is so important to have a good balance, even if that means you don’t get straight A’s.

 6. It’s not easy to get an A, and you will not be the smartest in all of your classes– so try your best, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not the top of your class.  

 7. Dining hall food isn’t the best, so get out there and try local restaurants! They’re more fun, and probably always have better food. 

 8. Your friends the first week of school will most likely not be your friends in the end.

 9. Campus isn’t as big and confusing as you think it is. If you’re lost, ask someone for directions. Upperclassmen aren’t scary - they’re very willing to help you out.

10. Don’t hide in your room. College is a place to learn, go out and experience new things. These are your 4 years to learn about anything and everything – don’t waste them!

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On September 30th, Makers, in collaboration with PBS, will launch an inspiring documentary series telling stories of how women shaped history and revolutionized women’s roles throughout American institutions. The series will build on a previous documentary launched in 2013 called Makers: Women Who Make America by featuring women who have broken new ground in six different fields. Catch a preview of the series here and mark your calendar for the schedule below! 

Episode 1: Women In Comedy premieres September 30, 2014

Episode 2: Women in Hollywood premieres October 7, 2014

Episode 3: Women in Space premieres October 14, 2014

Episode 4: Women in War premieres October 21, 2014

Episode 5: Women in Business premieres October 27, 2014

Episode 6: Women in Politics premieres November 4, 2014

Here’s the new #Chronodex dial. The non-intrusive grey color guides allows you to precisely and beautifully mark your schedules. Thanks to nurse Devon, who needs to have a more precise way to notate her shifts. This implementation is probably the most complicated so far, I may have to simply it in the future based on your feedbacks. In an hour or so, the July - December 2014 free download will be ready. Share your thoughts and love of Chronodex please.

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Official Release Date for my EP

Hello everyone!
I have been thinking about it a lot lately, and a July release date would force my music to be rushed and wouldn’t be my best work, so, the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE OF MY EP IS-

August 15th!!!

Keep this day marked on your calendar, schedule, planner, whatever you need to do!
But AUGUST 15th is when my EP will be released!!!! I can’t wait to share it with you all :)

I will be reblogging this once every 2 hours today, so please don’t unfollow me for it, I just need everyone to see this.

Cast Announcement for "Ensemble Stars! On Stage" ~Take your marks!~

[Performance Schedule]

Tokyo: January 5th - January 15th, 2017

Osaka: January 25th - January 29th, 2017


Tokyo: AiiA 2.5 Theater

Osaka: Umeda Arts Theater Drama City



Ozawa Ren as Akehoshi Subaru

Yamamoto Ikkei as Hidaka Hokuto

Matsumura Taiichiro as Yuuki Makoto

Tanimizu Riki as Isara Mao


Maeyama Takahisa as Tenshouin Eichi

Yasui Kazuma as Wataru Hibiki

Nozaki Yutaka as Fushimi Yuzuru

Hoshimoto Yuzuki as Himemiya Tori


Akazawa Ryotaro as Oogami Kouga

Kominami Koji as Sakuma Rei

Okutani Chihiro as Hakaze Kaoru

Ei as Otogari Adonis


Ueda Kandai as Kiryuu Kurou

Komatsu Junya as Hasumi Keito

Uekusa Yuuta as Kanzaki Souma


Saeki Ryo as Morisawa Chiaki

Ishii Yuuki as Shinkai Kanata

Konishi Seiya as Nagumo Tetora

Murakawa Shoichi as Takamine Midori

Fukuzawa Taiga as Sengoku Shinobu


Yamanaka Kenta as Aoi Hinata

Yamanaka Shouta as Aoi Yuuta