My first Markiplier-related teaching story of the school year!

So today my 3rd grade class had some time free before recess, so I figured we could play a little game of Would You Rather. I would present the question and they would walk to the side of the room that they would rather choose. I asked them “Would your rather dye your hair pink or shave it all off?” Every single student except two ran to the side of the room representing pink hair. I told them I was surprised and asked why they would choose that, and one boy shouted out “DUH, MARKIPLIER!!” The whole classed giggled with excitement.

Congrats, Mark. Your pink hair left behind a legacy on a group of 7-8 year olds. lol

Another Style

sandpaper, sand
through the fingers of my hand
and it’s a delicate art
that i’ve come to understand

there’s a feeling that we share
as i braid your tangled hair
comb my fingers through the mess
making sure the love’s still there

i can’t find it, oh it’s torn
rinsed away to drains forlorn
there’s no trace upon your head
just these hairs, not one unworn

like the paper keeps a crease
after folds have long deceased
maybe my mark’s upon your hair
in every frayed and broken piece


anonymous asked:

What's your fave mark hair? Im so excited he's back to dark, even though he can pull off most styles (except for the perm D:)

omg I hate that perm LOL XD

I actually like his red hair! But like, how they styled it later on, not when when they used to spike it up like when they first debuted.

I liked when his hair was brown too ^^

Things I’m not gonna judge you for: stretch marks, hair (anywhere), your intrests
Things I will judge you for: how you treat wait staff, if you change the song 20 times without letting one finish, if you don’t like dogs(who r u)

isaakwolfram  asked:

"I always wondered, what these red marks on your hair and skin or fur are, can you explain them to me?"

“Oh these?” Idly she’d trace a finger along the marking on her cheek. “These are my divine markings. They show those who see them what I am, so long as my divinity remains.”

If ever she were to lose that divinity, however, they would fade, leaving an ordinary woman behind, stripped of her power. That is, until such a time that it might be returned, usually due to a restoration of faith.