The wonderful things I talk about with my friend asantechowdhurry in the middle of the night. Seriously I wish more of my friends would discuss The Godfather books with me. XD As awesome as the films are, I’ve talked about them all. I really need more people to read the books with me. And ain’t this girl awesomely genius or what? A cross between Robert Young/George Gobel for Wally Morgan? SO PERF. My life can’t get better than this, someone pinch me!

Lol so I know a lot of people don’t like Mark Winegardner’s sequels because they screw up the canon. Believe me, as much as I enjoyed his books, I don’t hold them as 100% Bible truth or anything like that. His sequels were an attempt to fill in the missing years of The Godfather but he did mess up some details. He created a 100% annoyingly perfect male fanfiction Marty Stu character ‘‘Nick Geraci’‘ that I too didn’t like that much (plus he seems to have ripped off Goodfellas a little, he reminded me of Ray Liotta’s character) and also there’s criticism because Geraci was possibly based off the author. Also Geraci supposedly has Fredo set up to betray Michael. This part didn’t bother me that much….since Winegardner uses Geraci as a scapegoat to blame Fredo’s death on but still. In spite of all this, I still like his books. Yeah he changed Fredo a little. I didn’t like how he made him too smart to be new and approved and also Deanna isn’t as much of a bitch as she was in the original book (people also complain about Fredo being gay, even if it might have been implied by the films and the original book, it was more like a ‘‘oh well he’s an unmanly momma’s boy’’ but Winegardner literally made him explicitly gay. Being gay myself it doesn’t bother me but whatever. I mean it’s not like Winegarnder is some 15 year old fanfiction fangirl writer that wanted to make Fredo some Misfit!Marty-Stu, I think it was an issue he wanted to spread awareness on and to explain Fredo’s inner frustrations with himself more other than just being jealous of Mike). Buuuut one thing I hate is how Winegardner seems to have hated Michael for some reason and had Geraci outsmart him (ugh hated this so much, having Geraci be Mike’s total equal in battle of the brains, really just hated Geraci period). Also the ‘‘Congressman Hagen’‘ storyline made no sense either…like why Mike would allow Tom to go off and try to further himself, seems out of Tom’s character, he’s a consigilierie, they don’t care about personal gain, also Tom is too loyal to Mike to even bother with running for congressman of Nevada, and besides, if Tom did do that, why would Mike allow him to lose the election? They supposedly pulled the strings for Jimmy Shea to have him win the presidential election it makes no sense to have Tom run on his own and not bother lifting a finger to get him into office. Still, even if Tom was relieved of his consigliere duties, Mike wanted him to fill the position again and not just be strictly a Las Vegas lawyer. Consiglieres can’t be men of power and if Mike wanted him back as his right hand man why would he let him be Congressman of NV??? That kinda kills the point. Also Tom supposedly has a mistress by the name of Judy Buchanan hahaha but my god Winegardner wasn’t paying attention to the movies AT ALL. Lol Tom’s mistress, a storyline cut out from Part II wasn’t some random chick, she was in fact Sonny’s widow, Sandra. Winegardner should have done his research a bit more. XD

Other than that I still enjoyed these books. They weren’t badly written or anything and had really good storylines, and as a fan who wanted more books, they were satisfying even tho Winegardner changed a lot of things I wish he hadn’t and created one of the most annoying fanfcition Marty Stus I’ve ever seen. The Godfather has more than enough characters I didn’t feel Geraci added to it at all but I do like how Winegardner developed the minor characters more. So I guess haters gonna hate. Despite the complaints and despite that some of it really makes no sense I still like these books.