Two days ago, a terrible thing happened at William McKinley High School. A group of citizens from Lima, Ohio, were part of a terrorist organization and stormed the halls with guns. Many were injured, many killed, and the students of that school will always remember the fear that ripped through their hearts as they heard the cries of their classmates, the begging, and then the gun shots that followed soon afterwards.

The shooters either ended their own lives or were unlucky enough to get caught by police before they could turn their guns onto themselves.

The school is taking a break, allowing their students some time. No one wants to visit that place, no one wants to relive what they went through. As for the students of McKinley high’s Glee club, they will never be the same, especially after each of them either witnessed or heard one of their own be killed.

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Puckerman always had everyone at the edge of his fingertips. Both of the Puckermans are like legends at McKinley, anyone who is anyone has been to one of their parties. Too bad he let Quinn Fabray and her baby get away.” 


Lima, Ohio was always a quiet town that had never made headlines. Of course, all of that changed on the mysterious night that the newly high school junior Quinn Fabray went missing. One year later, and authorities have announced that they found her: dead. But something about that resolution seemed more than unsettling when an anonymous source started texting Quinn’s closest friends and blackmailing them with all of their darkest secrets. Quinn always loved playing games, but could she ever be capable of this?



 Welcome to Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! Where everyday is fun filled with magic and all your favorite Disney characters. Located in Anaheim, California only a short drive from Los Angeles, sets of triplets have been invited to come work at one of the world’s most popular theme parks. Young adults from all over the country have come for the opportunity of a life time. To some it’s just a job, a way to help them get on their feet and towards achieving their life goals. Disneyland is a place where many things can happen, but only if you believe.

DisneyGleeks-RP is a Glee AU Triplets Roleplay. It is set in California. We accept one fraternal sibling per family as well as Older and younger siblings. Everyone works at Disneyland. All Disney characters are up for grabs unless already listed in our Taken Disney Characters list. 



GLEE TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY is looking for their Mark!

This is a new AU 4x4 Glee Cast Roleplay with a twist of Gossip Girl flare. Come check it out! You can play as your favorite Glee cast member or follow the stars as they live a life after Glee. In this role-play Glee doesn’t get it’s contract renewed by FOX for a fourth season and the cast is forced to pursue other projects. 

Set Endgames: Heya, Crisstin, Lark, and Overgron.


Come join the family….

The year is 2038 and it has been 25 years since the first batch of New Direction members graduated. The 25 year journey has been one of great triumphs and great failures. Love was found and love was lost. Dreams were made and dreams fell apart. People grew together and people grew apart. Even after all these years, these once Lima Losers still manage to keep in touch. Some have been living in New York for years while others are just moving back. They all have a story to tell but they know that they always have a family with their once small town show choir. Even if they don’t speak to each other every day, all the old Gleeks make it a priority to live the legacy they once were given and pass it down to their children. These Gleeks may have all graduated high school but they are still filled with their life dramas and their children are no better. The next generation is filled with their own characters, love stories and friendships. Who knows the outcome of tomorrow. Follow the lives of your favorite Gleeks and they battle the struggles of life every day.


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I was going to apply as puck but he's alone and no other characters his age are single so it would be dating a kid or being the only character without dating prospects. I know other adults would be an option, but its very rare those characters aren't endgame. I'll keep looking, good luck.

I had posted a wife for Noah who was OC. I just realized that it saved to the drafts. As soon as I get home I’ll get it posted. Sorry about that.


Noah Puckerman Needed!

Start Spreading the News: A Brand New Glee 4x4

New York City… The hustle and the bustle, the busyness of every day life in this wonderful city is only the beginning of the adventure. There are many memories to be created in New York. Do you wish that you could decide what happens with some of your favorites from Lima Ohio? Well, now you can! Start Spreading the News RP is an AU Glee 4x4 RP canon up to 5x13! The rest is up to you! The set endgames are: Brittana, Klaine, Quick, and Samchel.

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"No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence."

  • Best friends with Santana Lopez since the two were in preschool together. The two have a friendly rivalry about their 1st and 2nd in class ranking
  • Extremely close to his mother, a single parent that has always pushed him to succeed in whatever he does.
  • Since learning about the existence of his half brother, Noah has made efforts to connect with Jake but has gotten nothing but dislike in response.
  • Full bio to be added by player.


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