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Tom tells an adorable story about Mark’s son, who is a big Loki (and Tom) fan, and his excitement for Thor 2!

ALSO, AN ARTICLE in which a Mom Blogger talks about how she literally fell for a villain, and:

WOMAN: How do you find reactions from fans or kids to Loki’s character?
TOM HIDDLESTON: Mark. Mark Ruffalo’s son. I like — I kind of dedicate my performance to his son, his ten-year old, because he was on set a lot.


i lied.

i just can’t even with mark ruffalo’s ten year old son anymore.

apparently he GOT bruce banner (which is hard, and he and i are on the same page so BEST TEN YEAR OLD KID EVER), fanboy-ed for loki, and helped ruffalo figure out the hulk. (tbh i loved bruce and he ASTOUNDED me with his hulk and if you want to know why, message me and i’ll tell you so i don’t spoil people.)

ugh this is a flaw free ten year old.