a random soulmate au idea i had, where a person has a mark/tattoo on their arm to represent their soulmate and it spreads as they grow up to incorporate different things that represent the person or have some significance to them and eventually you have a full sleeve tattoo and it’s neato.

(and just think of the potential shenanigans from people trying to interpret their tattoos. like “goddammit is this dog supposed to represent loyalty or do they just really fuckin love dogs??”)


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @rakkuguy @rakkuman !!!!!
Omg I’m really late but now that I got my new pens I wanted to whip this up in honor of our favorite part-time dork full-time amazing artist~ holy crap I look up to you dude, stay awesome @ w @


Some doodles for @rosethegardevoir while I was out without a phone
I finally got my phone back and just in time for valentines! ❤ im finally gonna start paying for my own phone plan too! So I’m a little excited for it~

Love you sweetie~ ❤ lets both get fat together and draw and snuggle and stuff = u = /

(Art also featuring @rakkuguy cus I needed a customer for the bakery doodle = w = )