La mamma è sempre la mamma.

Dolce & Gabbana took this Italian motto very seriously by giving their Fall/Winter 2016 collection a sweet, motherly twist.

After letting us wonder through enchanted woods (f/w 2015) and Spanish scenarios (s/s 2015) we couldn’t expect anything but a return to the so loved Bel Paese, to which the historical fashion duo did an elegant homage with the new theme titled Viva La Mamma.

Down the catwalk we saw the usual detailed, embroidered, masterpiece-like creations adorned with children-made dedications inspired by the scribbles of Domenico’s nieces, colourful prints, precious applications and, of course, lovely toddlers and babies in little matching outfits. Iconic the appearance of a pregnant, bright-smiling and definitely gorgeous Bianca Balti.

The fils rouge of this year’s collection are black, pastel colours, bon-ton and geometric cuts, see-through materials, statement accessories (interesting the presence of bold headphones) and an overall cozy fitting. Roses mark almost every piece, as a tribute to the scent of the red lipstick Stefano’s mother used to wear.

The show resulted as a massive thank you to all the mothers of the globe, even the most modern ones – those who manage to keep a career, grow their children and be independent, showing the world that women can actually make it.

See the whole catwalk, close-ups, backstage and front row photoshoot at Vogue UK 

See more at Dolce and Gabbana’s official website 

"Pfft, you couldn’t reach my head if you had extendable legs, shortcake!"

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Rose wasn’t expecting him to get the reference. And yet he did. “I didn’t know Shakespeare was on the curriculum for Muggle Studies.”

"It’s not," Scorpius admits. Rose smiles.

"Romeo and Juliet is a classic tragedy," she points out.

"Yeah… But we’re not, y’know?" He fits his hand in hers.

"A classic comedy, maybe," Rose laughs.

"Definitely. Especially with your family around."

In which Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy admit to not entirely disliking each other, despite what their surnames might entail. They’re maybe kind of totally the star-crossed lovers of their generation.


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