the worst alarm clock

i tried to make it cute tickling but mark wanted to be an asshole and a perv, im sorry anon :p 

mark/jack. 552 words. m for strong sexual implications. 

The sun is only just barely staining the horizon with gold and rose when Mark gets back home from a meeting. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but LA is the city that runs on lattes and waking up at completely asinine hours because everybody’s days are already overbooked. The meeting was less productive than Mark would have liked, but it could have gone worse, so he’s upbeat as he heads back into the house.

Jack is still asleep, so Mark does the Good Boyfriend thing and starts coffee. He then toes off his sneakers and heads up to the bedroom, shedding his jacket and scarf and discarding them on the dresser.

Jack is on top of the covers, likely chased out from beneath the blankets by Mark’s excellent central heating. He’s on his side and half curled up, one knee folded up towards his chest, the other leg stretched out to occupy Mark’s side of the bed. He’s wearing a pair of Mark’s boxers, the waistband slack despite Jack’s shapely hips.

Mark grins fiendishly and moves over to the bed in a partial crouch. The foot on Mark’s side of the bed is completely unprotected, Jack having kicked his socks off sometime during the night, and Mark takes full advantage. He seizes Jack’s ankle in one hand to prevent a quick escape, and skitters his fingers up Jack’s sole in a quick but brutal tickle.

Jack wakes up screaming.

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