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by Muscida

Sean McLoughlin, the most powerful merchant in all of London, maybe even in all of Europe, has never felt attraction to any woman he has met. But one night, he meets a dashing stranger at a masquerade, and can’t keep him out of his head. But homosexuality is a sin punishable by torture and death, and it gets even more complicated when he finds out that the man in his thoughts isn’t even human.

Words: 1847, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Continuing my #Supernatural Babies :D


Baby Chuck : “Writing is HARD”  He loves his books and typewriter ..he also has his fav Mug . oh and his guitar and the world .

Baby Cain - He loves his Corn and thats his favorite Teddy .and YES he does have his Mark !!

Baby Benny - With his Baby vampire teeth..his boat and sailors cap..and he made special gumbo for his BFF Baby Dean

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