Doctor Who episodes: On this day (February 9th)

1974 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Episode 5

1982 - Kinda: Part 4

1983 - Mawdryn Undead: Part 4

1985 - The Mark of the Rani: Part 2


Since forever I remember being particulary interested in the Colonial Marines, the characters, their stories, their past missions ect.

I wish in between Aliens and The Abyss, James Cameron would’ve made a movie centered only on the Colonial Marines so would get to learn more about their past. I’ve been always interested in where they’ve been and on what kind of mission they went….what was their life like before Aliens.

I only remember reading once or twice about Vasquez and Drake being friends like since forever, ‘cause they were in the juvie together and about Hudson being (during Aliens) only two weeks away from leaving the corps and going home- that’s why he’s freaking out so much in the movie!

I would really love to see more about them. Maybe make a decent video game this time, only with the Aliens marines and their past.


Band of Robbers, 2016

The woman I live with keeps tellin’ me that I need to change. She says if I don’t change, I’m going to end up in a bad place. She’s trying to sell me on heaven, you know, she’s telling me all you do all day is you sit there play the harp and sing songs for all eternity. And I said to her, if that’s the case of rather sweat it out in hell with my best friend, Tom Sawyer, then play the harp and shoot the shit with Moses. I mean, I’m not friends with Moses. Exactly man, you don’t know Moses. But I think she’s right, at least about the changing part.