Villains of The Flash Season 1

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Could I please request a characterisation post for Mark Mardon?

I’m going to do this in the style of my character profiles which I did for each of the Legends (and shorter for some Flash characters). But note that Mark is outside my typical wheelhouse of analysis and also has had limited appearances so that makes it harder, and that I won’t mince words when it comes to his villainy and in-canon cruelty.

                                          Mark Mardon Profile

Driving force(s): revenge, power, family, the bottom line (goal attainment at all costs)

Traits: goal-oriented, cutthroat, mercenary, charming, confident and bold, likes people, violent

Tentative HP House: Slytherin Primary, Gryffindor Secondary

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The night the particle accelerator exploded, Mark Mardon apparently broke (pretty much) every bone in his body. He pushed through that and survived. He pushed through losing his brother, probably while he was still in recovery. He pushed through trauma and pain. 

But he definitely didn’t come out the other side as a better person. It doesn’t seem like he was an especially good person to begin with. He was engaging in criminal activity when his plane was struck by lightning and being given power over the weather didn’t make him want to turn over a new leaf despite his extraordinary potential. Instead, it made him primarily seek revenge.

It’s interesting that in every episode we’ve seen him in so far, Mark isn’t worried about money or making away with the goods. He’s explicitly interested in getting back at those who have wronged him. First Joe West, for killing his brother, and later The Flash, for locking him up. He’s also willing to go to dizzying lengths to enact that revenge: he didn’t just want Joe to die, he wanted Joe to watch Iris dying, and he was willing to send a tsunami to the city that would kill hundreds (thousands?) of innocent people (families, children) in order to see that happen.

In fact, he almost deliberately planned it so that there would be maximum casualties, with the way he went about things. First killing the medical examiner, then heading to the CCPD so that he could go toe-to-toe with these people and flaunt his powers, then dragging Joe out to a boat so he could maximize his powers’ potential and take out not just Iris (which a single bolt of lightning could likely do, or his hail-snowball powers) but so many others with her.

What that says about him is that Mark goes for maximum impact in everything. He’s not “eye for an eye”, he’s “head for an eye” or more. You hit him, he hits you back 20x as hard. I imagine he has few enemies left alive and quite the reputation. 

This is all compounded in The Flash 2x09 where he and the Trickster set up a plan that involves bombs that directly target young children, for the record. Mark doesn’t appear to have much of a conscience, a fully-fledged clinical psychopath (not to stigmatize psychopaths; you can be one without taking it the route that Mark does. He’s evil irrespective of that, but it does seem to be part of his demonstrated personality).

That being said, Mark has some qualities that humanize him a lot more. For starters, his love for his brother. Clyde seems to have meant the world to Mark. And if you consider Chronicles of Cisco as canon (even extra-canonical), then this chapter shows Mark asking Cisco to leave a half-empty (half-full?) bottle of bourbon on his brother’s grave.

Mark is also charming. He has a clever sense of humor to go with his grand and dramatic entrances, and is flush with confidence most of the time. Again in that Chronicles of Cisco, we get the impression he is good-natured with Cisco and doesn’t mind negotiating a little. He’s often ready with a smirk, and it seems to me that he takes people as they are (including James Jesse) in a relatively non-judgmental way. You’re crazy? Cool. You’re boring? Alright whatever. You’re a nerd? Just don’t make me watch your crappy sci-fi films.

He seems to be pretty good at putting a plan together, but it’s hard to say if that’s him or the people he’s working with (like James Jesse), and if it’s really just that his powers are so strong that he doesn’t need much finesse to get the job done. He’s certainly quite bold, which is part of why I have Gryffindor as his secondary house: he rushes in, brash and brave and without fear holding him back. He lacks the “do the right thing” part that Gryffindors have, but he’s got the “fight me” attitude, even with Nimbus in a closed space, which is just asking for trouble. Or maybe he truly has just that bad of impulse control.

It should be noted that he knows when to retreat (as he does in 1x22 when the tides turn against him) and how to play nice. He seems happy enough to work with others and seems totally capable of getting along with them (again, confidence, charm, non-judgmental) and maybe even likes people, on the whole. Unlike Len who kills his crew when they step out of line, Mark appears to make more ‘friend’ type connections: he doesn’t want to kill or control people, he wants to work with them and have fun, so long as they aren’t someone he has to fight or avenge himself against.

Finally, Mark also pays his debts, as he did to Leonard by getting him out of Iron Heights, even if he was ready to throw down with Leonard at the first sign of a fight (not a friend, not quite an enemy, sort of a liminal space for Mark at that p point). And note that he didn’t mind being talked back from that. It seems like he does a lot better when he has someone acting as the voice of reason to keep him in check?

Why do I kind of want to write and/or read Flashweather all of a sudden?