Please reblog or like if YouTubers have ever made you genuinely happy, improved your day, made you feel better about yourself, etc.

Each URL will be written in a notebook that I will show to my parents next time we get into an argument about how being a YouTuber is “weird” or “for lazy people who can’t get a real job” or “doesn’t make a difference in anyone’s life”.

Things My Mom Does:

My favorite thing is when my mom talks about bands and youtubers I like.

My mom: You really like Panic! At The Rodeo. Maybe you should get tickets.

My mom: Why are you so obsessed with those one dudes? Sam and Phil?

My mom: Hey this is a catchy tune who’s this by Twenty One Pirates?

My mom: That YouTube guy is really funny what’s his name? Markus Plyer? Or is that JackPesticide?

My mom: What’s that one show you like? That British one? Surgeon What? Or is it Doctor?

And honestly I love my mom so much because she never really listens when I say the titles so she makes up her own titles based off the half she does know.