X Company creator/director Stephanie Morgenstern on the final two episodes, and the degree of passion and preparation that went into telling this story exactly the way she wanted to.

Also featuring Hugh Dillon, Mark Ellis, Evelyne Brochu, Jack Laskey and a brief glimpse at the last two episodes of X Company.

i’m still falling for you.



  • “Is this about this morning? Because you seemed fine. You ate the French toast!” - “Stop talking!” Owen and Amelia
  • “I heard she had a brain tumour. Do you think they didn’t get it all?” - “I heard that!” An intern and Amelia
  • “Kepner, you’re not average.” Meredith to April

In every single interview surrounding tonight’s episode the theme of nostalgia was constantly brought up and DAMN tonight’s episode was nostalgic! From the look-a-likes to Amelia being reminded of Derek to the tunnels, we received a look-back over the previous 299 episode of this incredible show!


There were many references to Derek throughout the episode and I loved how they brought him into the story-line in a natural and understandable way. Meredith talking to him on the ferry boat ride, Jackson mentioning him in his speech and Owen and Amelia talking about why she was so intent on getting that patient a head CT. 

The sweetest homage to Derek had to be when Zola said she wanted to become a neurosurgeon, she is a Grey but I love that she wants to carry on her father’s legacy as she is also a Shepherd. 

The references to other characters we have lost such as Mark, Lexie even Ellis Grey were heart-warming and never did they feel forced. I especially loved when Jackson mentioned Lexie as I think his pain after her loss is often over-looked. 

The Look-a-likes…

The O’Malley and Yang look-a-likes didn’t win me over and neither did the mini Izzie, but the memories they brought back in some of our favourite doctors did bring a slight tear to my eye. Just like Jackson and Lexie I think Bailey’s pain over loosing George is something which is often overlooked but still very much affects her personally. When she admitted to crying silently in the shower my heart shattered as I was reminded of how much George really did mean to her. 

The Izzie and Alex story-line was one I never felt was ever properly finished and that was mainly due to circumstance at the time she was being written out, however Alex’s imagined life for her was perfectly fitting with who she was. Especially the reference to her muffin baking obsession and her love for Christmas. The conversation that brought up between Jo and Alex showed how much his character has developed over 300 episodes and cemented Jolex for me a little more. It was a mature and honest conversation and now that Jo is filing for divorce I would love to see a Jolex wedding at some point. 

It was extremely powerful and impressive how they managed to evoke such nostalgia in all of us without having to use a single flash-back. And that truly is testament to KV’s incredible writing for this episode.


If it was going to be anybody on the show it was always going to have to be Mer. Although I loved Cristina after the whole Cristina/Mer argument during the time of April’s wedding about how Cristina didn’t approve of Meredith wanting the family and career - that hit a nerve for me. Mer has proved Cristina wrong and she won! 

The scene in which everyone who means something to her is looking down at her from the gallery while she is surrounded by her two most trusted mentors (Bailey and Webber) was stunning. To have Maggie, Amelia, Alex, Zola and the others all there in support of Meredith just shows how loved she is and how much of a family she has at Grey Sloan. (Another reason why she was right to dig her heels in when Derek wanted them to move to DC). 

When she looked up at the sky I could only imagine her talking to Derek before picturing her mother in the gallery. That was such a lovely touch to bring Ellis into the scene as she was the one person Meredith always wanted to please more than anyone. MEREDITH IS SO FAR FROM ORDINARY SHE IS EXTRA-SHE WON THE DAMN HARPER AVERY-ORDINARY!

I would have loved to see her make everyone dance it out though. Like her walking into the attending’s lounge turning to Zola, Alex, Maggie, Amelia, Owen, Webber and Bailey and making them dance it out with her! I know you dance it out over something sad but I think it would have been a lovely way to shake the sadness of Derek, Cristina, Lexie and Ellis not being there to see Mer win!

Owen and Amelia…

From their opening scene I knew we were going to be gifted with a lot of Omelia nuggets throughout this episode. I don’t think Owen sleeping with Carina sits all that well with Amelia but she stole his breakfast (which was epic!) so I love seeing the slightly childish side to her and them genuinely getting along. Also there has been a one week time jump between 14x06 & 14x07 so Owen and Carina have been a thing for about a week now… Also anyone else notice Amelia checking Owen out while talking about the French toast? Yeah they still want each other…

When Owen ignored Amelia’s order for a CT she responded in true Private Practice Amelia fashion which was a pleasure to watch. Her and Owen bounce off each other so well and have such natural banter that when Owen told her ‘I told you so was unbecoming on her’ I couldn’t help but smile at the flirtatious tone that is still present in their relationship. Everything about their interactions was friendly, flirty and fun: her putting the vest on him, and complementing her own skills during while fixing that man’s bleed. The sexual tension between could be cut with a knife, or in their case scalpel…

I don´t know if anyone else agrees but I get the feeling they are behaving more life husband and wife now, with all the bickering (like in 13x02), than they ever have done before. Another reason to add to the list as to why they will eventually fall back together.

KMK had said he thinks they are starting from zero in their relationship and I can already see it happening. There is naturally just a spark between them and I don’t know if anyone else picked up on it or agrees but the way they are now interacting reminds me a little of 11x12 when Owen was trying to tell her that Hermann flirted with him. 

It also showed how well they do know each other when Owen brought up Derek and Amelia straight away knew what he was referring too. Owen knows her better than anyone else and can read her so easily which is another reason why I think it will be hard for them to stay away from each other for too long!




The references to Mark and Callie were so sweet, and the pictures up on her wall off her, Callie and Mark was so touching. Arizona still loves Callie and I think that is why she hasn’t been able to make a relationship last since. They remind me a little of Sam and Naomi from PP so I hope, just like Naomi, Callie does eventually come back as she has always been one of my favourites. 

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I have said it before that I like them as an option but I just want them to do something now… All the looks, smirks, smiles, awkward silences etc. I just want something to happen between them (or not) stat!

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Firefighter Warren

I really wish we could have seen Ben tell Bailey. That scene would have been comedy gold as the way she always exasperatedly sighs ‘Ben Warren’ will never fail to put a smile on my face.

DeLuca and Sam (the new intern)

I don’t like how they are suddenly forcing this relationship or past relationship on us. It just feels like too much. We don’t know much about DeLuca and suddenly bringing back an old flame isn’t very interesting in my eyes. Though I did love to hear so more Italian being spoke in the show!

My Favourite Easter Egg

There is a scene (I can´t remember when) in which Cristina is talking to Mer and she says “It’s meant to be me, you and Alex.” And at Meredith’s proudest moment of her career it was…

Finally I just want to say  a massive thank you to Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Krista Vernoff, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens, Caterina Scorsone, Kelly McCreary, Kevin McKidd, Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams, Justin Chambers, Jessica Capshaw, Debbie Allen, Camilla Luddington, Giacomo Gianniotti, Jason George and the members of the cast who are no longer there for bringing such resplendent characters, with such captivating: stories, situations, relationships, friendships etc. to our screen every week since Season 1 Episode 1. I haven’t been a fan from day one but I’m definitely on this roller-coaster ride till the end. THANK YOU!

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X Company:

“Here’s a bit of the X Company screening Q&A session, featuring most of the cast as well as creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern, enjoy!”