why do i love

i traced the walls of my chest for wisdom. but all i heard was the loud thuds of my heart, busy pumping air to my system. i fingered each layers of my skin and the epidermis within, but i only saw each stretch marks and dried wounds, healed by time and emotions. i looked up and around me, and wonder what do i really need to know. the answer is beyond my view, beyond my acquired knowledge. i inhaled the fragrance of the world, and felt content, savoring each taste. perhaps tomorrow,as i wait for the morning cringe, perhaps, i will find it when i am not seeking for it.

Catullus 80 - Give-Away: to Gellius

What can I say, Gellius, as to why those red lips
become whiter than winter snow,
when you leave your house in the morning or when
the eighth hour wakes you placid and weak in the long day?

It’s something, for sure: perhaps rumour’s whisper is true
that you swallow the tall jet from a man’s groin?
this is for sure: Victor’s strained thighs proclaim it,
and your lips marked with dried semen.

Archer Looks To Have "McCluster-Like" Role In 2015

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Archer Looks To Have “McCluster-Like” Role In 2015

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Much has been said about the Steelers’ third round draft choice in 2014 being spent on a role player in Dri Archer, but for comparisons sake, there is hope to be had. His stat line of 10 carries for 40 yards and 7 catches for…

At-work-doodle of some fan art for onechaoticpagan who is absolutely amazing.

I doodled him on an envelope. XD They’re self sealing, so that’s why there’s a weird line at the top. Oops. I should’ve grabbed something else to draw on.

I apologize if I got some markings wrong!! I dried to draw him from memory and my memory is not so good, apparently.

Chaotic is seriously the best person ever! Everyone go check her out and commission her because HOT DAMN HER ART IS SPECTACULAR!

A Little Help For Xander

At the begenning of this year(sophmore year) and all of last year I have been sad. I have cut and wanted to die and no one knew.

So a cupple of days ago I was put in a group in my world history class. We were supposed to be sharing the information we had gotten from the previous day with our other group. It just so happens that no one was doing their work. My group members were Dalton, Zeke, Marcus, and Xander. Whenever we got in the groups I sat down Zeke to my right, Dalton behind Zeke, Marcus behind me, and Xander to my left.

When we all got settled I noticed Xander had her ear buds in and pulled har quarter length sleves down and held them in the palm of her hands. At first, I brushed it off. After a few minutes I kept looking over to her one time her sleve fell and. I saw. I saw the dried blood marks all on her arm. I, still, like a true ass hole ignored it. I didnt know what to say; I talked to Zeke and Dalton.

Then I had thought I wish someone had noticed me and asked if I was doing okay. So thats what I did I turned to her and asked, “Hey Xander, are you okay?”. She answered with a “Yeah” we are in first period together too (theatre class) so I tried to keep up a conversation with that, it only lasted a few minutes. The next day, in first period, I talked to her just a friendly hi and a little talking. Everyday I see her a little happier.

Everyday, everywhere we see each other she always smiles. I believe that I actually helped her a little bit.

Full-scale eradication programs did not peak until the 1950s, when resource development brought more people into originally sparsely populated wilderness. A government-backed wolf extermination program was initiated in 194.  In the mid-1950s, wolf bounties were dropped in the western provinces in favor of hiring provincial hunters. Overall, 20,000 wolves were bountied between 1935 and 1955

The safe house was nothing more than that for Nathan Randell…safe. His path to the door became one of necessary violence and difficulties he could have done without. His way of violence showed on his face. Likely bloody broken nose. A cut bleeding under his eye. and a heavy gash across his jaw left a dried bloody mark as it began the slow process of knitting back together to heal. He didn’t know at what moment he began counting the days and hours to the next full moon. He knew he could turn right then and there, yet that would cost him more than the couple of scratches he did have on him to heal. His lips kicked up into a ghost of a grin – any doctor would faint clean away at the sight of his so called scratches. He was bruised, battered and somewhat patched up enough to make his way towards the safe house. He had to hand it to Celeste for choosing the arrangement of the place. The Hotel establishment belonged to none other than Marlon Romano, the self-proclaimed hero of humanity whose sole reason for being was to save humanity from monstrous creatures like Nathan. After the loss of his pack Nathan question who the real monsters were. These days he had no more questions all he had left was the singular will to survive. He had made a promise to his pack ‘Mother’, the last one to be killed, he would survive.

As he made his way into the penthouse suite Nathan wondered if just surviving was enough. Wasn’t it Armarus, and even Jasper, who told him they all had lost something by just surviving. He was supposed to live. Oh yes. He had tired that and look what happened. The hit reminded him not to bother about living. It reminded him to survive only and it told him in no uncertain terms he was a wolf meant to be hunted down by those very beings he should live for. Living had cost him.