Sheep, darkroom print by Mark Dries
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All Adox: - shot on CHS 100 II film 120 format - printed on Variotone FB paper - print developed in Warm tone developer Please take a look at my most interesting photos Or take a look at my entire portfolio

Familiar Binding Spell 🐾

A spell meant to strengthen the bond between a person and their familiar. 

Items required:

  • Safely harvested fur, whiskers, or toenail clippings from your familiar 
  • Your own hair or fingernail clippings
  • A crystal (or crystal chips) of your choice - personally, I would use Snowflake Obsidian because it reminds me of the markings on my bunny
  • Dried basil
  • Sea salt
  • A tiny jar or vial 
  • Brown thread or string 
  1. Add the taglocks for yourself and your familiar to the jar - if you can manage to actually tie the two together with string beforehand then that’s another viable option 
  2. Next, add the crystal you chose and a pinch of basil (love and protection) and sea salt (charging) as you focus on your intent 
  3. Seal the jar, wrap the brown string/thread around the neck of the jar, and tie it off
  4. Can be worn, carried on your person, or displayed somewhere you can always see it

Why do sheep… - print version by Mark Dries


Stormy Tree by Mark Dries

I’m trying a darkroom print of this negative, but somehow the negative scan is still the better one.

Hass with Planar, HP5+ with red filter, 5 seconds exposure.

Please take a look at my most interesting photos Or take a look at my entire portfolio


Emerging shower by Mark Dries


Sunny and cloudy by Mark Dries

anonymous asked:

please give us a full view of the doll in a video

Ok she has a lot of burn marks and a large incision down her chest, her left thigh has a faint symbol cut into the porcelain with a knife or razor. She has no clothes except for two shoes, the back of one of them has stain marks that resemble dried blood. The year 1925 is engraved on her neck. Also a music box is attached in her back which plays a sad melody.
I’ll show it in a video on the topic of spooky dolls sometime soon.