The immense setting sun against the flat terrain. Rey’s speeder races, almost insignificant, across frame. She scratches marks into the rusty wall. Another mark; another day. And there are thousands of marks. A dried desert flower in a rusty engine piece. A rough, stuffed handmade doll, made from what looks like orange Rebellion flight suit material and twine. Rey’s lonely, ramshackle dwelling. Everything reclaimed. She cooks for one. Does everything for one.


She by Mark Dries
Via Flickr:
Cropped from 6x6 negative. Hasselblad 500 C/M with CZ Planar on Rollei RPX100, developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 17:00 minutes.

Got7 Reaction: Both them and their s/o being each other’s first. (Request)

Hey guys! I’m sorry that this reaction took forever to write, it was a little bit of a challenge to write about first times. But we pulled through! Anyways I hope you enjoy these scenarios/reactions.


JB / Im Jaebum - Tonight was your 8 month anniversary and just after dinner you and JB decide to walk around town. Although there were absolutely no secrets between the two of you, just a few weeks ago JB finally felt that it was time to reveal a secret he’s been keeping for a long time. He was a virgin. Being insecure yourself, after his reveal, you decide to confide in him and also reveal that you too, share the same secret. Typically for your anniversaries, you and JB would order take out and watch movies at home. This morning you were getting ready by slipping on sweatpants and one of JB’s sweatshirts. You looked through a wide selection of movies on Netflix, trying to find one that you’d thought you both could enjoy. Suddenly you received a text from Jaebum telling you to look inside your closet for a pink box. Confused, you walk into your closet finding a pink box. Once you carefully opened it, you gasped. In the box there was a gorgeous dress and under the dress you find a hand written note saying.

I hope you liked it. Wear this and be ready by 7:30 xoxo  

Quickly, you glanced at the clock, it walk already 4:50pm giving you a little more than two hours to get fully ready. Ditching your sweatpants and sweatshirt, you immediately hop into the shower. Once you were finished you slipped into your robe, getting started on your hair and makeup. By the time you slipped on your dress and shoes, you hear the doorbell ring. Opening the door you see Jaebum in a nice white button up polo and navy blue chinos, looking as handsome as ever. Giving you a bouquet of flowers you gladly take them and put them in a jar of water, before going to the restaurant.

All through out dinner, the tension between the two of you was enough to be cut with a knife. So walking out of the restaurant felt like a breath of fresh air. it was almost 9pm when you and JB decided to walk back to his dorm. Worried about the other members, he assured you that he had the whole dorm to himself for the next week while the others went to visit family. Unlocking the door to his room you gasped in shock at the sight in front of you. His bed was covered in rose petals. 

“Jaebum,” you marveled “You didn’t have do this” 

You turned to face him with cheeks burning pink. He slowly puts one arm around your waist, and kisses you passionately. 

“Then I guess you have to take this off and give it back” he says pulling on your dress. 

“hmm, maybe I should” You smirk before kissing him again.

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Mark - It was the morning after, you and Mark’s romantic night. Laying next to him in bed, you stare at his handsome sleeping face. It never occurred to you how handsome Mark looked when he slept. You would always sleep before he gets home from work, and wake up to an empty apartment. Although you understood Mark’s frequent absences at home, it sometimes left you lonely, especially after a hard day’s work and you just want to come home and see his smiling face. Yesterday was different. Once you came home from work, surprisingly, you find Mark sitting on the couch. 

“I didn’t know you’d be home” you say with a confusing tone as you begin to put your stuff away.

He looks up from his phone and smiles before getting up and giving you a big hug and a peck on the cheek. 

“Let’s do something” he suggests.

You glance at your watch. 8:15.

“Where are we gonna go at this time?” you ask

“Uhmm,” he starts “Let’s go to the beach”

Hesitantly, you agreed. After changing into something more comfortable (probably shorts and a long sleeve idk), you and Mark immediately drive 30 minutes heading to the beach. The moon was out and there was a nice breeze. Hand in hand you and Mark walk against the shoreline. You lean your head against his shoulder as he places a kiss on the top of your head. Suddenly, Mark removes himself from your hold. You look at him confusingly, as he begins to take off his clothes. Your eyes go wide as you see an almost naked Mark, standing in front of you in nothing but his underwear. 

“Let’s go for a swim” He says before running into the water. 

You give him a crazed look. 

“C’mon! The water’s great!” He yells splashing some of the water toward you. 

“Fine!” you exclaims as you start removing your clothes. 

Running into the water to wear Mark was, you squeal laughing as he pulls you close to him. 

“I can’t believe you’re actually doing this”

You couldn’t believe it either. It wasn’t like you to go out and do thing impulsively. Yet, for some reason, tonight had a feeling that you would remember forever. After your swim with Mark, you both dried off and went home. Once you got home the mood completely changed. The once playful vibe you two shared turned into something you couldn’t describe. Suddenly all clothes were off before you two could reach the bedroom. 

Now, here you were laying next to the man you love. Snuggling closer you feel his skin against yours. That when you realized.

“OH MY GOD!” you exclaim loudly, as you sit up.

A startled Mark suddenly wakes up looking at you worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” he asks holding your arms tightly

“We had sex!” You exclaim, “I lost my virginity”

Mark then engulfs you into a big hug. 

“You’re not mad are you? Because I lost mine too”

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Jackson - Meeting Jackson was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Your past relationships were nothing compared to what you and Jackson shared. You were hopelessly in love with this man. Although your relationship with Jackson seemed perfect, there were flaws that you wanted to change. You and Jackson didn’t fight often, but when you did, you noticed that it wasn’t because of something silly like him not picking up some of his stuff or you taking forever to get ready, it was because of something deeper than that. Sometimes when you fight, the sexual tension between the two of you was unbearable. There were times where you wanted to just kiss him in mid sentence and let him do whatever he wanted to your body. You held back all those times because you were still unsure about losing your virginity. Of course, you had no doubt in your mind that you wanted to lose your virginity to Jackson, but you felt insecure sometimes overthinking about not being able to please him. 

After much thinking, you finally made up your mind. You were gonna have sex with Jackson when the opportunity is given to you. Both you and Jackson have been on edge this past week due to stresses at work. Right after work you met up with BamBam to go shopping. After about an hour you wonder to yourself why you went shopping with the kid in the first place. He could not for the life of him make up his mind about certain clothing item. So an hour and a half at the mall turned to 3 real quick. You got home exhausted. Opening the door you see an angry Jackson sitting on the couch waiting for you. 

You roll your eyes knowing what was about to happen.

“Where were you?!” He asked angrily.

“I was out with BamBam.” You say tossing your back to the side with your jacket.

“What were you two doing?” he seethed.

“We just hung out, at the mall” 

“Mhmm, sure” he scoffs

“We were!” 

“Tell me the truth. Were you two cheating?” He accused “He’s one of my best friends Y/N!!”

“THAT IS THE TRUTH.” You yelled, shocked at his accusation. 

“Bullshit Y/N I know you tw—” 

You crash your lips against his, not wanted to hear anymore. 

“You seriously think I would cheat on you?” You ask, kissing him again. 

Things got heated between you two really quick. Before you knew it, the both of you are in your room nearly undressed. Just before things furthered on, you suddenly stopped. 

“What’s wrong?” Jackson asks, with a worried look on his face.

“I’m nervous….this is my first time” you reply shyly.

He pulls you tight and kisses your forehead.

“Don’t worry babe, this is my first time too. I’ll be gentle.”

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Jinyoung / Park Jinyoung - Last night was definitely one that you’d remember forever. Yesterday started off not so great but ended in a way that you never thought would happen. The day started with a cup of coffee. On his day offs Jinyoung would take you to new cafes, where the both of you can spend time sipping on coffee and having conversations that could last for hours. This time, something was different. When you lightly brought up the topic of sex, Jinyoung looked oddly uncomfortable. Although you were a virgin, you never had any problems talking about sex openly with other people (especially since most of your friends talked about their sex lives like an open book). 

“What’s wrong?” you asked him, curiously.

“Uhm.. I’m just not used to us talking about sex so openly with each other” He says as he shifts in his seat, taking another sip of his coffee. 

“It’s just sex,” You start, “Besides, I don’t really know what it’s like…”

This time was your turn to shift uncomfortably. Talking about sex itself wasn’t a problem for you, but when it came to talking about your own sex life, let’s just say that you much rather keep that to yourself. You were pretty insecure about still being a virgin. Whenever it came a time to talk about your sex life, you often times thought that talking about your virginity scared guys away. So, that led to many failed relationships due to the lack of sex.

Suddenly Jinyoung’s vibe completely changed. It was like he was suddenly relieved from your sudden confession. 

“Me too…” he says awkwardly.

Your eyes widen, as you choke on your drink. You both continue talking about your sex lives, and it was shocking that someone as handsome as Jinyoung was still a virgin, like yourself. For a while you both talked about how your friends would always come to you two whenever they had problems regarding who they slept with or whenever they wanted to boast about their sexual conquests. Jokingly the both of you talked about having sex that night and even went out of your way to buy the stuff ‘needed’ for that night (roses, lingerie, candles, condoms….etc). 

Once you got home, headed straight for the bathroom, to try on the new lace lingerie you bought. When you got out of the bathroom, the lights were dimmed and you saw Jinyoung lighting up a few candles. Coughing, you made your presence known, and when he turned around, Jinyoung couldn’t stop staring at your body. Soon things got heated and eventually you both lost your virginity to each other. Now, here you were laying in bed with Jinyoung. His eyes flutter open as he smiles at you, kissing your forehead. 

“Good morning” he mumbles “How do you feel?”

“I feel good,” you smile “It kinda hurts though”

Suddenly he got up, placing both his hands on your cheeks.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” He asks frantically

You smile shaking your head

“I feel great”

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Youngjae / Choi Youngjae - You and Youngjae were on the couch playing video games, like usual. Nothing was out of the ordinary for the both of you, but soon you started to get bored. Most of the time, you are always the one losing when it comes to playing video games and you hated it. Naturally instead of throwing a fit, you would just tell him that you didn’t want to play anymore. This time you had enough, you lost for the billionth time and Youngjae didn’t get the hint that you started to get annoyed. 

“No! I don’t wanna play anymore” you say pushing the controller away from you.

“Y/N it’s just a game,” he says picking up the controller, “Here I’ll let you win this time”

You roll your eyes shaking your head, and sigh. 

“I don’t want you to let me win. That wouldn’t be fair”

“Hmm. Let’s make a bet” 

“What kind of bet?” You asked, confused.

“If you win, we could do whatever you want,” He started, “If I win, we get to have sex”

“Youngjae…I’m still a virgin. I don’t wanna lose my virginity over a bet.” 

“Baby I don’t want to lose mine over a bet either, all the more reason for you to win.” He says as he cups your cheeks, lightly kissing your lips. 

Sighing. You agree, grabbing the controller. This time you were definitely going to try your hardest to win.You loved Youngjae from the bottom of your heart, and there was no doubt in your mind that you wanted to lose your virginity to him. But you always thought that when you lost your virginity, it would be romantic with roses and candles. You definitely did not want to lose it because you lost a bet. 

You and Youngjae agreed to play three rounds. Before playing, you made him promise not to take it easy on you. If you were going to win, you were going to win fair and square. The rounds between the two of you felt like a life time. By the end of the second round, the score was tied. The tension in the room made you more nervous than when you started. You glance over at Youngjae, he looked almost as nervous as you were. For some odd reason, you started to find his hard focus on the game a huge turn-on. The competition started coming to an end, but instead of focusing on the game, your mind started to drift off to how sexy Youngjae looked. Before you knew it, the game was over. 

“I won!” You exclaim with excitement. “I actually won!” 

“Good job Ja–” 

You interrupt Youngjae with a heated kiss. 

“Woah…Okay” He says pulling away “So what is it that you want to do”

“I have something in mind” You reply with a smirk before kissing Youngjae again.

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BamBam - It was the morning after you and BamBam shared your first time. You snuggle closer into the pillow as you open your eyes, it surprised you to find BamBam not sleeping next to you. It left you feeling a little disappointed and upset. You always thought you’d wake up the next morning seeing the man you love right by your side, after your first time. But waking up to an empty bedside, made your heart drop. Sighing, you pull on one of BamBam’s t-shirt and head over to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee.

 As you walk over to the kitchen, you hear BamBam talking on the phone. You roll your eyes. BamBam left you to wake up alone so that he could talk to his friends (the friends he sees everyday). You were about to interrupt him and give him a piece of your mind but, something stopped you. 

“Yeah guys so I’m a man now.”

You tilt your head in confusion.

“Well I lost my virginity to the woman I love. I know that most of you aren’t able to say that,” BamBam coughs, “Mark” 

You smile to yourself as you lean against the wall. “Yes I do love her. I don’t see myself with anyone else but her. She’s amazing”

Feeling your cheeks heating, you place your hands on your face to calm yourself down. 

“Shut up Yugyeom!” He exclaims, “I’m not telling you details. What’s wrong with you??”

This time you couldn’t help but giggle to yourself, as you imagine what Yugyeom said. Suddenly, BamBam stops talking. Your eyes widen as you grab what’s closest to you, a lamp, and hide behind it. BamBam turns around the corner and stands in front of you, smirking. 

“Really, y/n?”

“Uhm y/n isn’t here at the moment, please leave your message after the beep.” You pause, “Beeeeeeeep”

“Okay, well when y/n wants to eat breakfast, I’ll be making some in the kitchen”

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Yugyeom / Kim Yugyeom - You and Yugyeom were in the dance studio. Ever since Yugyeom caught you trying to learn the choreography to ‘Just Right’, he never stopped bugging you to let him personally teach you the choreography not only to ‘Just Right’ but for any song you were willing to dance to. For the past week, Yugyeom’s been teaching you some of the choreography he’s danced to when he was on Hit the Stage. Reaching for your towel, you wipe the sweat off your face, and take a sip of from your water bottle. You walk over to Yugyeom laying on the floor also wiping the sweat off his sweat. 

“Thanks Jagi” He says out of breath. 

You hand him your water bottle, and he sits up taking a large gulp.

“I’m gonna practice the one part we’ve been working on” You say walking over to the speakers. Putting on “Take you down” by Chris Brown, you walk over to the middle of the room waiting for your cue to start dancing. Once the chorus started, you immediately started feeling the music as well as the choreography that Yugyeom taught you. When the music ended you stood up and leaned against the mirror. 

“How was that?” You smile, breathing heavily.

Yugyeom stays silent as he beelines over to you. He puts both hands on the mirror trapping you between himself and the mirror. Your eyes widen as you look up at him. You see the lust in his eyes, and you shift beneath him. His body pressed against you, made you flustered flustered. It was like the air in the room started suffocating you.

“Babe…” You mumble.

Suddenly, Yugyeom pushes himself off of the mirror. 

“I’m sorry Jagi,” he starts “You looked so sexy”

Now it was your time to step forward.

“Babe, you know how we talked about our first time.” 

“Mhmm” He replies

“Do you wanna get it over with now?” You suggest smirking.

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Lost Track of Time pt. 2

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff (just a pinch of fluff)

Summary: You were angry, he had no more patience and when you left, he was broken. He wanted nothing more than to mend the cracks that had split his heart in two.

Word Count: 1680

Warning: curse words…that’s it

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Jungkook sat on the floor clutching onto the platinum watch for what seemed like eons. He sat there on the cold, hard floorboards throughout the entire night going through the argument you two had in his head. He mentally beat himself up every single time the image of your tear stained face popped into his mind. 

Night turned into day, and Jungkook still sat there on the ground. He felt like he just lost his entire world. You, his everything, left and it was all his fault. Never in the span of your two-year relationship, did an argument ever escalate to the point of you leaving. You disappearing and the absence of your belongings gave Jungkook a giant wake up call. He never realized just how easily you could fall from his grasp until you had slipped away.

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My True Identity: Part 2 (Merkel)

Part 2 of 2

The tall German leader ended the call and tossed the mobile to his partner, who placed it on the metal table beside him.

“I do hope your fiancé shows. Honestly.” He said, brushing his blonde hair back from his forehead.

She sat tied to a metal chair, the black ropes so tight she could barely move, and stared blankly at the floor, so full of emotion yet appearing numb. She could understand why he did not tell her who he really was, agencies obviously tell their employees to divulge as little of truth as possible in order to protect themselves and their employers. There was also the fact that she might not be loyal, or could be a secret spy herself, sent to collect tabs on whatever Merkel told her. She was neither of those. She loved Merkel wholeheartedly for who he was as a person, but with the days recent events, she doubted how honest their relationship was. Yet, she loved him for than anything in the world.

“I like you talkative. You had much more to say at your house.” The leader continued.

She did not acknowledge him.

“Look at me.”

She did not look at him.

Suddenly, he sent the palm of his hand across her cheek, turning her skin into a light shade of red and she couldn’t stop herself from crying out.

“Let’s try that again. Now, will you look at me sweetheart?” He wondered, the endearment rolling off his tongue as if he meant it.

She did not want to, she cringed at the thought of having to look into his pale blue eyes, but she did not want to be hit again.

Slowly, she raised her eyes until they met his.

He traced his cool, rough hand down her cheek over where he had hit her, as if attempting to soothe the mark he had given her. His long fingers, yet still not longer than Merkel’s, glided over her soft lips and a shiver ran through her body. He smiled at her involuntary reaction before continuing his way down her structured face, fingers finally making their way to her chin where they took a stronger grip.

“Did he buy you this?” He asked, his free hand moving to the neckline of her black robe and he took the expensive fabric between his fingers.

His rough touch met her warm skin and her breathing deepened as he swept his finger over her collarbone.

“Yes.” She whispered heartily.

“It certainly isn’t American. Where did he buy it?” He wondered, tone sounding deceivingly curious.

“Paris. He was there for-” She stopped herself abruptly. She had no idea what he was doing there, just that it was not a business trip to discuss finance issues with their French location.

Her words made the man smile so wide he showed his teeth.

“I’m sorry, he was there for?” He pushed.

“Work.” She whispered. It was technically true.

“Ah, yes. Work. Let me fill in the details of your dear Merkel for you.”

He straightened and sauntered over to the table to her left where he selected a chair identical to hers. He dragged it across the floor, the metal on concrete making a horrible noise, and set it in front of the terrified, young woman.

“Merkel works for the CIA. While he is a field agent, he spends most of his time orchestrating diversions, creating false identities, passports and documents. He is the right hand man to the Blonde, though I assume you do not know who she is. Anyways, did you know your fiancé has royally pissed me off today?” He wondered from her.

“No.” She whispered obediently.

“Today I planned on killing a man and your fiancé decided to save his life. When he whistled, every civilian around him open their umbrellas, shielding my view from my target. You can see how that would anger me correct?” He drawled.

She nodded slowly.

“I deserve to feel better, don’t I?” He asked.

She opened her mouth to speak but came up at a loss of words when his hands found her half-covered knees and began to slide up her thighs.

“You… you promised him you wouldn’t.” She breathed heavily, her thighs trembling with fear.

His hands slipped back down her legs.

“Oh, I won’t fuck you yet. I did promise him that.” He began, eyes looking into hers as if searching for something. “I want you to kiss me, darling.”

He would call her that. The sweet word would fall from his lips when he came home at the end of the day, made love to her at night and say goodbye in the morning.

She clung to his chest, utterly exhausted after finishing. A sheen of sweat covered the young woman’s body and she still tried to calm her breathing. Her eyes began to droop as she leaned deeper into his body.

“Are you alright, darling?” He asked, turning her over so he could look into her eyes.

Her chest was pressed against his and he could not get over the sweet feeling of her breasts pushed against his solid chest. He ran his fingers through her silky hair.

“Yes. I’m just very tired.” She whispered.

He smiled at the sight of her.

“Go to sleep.” He countered softly.

She intertwined her legs in his long ones and looked up at him.

“I am going to miss you… so much, Merkel. Do you have to go to Paris?”  She asked half-heartedly; she already knew he did.

His fingers ran down her cheek, cupping it softly before leaning down to give her a soft kiss. Her lips moved lazily and he couldn’t help but smirk, for he was the one who had tired her out.

“I will return in a week.” He reminded her.

She sighed, “That isn’t too long, but it feels like forever when I don’t get to hear your voice… touch you.”

His hand moved down to her collarbone, stroking idly.

“Hm, touching me… do you not mean touching you?” He grinned.

“Mm, maybe. Both.” She concluded.

“I’ll just have to give you enough to think about until then.”

His hand moved down her side excruciatingly slow, fitting to the curve of her hip and continuing down. Her breaths became rapid again and she closed her eyes.

Merkel’s free hand brushed her hair back from her forehead, “Open your eyes.” He asked sweetly.

At the same moment her lids fluttered open, his finger entered her and she emitted a breathy moan. He slipped another finger inside of her and she arched into his touch, her whole body feeling alive.

She looked into his eyes, doing as he asked her, and he nearly moaned at the sight of her; dark eyes so innocent, soft lips parted and breasts heaving all because of his touch. It was the connection only two people in love could have, the ability to stare into the others eyes and feel nothing but devotion.

She closed her eyes as she came, relishing in the overwhelming feeling as her whole body trembled with desire.

“I love you, darling.” He admitted.

Her eyes opened slowly, she was so worn out.

“I love you too.” She promised.

She fell asleep in his arms right after.

It sounded absolutely vile when he said that word to her.

She timidly pressed her lips against his.

“Lovely, darling.” He confessed.

“Pick up, dammit!” Merkel cursed loudly, running his fingers through his styled, brown hair.

He was pacing around his rooftop hideout, waiting for Lorraine to pick up her phone. He needed to get her back, he would do anything to get her back, but he knew the best way to do so would be with Lorraine’s help. He did not want to get in trouble with his agency.

“Yes?” Her cool voice answered the phone.

He released a deep breath. “They took her. They took her, Lorraine.” He growled into the mobile.

“Are you sure?” Lorraine questioned.

He held the phone tighter, “Yes I’m fucking sure. They called my phone and she spoke. The man said I needed to be there in less than two hours or she dies.”

“You want my help.” She stated.

“Yes, I do. Can you come back to my location? I need to speak with you.”

“Alright.” She caved.

“I assume you already have a plan.” He said, watching Lorraine as she sat down in the chair beside his.

“I got two of our snipers to scout the warehouse and determine where she’s being held. From there we’ll find a weak spot in the patrol to enter the premises and make our way to her while you enter through the front doors as if you were following their orders.” She explained.

“You better be on time Lorraine. I don’t know how many questions they have and if I finish them before you come, they will kill us both.” He pressed, staring into her eyes intently.

“When am I ever late?” The blonde replied smugly, a smirk forming on her lips.

“Good. We kill them all.”

Lorraine blew out a breathe of smoke, “Deal.”

One of the leader’s henchmen checked his wristwatch and came up behind the tall blonde man, leaned into his ear and whispered.

The blonde smiled, “Merkel has half an hour left. I do hope the traffic he is in will clear soon. I mean, what else could be stopping him? He won’t leave you for dead.”

She nodded meekly in response and that seemed to satisfy him enough.

All of a sudden, the sound of guns loading and the bullets entering chamber filled the warehouse.

“Ah, here he is!” The man exclaimed, bright smile back on his face.

Merkel ignored the men with the guns, not even bothering to give them a look as he strolled down the warehouse past them.

“How nice of you to join us. We are all very pleased by your presence” He said pleasantly, as if Merkel was there for a luncheon.

He stole a glance at her and his heart broke all over again, she was tied tightly to a metal chair in nothing more than the robe he had bought her from a shop in Paris, tear marks dried on her beautiful face.

“Let’s just make this simple. I will tell you whatever you want, anything. I just want her back.” Merkel stated plainly.

The blonde man pondered over the request, “Hm, you see Merkel, I do not believe that to be wise. I am not foolish enough to believe you came here on your own.”

Merkel’s eyes hardened.

“Clearly you are foolish enough to think so. I have no intention of being reckless and putting her life in danger. I will tell you whatever you want to know, knowing that I am compromising my agency, because I care about her more than anything else.” He promised.

Again, the man appeared to think over Merkel’s request.

“I suppose you are right, after all, we did find something special did we not? Show him Y/N. Let him see how stunning it looks on you.” He jeered, leaning over her shoulder.

She looked right into his eyes, the eyes that make her knees go weak every time, and lifted her left hand. Instantly, he saw the gleam of the diamond sitting upon the band he had bought for her.

“I took the liberty of asking her for you. I do hope I get an invitation to the wedding.” The German taunted.

“Let us get on with this.” Merkel said sternly.

“As you wish.”

A loud bang shot through the room and the German leader slumped to the ground, a crimson red hole embedded in his forehead, causing blood to seep onto the floor around him.

She screamed, terrified at the sight of the dead man lying on the floor, and writhed against the ropes that bound her.

Merkel rushed to her as Lorraine and five others came into the room, holding large guns.

“Who’s next, boys?” Lorraine drawled, tossing her cigarette aside.

There was an explosion of gun shots throughout the room and the young woman sat looking petrified, her eyes were wide and her whole body shook. Never did she ever think she would be in the situation she was in today, being taken from her own house, learning her boyfriend was a spy and sitting in the middle of a gun fight. It was a day of firsts. 

“Darling. Darling, look at me.” He pleaded, taking her face in his large hands.

Her eyes, wet and glassy, met his.

“Merkel.” She breathed, relieved he was with her, touching her again.

He swiped a pocket knife from inside his jacket and started to cut through her binds. “I will get you out of here, okay? You will be safe. I promise.”

“Will I ever be?” She whispered, so quietly that she did not think he would hear her.

He did.

He gathered all the ropes in his hand and tossed them to the side before looking up at her. She could no longer meet his gaze.

“Merkel! Let’s go. We need to get to the safe house.” Lorraine called, holding her gun by her side.

He nodded before turning to his girlfriend, “We will speak later, okay?”

She said nothing as she stood and followed the group of spies out of the warehouse.

She leaned against the wooden frame of the bedroom window at the safe house and watched as rain pounded against the smooth glass and dirty streets below. She held a cigarette in her left hand and took slow drags as she watched the miserable weather. A cloud of smoke fell from her lips and she closed her eyes, listening to the taps on the glass.

“You never smoke.”

She opened her eyes. She could see his reflection against the window glass.

“You’re right.” She said quietly, taking one last drag before putting it out in the ashtray.

She held onto herself tightly, grasping the ties of the thick, fluffy, white robe she was wearing. “Why did you not tell me? Would you have told me before asking me to marry you?” She wondered.

He strode over to her, “Yes. I would have told you everything before asking you to spend the rest of your life with me. I could never leave you not knowing, only to tell you years later.”

She sniffed, “I understand your agency would not have wanted you to tell me about who you really are but Merkel, you can trust me. I want you to trust me.”

He nodded, “I will tell you everything.” He promised.

The room was dark with the exception of the small gas lamp, spreading a soft, orange glow through the small room. She sat atop of him, her legs wrapped around his slender hips, as she met his thrusts. Her head fell back as he pressed a kiss onto her throat.

“Merkel.” She gasped.

He buried his face into her neck and she clung to him, never wanting to be far from him. She pushed her body closer to his, even though they were already met.

“I- I want to be with you… forever.” She said through moans.

He kissed her everywhere, touched her everywhere. He wanted her to know how much she meant to him, and it was clear she meant a great deal.

“Will you marry me, darling?” He breathed, pulling away from her pink lips and gazing into her eyes.

“Yes.” Her face broke into a smile and her hands cupped his face.

He began to kiss her again and she laughed, so happy to be with him.

Eventually, her soft laughter turned into breathless moans, as he pushed himself further inside of her and continued to make love to her.


Reaching out by Mark Dries
Via Flickr:
I like to use FP4+ on a grey day, because it still manages to give me a nice contrasty tone.

Lost Soul (Jon Snow)

word count: 3, 819

request: Hey! Could I request a Jon Snow one shot? Maybe where the reader was Ramsay Bolton’s prisoner and Jon saves her and it’s all fluffy? I love your writing btw! Much love ❤️

requested by: anon

warnings: ramsay, suicidal thoughts, rape, violence against a woman

a/n: I can never back a short one-shot when writing game of thrones fanfics. Like, I go all in. I’m extra af. There’s a lot of build up, I am so sorry. Part Two of Queen in the North will come out soon, and then Part Two of Loyalty.

Originally posted by tywinlannister

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St. Barbara cemetery by Mark Dries
Via Flickr:
Hilversum, Nederland.

Bloody Confessions

Summary: After you have helped Klaus with a witch problem, Kol finds you, his best friend, wounded and hurt at the Compound. Anger, realizations, and confessions are in the air tonight.

10: “Why on earth are you bleeding?!”

Words: 720

A/N: This is written a bit differently since it’s seen from Kol’s p.o.v. (it started like that but it sort of changed a bit through the story….).Thanks for the lovely request @dilemmadoll - I hope that you and everyone else enjoy this one!

The sight in front of Kol tore a piece of his heart away and made him see red, anger and worry filling his body. And it was not just the sight – it was also the smell of blood. Your blood.

It was you, his best – and only – friend. Wounded. Patching yourself up with some handkerchiefs and plasters.

Kol: Why on earth are you bleeding?!

Your head rose from the surprise of him being there. But seeing your face only made Kol angrier. Your cheek was bruised and a rift on your forehead caused small drops of blood to fall down, leaving dried marks down your face.

Y/N: It’s fine, I’m fine Kol.

Angrily, Kol vamp-speeded towards you, his cold stare searching all of your body in order to figure out how badly hurt you had been.

Kol: Fine? You call this fine? I can’t even count how many wounds and gashes I’m able to see on your body.

You sighed for which you received a glance of death from Kol.

Y/N: They’re just scratches. Besides, Klaus was with me all th-

Kol: Klaus?!

Y/N: Yes, Klaus. I helped him with his feud with the witches.

Kol could not do anything else than shake his head uncontrollably. How could Klaus, his own brother and Y/N’s friend, expose you to such danger? He knew that you were only human. And that Kol could not live without you.

Suddenly, Kol heard footsteps behind him near the door. He did not have to turn to figure out who was coming. It was Klaus.

Without thinking, Kol turned around and vamp-speeded towards him. He sensed that you cried out his name but he ignored it. Instead, he let his anger take over his body, grabbed Klaus by the throat and slammed him up against the wall.

Klaus: Nice to see you too, brother.

Kol pressed his hand tighter around his throat, wishing nothing else than to see that smirk on Klaus’ face disappearing.

Kol: What were you thinking?! Putting her life in danger!

Despite the hands around his throat, Klaus still managed to speak.

Klaus: I needed help and Y/N volunteered.

Out of anger, Kol smashed his other hand against the wall, breaking a brick or two in the process.

Kol: You know what she means to me!

Klaus: I do, brother. I just thought that she should know so as well.

The smirk was back on his face as he lightly nodded towards something behind Kol. You.

Defeated, Kol slowly loosened his grip around his brother’s throat. All the while, his mind was going crazy, one thought replaced the other. Then, something strange happened. It was as if he had been hit by a great realization.

You were more than just a friend for him. You were his life. You were his soulmate.

But he was scared of you not feeling the same.

As soon as Kol had realized the truth, Klaus clapped him encouragingly on his shoulder before leaving the room, giving the two of you some privacy.

Scared of your reaction, Kol slowly turned towards you and looked at you, vulnerability shining brightly in his eyes. Never before had he, the usually invincible vampire, ever felt so helpless.

His eyes found yours – they were like portals to your soul, showing all of your emotions. At first, you looked confused. Then surprised. And then confused once again. He figured that you were probably having difficulties finding the right way to tell him that you did not feel the same. After all, why would anyone, and especially someone like you, love him?

Kol was just about to open his mouth, telling you that it did not matter and that the feelings would probably go away, when you suddenly walked towards him with firm steps. He was completely caught off guard when you out of sudden smashed your lips onto his, placing an arm around his neck to hold him close.

However, it did not take long before Kol realized what was happening. He kissed you back passionately before placing his hands on the back of your thighs and lifting you up from the ground. Now when Kol had you, he did not intend to ever let you go. He would be with you every minute of every hour of every day.

Always and forever.

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Loved Ones Gris-Gris

This bag is used as a more subtle (or softer) means of communication with the departed – through dreams. Its purpose to to build the bridge between sides and allow for easier contact both in and outside of sleep/dreams. The process is as follows:


  • Mullein (dried)
  • Wisteria Blossoms (dried)
  • Mugwort (dried)
  • Lavender (dried)
  • Graveyard Dirt

Optional Ingredients:

  • Bradford Pear Blossoms (fresh)
  • Peach Skin (desiccated) *
  • Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa, dried; powdered/shredded)


  • Blue Fabric (6x6, 8x8 – square)
  • Cord – white or a light blue/lilac
  • Paper
  • Blue Ink (w/ quill or pen) – if blue is not available, black will work just fine


  • Begin foremost by drawing the above seal of a slip of paper. On the reverse, right the name of the one you seek to contact above the eye and your own name below it. Burn the paper and collect this ashes – this will be the foundation of your mix. If you so choose, you could add some Van Van oil to the slip of paper before burning. 
  • Add to the ashes all ingredients mark (dried) above. Give them a blend with your fingers. In the center of your cloth, make a bed of the herbs. If you elected to use the desiccated peach skin, place it first atop the herbs. If not already shaped (I used a natural clump – pictured above), roll the Graveyard Dirt as best you can into a ball shape. Don’t wet it. If it is very dry and doesn’t hold, simply sprinkle it over the herbs. Decorate the exterior with your fresh blossoms before gathering the corners and cinching the bag around the neck.
  • To use, place under your pillow for the 7 nights leading up to the full moon. On the day or night of the moon, remove it and go to the grave of he/she you wish to connect and leave the bag upon their headstone – with flowers if you can.
  • If the person you seek’s grave is unreachable, bury the bag in the graveyard on unclaimed soil along with their name or photo.

* – to make desiccated peach skin, gently peel the peaches with a sharp knife into chunks or ribbons, depending on your peeling skills/technique. Place the peelings into a jar or bag filled with 1:3 mixture of brown sugar and salt to cover, I also add in some fragrant cinnamon powder. Let these dry in a dark, warm, dry place until the skins begin to curl and they are no longer soft (or, rather: gelatinous) to the touch. To expedite drying, using a jar, follow the same process but place the jar (filled with the skins and salt/sugar/cinnamon mixture) into an oven set to ~200F and allow them to “cook” for ~4 - 6 hours, or until they are completely dry. When they are finished, they look reminiscent of mummified flesh – hence why they’re one of my favorite Craft ingredients!

anonymous asked:

Lucy, E and R's four year old daughter has been having fits and meltdowns all day and finally stops when Regina holds her. So to make her daughter happy, Regina holds her throughout the entire town meeting

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“No! I want Mommy!” Lucy screams as she bursts through the double doors, Snow hot on her heels. Snow blushes before smiling apologetically at the town meeting her granddaughter has just interrupted, “I’m sorry…I couldn’t catch her in time.” 

Emma shakes her head with a knowing smile. Their daughter is usually well behaved and funny…but on her bad days she wants one person and one person only. “Madam Mayor?” she asks teasingly. 

Regina turns and rolls her eyes at her before rising from her table and walking down the aisle to where their sulking toddler stands, “Lucy…you only have to stay with Grandma for an hour then you, me and Mama can go get lunch okay?” 

Lucy shakes her head, “No…want Mommy! I wanna be Mayor too!” 

Regina sighs seeing the redness of her daughter’s cheeks and the tell-tale marks of dried tears. This meltdown has clearly been going on for a while and so she simply holds her arms out for Lucy to walk into. Lucy sniffs before hugging her Mom tightly. 

Once she’s secure, Regina picks her up and walks back to the main table. She sits down at the table reaching for her notebook and grabbing a spare one for Lucy, “If you’re going to be Mayor you have to take notes okay?” 

Lucy nods, her tears fading away as she grabs a crayon and some paper, “What do we do now?” 

Regina smiles at the townspeople gathered and staring at them before turning back to her wife, “Sheriff Swan-Mills, I believe you were just telling us about public safety?” 

Told you so

Summary: reader is self-conscious about their body but the boys comfort them and make them forget about their insecurities.

Warning: cursing (I mean it is Richie after all), angst, mentions of bullying, depressing sad themes, my shitty writing

Pairings: losers (boys) x reader, mostly stan x reader.

A/N: uses she/her pronouns, takes place after Ben joins the losers but before Mike does.


Y/n stood staring at herself in the mirror. She despised the fact that you could see every lump and bump, even though she was wearing her baggiest swimsuit. She believed everything Greta had said to her during the school year. Because after all Y/n believed the bitch was right. She was fat. And now she was going to have to go out there, in front of the boys, in front of Stan, showing them just how right Greta was. Maybe they won’t want to be friends with me anymore she thought sadly, heart thumping from nerves. She let herself sink down against the door, thanking every holy deity she could think of, that the dressing room was empty. Her thoughts became to much and crystal tears flew down her face as she cried, folding in on herself in hopes to hide away from the world.

Stan, meanwhile was getting worried. The others were in the pool, splashing about and playing stupid games like Marco Polo. But he was too worried to join in on the fun himself. Just before y/n had walked into the dressing room, Stan felt the anxiety roll off of her in waves, but he didn’t understand for what reason. And know he was worried something had happened. He just couldn’t shake the thought that something was wrong. He made sure the others weren’t looking before he hoisted himself up the side of the pool and stood at the edge, letting the water drain off of him a little. He looked at the others. They still hadn’t noticed that he was out of the pool yet. Good. He took of towards the women’s dressing room as fast as he could without slipping and hurting himself. He approached the door with the little female on the sign cautiously. He worried that there might be other women in there but his need to know that she was alright quickly over rode that thought. He strode up to the door with a sudden surge of confidence and gently started to push the door open.

Y/n startled as the door began to be pushed open. She quickly jumped up and turned to face the person entering the room, expecting an older woman to scold her for blocking the door but instead she was greeted with the familiar curls of her crush, eyes filled with worry and concern as he took in the partly dried tear marks on your cheeks. Stan.

His heart broke as he stared at her. Y/n, the girl who he’s had a crush on for as long as he could remember, had obviously been crying. He wanted to know why but the only thing he could do was hug her, comfort her, and hopefully she’d let him help her. She sunk onto his embrace, and quickly returned the favour, wrapping her arms around him just as quick. As her sobs started to subside within seconds of him holding her, he felt he could maybe approach the matter at hand. But he didn’t want to upset her more then she already was so he stood and offered her his hand instead.

“C'mon I bet the others are wondering where we are.”

Instead of taking his hand like he thought she would, she wrapped her arms around her torso, shaking her head violently.

“No, I can’t go out there! They’ll make fun of me!”

He could hear the raw panic in her voice but he didn’t understand why she was panicking. He crouched in front of her, took her hands into his own.

“Why would they make fun of you?”

He was thoroughly confused now and beyond a little pissed. If any of them had said anything to you to make you this upset, they wouldn’t be leaving this pool alive. Y/n shook her head as more tears began to fall. Geez, even when she’s crying, she still looks beautiful.

“They’ll make fun of me because Greta was right! I’m fat. Really fat! And they’re all gonna make fun of me because they’ll see she was right, and then they’ll leave me. Just like everyone else.”

Stans heart tore itself to shreds listening to her. When the new term starts up Greta was going to be one door bitch. He started running his thumb over the back of Y/n’s hand in soothing circles.

“You know that’s not going happen, OK? They’re not gonna make fun of you and do you know why? It’s because you are quite literally the most breathtaking girl any of us have seen and we all think you’re absolutely perfect just the way you are.” he paused debating on whether he should continue or not but before he could stop himself he blurted put what he’s wanted to say for a long time" I think you’re perfect. In fact, I think you’re that perfect I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask you out for a while now. So here it is, will you be my girlfriend? “

He held his breath and cursed under his breath. But he didn’t realise her breath had caught in her throat, his words leaving her speechless. Well, almost.

"You think I’m perfect?” her voice was soft, disbelieving, talking to herrself more so then him. She gently tugged your wrist out of his grasp and tilted his head up towards hers. Before she lost her courage she kissed him, properly, before pulling back and whispering a shy ‘yes’.

Stan grinned up at her, slightly dazed, before standing up and pulling her with him.

“Let’s go show everyone that I’m dating an angel.”

She laughed at the cheesiness, forgetting her worries, just like Stan always somehow made her do. She couldn’t believe he thought she was perfect. She was so lost in thought, she didn’t realise they had reached the pool edge until Richie yelled.

“There’s the lovebirds. Have a nice quickie?”

She watched as Stan slowly lowered himself into the pool before sending an almighty wave of water at Richie, striking him head on. She joined Stan in the water and nearly jumped out of her skin when Bill spoke from right beside her. She hadn’t even noticed he was there.

“Yuh-yuh-you l-l-look nice y-y-y/n.”

A blush darkened her cheeks as Bill complimented her, the others sounding their agreement. Stan turned towards her with a smug smile and mouthed three words at her :

Told you so.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 7

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: No Bucky in this one but shit’s about to hit the fan fam, also this one is a bit sad. I kept thinking about my brothers the entire time I’m writing this, I’m such a sap it’s gross. 

(The sentences in brackets are in Turkish)


Previous Part


The constant sound of cars honking, people shouting and the thumping sound of things being moved around served as a perfect background noise, masking the racket that was Sam Wilson.

“I’m pretty sure you’ve hit that spot.” Wanda hummed as she passed Sam, who was kneeling by the kitchen counter.

“It never hurts to be careful.” He muttered as he continued to scrub the handle of the refrigerator clean.

“Why are you doing this anyway?”

“I’m wiping off any traces of us ever being here. It’s easy being you, since you just flail your arms around and things would just come to you. My fingerprints are all over this place.” He explained with a huff of annoyance.

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LAIKA Kids Fanfiction - Idea # 3

Original Idea: Kubo doesn’t come to school one day and the Laika kids grow worried. They stop by his house after school to visit him, but he’s not there! It turns out that his abusive grandfather and his aunts, who are in a constant custody battle with Kubo’s ill mother, have taken him to their house without permission and are keeping him there. The Laika kids find his grandfather’s house and attempt a rescue mission. 

 Actual Fanfic: Very long and strays from the original idea a little…

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anonymous asked:

I have this headcanon that when Tsuki wakes up in the morning he likes to kiss Yams freckles... but i feel i need more to complete this headcanon... what do you think?;;

my addition to your headcanon is that when they kiss each other good morning they only keep it to pecks because no amount of love can make up for the fact that morning breath is a thing that exists. then they probably take turns making fun of each other’s dried drool marks and collected rheum before going about their day together

(Alright, disclaimer: I have never publish one of these before. So feedback would be amazing. I hope you enjoy it!)

You had been sharing a tent with Murphy since he returned after being banished. The disease the grounders gave him and the rest of the camp had faded but he was still in pretty bad shape from being tortured. Frankly, you didn’t want to be the one taking care of him but you volunteered for two reasons. The first being, you figured everyone hated him too much to actually take care of him. And it was easier than building or hunting. On top of that you were the only other one here with any medical training. You worked under clarke’s mother, Abby, back on the ark before you were arrested for breaking into medical files.
He slept half the time and the other half was either spent complaining or with surprisingly pleasant conversation. Murphy surprised you, he wasn’t the homicidal maniac everyone had expected of him. Sure, he was arrogant and stubborn but every once in a while you would see the tiniest glint of fear of compassion in him. On this particular day, he had a really rough time sleeping that night so he did so in the morning. When you left he was sleeping with yet another cold sweat break out on his forehead. The morning routine for you stayed the same, leave the tent, receive your and murphy’s rations, return to tent. But before you could return you heard the all too familiar cry of murphy having one of his night terrors again. You dropped the small ration bags you were holding and ran to the entrance of the tent before someone else could try to “take care of him”
Clarke approached you giving you that over concerned look that she always did. She was closely followed by her lap-dog Bellamy wielding his hand gun.
You move Bellamy’s hand down,“let me handle it,"before turning to the rest of the group,"nothing to see here, go back to work. Clarke I’m gonna need a bowl of cold water and a rag, shirt, anything you can find.”
Everyone dispersed as you went into the tent, murphy was still asleep shouting loudly as he tossed and turned. You put your hands in his shoulders moving the covers off his body.
“Murphy! Calm down. Wake up murphy. Wake up,"you shook him softly.
He shook in your hands like a leaf before finally opening his eyes and gripping your wrists.
"You’re safe…"you whispered to him moving some hair off his sweaty forehead,"you’re okay…”
For a brief moment Murphy was hiding behind nothing. There was no shield hiding his fear and he caught his breath. Clarke peaked his head in and set the bowl and rag next to you.
“Thank you,"you said to her,"murphy lay down you’ll feel better when you’re not as hot.”
Half of you expected him to say something along the lines of ‘oh doll, I’m never not hot’. But he just nodded, breathing heavily and laid back, stripping his shirt off. Anyone else would have been surprised to see his unwarranted strip show but you’ve had to help him do a lot worse. His body was nothing new to you, you regularly cleaned and changed his bandaging in addition to his preference of sleeping in only boxer shorts.
But this was all too different, his body glistened in sweat, shaking violently. Fresh scratches and dried blood marking his skin.
“You’re safe…john…its just (Y/N),"you told him in a soft soothing voice before starting to sop the sweat off of his head.
Finally his breathing steadied and and he was finally able to speak.
"What was it this time?"you asked him cleaning some dried blood off a large gash on his forehead.
"I don’t want to talk about it (Y/N)"he sighed.
"Murphy you know talking will help,"you encouraged.
"It’s the same one I have every time…something touches my..n-neck."he couldn’t meet your eyes as he confessed his fear.
"The hanging again?”
“Yeah..,"he looked away again turning his face to the side,"I guess my neck is a bit more sensitive than most.”
You weren’t sure what to say, he had been through far too much for words to mean anything.
“Did I ever tell you my first impression of you?”, you asked him.
“No but I’m not in the mood to have another person tell me how much they used to hate me,"he rolled his eyes.
You moved your tag to his chest to clean up the gashes in his left peck,"I never hated you. I thought you were crazy but I never hated you.”
“Don’t lie to me. That’s worse than telling you that you hate me,"he scoffed.
"I’m not lying. When I first met you, you were just one of Bellamy’s little sidekick. Followed him around like a dog,"you chuckled moving your finger over his wound carefully,"but I remember that you were always making some sort of joke or public declaration. You were such a character.”
“Is that a good thing?”, he turned back to you.
“Very good,"you smile at him.
"Why are you so nice to me? No one cares how I feel,”
“I do,” you cocked your head at him,“you need to stop assuming people hate you.”
“They haven’t given me a reason not to think otherwise,”
“I know but, I don’t hate you. Believe it or not I actually kind of like you,"your trained hands rewrapped the bandage around his waist.
He gripped your wrist,"why?”
“You’ve made some mistakes but frankly if you or anyone else here read half the files I did, they would fear and hate everyone here.” You told him.
“Is that what you got arrested for?"he asked you.
You nodded,"apparently breaking into the chancellors files is a very, very bad thing to do.”
“Sounds like your a very very bad girl,"that signature murphy smirk spread across his face.
"See, now you’re feeling better,"you joked with him enjoying watching his eyes light up.
Murphy moved his hand over the back of your neck,"I would be dead if it weren’t for you.”
“Probably,"you agreed putting the blood soaked rag into the dirtied water before he tilted your chin up.
"Thank you."he said softly before leaning in and kissing you.
You kissed back against his chapped lips moving your hands over his shoulders, before pushing him off slightly.
"I-I’m sorry…that was really forward,"he kicked his lips looking down flustered,"I understand if you don’t want to talk to me again.”
You leaned in pecking his lips,“I liked it. But, maybe you should pace yourself before trying anything again.”
He kisses you once more before you stand up to empty the water and retrieve his rations from before.
“Maybe next time, Tiger.”

superinternalscreaming  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a blind reader x eyeless jack? I love fluff btw! If you don't have time that's fine

Hope you enjoy!

Words: 986
Reading time: 3 minutes, 35 seconds

“Are you scared?”
Jack’s usual coarse voice was now quiet.

He was mostly being courteous towards you, but a part of him knew that question was directed towards himself. What was he doing, to you, to himself. He had to know this was ridiculous. How could he think he could find solace in you, that he could find comfort in someone as kind and understanding as you.

Someone as unknowingly pure.

Jack can barely remember what the touch of a kind hand had felt like. It’d been so many years. Was he truly ready to handle a commitment of love like this one? Were you ready?

After all, you were blind.
He was blind too, in a sense, but his demonic gifts still allowed him a chance to see the cruel world he inhabits. You were not so lucky.
Jack stared into your soft clear eyes, your grey pupils were a lovely compliment to the irises. He almost felt his sharp teeth graze his own lips as he stared into them, knowing they didn’t stare back.

“Are.. are you afraid of me… At all?”
He whispered again, even quieter.
You sat on the floor in front of him, hands tucked neatly on your lap as his own picked at the threads of his sleeves.

“No.. I’m not.”
You choked back, your jaw clenched tightly.

“Are you lying to me Y/N.”
His voice held slight hints of the rough one you remembered.

“No, I wouldn’t lie to you Jack.”
You wish you could reach out and grab at his cold hands, the smooth skin like cool fabric in your grasp. Although, you knew you couldn’t. You wouldn’t dare. You’d only scare him.

“I.. I know.”
Jack lowers his head dejectedly, the bottom part of his mask bumping the line of his collarbones.
You can hear the rustling of the fabric of his jacket and your mind tries to picture what this strange man that you adore may look like.

He always claims he’s a monster and that you’d be afraid if you could see.
You wouldn’t be afraid.
You know what true monsters are, you’ve met them; true monsters are the ones who took your eyes. Those teenagers who sprayed that cleaning spray in your eyes. You were only 5. You could barely remember it even now.

“Can I.. take off your mask, Jack?”
You boldly request, hands clinging to your own jeans, anxiously awaiting perhaps an aggravated yell or for him to leave again.

There’s silence for a while.
You lift your head up a bit, hoping you’re level with his gaze, still darkness. It’s always dark in your world.

You try not to seem to excited as you purse your lips. Jack smiles under the mask, he thinks the way your cheeks squish when you grin is the most adorable thing he’s ever had the pleasure of experiencing in his long life.

“Mhm… are you.. gonna touch me?”
He inches closer, hoping that would help you as you raise your hands gently to hold onto the sides of his mask. Your thumbs brush over the old dried marks of tar on the wood as you do so.

“Yeah, is that ok?”
You swallow against your suddenly dry throat as you lower the mask.
“It helps me see, I can imagine your features in my head.”
You lick over the dry skin of your mouth.

“Yes, it’s fine.”
Jack blows a strand of brown hair away from his nose as he speaks. He watches warily as you place the mask down beside you.

You take a deep sigh and raise your hands up, they miss his face for a moment but they find their mark, resting gently on his cheeks. The skin is just as cool and smooth as his hands. You close your eyes, feeling him stiffen under your touch, his breath caught in his throat.
Jack can feel his constant slow heartbeat begin to pick up. He doesn’t quite know why he feels so anxious, but seeing you like this, so vulnerable, so close to the dangerous creature that he is. It makes him feel safer in a way, he wonders if you feel the same.

“Is it ok, Jack?”
You gingerly move your thumbs lower on his jaw, running them over the bump of his chin and slowly raising them to hill of his bottom lip.

His jaw cracks open slightly and you smile giddily when you feel his warm breath over the pads of your fingers.
He chuckles and you do the same.
You continue to run them over his lips, they’re soft unlike the rest of his leathery epidermis. You reach the bump of his nose. It’s round, you note to yourself and he blinks calmly as you run your fingers farther up the bridge between his eyes.

When you reach his eyelids, you’re more gentle and you can feel feel them flutter as you do so. The area is scarred up, you can tell due to how rough it is. You want to frown, but you don’t want to worry him. Jack thinks he notices something sad in your eyes, but he brushes it off.

“You’re beautiful, Jack.”
Your voice cracks, tears pricking at your own eyes now.
“You’re beautiful, y-you’re not a monster.”

“Don’t cry please,”
He raises his hands, sharp nails brushing your wrists as he holds your hands close to his chest.
“I’m here.”

“I know you’re here.”
You giggle, a rosy flush to your skin as the tears trickle down your skin. It’d been so long since you’d felt the touch of another as well.

“I’m real, I won’t disappear. Do you feel me?”
You focus back on him and realize you can feel the fast thumping of his heart through the fabric. It’s not the usual slow beating you’d felt in the past.
You grin and he smiles.

“I feel you.”


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Kissing Styles

Seeing You Naked Ft. BTS

You Dancing to “Baby Boy” by Beyonce For Them Ft. BTS

Your First Kiss

You Being into BDSM

Having a Super Tall Girlfriend Ft. BTS

You Walking in on Them Naked

Having A Girlfriend with Curly/Wavy Hair

Telling Them You’re Pregnant

Being Abducted By  Aliens

Comforting You When You’re Insecure

Got7 As/Scenarios

During a Zombie Apocalypse

People In Your Neighborhood

At the School Dance

At Your Birthday Party



People at the Club

Types of Students


Frat Boys

Grey’s Anatomy

Tumblr Bloggers

Grocery Store Cashiers

Zoo Animals

Got7 Skits

JYP+Got7 Try and Help BamBam Find His Chill

Juni- I mean Jinyoung Vs JYP

Got7 Memes/Crack Etc.

Jackson Annoyed

Jaebum Oppa 1

Jaebum Oppa 2

Jaebum Oppa 3

Jaebum Oppa 4

BamBam at His Funeral

BamBam Stole the Dab

Got7′s English Introductions

Jackson & Jooheon (Monsta X) Dabbing

Jackson Making Friends

Celebrity Bromance Review

Mark and Leo (Vixx) on Celebrity Bromance

BamBam Illuminati

A Guide to Dabbing by BamBam of Got7

A BamBam Love Triangle

Jackson’s Sucky Haircut

Can Someone Tell Me Why….

Jaebum Working

BTS Reactions

You Wanting To Break Up

You Wanting to Be More Than Friends

Teasing You For Being Short

You Being Scared During a Thunderstorm

Seeing You Naked ft. Got7

You Dancing to “Baby Boy” by Beyonce For Them Ft. Got7

You Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder Ft. Seventeen

You Walking in on Them Naked

Having a Super Tall Girlfriend Ft. Got7

Finding Their Girlfriend Asleep with Dried Tear Marks 

Freaky Frisky Friday Body Switch Ft Seventeen’s Rap Line

BTS As/Scenarios

People in Your Family

Middle Schoolers

High School Students

In High School Cliques




Weird British Stereotypes

At The Gym


BTS Skits

A Bangtan Boys Huddle #SEVENTEENisMovingIn

DJ Agust D’s Love Line Requests

BTS Memes/Cracks Etc.

Suga is a Dad

Rap Monster Annoyed

Taehyung’s Drama

Park Jimin

Woozi is Suga

Disrespectful Jungkook

Suga Is Disgusted

BTS Chicken Movie

Suga’s Parental Disregard

Jin’s Upgrade

Jin is Suho

Fire MV Teaser


Jin’s Food

BigHit is Making Money

Hoesok Needs a Snickers

EXO Reactions

How They’d Make Out with You

100 Day Anniversary with You

You Being Pregnant

On Your Honeymoon

You Being Their First Girlfriend

Being Told Their Crush Likes Them 

Getting Mad at Their Child Then Making Up

You Trying On Their Clothes

You Going into Labor

Losing You In A Crowd

Proposing to You

EXO As/Scenarios

Disney Movies

In High school

People in Starbucks

McDonald’s Employees

In Detention

In Kindergarten

Senior Citizens

Tumblr Bloggers

Exo Emergency (Skits)




#Sehun’s 11 Minutes

#Roommate with Seventeen 1

#Roommates with Seventeen 2

#Roommates with Seventeen 3

#Baekhyun’s Time to Shine

#Suho Will No Longer Be Ignored 

Behind The Scenes of EXO’s Lotto MV

#Just Hit The Lotto

The China Line Chronicles

#EqualityForAll Ft. The8 & Jun

# Here Comes NCT Ft. The8 & Jun

Exo Memes/Cracks Etc.

Suho Wants Love

Sehun Pre Debut

D.O. & Kai

D.O. Annoyed

Suho & Kris

Sehun Learning English with NCT’s Mark 1

Sehun Learning English with NCT’s Mark 2

Suho Can’t Win

Lay Slept on Himself

When Your Parents Hit You In Public

D.O. is Not Amused

Monster Lyrics

A Guide to Exo

How EXO Responded to Danger in Lotto

Sehun Takes His Place

Sehun is Newsworthy

Someone Call The Doctor

Stress Reliever

Chen’s Eye

Monsta X Reactions

You Saying “I Love You” First

You Wanting to Do It with Them But You Being Scared it May Hurt

You Getting a Little Frisky in the Car

You Being Into BDSM

Very 4D Girlfriend

Walking In on You Naked

You Making the First Move

A Freaky Friday Body Switch with Members

You Liking Another Member

Having a Crush on Their Best Friend’s Sister

Random Cuddles with You

Their Girlfriend Being Attacked by Fans

A Little Kid Wanting Breastfeeding

Finding Out Their Girlfriend is about to Die

Monsta X As/Scenarios


People at the Club




Deserted Island

Monsta X Skits

Wonho’s Nipple Debacle

Behind The Scenes of Monsta’s X’s MV

Monsta X Memes/Cracks Etc.

Jooheon Flips Off

Monsta X’s English Introductions

Hyungwon Can’t Win

Monsta X’s All In MV Rant

Casting Monsta X’s All In MV

Someone Tell Me Why..

Styling Wonho in the “All In” Dance Practice

Sleepless Nights

Finding Wonho

Wonho Has No Time For You

Seventeen Reactions

95 Line Seeing You Naked

When They Meet Their Daughter’s Boyfriend For the First Time

Dating Advice to Their Sons

You Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder Ft. BTS

Kissing Styles #HipHopUnit

Kissing Styles #VocalUnit

Kissing Styles #PerformanceUnit

To Finding Out Their GF’s Brother is in EXO

Their Girlfriend Being Scared of Thunderstorms #PerformanceUnit

You Telling Them You’re Allergic to Pickup Lines

You Falling in Their Lap on a Train Ride

Meeting A Fan With Rainbow Colored Hair

Seventeen As/Scenarios

Kids In Kindergarten

On a Deserted Island

In the School Play

At the Movies

People in Walmart

People at the Beach


People Camping

In School Cliques

in a Zombie Apocalypse

Ice Cream

On a Cruise

When the World Ends

The Best Man in a Wedding

At an Amusement Park

As Animals in the Zoo

Seventeen Skits

Jeonghan and Ren Vs. Pledis #End The Hair Wars

Seventeen Memes/Cracks Etc.

Hoshi & Woozi

S.Coups & Jeonghan

Mingyu & S.Coups

Joshua’s Water Bottle Secret

Jeonghan’s Hair Cut

Jeonghan’s Photoshoot

S.Coups Writing Chuck

Seventeen’s English Introductions #VocalUnit

Seventeen’s English Introductions #PerformanceUnit

7 Minutes in Heaven with Joshua from Seventeen

Pledis Weaves

NCT 127 Memes/Crack Etc.

Looking For WinWin’s Lines

WinWin & Sehun’s Advice

English Introductions

NCT’s New Sub Unit

NCT’s Fashion


Jeonghan Creepin’

Exo CEO Lee Soo Man

Love Triangle #JicheolEdition

Love Triangle #JicheolEdition 2 (finishing this soon!)

The Confession A Jackson & Jaebum Imagine Pt 1

Love Memo (Jimin from BTS)

A Far Away Love (Wonho from Monsta X)

An X Amount of Choices (Minhyuk and Jooheon of Monsta X)

A Chance Encounter (Luhan’s Story)


Jooheon as a Boyfriend

Wonho as a Boyfriend

Vernon as a Boyfriend


Minhyuk as Your Husband

Joshua as Your Husband

The8 as Your Husband

Seungkwan as Your Husband

DK as Your Husband

Jungkook as Your Husband












#SeungcheolEdition Pt 2

Because I Met You (A Jihoon Romance)


Pt. 2

Song Imagines

Drunk Off of Your Missing Love (Suho from Exo)

Dirty Laundry (Wonho from Monsta X)

Kpop Summaries

2016 Kpop Boy Bands

TL:DR Kpop Boy Groups 1

TL:DR Kpop Boy Groups 2

TL:DR Kpop Boy Groups 3

TL:DR Kpop Companies

TL:DW BTS MV’s Edition

TL:DW Monsta X MV’s Edition

TL:DW Got7 MV’s Edition

TL:DW EXO MV’s Edition

TL:DW Vixx’s MV’s Edition

Random Kpop Humor

Korean Dramas

Korean Men Obsession

Undercover Priest

Men on the Brain

Meeting Someone New

Fangirl Weekends

2016 Rookies

Dating Asian Guys

Kpop is “safe”

My Bias’s Ideal Type

Kpop Anywhere!

Fangirl/Bias Relationships

Binging Seventeen

2016 Mama Awards

SM’s Reaction to Tao’s Black White (AB) MV

Kpop Tongue Twister

Kpop Groups as Your Friends

Kpop MV “Reviews”

17 Thoughts While Watching Seventeen’s Pretty U

20 Thought While Watching “The Road” By ZTAO

25 Thoughts While Watching the BTS “Fire” MV

Save Me MV (An In-depth Analysis and Review)

17 Thoughts While Watching Monsta X’s All In MV

Lay’s Monodrama MV (An EXO Stan Review)

17 Thoughts While Watching Seventeen’s Very Nice MV

27 Thoughts While Watching NCT 127′s Fire Truck MV 

17 Thoughts While Watching NCT 127′s Taste The Feeling MV

15 Thoughts While Watching Monsta X’s Stuck MV

15 Thoughts While Watching Black Pink’s Boombahyeh MV

42 Thoughts’ While Watching EXO’s Lotto MV

16 Thoughts While Watching NCT Dream’s Chewing Gum