Dylan Redwine (13) didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving of 2012 with his father Mark, with whom he didn’t have a good relationship. But because his parents were going through a nasty divorce, the court ordered him to stay those days at Mark’s home in Vallecito, Colorado.

Dylan was last accounted for the night of November 18, 2012. According to his father, he was still sleeping the next morning when he went to work, but gone when he came back. It took seven months for his partial remains to be found, about 10 miles away from the house. Along with his bones, police found one sock, a shoelace and a piece of Dylan’s shirt. It was even longer before some hikers came across his skull, on November 1, 2015, about a mile and a half away from the first set of remains.

Examination of the skull determined there were signs of blunt force trauma and marks from a knife made shortly after Dylan was dead.

If the relationship between Mark and his ex wife Elaine, Dylan’s mother, was bad before, the teenager’s murder only made it worse. The couple accused each other on TV of being responsible of Dylan’s death, even having a memorable round on Dr. Phil’s show and suing each other in court. However, for police there has only been one person of interest from the start and now they’ve got him. Mark Redwine was arrested on July 22, 2017, and charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

Among the evidence that led them to the arrest was the fact that during the investigation, police found Dylan’s blood in several spots of Mark’s house. Dogs also identified cadaver scent in the house, in the clothes Mark was wearing the day his son disappeared and in his truck. 

Happy 7 years, 1D! All the love ❤️

So today marks the best day for already 7 years that ever happened to a 1D fan which is the day when Simon and the rest of the judges decided to form them in The X-Factor.

Just like how anyone told us that it’s a “phase” being a fan of those idiots, we can’t believe the number of times that they’ve brought happiness and pain on us. I know that sometimes they’re such a pain in the ass, though most of the time they made us go crazy.

Okay, now let’s start from the beginning. 2010 might be such a slightly good year (for others) but 2010 was the best year that happened to us. They all auditioned as future-solo-artists and fortunately, God destined them by sending his willpower to Simon to create them. They were kinda awkward at first, well we all know that, but they seem to get closer as the day passed by.

2011. Their audience impact was massive, as if they’re stepping up the game to become the next greatest boy band in this generation—and did it (for the love of God). After they end up as third in the competition, they did gigs within UK, not knowing that they could play in their sold-out concerts in stadiums all around the world.

2012. Our family has slowly becoming bigger as these boys flashed their charms in a short show series in Nickelodeon, though their acting skills are meh af, but actually it became hilarious, thanks to iCarly’s squad. They made us fall in love more when they released their second album, and announcing the most epic worldwide tour (for me). Also, to Mr. X, the little shit that almost end our boys lives that lost our chill.

2013. Admit it. They’re the bomb when it comes at making adlib lyrics when performing in a concert. From the swarms of screaming fans to countless sleepless nights just to make sure that we’re updated about them and the tour (well thank heavens for inventing time zones I hate them all), the fangirling life is so worth it. And of course, 2013 was the best year for the boys—as well as their families, and us, 1DFam. We broke music video records and receive an unimaginable amount of awards. Other than that, we were blessed by an 8-hour live variety show and who cares about sleeping when those boys are your life?????

2014. Words can’t express how proud we are to our boys, and the boys the other way around being thankful for us and making us feel special. Same old routines that we do—breaking records, asking for the boys to follow us, watching their music videos and voting spree. And of course live-tweeting for their concert because it’s their first worldwide stadium concert. Don’t you forget also that we are the FANDOM THAT INVENTED LIVE-STREAMING FOR FREAKING SIX-SECONDS VID ON THEIR FIRST STOP AT BOGOTA thanks to Vine. Also, we were blessed by the staff that made us download Fireproof FOR FREE. If only I can write what happened to boys and us since 2010 with details. They’re too lengthy so lol

2015. When we all thought that this year will be the “another year, another slay”-year again.

When we never thought that the most precious member in One Direction will be leaving the group.

When we thought that our family is the most unbreakable among all fandoms.

When we thought all of us could move on and forget about it.

But we’re wrong. Sometimes we have to think of the unthinkable, and to accept reality. We lost friends and kind of regained some but it’s actually painful seeing that our fandom is slowly crushing into pieces. The four remaining boys assured us that it—we will be okay. We can do the best like before despite of the worst things happened. Lastly, they released an album (of course the best part of our lives) and for the first time in our fandom, announced their short hiatus.

2016. The shocking year of everything (let me say what I’ve experienced since I was so busy in school). 2/4 became dads. Well not a dad-joke but A DAD, FATHER, A FATHER A FAAAAATHEEEEERRRRRR. But anyway, on the funny side of this drama, Zayn’s “Drama time” tweet became the most relatable tweet for two years since 2015. To light things up, Harry also debuted for his acting career and we couldn’t be prouder of our little cherub. Niall, as always, the most unproblematic bread ever, is living in harmony—golfing, watching his favorite game, meeting his favorite athletes and of course, cooking in grills. Additional to that, it turns out that he has surprised us with his solo hit, making us a crying mess. Liam is living in a happy life with Cheryl carrying a new life. When we thought that 2016 is trying to save us, we never thought that someone as so precious as Momma Jay will pass away. We laughed, gone crazy, stressed out and cried together as we think about Louis and the rest of his siblings. 2016 to us is like 2015’s valuable child. We suffered together and it was totally unforgettable.

2017. 7 years. 7.

Our boys showed themselves that they’re not just that boygroup who only got looks through releasing their solos. We made them shine and non-1D fans are appreciating their music. No matter how long we have to wait for them to come back, we know that they will because they promised and we trust each other. It’s been already 7 years. We can make it 8, 9, and if possible, 10 years. Thank you boys, thank you my 1D fam. You are my absolute source of happiness.

I’ve had my current full time job as a pilot for over a month now but it has not felt real at all. Still in the comforts of home, I was lucky enough to be based a short drive away. I still got to see friends and family and be home every night. Well, today marks day 2 on the road. I can’t say it’s an easy change, but I’m trying to make the most of my days if I’m not flying.

See ya in downtown Tucson in 2 hours? 

clxudnxne  asked:

Harry Potter came out 20 years ago and I was born 20 years ago! Pretty great day, right?

Pretty magical day!! Also, today marks the day gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states! And, ya know, for many people the date reads 6/26, like Experiment 626 AKA Stitch, and I just think that’s neat.


I was at Black Mark Day at Nikko Circuit last weekend. Here are a few quick shots from the paddock. 

Black Mark Day is an annual drift event organised buy N-Style Customs and co. I’m sure some of you recognize the blue JZA80 owned by N-Style boss Hamachan. 

The event was really buzzing this year, partly thanks to the attendance of 44 members from the Japan 4AGE club. Was so great to see so many Hachirokus on the track.

More shots coming soon.

girls weren’t just soft but of course i loved that part of them too; the touch of skin and the sighing and the way they looked when standing under streetlights in the snow. 

they were hard edges. the bite that made a mark for days later, that you wore under a scarf, that you wore with pride. the nails that left blood and the lips that tore under teeth. hipbones under hands, thick girls in thigh highs, garter belts on the waists of women who knew how powerful they were.

women loving women wasn’t always pink and gentle, although it had such a capacity to be. it was blue and bruises and ripped dresses and joyful screams. it was raw and fierce and the fire of sundown more than the slow of monday morning. i want to hold her hand and kiss her on the cheek and carry her gently. but i also want her in a wild way, in the way of forests and freckles and fridays, in the way that consumes, in all of me. 

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts


Protagonist and Arsene

I am thou, thou art I…

Thou art willing to perform all sacrilegious acts for thine own justice.

Call upon my name, and release thy rage!

Show the strength of thy will to ascertain all on thine own, though thou be chained to Hell itself!


Ryuji Sakamoto and Captain Kidd

I am thou, thou art I…

There is no turning back…

The skull of rebellion is your flag henceforth!


Ann Takamaki and Carmen

I am thou, thou art I…

We can finally forge a contract…

Nothing can be solved by restraining yourself.

Understand? Then I’ll gladly lend you my strength.


Yusuke Kitagawa and Goemon

I am thou, thou art I…

The world is filled with both beauty and vice…

It is time you teach people which is which!


Makoto Nijima and Johanna

I am thou, thou art I…

You have finally found your own justice…

Please… Never lose sight of it again.

This memorable day marks your graduation from your false self… 


Futaba Sakura and Necronomicon

I am thou, thou art I…

The forbidden wisdom has been revealed.

No mysteries… No illusions shall deceive you any longer.


Haru Okumura and Milady

I can finally display my true strength.

I am thou, thou art I…

Let us adorn your departure into freedom with a beautiful betrayal.