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I haven't been keeping up with the Mark+ fandom and vids. What's all this about a Markiplier cult? Warfstache and Darkiplier being dead? Sean and Ethan being annoyed by the Mark cult??? Am confusion, basically, what's the haps

Ok so, a few days ago Mark made a joke about Wilford and Dark being dead. Then he made a post saying that we had to get to certain number of reblogs to save them. Suddenly he said ‘TIMES UP’ and so supposed we couldn’t save them.

The today Mark told us to all change our icons to spread positivity around to everyone! People ran with it and people are having fun but some people took it too far and are spamming Jack and Ethan with it and they both have said it was annoying. (Seriously people, leave them alone)

Overall, no one knows anything really. If you want to know all the info WE know, you can check out Mark’s blog cause that’s pretty much where everything is about it. Hope this helps~

February 21 (Supercorp Oneshot)

February 21 came as it did every other year. For most people, it was just another normal day in their average lives. It carried little to no significance as they continued on with their regular routine.

For a small select group of people, this day brought up nothing but pain.  The pain of loss and regret and even guilt weighed heavily upon their souls. No one was safe from what this day brought. Today was a day that marked the fall of heroes who were lost to early.

February 21 was the day Lena was born, and the day she died.

Kara hadn’t been the same since Lena had died on that fateful day. That was the day that Supergirl had fallen from the sky for the last time. She had felt it in her heart when Lena died. At the exact moment Lena’s heart stopped, Kara was convinced hers had too.

She had crashed into the middle of a busy intersection and put a deep crater into the ground. Despite being surround by hundreds of people taking pictures and being concerned for the well-being of the National City’s hero, she had felt alone and cold. The blood in her veins had turned to ice.

She remembered crying; loud and angry sobs racking her frame. She cried so hard that she couldn’t breath. Kara was convinced that she was dying. Most days she wished she could just to end her infinite suffering and pain. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the liberty to throw in the towel and give up on life. People needed her; Supergirl and Kara Danvers. Even with Lena gone, she had to keep on living.

Today marked the first birthday that Lena wasn’t here to celebrate with Kara. After eight years of consecutive celebrations, they had come to an end. Rather than going out on a date at Noonan’s, Kara spent her day at the DEO. She had intended on working in the field or training, but she ended up sulking around.

The Kryptonian just didn’t want to be alone, which she would never admit. The house was too quiet on days like this. Surrounding herself with people who understood what she was going through seemed to be helpful. Especially with family and close friends working in the vicinity.

For the first time in a while, Kara actually engaged with someone to ask a question that she had. “Did you program what I asked?”

Agent Vasquez silently replied with a nod of confirmation. She knew the weight that this day carried on Kara. It would be best not to engage her in a conversation longer than she had to. Even as Supergirl had asked her question, she sounded like she was on the verge of tears. She didn’t need to be seen crying in front of her coworkers. That would just give them an excuse to question her strength, which happened often to a woman working in a male-centric society. Kara deserved to maintain her dignity.

That’s why, when Kara needed to cry at the DEO, she generally did it within the holographic chambers of the compound. Often times, she’d come in here to talk to her mom and ask for advice. Sometimes, she’d come just to hear her voice. Today was different though. For once, she wasn’t here to speak with her mother. She had a new woman in her life that meant more to her, for once.

“Lena” she questioned out loud, hoping that the program would respond.

The image appeared and moved Kara to tears. Every little detail of the Luthor had been perfectly captured into the projection. Her raven hair that laid on her shoulders. The way her green eyes were dark and beautiful like the Earth itself. That smile that always made Kara manage to feel warm inside.

“Hi, Kara. What can I assist you with today?”

Kara just chuckled slightly as she looked down at her hands. “I’m not sure what you can do for me, considering that you’re not really her. Hearing your voice and seeing your face keeps me calm when I’m not sure how to feel or act. You’ve always kept me grounded.”

“You didn’t need me to do that Kara. I love you, but I am not what defines you. You have to learn to be content with yourself, my love. People need you still; whether I am dead or not. Life has to go on.”

“I want to think that’s true but I do need you, Lena. I’m trying my hardest and everyone is so supportive, but they’re not you. Our life together just started. You were supposed to go through it all with me. But I’m all alone and I’m falling apart.”

“You’re strong, Kara. I know that you’re hurt, and you’re allowed to be hurt. But people need you. And you’re not alone. Your family will come together to help you, so I need you to hold yourself together to take care of ours. Our future is in your hands alone, now. I know you’ll do right by her.”

Kara held a hand over her mouth as her sobs got louder. She hadn’t gotten the chance to break down yet. She didn’t have the luxury of stopping her life to have emotions. “I can’t do this b-by m-myself. Why d-did you leave me, Lena?”

“Whether anyone noticed it or not, I was a hero too. At the end of the day, I was willing to give up my life to save others. To save you and our friends and make the world a better place for our future.”

The genuine tone and expression Kara was getting from the hologram made the whole conversation seem so real. This program had Lena’s mannerisms and conscious down to a code. It was almost like Lena was here again.

“You can not give up. Do you hear me? This world needs you. You’re my hero, Kara Zor-El. Don’t make that a false statement. I’m only truly gone if you refuse to remember my life and everything we accomplished. We’ve saved the world together too many times. Plus, who’s gonna fun Catco? I didn’t buy it just as a gift, ya know. I still expect you to work.”

Kara chuckled softly, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Okay, Boss. But we all know you saved my workplace because of your obvious crush on me.”

The hologram faked a gasp, resting a hand over Lena’s heart in her classical dramatic nature. “As your sugar daddy, it is my job to keep you happy. I mean, it worked out for me, didn’t it?” She held up her left hand, showing Kara the ring she had put on her finger when they had gotten married.

For the second time in a long time, Kara laughed. Even Lena’s sense of humor had translated through her extensive coding of the program. The only thing that could make this better is if Lena was actually here. Seeing her again did bring a little light back into her life though.

“I guess it did, didn’t it?” Kara looked at the ring on her finger and sighed at the memory. She brought it to her lips and placed a kiss on it. “Thanks for marrying me, by the way.”

“Thanks for asking.”

Kara chuckled slightly, wiping her teary eyes as she did. “I love you, Lena. Happy Birthday.”

“I love you too, Kara Zol-El. You will always be a hero, no matter what. Or, at least, you’ll always be my hero.”

Kara heard the door of the room slide open. She turned to see Alex with the baby in her arms. Her light blues were hidden from the world as she burrowed herself into Alex’s chest. The Danvers sisters couldn’t help but laugh slightly at the child’s antics.

“Things started getting a little crazy outside, so I thought I’d bring her to a quiet room with Mama.”

Kara just reached out for her child, cooing to the baby as she smiled slightly. “Thanks, Alex. I actually have a surprise for her. You want to stay and watch?”

“Of course.”

Kara walked over to the keypad and typed in the new code she had been given by Vasquez. After it was inputted, a holographic image of Lena changed. She wasn’t dressed in her usual business attire like she was in her videos for Kara. She was dressed casually, in a pair of Navy blue leggings and her MIT sweatshirt. Her hair was pulled up in a bun and her face was bare of any makeup.

“I don’t remember programming this one” Alex inquired, as Kara walked back up to her. “Who did this?”

“Lena” Kara said softly. “For Lori” Kara added as she kissed her child’s forehead. The younger Danvers sister slightly prodded at the child to wake her from her nap. Her bright blue eyes looking confused and her dark eyebrows furrowed with irritation like her mother. That expression changed as soon as the small child saw Lena, her eyes widened with awe.

“Play the first recording” Kara said outloud, and the program obeyed the commands given.

“Hi, baby girl.”

As soon as she that, Lori sat at attention in Kara’s arm. She was in shock seeing her mother again, Kara could tell that much. The baby probably thought Lena was actually in the room with them.

Kara pointed at the apparition for her daughter. “Look, Lori! It’s Mommy!”

“I love you so much, Lorelei Danvers. I’ve invented a lot of things in my life time but you, by far, are the best thing I’ve ever made. Mama agrees with me too, right babe?”

“That’s right” Kara echoed the recording, remembering this night perfectly. “She’s the only thing I’ve ever in invented, so I’m off to a great start.”

Lena playfully rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the baby. “I know what it means if you’re watching this. When you get older, Mama and I will try to explain it. The world is a scary place sometimes, but you don’t have to be afraid. You have us to protect you. And Aunt Alex, Mags, Lucy and Jess. Uncle Winn and Uncle James. Cousin Clark. Grandma Eliza and Papa J'onn. They’ll take care of you, baby.”

Lena had to pause as her eyes got glossy with the tears threatening to spill. “I may not be right next to you, but I’m never gone. I’ll always be with you. I’ll be watching over you and Mama all the time. You look out for her, okay? She’s gonna have some rough days, and she needs you as much as you need her.”

Lena looked up at Kara to address her. “Remember to ask for help, tough guy. You don’t have to be Super all the time.”

“Don’t worry, Lena. This is all hypothetical. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with you.” Once again, the recording was quoted to perfection by Kara. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Supergirl” Lena said playfully. “And I love you too, Lori Zor-El. With all of my heart.”

When the recording cut off, Kara could finally hear everything else going on around her. Alex had been standing with them the whole time, crying apparently.

“How long have you guys been recording this for her” Alex asked tearfully.

“You can’t tell in this video because of the sweater, but Lena is three months pregnant there. We did a lot for all types of scenarios. I recorded my own as well, and then we have plenty where we’re both on the screen too. Just in case.”

Alex put her arm around Kara’s waist, letting the blonde rest her head on her shoulder. “You and Lena really thought of everything, didn’t you?”

Kara chuckled softly, trying to hold the tears back. “The recordings, like all the good ideas that come out of our household, come from Lena Danvers. That woman was a genius.”

“I agree. No one’s ever beaten me at Clue before her. She kicked my ass at Game Night every time. God, I wish she was still here to kick my ass. I miss her.”

Kara just moved to hold Lori with one arm so that she could hold Alex close with the other . “We’ll get through this together, Alex.” She looked down at the baby in her arms and smiled softly. “Let’s make Mommy proud, Lori. Show her you’re really the best thing she’s ever made. She deserves that.”

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hide voice* today marks the day i didn’t sleep for 17 hours for a slushie

Hide probably got the biggest size because he’s so extra. He won’t stop talking and Kaneki just wants them to go to bed, but Hide has too much energy and will not be contained. So he gets Kaneki to stay up and play video games with him, then promptly has a sugar-crash, falls asleep on Kaneki’s lap and drools all over him.

He had to grow on me, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Filippo Strocchi as Krolock. Some reasons why I would like to see him: 

-He has something Drew-ish about him during Tanzsaal and I love that.

-He does the Sie gehört nur mir melody thingy which I think is great.

-He has a fabulous cape swish.

-He has the longest Krolock hair ever.

so I hope he will be Krolock on one of the 3 days that I’m seeing Tanz. I guess I’ll find out whether that will actually happen when the spieltermine for February is posted.


I took notes watching the stream! Let me know if there’s anything integral that I missed– and you can bet SERIOUS MONEY that I’ll be piecing together more theories in the next few days!


  • “Bonjour” was an homage to ADWM.
  • Each character Mark plays has different quotes about “Life” (i.e. Life is for the living, life is ours to choose, life needs a bit of madness).
  • The Damien keg stand meant to signify that he’d be stuck in “the upside-down”, and when he tried to wake us up, that told us he was the only one who really wanted to help us!
  • The Mayor turning gray means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  • Mark tried to make it obvious we would die, yet we were all still surprised (lmao).
  • CONFIRMED: In Mark’s own words, Damien is the only one with a “human” reaction to the death.
  • The Colonel was based on the hunter from Jumanji!
  • The Chef is scary, but inherently harmless.
  • Little Buddy’s “kill” mode is insignificant to the story and WAS an homage to FNaF.
  • And the dick on the body tape was 100% Ethan’s idea!! LMAO


  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel DOES “pop in and out of existence”, but he is NOT the only one to do so– just the most obvious.
  • Mark tried to make it “painfully apparent” that the Colonel was the one who did it.
  • Detective and Asshole Mark were friends at the same time he, Damien, and Colonel were friends– but the two did NOT know the Detective.
  • The long winding hall sequence with Detective was intentional– so we could get oriented with the house…
  • … because the house “does not follow the laws of physics”.
  • When following the Colonel out of the bedroom on the second floor, we warp with him to the first floor patio (with the pool).
  • The crib in the room was not a planned detail in the story.
  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel and Celine ran off together, and that’s what made Asshole Mark hate him.
  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel and Asshole Mark grew up together in that house, which is why the Colonel knows it so well and refers to it as “his own”. Mark even considered making those two characters be brothers!


  • “Hence the guns” is one of Mark’s favorite scenes in the series.
  • The cane is a sign of Damien’s high-class status as Mayor.
  • CONFIRMED: Celine and Asshole Mark were married.
  • Quote from Mark himself: “[Celine] wants what she wants, and she won’t let anyone get in her way”
  • Another quote: “She also has a temper… like someone else we know”
  • Mark’s original inclination was to make Damien and Celine be siblings, hence Celine’s adamant refusal of Damien’s help. (I caught onto this notion, but it didn’t really resonate with anyone else I talked to about it.)
  • Mark said that Celine wanted to use the viewer in the ritual because she saw them as expendable, since she didn’t know them personally.
  • There are no lightning strikes when George says “murder” because he hasn’t been inside the house for many years.
  • CONFIRMED: The house is cursed. (Make of that what you will.)
  • CONFIRMED: In the final door shot of Celine, she is possessed– because she messed with power beyond her control, and Damien was in the room with her at the time.


  • The Colonel looks out for Celine and Damien– but NOT Asshole Mark.
  • The odd glowy room-walking sequence was supposedly a small view into another world– “the upside-down”, it was dubbed (but there’s debate about whether that region specifically was “the upside-down”)
  • There is debate as to whether this is how the Colonel “pops in and out of existence”.
  • We don’t see the Detective’s investigation room until that chapter because the house hid it from us.
  • In that room, there are post-its reading “DON’T TRUST THE SEER” (which I caught, but it was a very minor thing I had to watch multiple times to see)
  • The Colonel owed Asshole Mark A LOT of money.
  • As we fall, William says, “It was an accident, I swear!”
  • The original idea for the final gun scene was that Damien would walk in and be the one the Colonel shot, NOT us.
  • CONFIRMED: Asshole Mark had killed himself many times before, but returned to his body from “the upside-down”. That’s why he was stabbed 37 times, poisoned, beaten, strangled, drowned, AND shot– none of those happened on the same day. Asshole Mark tried his hand at the dark arts to achieve this.
  • CONFIRMED: The black eyes we see when Asshole Mark’s body speaks to us after we die is NOT his own spirit– it’s the spirit of someone else trapped there.
  • CONFIRMED: Damien had every intention of helping us! He did! Mark confirmed it– he wasn’t manipulating us at all, he just wanted the best for us!
  • CONFIRMED (!!!): William/the Colonel spent ten hours watching our body overnight and cradled Damien’s cane the whole time. (THE FEELS ARE REAL, GUYS! THEY’RE CANON!!)
  • CONFIRMED: The reason Wilford Warfstache’s suspenders are pink is because they used to be red, but they faded over many, many years.
  • Mark didn’t realize how tragic the ending really was until he was editing it. In his own words, it’s “terrifyingly sad”.

And, finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for…

  • CONFIRMED: DAMIEN PUSHED US OUT OF THE BODY. But he wasn’t manipulating us for that… he did it because he cared for us and didn’t think we deserved the true hell of what resurrection really meant. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.

A repost.
Today November 11th, 2017 marks the day Bulma Briefs Va, Hiromi Tsuru was confirmed deceased. A horrible tragedy: Hiromi was found dead in her car at the age of 57. The second Dragonball character to be ever introduced, one of the biggest side characters..
I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain Nozawa and the other voice actors are going through right now. Thirty years together in the studio..gone like that..I’ve watched Dragonball many times in different dubs and I first watched it in Japanese. This hit me hard..hard enough for me to break into tears. Thank you for playing a gargantuan role in my childhood Hiromi, you’ll be missed by me and every other Dragonball loving fan. Rest in peace old friend..may Shenlong watch over your soul.

✧ *.🎃Samhain Solitary Rituals🎃*✧

As the air grows cooler and the winds begin to howl and rip the dead leaves from trees, we know the veil is thin and Samhain is near! After the equinox, which was equal parts night and day, Samhain marks the time of the wheel that we descend into the darker half of the year. It’s this time of the year that communication and connection to the spirit world is a lot easier and we’ve grown accustomed to making wards to protect the home from malevolent energy in the form of jack o lanterns and lights. On a positive note it is a time to leave out treats and foods for passed away loved ones and to remember them. It’s the final harvest full of well spiced comfort autumn foods as well as a ‘New Year’ since it’s a sabbat that honors the natural cycle of death and sees it as a form of transformation.

A lot of us witches practice alone and have our own solitary rituals for each sabbat that we observe (or the ones we’ve created just for ourselves that we observe alone!) Like any solitary eclectic witch I do things my own different way but some of these things might line up with others practices. I do refer to some of the equinoxes/solstices/crossquarters by their celtic sabbat names but I celebrate them in a secular animist way and treat the wheel of the year I celebrate as more of an argrarian cycle and celebrating nature. I use sabbat names as a point of reference and also people that do celebrate these witches sabbats more traditionally might find value in my personal practice!  Here is my personal correspondences post and my personal samhain tag!

When I am alone and casting spells a lot of it is visualization/intent so my solitary rituals are more like activities I like to do then specifically casting a spell. If I am doing a spell with an activity based on it a lot would be listening to music to get in the mood and focusing on a candle while visualizing for a period of time! Eves are also important to my celebration as I like to stay up until midnight and cast a spell then!

Hallow’s Eve

Tuesday October 31st 2017

  • Dressing up in your most witchiest
    Ok every year I’m a witch, whether it’s just a lazy witch in my black clothing or an over the top kitschy witch with colorful hair and electric colored make up, but I just like to have these looks casually on Halloween day cause its amazing and a chance for me to be myself!

  • Pumpkin Carving!
    If you haven’t already tonight is definitely the night for pumpkin carving! Write sigils inside your pumpkin for protective magic. I love this DIY for a pumpkin indoor lantern cause it shows how to rub spices like cinnamon and nutmeg inside to achieve that sent of pumpkin pie in the home. Use electric candles instead of flame if you want it to last the night since the flame’s heat will cook the pumpkin.

  • Mini Pumpkin Tea lights
    Also an easier alternative to carving if you don’t have much time. Even gutting the mini pumpkins takes a lot of time for me but doing so and filling them with a black tea light will make an excellent centerpiece either for your altar or feast table!

  • Making Candy Apples
    I associate candy coated sweet red apples with halloween (and caramel/maple sugar on granny smith for mabon) and I love how you can make the candy various colors like a poisonous black or vibrant blood red!

  • Setting sweets aside for spirits
    So everyone has spirits that chill with them and it would be great to show appreciation for the positive spirits that surround you. Set some sweets on a dish and make a tiny altar for them in your space.

  • Enjoying sweets while doing crafts!
    Enjoy some of that halloween candy for yourself! My favorite treats on this night are chocolate coated donuts, reeses cups, cider sugar donuts, red licorice and apple cider.

  • Watching a spooky or Halloween themed movie
    Or halloween themed film. My favorite will always be the 80s halloween special The Worst Witch with Tim curry. I watch it religiously.

  • Spirit Contact
    I wouldn’t suggest using an Ouija board or doing any communication with spirits if you have never had experience. They can be rude and harass you, YET if you are experienced and know how to guard yourself, then this is a great night to play with an ouija board! (PS I think Ouija Girl has a great informative blog about working with ouija boards. Here is her FAQ page. But still, it’s always better to do work with a medium or someone with experience than trying to figure it out alone).

    A safer experience for someone with no spirit communication experience is attending a seance! In NYC there are a few mediums that hold seances monthly. I love the one at Catland in Brooklyn, the mediums that host the event there are fantastic. It might be hard to attend an authentic one on Halloween night since a lot of people will want to just try to cash in on creating a 'spooky’ experience, but if you really want, try to get in contact with mediums and ask if they host any seance events. Important to know: usually the spirits that chill around you are guides and family and they might have more info to give you then you might be ready for. My first seance I really don’t know what to do with the info given to me but I really hope I make the best of it and don’t mess anything up.

  • Witches Flight
    This is like an extension of the previous point where if you have never done this before just completely disregard this suggestion cause flying is dangerous. For many years witches have flown on Halloween night to other realms using flying ointments.

  • Protective Magic:
    Finally, protect yourself from the high spirit activity with crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian and spirit quartz. Do protective spells for any cats you see or live with especially black cats since they tend to be targets.

Midnight Spell:

  • This sabbat honors the natural cycle of death and transformation. Focus on what you want to transform in your life. Magic on this night is very powerful so think about it before hand and make sure it is what you want for if you ask to transform something, you might find a lot of endings that suddenly occur in your life to lead to the transformations that you want. (There was a conversation on here I can no longer find but it was put  really nicely that death is not just some simple 'transformative’ process it can be very drastic, often very uncomfortable and if you are not ready though you ask for something to change, you might not be ready for the new obstacles that will be thrown at you. Just know that you will be ready for what you ask for.)
  • Some spell activities can be shuffling the deck visualizing what you want to change and then finding the death card and seeing the card that follows will be your answer to seek how you can further bring that transformation closer.
  • I’m a mixologist and enjoy working with liquor for rituals. I find fire to be a great transformer yet instead of burning something I prefer blessing a shot of whiskey or absinthe with my intent then taking it like liquid fire to transform me within. If you do not like alcohol or can not drink it for whatever reason you can perform this with hot apple cider instead!

Samhain Day

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

  • Upon the day I like to dress in complete black. My makeup is very dark and I wear long black dresses and veils. Depending on how you want to honor the dead, dress how you wish.

  • Gravesweeping
    Visit your loved ones on this day and leave flowers and gifts on their grave! If you want you can also visit any cemetery, yet make sure to practice good graveyard etiquette. Leave a penny by the gate, do not sit or lean on any tomb stones, of course don’t take anything from a grave. Be respectful of those whom are resting.

  • Close Your Garden
    This is a time to close the garden for the winter to come. Harvest the last fruits and herbs and bring in any delicate potted plants within the home.

  • Shadow Work
    Especially if you are looking to transform some aspect of your life this is a great time to do shadow work and look within if you are creating any obstacles for yourself. Get to know your shadow self, get to solve problems together. This is also an excellent day for divination and scrying.

  • Meditation and Energy Work by the base of a tree
    I love to do energy work on the days of the sabbats yet as the earth grows colder, the roots dig deeper and the world goes into hibernation. Sit at the base of a tree preferably with thick roots and feel it’s connection to the cold earth beneath you. Dig into yourself and see what needs to rest and what needs to be healed.

Celebratory Feast

  • So in many practices people like to host a dumb supper but instead I like to have a lively feast where everyone will share a story about someone they loved that passed away or a story of an ancestor in their family. At the end of each tale we toast our glasses to them! (And pour a little bit of drink to them or set aside a snack if they are not into alcohol.)

  • Hold a feast of rich comfort foods that are spiced and sweet like sweet potato mash, candied brown beans, pumpkin bread, smokey bourbon pulled pork or maple glazed beef brisket, roasted carrots and beets and (I personally love to make baked mac and cheese but its a fall comfort soul food for me). My Samhain feast is abundant with fall soul foods and sweet roots and spices. (here is a fantasy feast post and my personal feast post from last year)

  • If you are alone (as this is a solitary post), make a few fall dishes you deeply enjoy or cook the favorites of loved relatives that have passed away, eat some sweets and set out some offerings to passed away loved ones.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the civil rights icon’s 89th birthday, and a day that marks a time of reflection and a call to service.

Bernice King: “Today, we commemorate my father’s 89th birthday. Beyond sharing MLK quotes, I pray that our global community, from educators to politicians to artists to law enforcement, will truly hear his voice, follow his teachings and demonstrate his love for humanity.

As you honor my father today, please remember and honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder of The King Center, which she founded two months after Daddy died. Without Coretta Scott King, there would be no MLK Day.” 


Remember when, just one year ago, he said he was going to study english and japanese by November 2017 to communicate with us, international fans ?


Yayo | Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader

Rating: T (for now). Also, some swearing and offensive language

Words: 1785

Summary: Reader struggles with her feelings for Sweet Pea.

A/N: Guys, I’m so sorry for the length but hopefully this is okay. Title, inspired by Queen Lana. Also, second part to this fic, yay or nay? Enjoy xx

I like the snake on your tattoo – Lana Del Rey

SOUTHSIDE High School was a hot mess.

As you were inspected for contraband before entering the school premises, your thoughts strayed to how much your life had changed over the years. 

You worked part-time at Pop’s Chock-Lit Shoppe. Pop’s was kind enough to offer you a job after your parents split. Your mother separated from your father, a top-ranking member of the Southside Serpents, because she couldn’t take his affiliation to the gang anymore.

You were thankful for your job, which helped pay the bills and eased the burden on your mother, who worked full-time as a cashier at a supermarket on the Southside. 

Life was tough, but you both managed to make ends meet. A proud woman, your mother refused any and all forms of assistance the Serpents tried to provide.

To your surprise, you had managed to strike a friendship with his Jughead Jones, a boy your age who went to Riverdale High.  

Jughead, nicknamed the Serpent Prince, had transferred to the Southside a few months earlier and was under the wing of the younger Serpents. He also stayed at the same trailer park as you.

Thankfully, you were not a member of any gang. However, you were still the daughter of a Serpent, which meant in spite of you not willingly interacting with any of the younger members, you were still under their protection.

You sighed as you walked towards your locker and ignored the drugged up teens huddled in the corner of the hallway, too juiced up on jingle jangle.

Just as you opened your locker, you heard someone clear their throat. You turned and scowled at the blonde boy in front of you. The Draco Malfoy-lookalike and all around asshole, Avery, clad in a black, silver studded Ghoulies jacket. 

He sported a cocky smile on his face and folded his skinny arms in an attempt to intimidate. 

“How ya doin’, lil lady?”

“Buzz off, creep.” 

“Ooh, not very friendly. Don’t be a bitch, Y/N. You know you want this,” he said as he grabbed his crotch and gave you a lewd look.

“Not even in your dreams, asshole.” 

You turned to walk away when he gripped your arm and twisted it. You cried out in pain but the tight grip he had on your arm was removed in mere seconds. 

You winced as you rubbed the sore spot, fairly certain it would bruise before you looked up at the scene unfolding in front of you. 

Sweet Pea, the towering young Serpent and Tall Boy’s protégé, stood as a shield between you and Avery. He seethed as he punched Avery and pretty soon, there was a Serpents versus Ghoulies brawl right before first period. 

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On Valentine’s Day 2018, Mark tweets the link to the first video of A Date With Markiplier, with the caption “Because I Care”.

Immediately the theorists go rampant, first seeing the romantic comedy, finding that nothing has changed with either the meta ending or the rejection ending.

Then they go back to the theater with Mark and choose “Horror”.

The normal scene plays out, and Dark bears his creepy smile with pride as he tells you to take your pick of his four choices.

But something has changed.

Because Darkiplier wasn’t in WKM Chapter 1… was he?

You choose “FREEDOM!”, determined to examine the full pathway. You watch as Tyler and Mark fight over the gun and listen as the exact same scene as normal plays out– two Marks before you, accusing the other of darkness.

You wait until the very end to ensure that you hear both of their dialogue before letting the playlist continue. Mark, on the left, is shot first due to your autoplay settings being switched on, and you let that ending play out– nothing is changed with the Chocolate ending, leaving you with the Darkiplier you know and tolerate.

Then you go to the next ending, the one where Dark is shot, and the similar scene greets you. Mark takes you in for a hug and he leads you to the same table you sat at with Dark. Blue boy Ethan pops up in the window, offering his friendly “bonjour” and two bowls of vanilla ice cream, the way he always does.

Mark motions for you to start eating.

“Go ahead! I got it for just for you…”

The camera pans down before he finishes.

“… because I care.”

Before you can question it, the camera focuses on your bowl, slowly assuming a similar effect to Dark’s when it jerks back up and you see–

“Hello, ice cream! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to… my mouth!”

You stare. How did his suit and tie change color…?

And why to THOSE colors?–


“My name is Markiplier,” he said.


The ending continues as normal, and Mark finishes with asking if you’d like to try again, the way he always does.

You wait a few more seconds just to make sure nothing else has changed, when–

Instead of the first video of ADWM appearing in the thumbnail, the first chapter of WKM appears.

The footage filter turns red. Mark’s expression shifts and he stares at the camera straight-on. The sound of a scribbling pen plays as a familiar bold black mark gets scratched over his eyes…

As the “TRY AGAIN?” appears, another black streak goes over the word “VANILLA” at the bottom of the screen…

One letter at a time, the letters nearly-perfectly rearranged appear and spell…


All Mark says to you in this moment are the words you know too well.

“It’s not fair, is it?”