Today on Cool Stuff in the Mail … Mark Crilley’s new graphic novel The Drawing Lesson, which as the title promises, is in fact “a graphic novel that teaches you how to draw,” via an adorable tale of a persistent little kid bugging an artist for lessons. (Okay, also I’m a giant Mark Crilley fangirl – if you haven’t read his Akiko books, what are you waiting for? They’re delightful for budding comics nerds and grownups alike.)

– Petra (who’s off to practice negative space drawings)


So awhile ago my Dad bought me this “Mastering Manga” book by Mark Crilley. I haven’t really looked at it much seeing as I sort of left it at my grandparent’s cabin. But today we where up there and the book was still there so I was flipping though it when I get to the page about kissing, when the little part about drawing a kiss on the cheek caught my eye. I started looking at it when I realized it looks REALLY SIMILAR to the Amuto kiss in Shugo Chara. Sure enough I grabbed a screencap and did some comparing… and well..

(image overlay provided by sleepingmiki)


tbh I’m not sure if this dude traced it or if he just used it as a reference (seeing as if you Google anime kiss on the cheek this is one of the first results) but either way, i thought I should share.

Many aspiring artists worry too much about art supplies. There almost seems to be the belief that buying the right stuff is the single most important key to creating great art, but that’s like thinking you’ll be able to swim as fast as Olympic gold medalists do by wearing the right swimsuit. It doesn’t work that way.
What really matters is not the pencil but the brain of the person holding it. Experiment to find the size, styles and brands you like best. If it feels right to you, that’s all that matters.
—  Mark Crilley.

Drawing is not a speed contest, it’s about final result.
It’s more of an endures contest, to stay committed to something for hours and hours.

Take your time. 

                                                                                                     - Mark Crilley.


As someone trying to develop an art style of my own, I found this interesting to watch.


There are four types of human beings when it comes to love - sustainers, wanderers, selfers, and neverfinds.
Sustainers are the only ones able to keep love alive for a lifetime.
Wanderers fall in love a lot, but can never make it last.
Selfers think they’re in love with someone… but really only love themselves.
The hardest ones to explain are the neverfinds. You see them all over; people who, through no fault on their own… never manage to find lasting love.
Wanderers and selfers are lucky, really; they can transform themselves into sustainers, given enough time and effort. But neverfinds have no such hope of salvation. They are cursed to experience love just once… to feel it as fully and as deeply as anyone.. but then, after months or even just weeks.. see it snatched away from them for the rest of their lives.

Miki Falls; Mark Crilley