mark tuan scenarios

got7 in a group chat
  • Mark: Lurking
  • Jaebum: cant turn his caps lock off
  • Jackson: writing five paragraph essays about what he had for lunch that day
  • Jinyoung: ranting 24/7 also fighting with yugyeom
  • Youngjae: will send a recording of him laughing instead of typing lol
  • BamBam: spams group chat with memes
  • Yugyeom: "Your mom." also fighting with jinyoung
Got7 Smut Masterlist

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Mark Tuan

Rough er’ Up A Little

Challenge Accepted

Im Jaebum

Smile For The Camera ft. Park Jinyoung

Begging On Your Knees

The Generous Fuckboy

Tantrums Get You Nothing

An Oral Confession 

Jackson Wang

Encore, Encore, Encore!

Park Jinyoung

I promised

Smile  For The Camera ft. Im Jaebum

Sadistic Tendencies

Choi Youngjae

Youngjae’s First Offense

The Heat

Third’s One The Charm

Mission Impossible

A People Pleaser


Burned Into My Memory

Kim Yugyeom

A Nasty Girl Agenda

Four’s Her Lucky Number

A Mouth Full

The Taste Of The New Kid

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Oh yeah...yeah Baby.
Mark Tuan
Oh yeah...yeah Baby.

Majimork back at it.

Got7 fighting style...


  • thinks it’s a joke until the other person starts warming up
  • “oh, we’re actually doing this? oh okay okay okay okay…”
  • inflatable tube man impersonation
  • immediately surrenders if he gets hit
  • talks shit when his opponents have already gone home to their families
  • "at one point I definitely had the upper-hand” headass


  • thinks fighting is dumb as hell
  • but fights just to shut the other person up
  • is actually rly good
  • gotta go fast
  • wins bc his opponent can never land a hit
  • somehow is smiling the whole time
  • opponent leaves more frustrated than before bc Mork is so calm


  • more of a words fighter but will still beat ur ass
  • actually rly strong
  • always has the upper hand
  • beats opponent’s ass and is back home in time for supper
  • low key thinks he’s a beast
  • is right


  • was born ready to fight
  • i’m ready right now, let’s do this!!!!!
  • “sir, please, this is a daycare.”
  • not rly fast but good at overpowering his opponent
  • chokehold King
  • literally thinks every fight is to the death
  • members have to stop him
  • “let me go, i’m good” headass 


  • prob the best fighter in the group
  • starts every fight with the “bring it, bitch” hand motion
  • super saiyan
  • always goes for the biggest dude
  • cocky smiles at his opponent
  • guaranteed to say “is that all you got?” for no reason
  • guaranteed to take his shirt off for no reason
  • makes everyone recount the fight second-by-second for the next 12 weeks


  • a crier
  • “why do we gotta fight tho?”
  • ends up winning by accident
  • too tall for his opponent
  • opponent got tired trying to punch yugyeom’s face and passed out
  • yugyeom rode with his opponent in the ambulance
  • they’re friends now


  • a lot of yelling for no reason
  • a pusher not a puncher
  • acts like he’s been shot if he gets hit
  • dramatic pain yells
  • dramatic collapse yells
  • opponent ends up leaving bc it’s too loud
  • youngjae is still yelling when everyone has gone home

*billboard interview*

interviewer: so you speak fluent english?

mark: yes



mark: I was going to say something but I can’t remember the words in english

Dating Mark would include:
  • Comfortable silence
  • Like you mostly just sit on your phones
  • And scroll through Instagram on the couch
  • Cuddling
  • Like all the time
  • His cute laugh every time you joke around
  • And there will be A LOT of joking around
  • Like little pranks every day
  • Like salt in your coffee
  • Or fake spiders on your desk
  • His arm draping around your shoulders when you go for walks
  • Trying adventurous things
  • Like surfing
  • Or Bungee jumping
  • Chill dates
  • Both of you holding back from arguing over little things
  • But eventually, build up and
  • Then all at once getting into a fight
  • Ends when you both admit you were wrong
  • And hugging each other for a million hours
  • Him always getting the bill
  • Even when you want to pay
  • It’s okay this one is on me babe
  • Because he feels sorry he can’t always be there with you
  • So the least he feels he can do is buy dinner
  • Hot make out sessions in bed
  • Leading to…
  • Light hickies on his chest
  • Dark hickies on your neck
  • Always being in the GOT7 dorm
  • Helping raise Coco
  • Running your tongue over his sharp teeth when you kiss
  • Heated but still romantic sex
  • A lot of moaning
  • Less dirty talk
  • Brushing hair out of your face
  • Him getting embarrassed when you say he’s handsome
  • Trips to LA when he has time off
  • Meeting his family
  • Them loving you
  • Because Mark loves you
  • Going to Disney world
  • Meeting his American friends
  • Milkshakes in the middle of the night
  • Walks on the beach
  • Him being excited to show PDA because no one recognises him as a celebrity
  • Taking that opportunity to make out with you everywhere
  • Lounging by his pool
  • Skyping his parents when you get back to Korea
  • Not wanting to rush things
  • Because it feel so perfect now
  • Him knowing that he really wants to spend every day with you
  • He will realize he wants to marry you in a really sudden moment
  • Like you’re playing with his hair and laughing
  • And he just admires you has you sit across his lap
  • And then he would know he wants this every day of his life
  • He would seem really serious, catching you off guard
  • You would ask him ‘what’s wrong’
  • He would just go quiet and then kiss your forehead
  • Whispering:
  • Do you want to marry me?
»if by chance

↳ soulmate au | college au

⇢ pairing: mark tuan | reader

⇢ genre:  fluff + soft angst 

⇢ word count: 8.825

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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Mark Tuan Masterlist

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Text Message Conversations (Mark x Reader)


❣️❗️everyday boyfriend texts with Mark Tuan❣️❗️ 



got7 working at a grocery store;

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@jingogi was telling me abt this supermarket in her country called jason’s that she always calls jaebum’s and then this happened


  • the manager
  • the youngest manager at the grocery store ever
  • honestly doesn’t know how he went from bagging to manager so fast but he’s pretty sure the owner of the store has a crush on him
  • everyone who works there thinks he’s so cool bc he’s like,, pretty much the best at leading and will always fix a sticky situation with what seems like zero effort
  • but jaebum can assure you every time someone comes into his office with a question his mind is just screaming AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!! FUCK FUCK 
  • “hey!! how can i help you? :))”

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