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mark really loves chill dates. he prefers not to do things like watching movies together because then you both donโ€™t get to talk as much, so he invites you on dates like walking around the city or along the river so you both get to chat. he likes when you wrap your arms around his arm and when you rest your head on his shoulder as you talk. the date usually ends with the both of you grabbing street food together and sitting on a bench to continue talking. mark usually walks you home or takes public transport with you so that he knows that youโ€™re home safely. even after spending so many hours together, the both of you still call each other that night and talk until the early hours of the morning.


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haechan loves fun dates where he can get to know more about you in different ways. whenever thereโ€™s a carnival that comes to town, he takes you there in the evening to walk around the grounds. haechan lets you pick what games or rides you want to try and he makes it a competition to see who can win the most amount of times. he always tells you that heโ€™s going to win you stuffed toys and he wastes nearly all of his money before winning it for you. by the end of the carnival, you both buy a snack and sit together on a bench to watch the fireworks together. you laugh at how startled he is at the first firework and then you both enjoy the show together, chatting with your head resting on his shoulder.


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renjun loves dates where you can both be in the presence of one another and not feel pressured at all. he loves to take you to the cinemas and watch as many movies as you both can in one day. he loves holding your hand and he adores when you rest your head against his arm. if you both donโ€™t feel like going out, he plans movie marathon dates in the dorm where you both sit huddled in front of his laptop and eating snacks. when the movie ends, the two of you lie down next to each other and talk. renjun loves when the topic turns to interesting things like space so he can talk as much as he likes about his own opinions and he knows he wonโ€™t be judged. when you both get sleepy, he pulls a blanket over you and lets you sleep until he falls asleep too.


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jeno loves dates where the two of you can be doing the most boring things but itโ€™s always fun because heโ€™s with you. when itโ€™s his turn to shop for the dorm, he takes you to the grocery store with him. you both throw in as many snacks as you want and you take turns pushing the shopping cart. jeno snickers at you when you canโ€™t reach items on the top shelf but he always grabs it for you with his cute smile. once youโ€™re done, jeno takes you back to the dorms where you both unpack the groceries and end up eating the snacks you bought together while chatting. even though itโ€™s a chore, jeno always looks forward to grocery shopping with you.


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jaemin loves dates where you both can talk for hours. he brings you around the city and he tells you whateverโ€™s on his mind and he listens to whatever you want to say with a smile on his face. you both walk through lots of department stores to browse. jaemin loves shopping with you and he follows you into whatever store you want to go in. he tells you to try on different clothes because he knows youโ€™ll look gorgeous and he always offers to buy for you. you both mess around in the stores, trying on sunglasses and putting different hats on the othersโ€™ head. once youโ€™re done, jaemin always makes sure youโ€™re home safely, so he walks with you all the way to your door with the most adoring smile.


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chenle loves dates where you both can do exciting things together. he enjoys visiting the aquarium with you since he always has fun seeing the underwater animals. he loves watching your cute expressions at each animal you see and he makes you laugh by imitating the animals as they swim by. once you decide to leave, chenle and you walk to a nearby restaurant to get food. he laughs when you suggest eating seafood but you both feel too guilty to eat seafood after the aquarium so instead you both usually order ramen. the smile on chenleโ€™s face never leaves for the entire day as you both walk back home hand in hand discussing your exciting day.


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jisung loves dates where you both go out to eat. he loves trying new things with you and sometimes you both order for the other to see if you know them well (although sometimes this cute boy takes it as an opportunity to order you weird food as a joke). jisung likes that when youโ€™re eating, thereโ€™s no pressure to talk or keep up a conversation and everything just feels natural with you. usually you both eat street food or go to kbbq places and once youโ€™re finished, you usually head back to his dorms. once youโ€™re there, he tells you to sit in front of the tv so that you both can watch a nice movie, but it turns out to be a scary one. he does it to joke with you, but secretly jisung loves you clinging onto him and burying your face in his shoulder.



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Me to my future S.O: You are the most beautiful human being I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

S.O: Awwww bab-

Me: Right after Jeno ofc. Oh and Jimin…

S.O: oka-

Me: LETS not forget about Sehun and Jaebum and Yuta and Jaemin and Jungkook and… *one eternity later*


[11:42pm] It’s the night of your birthday, you and your boyfriend, Donghyuck, go star gazing. As you sit there together Donghyuck points up at one of the stars in the sky.

“You see that?” He says as you nod.

“That’s yours.”

Your confused until he pulls out a card and gives it to you. In its a sweet birthday message of course but there is also another piece of paper. As you open and read it your eyes tear up, he truly bought and named a star after you.

“Well after all the sun needs it’s star.”

◜22:05◞ mark raised his hands above his head, “cross my heart and hope to die.” lowering them slightly when he thought your gaze was averted, but they shot back up when you noticed him reaching for the last chocolate pudding that he swore he wasn’t trying to eat.