• Me: You’re so cute. Just so cute. *cup fictional character’s face with my hands* You must be protected at all costs.
  • Fictional character: ...I’m a trained assassin.

character desks  the dark artifices squad 

The Law is hard, but it is the Law. The Law is annoying, but it is also flexible.


“Every night, no matter what has happened during the day, no matter if I am torn or bloodied or so bone-tired I wish I were dead, I look up at the stars and I give each star a brother’s name or a sister’s face. I will not sleep until I remember every one.
The stars will burn out before I forget.”

The Blackthorns described by Mark in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy.


QuaAD snippet

“Please. I’ve taught at Shadowhunter Academy. I —” Catarina began to cough, her shoulders shaking. Her eyes widened in alarm.

Cristina slid out of bed, alarmed. “Are you all right —?”

But Catarina had vanished. There wasn’t even a swirl of air to show where her Projection had been.

Cristina hastily threw on her clothes: jeans, an old t-shirt. She wished with all her heart that Emma was here, that they could talk about last night, that Emma could give her advice and a shoulder to cry on.

But she wasn’t. Cristina touched her necklace, whispered a quick prayer to the Angel, and headed down the hall to Mark’s room.

He’d been up as late as she was, so there was a high possibility he was still sleeping. She knocked on the door hesitantly and then harder; finally Mark threw it open, yawning and stark naked.

Híjole!” Cristina shrieked, and pulled her t-shirt collar up over her face.”Put your pants on!”

“Sorry,” he he called, ducking behind the door. “At least you’ve already seen it all.”

Julian Blackthorn
  • <p> <b>What others see:</b> Ruthless, awefull, terrible, liar, manipulative, crazy and so on.<p/><b>What I see:</b> a cinnamon roll, makes pancakes, hates to see his kitchen dirty, cries in Titanic, when bitten yells in class saying "I was very excited to study".<p/></p>
TDA characters as Tumblr texts posts
  • Julian: I, personally, would love to calm down, and yet
  • Emma: [softly, but with a lot of feeling] fuck
  • Cristina: no mom i already have a job it's called being hardcore
  • Diego: "you're obsessed with yourself" and you're not??? sad. tragic.
  • Mark: yeah I'm beautiful but where is my mental stability???
  • Kieran: While You Were Being Heterosexual, I Studied The Blade
  • Ty: I didn't realize growing up meant dying inside but hey it's whatever
  • Livvy: seven billion people on the planet and I have like 2 friends
  • Dru: "what the fuck" is an emotion now and it's the only one I have
  • Kit: I saw a man so beautiful I started crying?