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mark lee phone swap au ↬ mark and y/n, two clumsy people, bump into one another in the airport. they brush it off and apologize and collect their falling belongings, only to realize they grabbed the wrong phone. 

genre: fluff, angst

warnings: profanity

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firsts with mark: making out

  • you calling mark at 9:00pm with an apology, asking if he wouldn’t mind picking you up from the store because of the thunderstorm outside
  • him rushing out the door and down to his car, starting it up faster than you could say ‘thank you’
  • you spotting his black sedan gliding around the corner towards you with the indicator on
  • him jumping out as soon as he puts the park-brake on, rushing over with an umbrella as you put your groceries into the back-seat (what a cutie)
  • you realising he’s wearing a pair of slippers as he holds the umbrella over your head with a smile and a hello
  • pulling you into a one-armed hug as you shut the door, walking you over to the front seat
  • him opening the door for you, and heading over to the drivers seat, closing the umbrella and shaking it out before chucking it into the backseat
  • kissing him on the cheek as he puts his seatbelt on, clicking your own into place too
  • mark turning off the blinker, looking out to the road as it floods with rainwater and people driving home from work 
  • you turning down the radio, and putting on the heater, starting a conversation with him about how his day was
  • him laughing like crazy when you tell him about a coffee mishap in the break room, and you looking at his face (illuminated by the bright lights of the city as you drive through it) and wondering how you got so lucky
  • you moving your hand across the centre console, and holding it out palm side up on his thigh
  • mark grabbing onto your hand in an instant, intertwining your fingers together with a smile
  • focusing on finding your street, and you pointing it out to him before he responds with a hum, turning on the indicator
  • pulling up outside your house - the streets are empty at this time, and the only sounds are the low humming of the radio, the heater, and the rain on the roof of the car
  • mark sighing when you turn to look over at your front gate, supposing you should probably get out and put the groceries away before the frozen items melt
  • leaning over and kissing him on the cheek, whispering a goodnight, and another thank you (you want to ask him to stay, but you can tell that he’s exhausted - his eyes are tired, and his voice soft)
  • something snapping inside of mark - he notices you’re sitting only inches away from his face, and he looks to your lips, and back up to your eyes longingly
  • the tension being so thick you feel your heart fluttering
  • him finally leaning in again, this time pressing his lips to yours, and tilting his head to the right
  • feeling his nose against yours, his skin warm, and his hair smelling freshly washed and feeling slightly damp against your forehead
  • him not really knowing what to do with his hands as he leans over the centre console; the two of you sit, with your lips just pressed together for a while, before you start moving your mouth over his
  • the both of you shuddering at the feeling, feeling the warmth of the heater blowing over your faces
  • him moving his hand up to your neck, his thumb rubbing just below your jawline, massaging you with a deep breath
  • you shifting your lower body so you’re facing him, taking the sides of his neck in your hands and pulling him closer - he shudders a bit at how cold they are
  • his nose tickling your face, and lips aching against yours
  • moving to open mouth kissing after a few minutes
  • his tongue making its way into your mouth in an instant
  • your jaw aching, and your stomach tightening, the backs of your thighs and the side of your neck tingling with want
  • him letting out a slight groan in protest as he shifts in his seat too, waist getting sore from being twisted for so long
  • the both of you getting handsy - his move from your neck to your waist (he can’t grab it that well considering the limited space), and you his chest
  • feeling his heart beating fast under the winter sweater, and moving your hands under the hem of it to feel his warm skin (he jolts violently at the feeling, his teeth nearly hitting yours)
  • him feeling himself get worked up at the touch of your fingers, before teasing the hem of your own shirt in response
  • mark making noises that were quiet, but truly wonderful - soft moans and pecks of your lips that escalated into deep breaths and groans
  • him pulling away for air and sucking on your bottom lip for a second, as he catches his breath, holding your hands still against his stomach by your wrists
  • the bracelet he got you for your birthday jingling roughly against his belt buckle as you run your nose against his, waiting for him to make the next move
  • him moving to kiss the left side of your face, his breaths hitting the shell of your ear just right - you’re moving your hands to his upper thighs at this point, while his hands are back on your waist
  • knowing that when he pulled away he’d see a bright red mark on your jaw
  • him feeling proud of it when he does spot it
  • a bag of groceries falling off of the backseat and onto the floor of the car, scaring the two of you apart
  • stealing a quick glance at the clock and noticing that 20 minutes had passed 
  • cracking a smile as mark leans back into his seat, rubbing his forehead in disbelief and letting out a ‘wow’ (typical teenage boy tbh)
  • you leaning back and shoving the groceries back into the bag, and pulling them all into the front seat
  • thanking him again, and telling him to drive home safe, even though it had stopped raining
  • heading inside to put away the groceries, and catching the love bite in the mirror, smiling at the sight

You and Mark broke up a few weeks ago because you were barely able to see him due to his busy schedule. So tonight when you drank too much, you couldn’t stop yourself from drunk texting him.

firsts with mark: sleeping over


  • checking the time on your phone when mark starts to talk about work, and realising that it’s almost 1:00am
  • you chuckling along with him when he talks about Donghyuk, wondering silently how you’ll get home now that the trains have stopped running
  • the conversation slowing - you and mark lie back on his couch for a while checking your phones
  • you sitting up with a huff letting him know you should probably head home for the night (you were honestly dying for a shower)
  • a light winter breeze filtering in through the window as you pick up your bag, putting away all the books and pens you’d pulled out earlier before mark convinced you not to study and just talk to him instead
  • him looking up from the screen of his phone with a quick ‘no’, holding onto your arm
  • ‘Please just stay over; it’s so late’
  • both of your stomachs flipping at the idea, you looking down to him on the couch and him looking up to you
  • Him squeezing your forearm softly as you think
  • ‘C’mon; I have clothes here and everything you can wear’
  • you reluctantly agreeing, because you’re nervous as heck, and mark smiling cutely
  • him picking up your bag for you and walking you to his room as he flicks off the lights on the way
  • you being surprised at just how clean his room is; there are clothes here and there, but the bed is neat, and he has photos and books neatly against the wall, and a lamp illuminating his side of the bed
  • you wondering why his room looks so different at night 😳
  • mark putting your backpack up on his desk, putting his phone on the charger and sitting on his bed as he watches you
  • you sitting down beside him with a huff, looking up to the ceiling
  • both of you wondering what exactly to do now
  • him jumping up with an ‘ah’ remembering how you’d wanted to shower, and bringing over a towel and a t-shirt from the closet with a smile
  • you taking them and heading to the bathroom, which you find equally organised (it’s almost like he knew you’d be staying; he never usually cleans to be honest)
  • you showering quickly, looking over all of the products on the shelf; vanilla scented body wash, shaving cream and shampoo
  • hanging your towel up next to his and walking back to the bedroom in his red t-shirt
  • mark looking up from his phone as you throw yourself atop his blue comforter, and turn to face him
  • ‘Did you find everything okay?’
  • Mark leaning over on his elbow, running a few fingers over your forehead to catch a droplet of water
  • You looking away because the eye-contact is killer, and it makes you excited
  • mark chuckling aloud as the two of you chat a little longer about this tv-show you’d half watched earlier
  • your eyes hanging heavy as mark whispers about something; you can barely make out the words, but you can feel his warm breath fanning out over your ear and neck
  • mark disappearing for a while to take a shower, and coming back to lift you under the covers, before sliding under them himself
  • him setting your alarm for you because you forgot to
  • him pulling you into his side as the little spoon, holding you tightly against him as you drift off to sleep
  • in short, within a week you have a drawer of clothes in his room and you’re spending almost every night there
Marks {Soulmate! Mark}
  • Pairing: Mark X Reader
  • Request: “Hi! When you have free time I was wondering if you could write a Mark Soulmate!AU I read everything on your masterlist and I LOVE ALL OF IT! Take as long as you need I know school takes up a lot of time :)”
  • Genre: Fluff; Soulmate! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 1122
  • Summary: Hearing ‘long ass ride’ in a song reminds you of the time your soulmate wrote it on your hand.

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