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how-do-life-does  asked:

The best thing that WILL happen this year is my graduation from high school. I have been completely broken down by high school, so getting out is going to be AMAZING! I cannot wait. On a lighter note, the best part of my year so far was when my mom said she would buy me tickets to Mark's tour, which is so amazing of her since i'm about to go to college and need to save money. I am so so so happy and excited 😀🎉

I completely understand. I have really bad depression but I’ve realized that whenever I don’t have to worry about school or family, it isn’t that bad, so I’m really looking forward to graduation and moving out in a few months as well ^.^

jyp: all of you will face consequences for what happened at that pool party

got7: *collectively sigh*

jyp: WAIT, except youngjae because he wasn’t there..