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Betrayal (Reggie x Reader)

Request:  Can you write a imagine where Chuck Clayton from Riverdale want to go on a date with the reader but ahe always reject him and then he just write her name on the playbook and her boyfriend Reggie sees it and they have a huge fight? It’s up to you if they will break up after the fight or get together

Word Count: 1,683

“Still a no Y/L/N?” Chuck asked as he leaned over your lunch table.

“Yes and always will be” You said with a glare. Poor Chuck couldn’t take a hint. He had been asking you out for months now even with knowing you were seeing Reggie but that didn’t seem to phase him. Your answer was always no but he just kept pushing, to him it was like the end of the world that a girl was saying no.

“Come now babe, we both know that I’m better than Reggie”

“Are we talking about the same person? Because I don’t think so” You huffed. He was annoying you and it didn’t help that all of the football teams eyes were on you two. A glare came across Chuck face as the team started to laugh at his failed attempt once again. You still didn’t understand how they could go behind Reggie back and let something like this happen. Didn’t they care at all that their captain was trying to take away one of their girls.

“Why are you such a bitch?” Chuck let out, anger clearly showing on his face now as he eyebrows were furrowed and his mouth was in a straight firm line. He was getting sick of rejection.

“Excuse me”

“You heard me the first time. All I ever have been is nice to you and this is how you replay me? Get off your high horse and see what’s in front of you” Chuck snapped as he crossed his arm, earning some looks from others in the room. This was getting bigger then any other interaction that you guys have had before.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a dick and a fuckboy I could consider but I guess we both aren’t getting what we want are we?” You stood up from your seat maybe just a little to fast as your water bottle knocked over and spilled right into Chuck’s lap.

“You bitch” He yelled as he stood up, his navy pants now rocking a shade of black. You didn’t feel a bit of guilt as people throughout the cafeteria started to laugh. It’s not like you meant for it to happened but you didn’t regret it either. “You’ll pay for this Y/L/N, just wait” With that Chuck stomped out of the room full of laughing people. You didn’t think anything of his words at the time as Chuck was a guy that mostly talk and never do but boy were you wrong. You just didn’t expect it to be this.

When Chuck walked out of the cafeteria he knew what to do. You may have been denying him to his face but that could only be for the public eye as you were pretty much with Reggie. He knew that’s how others could see it even if it wasn’t the truth. So Chuck went to the only thing he cared about. The only thing that truly matter among the football team and the guys in this school. When he was done with it he couldn’t wait to see your reaction but more importantly Reggie because at the end of the day Chuck Clayton always got what he wanted.

 "Go Moose!“ All of the locker room was chanting and cheering. Moose had just revealed the latest details of his most recent hook up and the team couldn’t be more excited. This meant one thing and that it was time to mark it down.

“Here” One of the guys said as he threw the book into Reggie’s lap. He was Moose best friend so he might as well do the honours. Reggie grinned and flipped open the book, flicking threw all of the filled out pages of different girls names and their points. This was nothing knew as they had did it many times before but something caught Reggie eye as he went to right down Moose new score. It was Chuck’s name but more importantly your name was right beside it.

Chuck- Y/N Y/L/N (8) Girl who always said no finally said yes or more like “More Chuck”

Reggie’s eye shotted up from the page, going straight for Chucks slight.

“You slept with my girlfriend?” Reggie asked, standing up from his seat from the bench. Throwing the book to the side no longer caring about Moose’s hook up.

Chuck laughed and spread a smirk across his face.

“What can I say Reg? No one ever says no to Chuck Clayton not even your precious girlfriend.”

“My girlfriend really?” Reggie shouted not knowing what to do. How could his friend betray him like that but most importantly how could you? He loved you but was he not enough? “I can’t believe you did this” Reggie was pulling the ends of his hair. He didn’t like this one bit and with the whole team staring at the two he couldn’t help but feel as something was missing. Why would you even sleep with Chuck?

“You couldn’t just leave one girl alone! You had to go after my girl” Reggie said still shouting. He was full of emotions and didn’t know what one to express. Chuck just shrugged his shoulders

“You know Reggie maybe if you treated her right she wouldn’t of came crawling into my arms”

“Go fuck yourself”

“Maybe I’ll get your girlfriend to do it” With that comment Reggie lunged towards Chuck ready to bounce on him. Anger was clearly the emotion that wanted to come out. Just when he was about to land a hit he was pulled back by Morse and one of his other teammates.

“Don’t, just go talk to your girl” Moose said not even glancing at Reggie his eye fully on Chuck knowing he had done something. Reggie just nodded his head and pulled away from the boys. He was in disbelief as he left the locker room to go in search of you to find out the truth but Reggie started to wonder as he made his way down the hallway if he really wanted to get to the bottom of it.

 You glance up from your reading spot as you heard footsteps come closer.

“Hey Reg” You said quickly trying to put yourself stuff into your bookbag so you guys could go. You always sat down at one of the lunch tables and read or do homework when Reggie had practice. When Reggie didn’t answer you looked up.

“You alright?” You asked but you could see he really wasn’t. He looked angry and his fast heavy breathing was a dead giveaway that something wasn’t right. “Are you planning on saying anything or are you just going to stare at me?”

“Why did you sleep with Chuck?” Reggie blurted out which left you speechless. You just blinked at him not knowing what to say. All Reggie could do was stare at you with hard eyes but you could see the pain that he was masking.

“Wait what?” You asked not sure if you did hear him right, did he really think you of all people hook up with Chuck.

“You had sex with Chuck! Why? You’re my girlfriend, why did you feel the need to go cheat on me with one of my teammates. You could’ve just said if you didn’t feel this way”

“I never hook up with Chuck, where in the world did you hear that?” You pursued, Chuck had to get revenge some how and you thought this was it.

“It doesn’t matter” Reggie huffed

“That’s bullshit” You said as you stood up, crossing your arms you met eyes with Reggie. “So please enlighten me on where you heard this false news”

“A book”

“Are you joking?”

“And Chuck”

“Well Chuck was lying wait now a book?” You were confused for a moment why would it be in a book.

“Just forget that part now”

“No! I want to know the truth. Chuck had been asking me out for weeks and I kept saying no, this have to be some kind of setup”

“Weeks?” Reggie shouted, he knew that Chuck had asked you once thanks to some of his teammates but he didn’t think it was a still ongoing since you guys were now dating. “Man” Reggie rubbed his face with his hands. This was news to him. “It’s a book my team has of some of our hookups and when I went to put one in for Moose I notice your name. Chuck put it there and you can say I wasn’t happy”

“I wouldn’t be either if I thought you cheated so” You didn’t know what else to say. It was all up to Reggie on how the rest of this all went. It was silence as Reggie process everything in his brain.

“Did you think I really cheated?” You whispered, out of the whole conversation that was the one thing that was bugging you. Reggie sighed then looked at you with a half smile

“No it just, the thought of you even sleeping with him made my blood boil, you are my girlfriend now and I just.. I love you. I can’t handle the thought of you loving someone else.

“Reggie” You let out as you walked closer to the tall boy, placing a hand on his cheek.

“I love you and I promise you that I didn’t sleep with Chuck, you can asked so many people and they will tell you that I can’t the kid”

“I’m sorry for accusing you”

“I understand why you did it, don’t worry” Reggie placed a soft kiss on your lips and held you in his arms. He was happy that you two were good but now the problem came with Chuck. His captain and someone who he thought was his friend lie to him and try to ruin his relationship. That didn’t sit well with Reggie and he knew something had to happened but right now he would enjoy this moment with you in his arms because even if your hair was all over the place with the wind there was no way anything could not make you look beautiful

Sasuke and Naruto’s reaction to Sakura being injured -


“Sakura… Point out the ones who pummeled you into that state”

Signifying that he did in fact, have an idea of what she had been through while protecting them by just looking at the state she was in(People who say he didn’t pay attention to her, leave now), Moreover he didn’t care about Lee who was lying unconscious and beaten up a few meters away nor did he care about Neji who was present and making his presence very much known and both of them Sasuke was interested in as rivals and one of them had even kicked his butt. But the only thing that registers in his mind is Sakura and how beaten up she was.

Let’s compare that to Naruto who was awoken by Shikamaru and Choji beating him in the head with a stick after he had a dream of Sakura being a damsel in distress so that he can look like the hero.


Sakura.. Your hair!!”

Lol never mind the fact that she’s wounded and beaten to a pulp and he solely worries about her hair.

“Ah I see” More like you’re not attractive anymore you bitch, you were supposed to be my trophy. And people say Sakura is the one with the “shallow”, “delusional crush”… More like Naruto.. 

Sasuke’s reaction to that: 

Pretty much knows what had transpired just by looking at her, plus he shares the same expression as Ino’s, Sakura’s best friend.  

Am I the only one who thinks that Kishimoto highlighted here that Sasuke was going to end up with Sakura in the future and Naruto’s was a schoolyard immature crush, especially with Sakura calming down Sasuke’s curse mark by hugging him and being the only one who could get through to him sealed the deal. And that even got the databook entry saying how her heart devoured the wicked power. Plus with all of the things that happened with Hinata and Naruto in the Chunin exams prelims right after this event, he highlighted Naruhina as well. 
I rest my case.  

On a side note - Sasuke’s here looking at Naruto wishing Naruto would just go back to sleep: lol

What play fights with NCT 127 would be like.


Taeil would be gentle during play fights. Say if it’s a pillow fight, he would make sure that he doesn’t hit you too hard but you two were still having fun. He’ll probably fall over himself just to hear your laugh. Some times it’s because he wanted to hear your laugh, other times it would be him genuinely falling.

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Complete opposite of gentle. Trying tricks on you by telling you that he hurt himself but when you went over to him to check what was wrong, he would just hit you over the head with the pillow. Probably calling himself a pro.

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Let’s say it’s a tickle fight with Taeyong. You won’t be able to get away from him because he’ll easily have you under him. He would be on top of you, tickling your sides and your stomach. The only reason he would continue is because he loved the sound of your laugh. He would probably be laughing at you.

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Good luck trying to get away from him during tickle fights. When you did try to get away from him, he would grab hold of you and throw you over his shoulder. Throwing you down onto the bed and tickling you, causing both of you to laugh. He would try some sort of wrestling shit on you to get hold of you. This isn’t a game to him.

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Pillow fights with Doyoung, good and bad at the same time. He would be fun and would probably use his acting skills to trick you into going near him. It would be bad as well because you’d never win. When you do, it’s probably because Doyoung went easy on you.

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Tickle fights with Jaehyun would be a memory that you’d want to keep hold of. He wouldn’t be so rough with you, like Yuta. You’d probably even have the chance to tickle him some times. At the end of it though, it would be you being attacked by him. You two laughing until it hurt.

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Wouldn’t be so rough with you during pillow fights but would be one of the giddiest. You two laughing so hard during it and probably him missing you and then you hitting him straight in the face. If he does end up hitting you, he’ll probably apologise after but would continue to laugh through his apology.

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Would take none of your shit during pillow fights. Would pull tricks on you and instead of being gentle, he’ll just go normal on you. He wouldn’t want to hurt you of course but you both find it more entertaining when you’re both trying to hit each other. You’ll probably end up tripping and Mark would just laugh for a while before he decided to help you up.

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Tickle fights with Haechan would be the best thing ever. He’ll know all of your soft spots and would just attack you everywhere. You could barely breathe because of how hard you were laughing. He was probably laughing at you too. Probably giving you things to say for him to let go. Things like calling him ‘oppa’ and doing aeygo.

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Opening Up | GOT7 Reactions

Mark Tuan 

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Mark wouldn’t have a reaction if you told him you were scared to tell him about the problems you faced in your past. He would, however, have a reaction if you were still suffering because of that said thing. He would be upset about the fact that you went though all of that, and even more upset because though it happened awhile ago, you were still hurt by it.

Considering the fact that Mark is a wise individual, he would listen to every detail about your past and tried his best to form an unbiased opinion (assuming the situation called for his opinion) and would give you the best advice he could think of. 

Im Jaebum

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Surprisingly, I feel like he would be calm about the matter. Yes, he was saddened that you were scared to open up, but he would understand why and wouldn’t hold that against you.

If the cause of your suffering was due to someone else’s doing, and you still had a way to contact that said person, he would suggest that you and that person talked it out (with him there of course). Since he is the leader of GOT7, I would imagine that he had to help his groupmates resolve their issues several times before. If you had no way of contacting the person to hurt you, he would try his best to help you move on from your past another way.

Jackson Wang

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I feel like Jackson would be upset about you being scared to open up to him; he would feel like you didn’t trust him enough.

Since Jackson is constantly trying to inspire people and help people feel better about themselves, he would tell you not to dwell on your past troubles. Yes, he would understand that its easier said than done, but he would tell you that you are the cause of your own happiness. Meaning that if you allow your past to take control of your life, you would never be able to be truly happy. He would tell you that he understands that the things you faced caused you a lot of pain, but he would remind you that you were strong enough to continue living, despite the troubles. To him, it would be best to forgive and forget.

Park Jinyoung

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Jinyoung wouldn’t be fazed by the fact that you were scared to open up to him, since he too had his own skeletons in the closet.

He would acknowledge the fact that the things you faced really did a number on you, but he would remind you of all the good things about your life. He would probably see it as this: Life needs a balance of both good and bad. If only good things happened to us, we wouldn’t be able to grow. In order to get over the bad, we have to cloud our mind with only good to give us the motivation to go on.

Choi Youngjae

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He would be hurt that you were scared to tell him. But those feelings quickly faded away when you told him your past still haunts you.

Youngjae would hurt with you… He would hate to see someone he cared for in pain. I honestly see him not knowing what he should do to help you. So he would let you vent out your emotions, making appropriate comments when needed and would try to convince you that everything would be okay.


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I picture Bambam feeling all kinds of things if you told him you were scared to open up to him, but he’ll put up a positive front for you.

Bambam seems like the type to talk to you in private and come clean about his own problems after you talked about yours. His purpose of doing that? He wanted you to know that he faced his own problems as well and that you weren’t on this ride alone. He would tell you that together, the two of you can help each other let go.

Kim Yugyeom

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Honestly speaking, I can see him getting upset because you were scared. He would take it as if he’s done something to make you scared to open up to him.

Nonetheless, he would smile in your face so he wouldn’t make you feel guilty. Based on what you told him, he would try his best to make you forget your troubles… Even if it were for only a minute. Like Jinyoung,he would let you know that there are more things to be happy about, than there is to be sad. He would even offer (if he’s able to) to fix whatever the problem is for you.

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Requests for GOT7, BTS, Seventeen, and Blackpink are open. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite… (Unless you want us to)


wanderedinwinter  asked:

I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this, but the music at the end of each episode has been different EVER SINCE RIGHT BEFORE WE FOUND SHIRO IN SEASON THREE

you’re absolutely right buddy and this is REALLY COOL and exciting holy heck. (i did skim through all of the episodes to check… but i may well have missed one)

PRE 3x05: 

  • from the outset, the end credits music has always been the opening titles track of the VLD theme 
  • the only other time the end credits music has not been voltron theme is Blackout where Shiro was gone and Lotor was being introduced

POST 3x05: 

  • Since 3x05 and onwards, the end credits music is always different and never the same at the end of each episode

It’s hard to say honestly what we can draw from this. The story is expanding in some ways, things are shifting - so it could be signifying that. but changing it at that point…. thanks dw they know what they’re doing with this lmao. I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that the music changed when Shiro disappeared, and it changed continuously since Shiro returned. 

I actually wanted to bring this up bc i was talking to a few people about this. The whole operation Kuron thing that has been alluded to since 3x05, and the whole way Shiro has been handled in the sense that honestly it is…. REALLY MAKING ME LOSE MY GOD DAMN HEAD. we have not seen the last of this im confident we’re actually leading up to it now.

like okay this is personal and my own experience of it right now so this is not going under my meta tag this is more interpretive discussion. but sometimes i am so sure and set on one thing then something else happens that just makes me think ‘no’ on both sides. There are things that don’t add up and there are things that do. And i think that….. may well be the point. But the fact is there are so many ways each Thing can be reasoned but there is so much subtlety to these things and a real sense of “OKAY BUT I CAN’T EXPLAIN THIS EXACTLY BUT LISTEN I CAN HEAR THIS” or “this makes me feel weird for some reason im not sure about that” kind of thing going on and we’re not getting the whole picture yet is really…. yeah. cool?  

I know there is quite frankly a massive divide in the theories right now with everyone on this whole ‘operation kuron’ thing. im reluctant to give my full thoughts on this atm at least Publicly tm lmao. But what i will say, is that i think we should acknowledge that the sheer FACT it’s making so many people talk and the fact it’s DIVIDED so many people too is actually testament to this story unfolding. 

Bc it is……. crafted in such a way that honestly sometimes you can really see one side of it and sometimes you can glimpse another. and i think the pairing and juxtaposition of that is kinda cool i don’t really see this being talked about much from a really far away “watching both arguments” kinda thing. It’s FRUSTRATING and like,,,, im puling my hair out but i think that’s the purpose the more i sit down and try to think about this. they are….. totally messing with us, making us question things and pulling us around to all kinds of places.

S5 i’m confident will give us more on this. i’m actually about to write a little post about why i think that will be, and it comes down to - for me, Keith leaving the team. tbh the absence of keith in the immediate team opens such a gateway for this for many reasons. most notably bc Keith from the outset of the entire series has always been the person shown to question stuff that doesn’t add up once he has noticed it. he challenges stuff he doesn’t think is right or what he doesn’t agree with, no matter who it is

now for me this a Casual Talk about this, but i’m planning to do a proper analysis of this so bear with me. keith asks the things that might cause discord but honestly they’re good questions. and he is not willing to sugarcoat things he doesn’t beat around the bush he is direct. keith is prepared to speak up even at the expense of how the team see him or what they think personally of him. if he thinks there is a better option, or he doesn’t agree with what they’re doing then he does call it up and question it. 

looking at so much of S4, i think the absence of keith is intentional from a story point of view, because i honestly think it’s supposed to show us a lot of things and feel that absence. NOTICE IT. even if yes, on screen i am…..  Salty that the team didn’t once really explicitly talk about missing him and show it.  

but if keith was with the team for a lot of things that happened once he left, he would’ve spoken up and said something you know he would it’s been proven time and time again in canon. It’s a pattern that’s always been there. I know it’s been misconstrued so much as him whining or being grumpy and not co-operative, but literally just watch him. if something isn’t right he will say so. his instincts and intuition isn’t ever wrong. i’ve seen it argued before sometimes his instinct is wrong - but i’d argue that actually it’s more how he then processes and handles an instinct which makes all the difference to an outcome and action. 

For example, there are times where he suppresses his instinct and doesn’t think with his head so he can be impulsive. there are times where he doesn’t listen to his own intuition and he is actually in the right but he lets it go bc of A LOT OF THINGS mostly the communication with the team and how he’s perceived himself + this entire situation which yeah…. OH BOY I WANNA TALK ABOUT, there are times where he doesn’t even let his instincts speak bc people won’t understand and all he seems to be doing is making things worse for everyone <— HIS pov based on reaction to actions + words.

But we’ve SEEN that keith just has this innate sense of sensing something he can’t explain. From the very beginning of this whole show that has been something we’ve seen in Keith “I can’t explain it really”. now that’s probably admittedly not that reassuring to hear bc he can end up sounding vague and unspecific. BUT it’s always been on the mark. when he listens to his instincts and channels that correctly and in the best way possible, he makes some really good and smart choices. but it’s not just about that. it’s about people understanding this in keith and trusting this too. Trusting him and his instincts that’s what he wants (”shut up and trust me!”) 

that actually shows clear as day when the rebels in 4x06 immediately trust keith and matt proclaims that they’re with him, despite the only thing he can give them is this feeling he can’t explain that they HAVE to be there and do this because something is wrong he just KNOWS there is. 

(this is also a fantastic example of keith leading without having this ‘team rift’ and proves once again what he is capable of in a different circumstance - but dw i got u im writing this up somewhere else soon it’s on my list ahha!) 

he wants them to trust him. that’s something that just couldn’t quite translate fully during S3 for many reasons. bUT we should note that in S1 especially, when shiro was in trouble and when there was a need for someone to step in and take the reigns the team did listen to keith and there were many moments where he took charge of a situation and operated well with the group. he can do it. but this whole thing is situational and highly contextual. we have to take into account what all of them are going through individually. we have to take into account where keith is at now and what’s going on with him. 

however, if there is a big communication gap between keith and the team and a very clear rift because they just do not fully understand him, then that’s just not going to happen. and we see that mostly in S3 tbh. which is REALLY!!!! bc he’s dealing with the grief and loss of shiro - aka the person who made his life different and canonically closest person to him - at this time too. honestly i think S4 proved that keith letting down his walls for shiro and shiro alone isn’t good for him. im not saying shiro isn’t good for him please do not……. try to twist my words anyone i beg you lol. but im saying and acknowledging that there is just such a bond between them, in comparison where he’s at the others right now just isn’t the same and that makes sense* but this isn’t good for him. 

*bc we’ve been told and shown time and time again that shiro changed his life somehow and never gave up on him ect. 

i hope nobody takes this as a criticism of the team or anything. this is honestly just so FASCINATING to me. all i’m saying is that i felt personally from watching voltron was smoother without keith but i don’t think it was better and i actually think they are way way more susceptible to something now. it feels like a false sense of security, and honestly there are so many things i can pull out for this (AND IT’S NOT TURNING INTO DISCOURSE OR SOME KIND OF FAV CHARACTER WAR SO PLEASE……no, don’t do it to me……). 

we know some choices made probably weren’t the best. and keith obviously is not exempt from that either. im not gonna pretend. but there is a lot to say about the reasonings behind his subsequent behaviours esp in S3. 

the thing i love about voltron is that all of them have done stuff that honestly makes me frustrated and !!!!!! at them, alongside moments where i’m “YES!!!! HECK YES!!!” at them. and i’d love to talk about this experience haha, bc none of them are Perfect and tbh… do we even want them to be? that’s no fun, that’s not real. we’ve got REAL and EXCITING multi-dimensional characters here like god damn. i think the disparity people are seeing rn in shiro and the huge divide in opinions and interpretations of where he’s at and what “operation kuron” even means concerning S4 is a big example of this. 

Seventeen (Hip Hop Unit) Reaction to their s/o giving them a hickey.

Seventeen reaction ( if you don’t do all of they just hip hop unit) to when their girlfriend just give they a hickey?

Here you are anon, we apologise for the bit of the wait! We hope you like it! Have a good day hon :)


Seungcheol loved hickeys. Giving, receiving, he really didn’t care. After your highly heated makeout session that left you both dotted in bruises he would run a hand down his neck, cringing at the sensitivity as his finger brushed over one on his neck.

“No, baby! Not my neck, the boys will see!” Seungcheol would launch himself off the bed and land in front of the mirror, his fingers running gently over the pattern of bruises you had left on his skin.

“I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry!” Seungcheol would take a while to just stare at the marks, tilting his head one way and then another, admiring the way the light changed the colour of the bruises. You’d watch as a grin slowly grew across his face till he was full on beaming.

“I like them, baby,” Seungcheol would turn back to you and amble forward a few steps, his smile turning sultry. You’d lean forward, ready for him to kiss you again, when he’d suddenly stand up straight. “Gotta go find some makeup to cover these before the boys wake up!” And with that he would turn and run away at top speed, leaving you amused but a little annoyed.


“What are you doing with yourself?” Wonwoo’s look would be super unimpressed when he walked out of the bathroom, his hand on his collarbone where you’d left a huge hickey. You had to admit, it looked pretty bad. With his slim shoulders and pale skin, the quickly darkening bruise stood out like a sore thumb.

“I am not going to apologise,” You’d cross your arms and turn your head in defiance. You knew Wonwoo didn’t like receiving hickeys, but in the heat of the moment with lips wondering these things just sort of happened and judging by his reaction, he had liked it when it was happening.

Seeing your response Wonwoo would break out into a smile. “Ah, why can’t I stay mad at you?” He would throw himself at you, ignoring your shrieks, wrapping his long body around yours. “If I have to be covered in your bite marks, you will have to deal with this!” He would let his whole weight rest on you, ignoring as you squirmed and complained beneath him.

“You had best not have stolen all my hoodies again, I’ll need them to cover it up.”


“Feeling a little kinky today huh?” Mingyu would pull away from your kiss, breathing heavily. His hand would lift to his neck, running quickly over the skin made sensitive by your constant nibbles. You’d hunch your shoulders and blush, turning your head away a little bit. Mingyu always called you out on giving him hickeys, and it always embarrassed you. You hardly even noticed you were doing it until Mingyu pointed it out.

“Don’t be embarrassed, baby,” Mingyu would guide your head back to him with a finger under your chin, leaning his face close to yours so that your foreheads rested together, your hot breath mixing as you both panted, your heart rate beginning to slow.

“Do you think you’ll be able to cover them?” You’d ask quietly and Mingyu would nod.

“You cover all of yours,” Mingyu would grin, shifting his head to peck your lips softly. You’d pause, smiling, and slowly lift an eyebrow.

“Wanna give me some now?” Mingyu would grin and nod enthusiastically, lifting his hands to cup your face as he leant back in to resume your kissing.


“What have you done?” Vernon would freak out. Eyes wide, face expressionless, he would just stare at himself in the mirror. The hickey was bright in colour, just beneath his jaw. There was no way anyone could miss it. Vernon sat in silence. You watched as his eyes widened further, his chest beginning to rise and fall rapidly as he tried to keep back his panic.

“I can’t… leave the house like this…” Vernon would eventually gasp. You’d jump off the bed and run around, pulling out every kind of concealer and foundation you both had in your room, tossing each one in Vernon’s direction as you went.

“Look! You can cover it up, easy!”

“I can’t!” Vernon would grasp at his hair, wailing quietly. He couldn’t stop thinking about the other members, how they would react to seeing him with this bruise- which would surely grow bigger- he didn’t think he’d live it down.  How could he have let this happen, it would be a nightmare…

“Vernon, I’m sorry,” You’d bite your lip and sink to your knees beside him, placing your hands on his shoulders. Seeing your genuine remorse Vernon would smile and sigh, all of the tension easing from his body in that one breath.

“It’s ok, it was bound to happen one day, I just didn’t expect it to be today,” Vernon would laugh awkwardly, scratching at his cheek. Maybe he could wear a turtleneck for a while.


Hip-Hop Unit | Vocal Unit | Performance Unit

Got7 | When you have an argument with your best friend

He had heard the whole fight and could understand why you were upset as you were. You and your best friend rarely argue and this argument was a particually bad one. He would be sympathetic and he would be right there for you but other than that he wouldn’t get involved in the situation knowing that you and your best friend would either work out the situation or you wouldn’t.

Originally posted by jypnior

Food. Food was the way to solve problems. You came home crying and while you locked yourself in the bedroom for a little while trying to collect yourself Jaebum would order takeout. While eating he would listen to what happened and just let you vent about everything, with him listening intently to every last word.

Originally posted by jypnior

The one thing that Jackson couldn’t stand was seeing you upset. We all know he’s a squish, and as such the one thing he desires most is for the people around him to be happy. Especially when it comes to you; so when he saw you so upset after your argument with your friend he of course asked if you wanted to tell him about what happened, if you did, after all was said and done his next task was trying to put a smile back on his face.

Originally posted by defwang

This boy would probably over think things. Even if you said you would be okay 1000 times, this boy would probably thing of the million ways that you weren’t going to be fine. It’s not that he was worried about you….it’s just he was worried about you. He knew that you having a fight with your best friend was not going to sit well with you and he just wanted to be there for you anyway he could.

Originally posted by jypnior

This bit of sunshine wouldn’t know what to do when his piece of sunshine was a dark and stormy rain cloud. It was a bad argument, he could tell that from the brooding expression on your face. When you say you don’t want to talk about it at all…he would not push his luck in any way, shape, or form. He would know that when you were ready you would tell him what happened, but until then, he would just be there for you.

Like Jackson, BamBam number one desire in life was to see you smile. When you weren’t smiling, it made him not want to smile. Knowing that you got in an argument with your best friend he knew it might be at least a couple of days before you were back to normal, so until then he was going to try and get a smile back on your face.

“I could take care of the problem,” *evil smile*

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

The argument happened literally right in front of him. One minute you all were enjoying a peaceful dinner and then one thing led to another and you and your best friend were arguing with each other. He couldn’t do anything at that moment except wait for your best friend to go storming out of the apartment. Then after that all he could do was let you cry on his shoulder.

Originally posted by jypnior


GOT7's reaction to accidentally tearing your top and exposing your bare chest

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

GOT7’s reaction to accidentally tearing your top and exposed your bare chest

i did this based on you to date and being in a private setting 
i hope thats ok?
thanks for the request, i hope you like the reaction ^_^
~ahgase Omma 

the best mistake ever, he can’t help but laugh about it, one because its so nonsensical and two because if he doesn’t lighten up the mood he’ll be in more trouble

at first he’s not sorry in the slightest, its just so funny to him, maybe once he’s see how annoyed you are then he’ll start to feel it, but otherwise its just the most random accident ever.

you know that over excited scream, he does that, but it slightly mixed with horror too, he’s sorry that he did it, but also loving the view, he doesn't know which emotion should come first.

completely startled, he apologises right away feeling bad about putting you in an awkward situation. even though he did enjoy the result, he can’t go around admitting it. he’s not a pervert! 

out of his mind with the situation in front of him! its so awkward but so amusing too. how he even manage to do it is beyond him, but he can help but feel slight happy and absolutely flustered too

what has even happened?! he’s surprised himself that he’s manage to rip your top off, e quickly diverts his eyes out of habit, but then realises whats actually happened and starts to smirk about it all

omg! what has he don… this was the best thing to have happened. he’s sorry and not sorry all at the same time, jaw on the floor and his eyes popping out like a cartoon character 

Gifs are not my own

anonymous asked:

this is the best thing I have ever seen. I really appreciate how he mixed fandom ideas, his passion and creativity all in one project. When I first saw the vid I was like 1 minute? REALLY? But then I understood the thing and was like OH NO OH NO HE DID NOT. Thank you Mark, and thank you the amazing community!

i feel like we all had the same reaction just… we waited three days for a minute video??? and then once it got to the end, that’s when all hell broke loose. what a wild ride! it was definitely worth it 💚

Got7 Reaction: Before and after having sex for the first time.

What’s up?! I’m jumping straight back into the whole kpop reactions game after taking a long hiatus so drown me in your requests!

Disclaimer: This does contain some mature content but I will try to not make it too explicit. Try.



He felt so lucky to finally be able to have sex with you but he was so nervous that for a second he didn’t even remember what he was supposed to do. He was just as nervous as you were but you were both still excited.


The next day he couldn’t help bragging to his hyungs about the amazing girl that he had fallen in love with and was finally able to have sex with. He was exploding with happiness while his hyungs patiently listened.



He was clearly experienced but he didn’t want to make you feel intimidated that you needed to act in any specific way nor hold up to any standards. He wanted you to just relax for the night and let happen what feels right.


The next day you woke up to find the bed empty so you put on one of Jackson’s shirts and walked out of the room to find him. In the living room 7 pairs of eyes landed on your body as you tightly held the edges of the shirt in your dainty hands with blushed cheeks. The members were then teasing Jackson saying that he wasn’t allowed to have sex in the dorm ever again.



Once you mentioned that you wanted to have sex Jaebum didn’t waste a second. When you were finally alone he stood in front of you motioning towards his clothes telling you with his gestures that you had to take them off for him.


When he saw you the next day at a restaurant with his members and a few of your friends he couldn’t help biting his lip remembering how your lips felt against his and your body under him.



You were very shy and didn’t really know what to do. You wanted to set the mood but you were scared of doing something wrong in front of your boyfriend. Jinyoung could feel your distress and decided to help you start.


The next morning you were very worried of whether or not you had done a good job last night so you nervously asked him. He responded joking around about how it would have been impossible for a person as perfect as you to not have made him happy last night.



You had been dating Mark for many months now and were completely in love. You finally told him that you wanted to take it to the next level and have “sex” with which he responded saying that he also wanted to have “sex” with you.


Mark wasn’t one to flirt but he was very cute. The next day when he saw you he winked and smiled at you reminding you of all of the fun you two had the night before.



He was very sweet to you and never pressured you into anything so when you told him that you wanted to have sex he wanted you to know that you didn’t have to force yourself, he could wait for you. Though, you were ready now and wanted to make him happy.


After a few hours of fun you stared at Youngjae while you let out ragged breaths. He had a new glow about him that was just so beautiful and alluring that made you want to keep going until dawn.



You were both very young and inexperienced so when you brought up the idea of having sex he was a bit dumbfounded. He wanted to have sex with you but it was just a matter of nervousness and inexperience. To heck with it you guys decided to give it your best shot anyway.


After around an hour or so you both lay in bed side by side. Neither of you lasted that long but you were still happy with the way things turned out and decided to use all of your extra time to tell funny stories about when you were kids. 

I hope this was good for a welcome back C:  Don’t forget to request! Here’s a link to my Master Post.

Got7 reaction to their S/O being close to Yugyeom

A/N - So the full anon request was for the S/O to also be the maknae from a popular group just for a bit of added context~ Obviously because of the title, I can’t really include Yugyeom in this one so that’s why it’s just the 6 members. Keep on sending me all of your requests everyone!

Mark: Mark would find your friendship with the maknae sweet. He’d love that you two were so close because he liked to see his partner getting along with one of his band members. I don’t think Mark would ever get jealous at all like some of the other members either.

JB: I think JB is similar to Jinyoung in a way because he would like that you were such good friends with Yugyeom. But when you do end up spending a lot of time together, JB would totally pull out the aegyo to try and make you hang out with him instead. And we all know how much this boy hates doing aegyo.

Jackson: Jackson would be so jealous and possessive over you like anytime Yugyeom said he wanted to hang out with you, he’d just snuggle up to you and be super clingy. Or if you weren’t with him, he’d call you and do loads of aegyo to convince you to spend time with him instead.

Jinyoung: Just another reason for Jinyoung to hate one of his kids 😂 Just kidding, Jinyoung would probably only threaten Yugyeom in a teasing manner and would find your friendship cute. Unless you were spending more time with Yugyeom than him. Then he’d get a little more serious.

Youngjae: Sunshine Youngjae would probably get really whiny if you were so close to Yugyeom that you hung out all the time. He’d just want you all to himself and wouldn’t like sharing. “(Y/N) jagiyaaaa, why won’t you hang out with me instead?” and he’d get all pouty and adorable.

Bambam: We all know Yugyeom and Bambam are the best of friends and just the epitome of friendship goals. So you being close with Yugyeom would be a good thing in Bambam’s eyes because it means he can always spend time with the two people he loves most in the world.

alphatamiiii  asked:

hii, can I request NCT 127 reacting to their idol crush finding them kinda intimidating, scary? You know what i mean 😂 ilysm 🤣

Thanks for the request! ily too!

Taeyong: He wouldn’t be surprised honestly. He’d most likely just try to be less intimidating?

Jaehyun: He would be confused. “What’s so scary about me?”. He might ask his members if he’s scary/intimidating to them.

Doyoung: aw poor Doyoung would be a bit sad. He’ll try to change for them and focus on being more cute instead.

Yuta: He’d be a bit indifferent about it. Like he wouldn’t really care to try and change himself just for a crush. He may ask his idol crush to explain further what they mean by “intimidating”, just out of curiosity.

Taeil: Would be very curious and would try to find out what’s so intimidating about him. He’d also wonder if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Winwin: He would also be a bit indifferent (like Yuta). However, he’d try to look at it as a positive thing.

Haechan: He takes it into consideration and he’d try his best not to appear intimidating to his crush.

Mark: He’d be extremely confused. He didn’t think he was intimidating at all. He would be so curious to what his crush found scary about him that he’d walk right up to them and ask them straight up.

Johnny: Would question his own self and try to understand how he appears intimidating to them. He would just try to look more approachable.

Seventeen kinks

A/N:…don’t judge me. I say goodbye to my innocent blog, and thank you my not so innocent unnie @althao  who edited this thingy and made it better~ Now lets start this thingy~

Originally posted by giantgyu

S.Coups/ Seungcheol:

Seungcheol would love giving and receiving oral, but while you’re giving him a blowjob. He loves fucking your mouth, most especially when you gag around him, he’d most likely be growling and grunting when you roll your tongue or deepthroat him (which is good since it means you’re pleasuring him in the right places).

He loves it when you ride his thighs (I mean they are his pride after all). He’s into intense foreplay, denying his partner’s orgasm or oversimulating them (there isn’t really an in between) and blindfolds. His daddy kink is more lowkey and would like to show it through his dominance


Jeonghan would be more of a switch in bed, he can either be dominant or submissive and still have one hell of a time. It excites him to see you writhing underneath his touch and begging for more but it would kill him to see you top and ride him - taking control. His moans are the high pitch type - like small screams.

Jeonghan is one handsy fella, he loves trailing his pretty fingers all over your body and use them to tug on your hair. He loves marking what’s his like scratching. Not much of hair pulling, but hair grabbing both him and his partner. He’s also into mutual masturbation, shower sex and (lowkey) choking.

Joshua/ Jisoo:

Most innocent looking boys usually have the kinkiest of kinks, Joshua is one of those boys but lowkey.

He’s a power sub, you’d think your dominating his writhing self but he suddenly grabs you by the thighs and flip you over - now he’s in control. Public teasing is his ‘not-so-secret’ secret kink. He loves receiving oral and quite the loud one in bed, when you tease him in the right spot, you’d find him grabbing your hair and using his free hand to cover his mouth to minimize the volume of his moans while subtly thrusting in and out of your mouth.

Risky sex is his thing - the idea of getting caught as he fucks you senselessly drives him over the edge. Shows his dom side by teasing you with sex toys during foreplay. Into roleplay when he feels like putting effort into simulation.


Jun isn’t as dom as most people think he is, he’s more of a switch actually. It pleases him to top you and take you in positions which exposes your vulnerability but he’s just as much of a sucker for being sub; so his love for bondage on both sides is understandable.

Sloppy wet kisses and grabby hands, it shouldn’t be surprising when his large hands would cup your breasts or your ass during even the simplest makeout sessions. Not a moaner, but definitely more of a deep grunts type of guy.

Marking what’s his is his thing. Marking, scratching, biting and leaving those purplish bruises on your neck - as long as he knows that people know you’re his, but it could go both ways especially when you run your teeth or not so gently nibble on the skin on his dick.


Wonwoo is more of a lover than a fucker in bed, he’d be dom but be sweet and gentle at the same time. Dominant but loves to see you ride him to bliss.

He loves to use his talented mouth for everything, for marking and for eating you out; he most especially love it when you sit on his face and allow his tongue to explore your most sensitive spots and lap at the juices that come out because of his stimulation.

Not a man of any significant kinks besides light bondage and a bit of public teasing, but his most memorable trait is the groans that leave his mouth during sex, not a moaner but when he does moan, the deepness of his voice could leave you a bigger mess than you already are.


Soonyoung can seem like a walking sex god (which he lowkey is) but he gets the most excited when he goes for submissive positions. The odd feeling of being powerless excites him. Whenever you take him in your mouth, he shows his appreciation with his breathy and pitchy moans (those that increase in volume). He’s a person for visible hickeys but barely seen, like it could be on the crook of his neck but the fabric of his shirt would cover it most of the time.

Sub by heart, dom by physical appearance, Soonyoung has a kink for being praised (how he’s such a good boy in bed), feathers - especially when you run it down his bare chest, and licking.


Jihoon like some on this list is a switch in bed, but like his position preference, Jihoon is into a varying list of kinks, but none of them stays the same.

What he does like to keep constant is hiding his moans and grunts by biting his lower lip or by slowly letting out those small whimpers when given good oral. His hands would be flying as he tries to regain his sanity by grabbing what he can that isn’t you.

He has an odd fascination of seeing you touch yourself and trying not to join your fingers with his own or to not touch himself in the process, the usual biting and (surprisingly) hair pulling are also on his list. Jihoon is lowkey into roleplay and fucking you senseless inside the car or on top of the hood (either way he likes it)


Seokmin, as much of a smiling sunshine that he is, is a huge (in more ways than one) dom. He likes feeling in control and placing his large hands in your hips or ass (depending on the position he decides to punish you to be in) keeping you still, he loves the obvious fact that he’s the reason for all those orgasms and intense stimulation.

Seokmin is, like his unit, very vocal in bed. He moans, grunts and whines in all varying volumes and pitches. It usually comes out of him when he sees you riding his thighs, during heated foreplay and even during foreplay. Slight pain kink, calling you a slut (but with loving intentions of course), sexy lingerie and hearing you call him “Daddy” are some of his kinks.


Surprisingly, Mingyu’s more of a puppy than the “Daddy” that he is in bed(not that he is). He lowkey enjoys being sub and seeing you taking charge, making him all yours. A person who growls and groans when pleased right.

Mingyu is a domestic man when it comes to sex, he loves screwing you (or being screwed being the lowkey sub that his is) all over your shared apartment, be it on the kitchen counter, living room table or the cold tiled bathroom floor. He’ll fuck or be fucked anywhere in the house.

A man of culinary tastes also has a thing for sweets (especially in bed) so don’t be surprised when you feel his tongue lapping up the whipped cream that he placed on you. He likes dimly lit rooms since he loves teasing you with others around. A man of ass slapping, face fucking, orgasm denial and praising on both ends.

The8/ Minghao:

Minghao’s cute looks are highly deceiving since this man loves to be dom than to be sub in bed. He likes taking charge in the bedroom and show you just how much of a man he is, the probability of your hands being tied to wherever or behind your back with your eyes blindfolded with satin cloth is very high.

He also is quite the moaner, low and shaky, but does so in the crook of your neck as to muffle them leaving waves of shock and pleasure run down your spine every time he does.
He’s more into the stimulation of sex and its other factors rather than the act of thrusting inside you. Foreplay and mutual masturbation is his thing, it’s an unspoken law between you two that whoever reaches orgasm first has to help the other with theirs. The sight of you wearing lingerie while sucking on his cum-soaked fingers pleases him intensely.



Seungkwan is more of a switch than he is a sub in bed, but it’s mostly vanilla. He’s a very gentle dom, but there are times where he would lean into the risky side and ‘punish’ you when he’s in the mood for it. He likes being in control but gets his knees weak when you tangle your fingers in his hair and tug softly. Has an odd fascination with having his lower lip between your teeth.

His moans are shaky but he also whimpers and whines when you dominate, getting off the idea of seeing you bounce on his dick.

Seungkwan (like Wonwoo) isn’t a man of significant kinks but he does love teasing on both ends, lace lingerie (preferably of bold colors), licking on the neck and maybe even public teasing.


Hansol is highkey like Joshua, only difference is the fact that he rather be dominant on all occasions. He loves the idea of being in control and whispering dirty things in your ear. Hearing you moan his name and feeli your nails dig deep into his shoulders excite him greatly.

More of a deep low grunt type of person, but he does release low moans possibly even breathy ones.

He loves it when you try to be dominant but end up getting punished, though punish is more of an intense teasing session than any actual harm. Along with this comes sucking on your skin (maybe leaving marks), licking and biting, and tying up those hands of yours with what he could find and scratching.


Chan, being a growing teenager, has had his thoughts with any possible kink but he settles for the submissive nature, though there are times where he could be dom, but the sight of seeing you in control excites him way too much. As hard as he tries to keep his enthusiasm lowkey, Chan highkey loves seeing you blow him.

Being quite shy in bed, Chan tries his best not to let his moans slip by covering his mouth, but when he does it’s fascinating enough for you to grab his wrists and pin him behind his head just so that he can let them all out.

He has been showing interest in bondage lately but he rather be tied than to tie. Teacher-Student roleplay is his thing, him being the very bad student. Marks of your teeth against his skin, visible marks on his neck or shoulder is one of those.

coppertopging  asked:

Awwww the sleeping on the couch was so cute! Thank you for doing it! Can you do another got7 reaction and them taking care of you when you're sick?

ahww cute!


*only makes your fever worse*

‘Let oppa take care of you babygirl.’

Originally posted by defwang


‘I’ll heal you with my aegyo, baby! Feel better?’

Originally posted by onlymarktuan93


*bluff king mode ON*

‘Don’t worry about a thing, sweetheart. Haven’t you heard i make the best porridge in the world?’ 

Originally posted by markjin


‘Ahww jagiya, let my love cure you!’

Originally posted by markjin


*puts you in bath to make your fever go down, joins you so you can lean on him*

‘I don’t mind jagiya, i need you to feel better first of all things.’

Originally posted by jiminthebun


*constantly checks on you every 10 minutes*

‘Everything okay babe? Do you need anything? Call me when you need something alright? A pillow? Some tea? Do you want me to make you porridge?’

Originally posted by why-are-koreans-so-perfect


*can’t stop smiling when he sees you*

‘I’m sorry babe, I know you’re feeling awful but you look incredibly cute in your onesie!’

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anonymous asked:

What's your fave moment for each boy? Like "I really loved when Jaebum did this thing back in Real GOT7 Season 2" or "Jackson cracked me up during [blank] dance practice video video", sorry if that's too wide ranged, you can choose to do only one member if thinking about all of them is too hard haha

It’s so hard to pick one moment because they all do so many great things but I’ll try my hardest to pinpoint one (or two if I can’t help myself.

My favourite JB moment would have to be when he’s watching their debut trailers and he’s freaking out from second hand embarrassment. It’s so funny and I can’t help but cringe with him. His reaction makes me want to laugh at him and hug him at the same time. (Link)

The Mark moment I like the best is whenever he pops out from under the table when everyone is getting scared in that Real GOT7 video. It’s a side of him that I’ve never really gotten to see before since he’s so quiet and everyone else kind of over powers him sometime. It was really cool to see and I love anytime he laughs because he’s got the cutest smile. (Link)

Now Jackson is my bias so it’s hard to pick just one favourite moment because he has so many that I adore. One of them is whenever they’re debuting the new light sticks (I really want one btw because they’re super cute) and he’s just being really excited. (Link) It’s so cute. Another one is when he’s alone in the dorm and his shirt is off most of the time and it’s just ugh….really really nice. Shirtless Jackson gives me heart palpitations. (Link)

One of my favourite Jinyoung moments is when he flicks someones heart away. I know it’s really savage of him and the person was trying to be really sweet but it was just really funny to see him flick it away. (Link)

Youngjae has had so many of my favourite moments that it’s actually hard to pick but I think my favourite moment of his is one where he isn’t even in the frame. It’s when he Bambam and Mark are in the park and he’s struggling with CoCo in the background. (Link)

My favourite Bambam moment on the other hand would have to be when he gets mad when they try to scare him in Real GOT7. The fact that he throws the headphones and then gets scared anyway is really funny. (Link)

Last and definitely not least comes Yugyeom. He’s so cute and squishy, I just love him. Not my favourite moment of his is when he’s on Hit The Stage. Honestly I feel like a proud mom watching her child do really well in a dance recital. (Link)

GOT7 Reaction to You Not Wearing a Bra

Anonymous: “Can I request a how would got7 react to you not wearing a bra around they? (Love your bloooog! ♡)”

Thanks for the request Anon! It means a lot to us that you love our blog! Hopefully you’ll like this request!:) 

Mark:Mark would be shy about the whole situation. Mark would remain quiet, timid and introverted about the ordeal and try his best not to make any eye contact or be awkward about it. However, knowing Mark he would lowkey admire the fact his girlfriend is comfortable around him.

Originally posted by amerthaikong

JB: JB and you have been together for some time now. Unlike Mark, he wouldn’t be shy or quiet, he would just accept it. JB would feel assured in his relationship because he could finally tell that you were comfortable around him this made JB content.  Also, JB would be tad bit turned but he’d save the good stuff for later.

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Jackson:If you two were living together for a while now, Jackson wold probably be used to you walking around the house without a bra on. However, if that wasn’t the case, Jackson would get extremely turned on and would probably turn his ‘wild and sexy’ mode on.

Originally posted by wangmins

Junior: Jinyoung wouldn’t care that you were walking around without a bra on. He would maybe tell you to cover yourself up or to put on a shirt as a joke. However, there would be moments when you would catch him starring. If the boys were around or coming over, he would tell you to cover up.

Originally posted by thekpopfix

Youngjae: Youngjae would be so shy and embarrassed about it at first. He would ignore the situation, thinking that maybe you didn’t realize it or something. But once it became an everyday thing, he would get used to it. Youngjae wouldn’t take it as a hint for anything. Instead, he would want you to be comfortable, so he really didn’t mind the whole 'not wearing a bra’ situation.

Originally posted by essiegzb

BamBam: BamBam wouldn’t even notice he would be too busy dabbing away with Yugyeom to realize. Although, when he did realize he would mistake it for a suggestive gesture.

Originally posted by got7ish

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would feel awkward about the whole situation and would try his best to avoid the topic of mentioning it. However, as time went on you two became more comfortable with each other and it was a normal thing for him.

Originally posted by jackandjael

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NCT U Mini-Masterlist


All Members:


Head Cannons:


Originally posted by nikaiv

switch; wonwoo

everything from here down is my personal opinion.


not really into power play? lmao doesn’t mean this isn’t gonna be a wiLd one buckle up

top 3 kinks-

- sensual sex
- strip-tease
- car sex

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