mark's got a crush~

ten years time, at a big hollywood oscars after party
  • Me: *sees shonda rhimes*
  • Me: *approaches shonda rhimes*
  • Me: *taps shonda rhimes on the shoulder*
  • Shonda Rhimes: *turns around*
  • Me: anyway, congrats on the Oscar™ and also thanks for breaking so many barriers for female creators.

novagalaxy4real  asked:

Prompt: highschool au logince where Roman is the flamboyantly gay popular theatre dude and Logan is the ridiculously hot nerd who no one knows is gay af and crushing on Ro. (Saw that you were taking prompts? I might be wrong? But have this anyway)

Buddy, I am always taking prompts, hope u enjoy. 

“Psssst. Pssst. Logan! Pssst.”

“What, Patton?”

“He’s coming!” Patton replied in an over-dramatic whisper,

“Who’s- oh.”

“Greetings, Ladies, Lords and non-binary Royalty!” A voice boomed out across the quad, a voice that had many people suddenly flocking around the owner of it, Patton included.

“I thought he was ill.” Virgil muttered, looking up,

“Yes.” Logan sighed, watching as Roman flung an arm around Patton and engaged his adoring audience, “So did I.” He wasn’t jealous, just slightly annoyed.

“And then, this guy, the hot one… oh” Roman paused as the bell went, “I suppose I shall have to continue at lunch, goodbye, fair friends!”

The were general murmurings in reply as everyone who had crowded around him began to dissipate away to their next lesson. What did he have? English. Which wasn’t too bad, it did go hand in hand with drama, after all, and the teacher loved him as he was always volunteering to read aloud, and, if he wasn’t good at English, none of the scripts he had ideas for would ever be any good.

Logan slid into his seat in the back corner of the classroom and pulled out a book to read- and to drown out Roman’s voice, because it was loud and obnoxious obviously, not because he just wanted to crowd around and listen with everyone else or because he wanted Roman to speak to him in that voice, soft and deep and loving and, nope! He just found it irritating.

“Alright! Everyone shut up!” Their teacher strode into the classroom, “Good morning class, Roman it’s good to have you back with us, I hope you’re feeling better?”

“Of course, my lady!”

There were a smattering of sniggers and even the teacher cracked a small smile, which made sense- she did have a soft spot for Roman-

“Good. Right, today we are going to be working in pairs-”

She was cut off by loud chatting that suddenly picked up as people began to try and organise who was with who,


The chatting ceased.

“due to the fact that some of you feel that it is alright to work alone when I tell you to get in pairs,”

Logan steadfastly refused to meet her gaze.

“and in those pairs, you will be analysing an extract that I will give to you, and then present that analysis to the class. Remember to make it interesting to listen to!” And, with that she began to read out the pairs, most of which Logan ignored.

“Logan Sanders… and Roman Prince.”




Roman looked around to make eye contact with the nerd who always sat at the back of the room, never spoke, but always got high marks in every subject.


Logan had just been paired with his crush in the only subject Roman was better than him at. And the two of them were still awkwardly staring at each other.

Roman sat down gracefully next to the nerd he’d never noticed before and peered at the extract the teacher had given them,

“So, where shall we start?”

“I would say a good place to start would be reading it.” The nerd snarked,

Oh Fuck. He was totally Roman’s type. And hot. This would not end well.

Idk if I like how this turned out… Might continue this with them actually working together? But, feel free to send any other prompts, they might turn out better. 

Stay safe babies 💚

anon asked: can you do the “hinting they like you” thing for got7??? thank you!!


We all know Mark is cute just as a rule, but when he’s got a crush, he’s somehow cuter (yes, he’s my bias). He’d almost unconsciously want to touch you, so his hands would manage to find their way to your arms or hands a lot- maybe he’d even brush your hair out of your face. Mark would definitely shower you with compliments, telling you how nice you look or smart you sound. I also think he’d send you cute good morning/good night texts a lot. 


Jaebum, I think, would be really obvious. If you reached for something, he’d reach for it, too, and then ‘accidentally’ grab your hand for a second before looking at you and laughing a little. He gazes at you if he gets the chance and makes up some flimsy excuse for it when you catch him. If you mentioned a coffee shop or store that you loved, he would visit as often as he could just on the chance he’ll run into you there. do this poor boy a favor and date him


Jackson is a mess. He’d somehow become even louder around you, only to randomly fall silent and just sorta… stare. He’d hug you as often as he could without being creepy. I think he’d try to ask you out, only to get flustered and panic, so he’d play it off as a joke hahahaha no he’s perfectly fine why do you ask? Later, he would regret playing it off as a joke so he’d try again, but you wouldn’t believe him, so he’d be forced to pull out all the stops to convince you he was telling the truth about liking you, meaning the skinship is constant, he buys things for you, he walks you home, etc. 


Jinyoung is painfully aware of how his heart starts pounding whenever he sees you and it makes him shy. He’s another one that would gaze, then make up some transparent excuse, hoping you don’t think its weird it is because he really likes you. He wants to ‘casually’ touch you like the others, but he cannot. You catch his hand drawing near to yours, only to see him take in a breath and run his hand through his hair instead. 


Youngjae would be his usual self, all smiles and fluffiness, until you came within a 20-ft radius of him. When he saw you, he’d freeze, going stiff and suddenly feeling very, very nervous. I think you’d be able to notice his feelings very early on because his entire attitude would change. He’d try his hardest to make you smile, but he would be more awkward than usual save him and wouldn’t really know what to do with his hands, so they’d be everywhere: in his hair, in the air, flapping at his side like wings, etc. 


BamBam would be almost unbearably greasy, but if he sees you’re uncomfortable, he’ll stop. Instead of staring at you, he’d shoot you looks all the time, winking when you make eye contact. He tries to get you to compliment him all the time (”Doesn’t this shirt look good on me?”) but then pulls a 180 and sincerely compliments something he loves about you. Overall, he tries to act really slick but he’s a dork and you should tease him about it


Yugyeom would be really shy around you, but the sincerity of the words he says to you as well as his actions would still really shine through. He’d always send you sweet little good morning/good night texts like Mark and if he heard you had to work late or had a late-night study session, he’d bring you your favorite takeout and coffee. I think he’d be the type to buy you little trinkets that made him think of you, but he’s too shy to actually give them to you, so they just accumulate in his room. Thus, he thinks about you literally every time he goes into his room and everyone can tell because a little smile breaks across his face and he sighs and it’s all very cute

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Ok so tythan prompt where Ethan is just chatting with mark and Tyler becomes a topic of discussion and Ethan gets so gushy and gets a bit carried away taking about how Tyler is so beautiful and strong and mark is like "someone's got a crush" but Ethan denies it even though he jUST ADMITTED IT

Okay but like just imagine

-Tyler is making dinner while mark and Ethan are on the couch

-Mark brings up todays video and asks Ethan if the Yoga poses were okay

-Ethan just gets so red faced and nods

-Mark knew SOMETHING was up so he kept pressing on it

-Ethan said that Tyler was really strong and after that he kept rambling about how strong and tall and how hot Tyler was when he’s sweaty

-Mark laughs and teases Ethan about having a crush

-Ethan’s face becomes even redder as he denies it profusely

-Tyler hearing his name early in the convo and had his ear pressed against the door the ENTIRE TIME

This was so fun to write! Thank you!

I’m still open to Tythan, Phan, and Crankiplier prompts for imagines!

honestly i have a crush on every single person in the cast of star wars

Do it again (Ethan x FemReader) fluff

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

(( gif not mine - perfect ))

(A/n): don’t worry I got this


protective older bro Mark with a reader who has a crush on smol bean Ethan? Pls and Thx

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a fic with mark, tyler, and ethan, where the reader is mark’s little sister and tyler and ethan keep on hitting on her and mark gets so mad that he pretty much YELLS at them. Thanks, LOVE YOUR BLOG \( • ♡ • )/ 

Warnings: swearing and floof for days


“(Y/n) if you don’t hurry up, we are going to leave without you. I feel you don’t want that, yeah?”

Mark was always an early bird. He prided himself on his habit and tried his darn best to rope you into it as well. That just never happened.

As an older brother, Mark was a real sweetheart. Really, he was. As kids, he was always four grades ahead of you; meaning a four year age gap. But not once did he take shame around his own friends when he went to talk to his little sister.

Constantly, he would take time each day to check up on you. He drove you to and from school, and took great joy in discussing any topic.

Another one of his habits he has had since birth, is being god awfully protective.

Overprotective older brother was his tag and he wore it proudly.

“Oh no, I do.” you groaned.

Loudly, you ran into your door frame.

A yelp fell from your lips as you drew up a palm to lightly cover your forehead.

“(Y/n)?” Mark called, worry already buffering his voice.

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tardisandwings  asked:

Are you still doing prompts? I really want one of Mark trying to impress ethan/ask him out (possibly wooing him with dick jokes?)

Of course i’m still taking prompts. Send me all the prompts. Spam me with them. SEND THEM TO ME. *whispers* pleassee….

 They were playing Cards Against Humanity, completely off camera. The team was having fun, just messing around and laughing. Just great memories all around. And then it started to get extremely flirty and gay. Especially from Mark’s end.

  “’My favorite Happy Meal toy is the blank with blank’,” Ethan read as the others began to shuffle around the cards in their hands. He waited patiently before he received all the cards and began to read them off one by one. 

 The most absurd combinations came from each person, causing an uproar of laughter after each one. When Ethan finally had to decide, he looked down at the set of white cards that made him laugh the hardest.

  “I think the shark one was my favorite,” Ethan said, holding up the black card for Tyler to snatch it away.

  “Oh c’mon, ‘Rock hard cock’ was funnier,” Mark whined jokingly.

  “Why, cause you have one for Ethan?” Tyler teased, knowing Mark’s little crush.

  “Who’s to say Ethan doesn’t want it?” Mark replied, Kathryn making a fake puking sound.

  “Alright, alright, alright. My turn,” Amy said as she picked up a black card, “’By far, the kinkiest thing that’s ever happened to me is blank.’”

 Another shuffling of cards before they all handed them over to the blonde who read them all off. It seemed to be a throw-away round since not a single one made sense. Amy ended up choosing Kathryn’s.

  “So Ethan, anybody special in your life yet?” Tyler asked, trying to speed up the process of things. Mark gave Tyler another glare in which he returned a smirk.

  “Haha, no, I’m not… necessarily attractive,” Ethan replied, rubbing his neck shyly.

  “I think you’re attractive,” Tyler retorted. Amy and Kathryn agreed, and Mark had dangerous daggers in his eyes as he saw Tyler scoot closer and place a hand on Ethan’s shoulder to give him a playful shake, “I’m sure girl must have caught your eye.”

  “Uh.. sort of. I-it’s a guy,” Ethan nearly whispered. Everyone was surprised by this and Tyler’s smirk deepened furthermore. Mark mouthed at him, asking what he was doing. Tyler winked at Mark. 

  “I completely support you,” Amy spoke up, everyone else agreeing. Ethan smiled.

  “Well geez, if you would’ve told me you were gay I could’ve asked you out a month ago,” Mark chuckled. Everyone at the table stared at him. Ethan in surprise, Tyler trying to stifle a laughter, Amy giving him an unamused expression, and Kathryn just blinking at him. “What? I would have.”

  “Wait you’re–”

  “Isn’t it my turn?” Mark asked, trying to turn the subject before he said something else without a filter. He drew a black card and suddenly wished the Earth would swallow him whole. “’My first date started with a kiss and ended with blank’”

 Ethan gave Mark continuous little glances as he chose his card. Tyler gave him a thumbs up behind Ethan’s chair, in which Mark flipped him off in reply.

  “Alright. ‘My first date started with a kiss and ended with… an extremely prepubescent teenage boy’,” Mark read aloud, the entire table staring at Ethan before bursting into laughter.

  “Oh, haha. Very funny,” Ethan replied, sinking in his seat to pout even though he began to giggle as well. 

 Mark read off the rest of the cards before deciding to pick that card. Tyler exclaimed in victory as he took his tenth black card. 

  “What were your first dates like, anyway?” Amy asked through her giggling.

  “Oh geez, mine ended with popcorn down my bra. We went to watch a horror movie and he kept screaming, his popcorn flew all over the place,” Kathryn remembered, chuckling at the memory.

  “I backed out and gave her a hug instead of kissing her,” Tyler said, burying his face in his hands out of embarrassment as everyone laughed.

  “I want one of my first dates to end with a kiss,” Ethan said with a small giggle. Mark wiggled his eyebrows at him.

  “It will if you go out with me,” Mark teased. Amy giggled at that even though Ethan stared back at Mark with surprise and slight hope.

  “Really?” Ethan asked, looking at Mark with a smile.

  “Oh yeah, you’ll definitely get a kiss…” Mark said as he dug around the trash pile and pulled out the white card he had before, “from my “rock hard cock’”

 Everyone burst into laughter, Ethan rocking on his chair from the pure idiocy.

  “That sounds extremely satisfying. Yes, I will go out with you.” Ethan said.

  “No way, really?!” Mark exclaimed, not believing what he was hearing. Ethan giggled.

  “Yes, you idiot. I’ll go out on a date with you.”

 Mark grabbed the pile of white cards and threw them into the air in joy. Ethan giggled at his antics while the other three groaned.

  “Oh, c’mon Mark now we have to clean that up. Uggh..” Amy groaned.

 Mark was too happy to care. He finally got a date with his crush. Tyler gave him a thumbs up and a wink and Mark shook his head with a smile.

  “Jesus, this is what happens when gays collide.” Kathryn mumbled. Everyone chuckled at her comment.

Siblings AU! Mark
  • so bby mark is your younger brother cuz i mean why not??
  • i mean c’mon he’ll be the cutest thing ever
  • imagine bby mark with his cute little chubby cheeks and his little awkward but incredible cute smile
  • !!!!!
  • idk about u but i die every time i see mark’s fetus pics
  • so he’s ur bby brother and u love him with all ur heart 
  • ur hella proud of him
  • that time he wrote his name as “marc” instead of “mark” in sixth grade??
  • the time he ruined his little solo during his choir performance??
  • that one time he got lost while walking home, even though EVEN THOUGH the school was literally three blocks aways from home??? 
  • hella PROUD
  • soooo back when u guys were little, there was these group of mean kids who like to picked on the other kids on the block
  • they wouldn’t mess with u cuz u were older, and also lowkey highkey scary
  • but they thought that messing with mark would be fun,, kids these days ¬_¬
  • so yeah they would say some nasty stuff to mark like
  • “ give us ur lunch dumbhead” or smth 
  • and mark would be like “???? did ur mom not pack u lunch??”
  • and then he would give them his lunch and the few coins that he had with him cuz he didn’t want his “friends” starving 
  • they would also play “rough” with him, they would throw the ball super hard and aiming to his head 
  • but mark would’t complain but instead be like
  • “woahh, that so cool, ur so strong””
  • but one of his actual good friends told u about these mean dudes
  • and boi were u fired up, u were about to jump on these kids
  • so u very kindly, very nicely went up to them and told them to leave mark the fuck alone
  • or else u would bite their arms off lmao (what do kids say??)
  • the kids were hella scared and left mark alone after that 
  • but u still had look out for bullies,, bc mark was so pure and naive that he wouldnt’ even notice that he was being bullied
  • and u were known to be THE scariest kid on the block,, only when ppl would mess with mark tho other than taht u were pretty chill and friendly
  • so mark had a ton of friends cuz he’s mark lee the legend, the one and only, u cannot meet this child and not like him.
  • which meant that he also had a lot of girls crushing on him
  • “yo mark i heard u got a love letter today (¬‿¬)“
  • “umm m-me?? le-letter?? no?? u must be lost
  • yes u did, ur friend told me”
  • “hahahaha no hahahhaha i didn’t get anything hahaha” **sweats nervously**
  • “uhh hahaha then what’s this???” 
  • “ uuuhHHHHH”
  • “mom!!! mark has a girlfriend!!! lol,, my lil bro has a girlfriend”
  • “is she pretty? is she nice?”
  • “umm y-yes”
  • “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
  • “but i only want to be friends”
  • lol,, u would tease the crap out of this child,, like heachan who??? donghyuck who???
  • but going back to protecting this child,,, u would also have to protect him from himself istg this child was dangerous alone
  • he was the clumsiest kid 
  • he would burn his tongue with the soup, he would stab his hand with a fork like ??? but also !!!!,, he would trip with his own feet etc..
  • and since u were with him most of the time u would always have like bandages and band aids with u with dinosaur drawings cuz they’re cool
  • u were legit his second mom,, and also a semi-doctor
  • and he looked up to you a lot,, u also were kind of the reason why he got into music
  • u taught him how to play the guitar and u were also the one who told him to audition to sm
  • like u had to drag him to the audition cuz he wasn’t confident about himself and talent
  • “MARK U HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT,, sm is gonna hold auditions here in vancouver!! u have to go”
  • “ me?? i dont think i could get in tho??”
  • “u kidding right?? boi ur totally gonna make it c’mon u have to go”
  • and when he got into sm, u were SO proud of him

so yeah, im gonna stop it right here cuz this is too long already lol. i’ll probably write a second part later,, anyways, i hoped u guys liked it, i hope u enjoyed reading it :) AND ALSO MARK’S TEASER CAME OUT TODAY AND BESTA BELIEVE MY SOUL IS GONE!! his teaser pictures??? actual gold??? i cant waitt for the other guys’ teasers to come out algjosagos !!! anyways yeah support my dream babies :)

Punkiplier AU

(i had writer’s block and can’t seem to find any inspiration. until this idea came passin by) 

He was like Voldemort; everybody refuses to say his name and refers to him as You-Know-Who, or Him.

Y/N clutched her book bag tightly, avoiding his intimidating gaze as she walked by. It was always like his eyes are following her every time she walks by him.

Mark Fischbach (Y/N quivered when she thought of his name); the kind of boy with colored hair, piercings, tattoos, and grotesque nature. Although scary, he was a handsome boy. Y/N assumes he can get any girl he wants with just a single glance. 

He got into a handful of troubles throughout his years of high school. Fighting, stealing, gambling, drinking, smoking, fucking, etc. He even got into jail once. He sometimes comes to school with bruises all over his face and sometimes even hickeys on his neck and collarbone. 

Y/N shuddered at the thought of him inside a private room with a woman lain across his body, sweating and moaning.

“I’m surprised he even made friends,” Y/F/N said one time when they were at the lunch room, sitting far away from the tattooed trio. He was friends with a Swedish punk named Felix and an Irish punk named Sean, or Jack, as everybody else calls him. Y/N looked at them and quickly turned away when Mark turned his head around. “I mean, he doesn’t look like the type to be making friends. He’s a big prick to everybody.” Y/F/N said.

“Sometimes, Y/F/N,” Y/N spoke up. “Friendship doesn’t just form from the other person’s kindness. It can be formed in a rude way.” 

Her other friend sitting across them scoffed. “Quit spitting wisdom and eat your food, princess.” she said. Y/N mocked her, then rolled her eyes before beginning to eat her slice of blueberry pie.


She was like a princess; beloved by all and envied by other women.

Mark tried to catch her gaze when she walked by, but she thoroughly didn’t notice it. Or she might have noticed it, but avoided it. Mark sighed to himself and looked away from her, rather than watching her disappear by the corner like what he always did all the time. 

Y/N Y/L/N; the kind of girl where everybody thinks is a nice person, and she really is. Her smile brightens any room she enters. Her fashion sense makes every girl jealous. Her eyes are equivalent to the twinkle of the stars that float in the universe. Not that she has beauty, she also has brains. She aces any test she comes across and is the best with sprouting random philosophical thoughts out of her mouth. 

She was the goody two-shoes, the polar opposite of what Mark was. She never gets in detention, like Mark who gets one every single day, and even have to attend them in the weekends. She never goes out to party and drink booze or whatnot, only when her friends hold a sleepover party. 

“Oi, Fischbach,” Felix called one day in the lunch room, kicking Mark on the knee under the table. Mark groaned in pain, turning away from Y/N who was sitting a couple tables away from them. “What?” he snapped at his Swedish friend, rubbing his knee while glaring at him through his glasses. 

“Why’re ye lookin’ at Miss Y/L/N there? Ye got a crush on her, Markimoo?” laughed his Irish friend, Jack. “Ayieee, Mark’s got a crush!” Felix said, giggling obnoxiously. Mark rolled his eyes, trying not to turn red. “What’s up with the two of you judging my taste of women?” he asked, purposely trying to sound angry. Felix coughed, but Mark heard him say ‘Manwhore!’. 

“I heard that, Kjellberg.”

Felix grinned sheepishly. “And? It’s not like we have a different woman on our bed every two weeks.” 

“Fuck you,”

“Now, man,” interrupted Jack, putting his finger on Mark’s chest, which the Korean-German slapped off him. “if ye wanna seduce a girl like Y/N, ye gotta drop the bad boy image off ye. A li’l bird told me she doesn’t like kids like us.” he interjected. Felix nodded, seeming to agree with Jack. 

Mark’s heart dropped to his stomach, but he didn’t let that feeling get to him. 

“Ha, if she wants somebody that isn’t like me, then sucks for her. If she wants to date somebody, she should just accept who they are as a person. Not force them to change because they don’t like how they are.” 

Felix wolf-whistled. “Droppin’ some wisdom much?” scoffed the Irishman.


Usually, decisions were Y/N’s specialty. Knowing which is the right one, and the wrong. But today, Y/N picked the wrong decision, which ended up her walking down the empty sidewalks in the dark night. 

Y/F/N have offered to take her back to her home, but Y/N said that she’ll be able to walk her way back home all by herself, which was something she always did. 

Oh, how much of a stupid thing she said. 

Y/N walked down the alleyway, looking up at the night sky. She could call a taxi, but she doesn’t have any money with her. Y/N sighed to herself as she looked down to the ground in shame. 

“Hey, there, sweet cheeks.” 

Y/N froze when two men came up her from behind. She quickly turned around, looking up with a terrified expression on her face. “Wh- who are you-?”

“It doesn’t matter, love.” the guy on the right said, his smirk visible even in the dark. The guy on the left trailed his fingers on Y/N’s arm, which she slapped off her. The two laughed and now gripped her tightly. “Get away!” she yelled at him, desperately trying to pry off their hands. 


The two men stopped. Y/N immediately craned her neck to see who her savior was, and her expression dropped when she saw it was Mark Fischbach. He walked towards them, his face newly bruised up. Y/N silently began to cry to herself and stopped struggling with the men’s grip. 

This is how I was going to die … I hope my parents and dog will be okay. 

“Let her go,” Mark suddenly said, surprising Y/N. The guy on the right slowly released her grip on Y/N, leaving her with the other. “And what makes you think you’re the one in charge, kid?” taunted the guy, leaning to the other’s face. 

“Mark, please …” Y/N croaked through her tears. Mark looked at her. Y/N stared through his brown eyes, mirroring the hope in her. 


Mark punched the man across the jaw, taking him by surprise. He tumbled backwards, but remained standing. Mark glowered his angry figure at the older man before punching him again, now hitting the cheek. The man holding Y/N was quivering. The man didn’t get to punch Mark, and now he was bleeding through his nose and mouth. Y/N saw a tooth fall off the man’s mouth. 


Mark kicked the man on the groin before he could say another word, finally toppling him to the ground. After Mark was finished, he looked at the man holding Y/N, who immediately released his grip on her and ran away. The man on the ground slowly stood up and ran away also.

There was silence, the only sound that can be heard are the honks of other cars. Y/N looked up to her savior hesitantly. Mark was panting silently from punching the man, his hands on his hips, his eyes looking up at the sky, his face illuminated by the street lights.

Then he looked to her.

Y/N jumped, blushing. (im scREMHGNING just imagine mark lookin at ye in a side-way glance GKAJSDFGALSDHAKGJ) He somehow had a special way to intimidate anybody he comes across to, even at the dark. 

The two had a staring contest for a moment, and Mark was winning. He had that look on, the kind of look he gave girls way back in sophomore years to swoon them off their feet. Then he spoke up.

“I’m taking you to your home.” 

Y/N jumped again, intimidated by his deep voice. “N-no- no no no. I-it’s okay-”

“I said,” interrupted Mark, looking down at his shoes then back at Y/N again, crossing his arms. “I’m taking you to your home.” 

Y/N had never been more scared when she spoke to the Mark Fischbach. She felt as if her soul was going to leave her body. “B-but I w-was just going to call a taxi!” she retorted. But then if he believed her, she won’t have any money to call a taxi. Much to Y/N’s relief and dismay, Mark didn’t buy it.

“If you were going to call a taxi, the taxi driver might be like one of those dicks!” scolded Mark, his voice suddenly loud. Y/N flinched, stepping away from him. Mark’s angry expression softened and he sighed loudly and exasperatedly. “Sorry. I just want you to get home safe.” he reasoned. 

Y/N looked at him, and saw sincerity in his eyes. She concluded that it was something that only a few people might see. It might be like the blue moon; a very rare occurrence. She never saw him sincere with anything at all.

She bit her lip in hesitance, then took a step forward, then another, then another, then another, until she was close enough to hug him.

And that was what she did.



Y/N flinched at her friends’ outburst. “Stop overreacting! Jesus, honestly.” She leaned against the table, taking a bite out of her pie. “Just ‘cause You-Know-Who saved you from your damsel-in-distress scene and demanded you to get in his car so he could take you home safely doesn’t mean you can go ahead and think he’s already a good guy!”

Y/N looked at Y/F/N in disbelief while munching on her pie. “I mean, like, he did that out of pity! Can you not see him through his eyes? How stupid can you be, Y/N?”

“I could ask you the same thing, really.”

Y/F/N rolled her eyes. “I thought you knew that the eyes are the windows to the soul? You were the one who told us that?”

Y/N put down her fork after she finished her pie. “And I saw what his soul looked like.” She glanced at the back of her friends, seeing Mark coming her way with a small smile on his face. Her mouth twitched into a smile. “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” she said. She stood up and greeted Mark with a wide grin.


Y/N giggled. “Hi,”

Mark glanced at the back of his friend. “Well, uh, are you gonna say goodbye to your friends there?” he asked, pointing at her friends with their jaws on the ground. Y/N turned her back at them. “Leave them be. They’re too boring to hang out with.”



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Fuck don't start making me crush on Mark strong, I've already got enough hard ons on enough unattainable men B(

I’m sorry, there’s just no help for it, I mean…

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Have you

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Seen him?

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Everybody keeps blaming me

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But like

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No i fucking well did not

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So go get mad at god ( and this is for @inkstainsinmyheartandhands as well, who’s also blaming me for Mark Strong taking over her ovaries)

Look at this

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So just soak it all in and when your life lay in ruins please direct your blame toward the god of your choice! :)

Don't Get Skinny, Okay?

It’s the usual family gathering for Christmas. Tons of food, opened presents, happy kids, and drinks. However, you noticed that Mark seemed different. The times you wanted to hang out with your favorite cousin before the holidays decreased. He was either sick, busy, or the combination of the two. But you still look forward to seeing him today, he has no excuse now.
The doorbell ring and you little nephew went to answer the door.
Standing there was a rather large, rounded human figure, belly hanging out of the black shirt a little. Arms are laying perfectly on the sides of the body, sticking out in the visual of a triangle.
“Marky!” Your nephew said while running to the figure and squishing his head on the soft, gluttonous belly.
Mark got
Like, SUPER fat.
Heather always had a crush on him for years, but of course they were cousins. But now this is different.
Still, she isn’t disgusted by it for some reason.
After Mark greeted everyone he then came to Heather on the couch.
He sat down, causing ripples to send through his belly and Heather lightweight body to go up on the couch a little.
Mark used to be just as little as her.
Question is, what happened?
“Hey heather!” Mark greeted while hugging Heather. Caught her off guard, her face sucked in between what she felt was moobs, while the rest of her body sucked into his huge gut.
“Uh, hey Mark” she finally answered.
After a long conversation, Heather still couldn’t understand why he is so fat.
Since nobody was around them, she had to ask. She had no choice.
“Mark, um why did you- well, how did you get so-”
“Big? That’s what you mean, right?”
She nodded.
“Well,” Mark exclaimed, “it’s pretty obvious I know but…I’m comfortable with it. I mean, think of all the healthy shit we used to eat. Get punished in a way when we are a burger , or fries, or fried chicken or something you know? Well, I just started to give in and the aftermath is …so cool. Heather, I’m just basically a comfy ass pillow.”
Heather giggled. He always wanted to be the jokester.
“You wanna test it out yourself?” Mark insisted and moved his arm from resting on his belly.
“Whatever,” Heather said while laying her head on his enormous gut.
It was…soft. And comfy. She moved her position so she was sideways, back facing the couch. She laid one of her hands on his belly, which caused him to shiver a little.
“Sorry, nobody else touched me but you so far,” mark said while letting Heather feel his belly. She liked it, or did she? It was so weird. Suddenly his belly growled.
“Um, mark, we- didn’t we just eat?” She asked.
“Yeah, um, I have a bigger appetite now tho. I guess you can call me a grizzly bear.”
She giggled. They are soft and big.

Later, during the Christmas dinner, Heather was sitting next to mark at the table eating ham, green beans, yams, mac and cheese, the works. Heather noticed marks plate was at least twice the amount of hers. Nevertheless he was eating it all. Heather got…hot. She was wearing a sweater, though. Mark was breathing heavily in and out, forcing one bite to the next. However, Heather noticed he was wearing a belt. A belt that looked if it was going to burst. Without anyone looking, she tapped mark on the arm and whispered in his ear: “do u want me to unbuckle your belt?”
Mark face got beet red, but then he nodded.
Heather then reached under his huge gut, which took some effort, and unbuckled it. The force of his belly pushed out…or was it his belly? It was fat, but she didn’t know what it was.
Afterwards, Heather and mark went back to heathers room.
She left for a moment and came back with some sweatpants.
Mark looked confused.
“I , Um, I think you need this. Your , your belt is um too tight now.”
“Ain’t that the truth? Thanks,” he said while switching his pants in front of her.
Heather really couldn’t closed her eyes it was too late. But once he took his pants off , she noticed another..blob of fat under his belly. Was that..?
“OH, I’m, yeah that’s what u probably felt. My bad by the way.”
“Can I feel- I mean, what is tha-”
“Yeah, u can feel it, I don’t care,” he insisted while grabbing heathers arm with his chubby hands.
Then he placed her hands on his fat pad.
“Wow, you are …fat. But- OH, wow I can barely see your-” Heather instantly turned red.
“Haha, yeah that’s what the pad does once you become a fatty like me.”
Heather’s hand slipped down to his tip by accident, causing his dick to get hard.
“Mark, oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean-”
“Heather, jeez, come on we used to like each other. I mean we can’t date but you can feel on me. I don’t mind.”
Mark inched a little closer to Heather, while taking his tight black shirt off. His belly and his tip touched Heather.
“Actually, I want you…to feel on me.”
She gave in, she stroked his dick under his padding, while mark reaches in for a hard kiss. They both grunted and groan, while mark lead Heather to her bed. Him being on the bottom, all of his fat seemed to spill on her bed. She was loving it, she threw off her sweater and jeans and hopped on marks body, causing his whole body to shake. She kissed all over his belly and moons, causing him to moan. What got over her, nobody knows. She know it’s wrong to be fat, but she love marks body …more than ever.
Mark reached in for a harder kiss while placing his chubby fingers inside her. Considering the fact one fat finger of his seems like two fingers to her, Heather was enjoying the moment of her life. She groaned , begging for relief once he put two fingers inside. Mark loved the sound of her cum moving back and forth inside, so he continued it while sucking on her nipples.
“I wanted you for the longest,” mark moaned out while kissing all over her.
“I want you now. Don’t, don’t get skinny, ok?”
“Trust me, i won’t” mark whispered while placing her body on top of his. She tried to find his dick so she could get ready for the best sex she ever had in her life.

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Hi! Just out of curiosity, why do you hate William? I'm not one of his biggest fans either but I can't find any reason to dislike him haha!

Hey! Yes haha. Well it all started with Vilde I guess. He took her virginity, didn’t wear a condom and he treated her like literal shit afterwards. And Vilde was one of many, many girls he did this too. Not to mention the sweaters he handed out to the girls after he had had sex with them, with his name marked in red

Then Noora. Fine. He got a crush on her. But then it got super creepy! He actually, literally BLACKMAILED her into dating him.
Then she fell in love with him.
And he pressured her over and over and over about sex, even though she had told him from the start that she wanted to wait.
And then when she did agree to have sex with hin he said ‘I know I should ask if you’re ready but I actually don’t give a shit’ and while it was 100% consensual that’s still a SUPER DISGUSTING thing to say and super disturbing.
And then he didn’t care about Noora when she actually moved away from everything she knew to London.
So I don’t like him, but I like the assholes in every other series so I don’t judge anyone who does!! It’s perfectly fine liking a character, it doesn’t mean you approve of all their choices.

Confession #1745

 Plain and simple, I’m genuinely in love with Mark. When I say genuine, I mean heart racing, hand shaking, even the fanfiction style blushes. He’s all I can think about and he’s all I can dream about– and it hurts. It really hurts. I know that there’s no possibility that I’ll ever be able to personally get to know him, and I even doubt I’ll be able to meet him. It really… tears me apart… And I’m glad I got it out there.