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Please hear me out. Got7 is killing it, Jackson is back and has is own show, we’ve broken our own records, we’ve won numerous times, two little boys got fly/departure onto the melon charts, life is good.

Life isn’t so good for Monsta X/Monbebes. They debuted 2 years ago and still haven’t had their first win, YouTube royally screwed up the views for Beautiful, Monsta X constantly says they feel unworthy of their fans because they work so hard and have nothing to show for it, it’s heartbreaking. Got7 and Monsta X are friends, Shownu trained with JJP, Jackson and Jooheon are very close, and I know a lot of ahgases also like Monsta X.

Please. PLEASE consider voting for Monsta X for award shows, watching their video on YouTube, and buying their album if you feel so inclined. These boys work just as hard as our boys, and deserve it just as much. I’m worried that if they don’t get a win soon Starship is going to start focusing on promoting outside of Korea because they don’t see anything to be gained. The members of Monsta X are truly so talented, sweet, funny, and humble. Please, if you have the time, think about watching their video for Beautiful on youtube and Melon and voting for these hard working wonderful boys.

Ahgases and Monbebes fighting!

Top 30 Most Followed K-POP Artists / Korean Celebrities on Instagram

1. BIG BANG G-Dragon (14.557.786)

2. EXO Chanyeol (11.504.869)

3. EXO Sehun (10.400.182)

4. EXO Baekhyun (10.285.074)

5. SNSD Taeyeon (10.109.170)

6. Lee Jong Suk (9.437.470)

7. BIG BANG TOP (8.215.868)  

8. Nam Joo Hyuk (7.824.874)

9. BIG BANG Taeyang (7.550.539)

10. Lee Sung Kyung (7.028.250)  

11. Park Shin Hye (6.982.844)

12. EXO Lay (6.916.113)

13. GOT7 Jackson (6.755.070)  

14. SNSD Yoona (6.681.473)  

15. BIG BANG Seungri (6.553.671)

16. Jessica (6.430.372)

17. Miss A Suzy (6.402.113)

18. Lee Min Ho (6.186.618)  

19. CL (6.118.532)

20. Dara (6.105.924)

21. F(X) Krystal (5.816.497)

22. Ji Chang Wook (5.562.404)

23. Hyuna (5.471.768)

24. Song Hye Kyo (5.361.646)  

25. SNSD Tiffany (5.319.939)

26. Kim So Hyun (5.055.281)

27. GOT7 Bambam (5.030.974)

28. GOT7 Mark (5.006.999)

29. Black Pink (4.964.036)  

30. Bangtan Boys (4.668.948)