mark wiener


Maj Mark ‘Wiener’ Weinrich and Maj Julian ‘Pico’ Flores of the US Marine Corps VMAQT-1 nose their Prowlers into tight formation. Note that only one jet carries the nose markings that were originally applied to identify Prowlers from Intruders during carrier approaches.

The ‘wide-set vagina’ [line] is one I have a special affection for because that’s the line we had to throw ourselves in front of the train tracks with the MPAA [for], because they didn’t want to let us keep that line. We made a whole stink about them being sexist because 'Anchorman’ had Will Ferrell walking around with an erection. Like, you really think a teenage girl speaking about her anatomy [is the problem]? We threw everything at them, and they finally said, 'FINE! You can keep the line.’
—  We talked to a whole slew of folks (director Mark Waters! Damian! Aaron Samuels! Kevin G! Gretchen Wieners!) about making Mean Girls – all in honor of the movie’s 10th (!!) anniversary.